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Miranda Kerr is a SoHo Sweatheart

Miranda Kerr is a SoHo Sweatheart

Victoria Secret angel Miranda Kerr hails a cab after lunch with her mom, Therese, at Mercer Kitchen in NYC’s SoHo on Palm Sunday.

What a cutie patootie!!!

Other pictures include some great photos of Miranda and Brody Jenner from Victoria’s Secret PINK’s second annual ultimate spring break bash – “Rally at the Raleigh”. Between drinks by the pool and grooving to music by DJ Irie, they had poolside activities like twister, diving for dogs and dodgeball.

20+ pictures inside of SoHo sweetheart Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr soho sweetheart 01
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 02
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 03
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 04
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 05
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 06
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 07
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 08
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 09
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 10
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 11
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 12
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 13
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 14
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 15
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 16
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 17
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 18
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 19
miranda kerr soho sweetheart 20

Photos: Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online
Posted to: Brody Jenner, Miranda Kerr

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  • Sofia

    Why are you posting photos of these losers and not the new jolie pics?

  • dicaprio lovaah


    If i didn’t knew that she is from Austraila,I would think that she was from India.But she has a nice body.

  • Chrisy

    What a cutie!!

  • jujubee

    I’m not posing…..look at me hailing a cab….aren’t I cute….look how naturally I walk and not pose for you……I’m not phoney at all!!!

  • Jenghola

    HA HA HA

    Begin again!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she has a weird face – its all… round, and… squished.

  • rita

    blessed body, dang it

  • KC

    It’s disgusting how these model chicks court famous boyfriends to boost their career.

  • Jughed

    Kewpie doll! :D

  • legs

    she’s sooo thin.

  • Amri

    She’s SO pretty, and she’s really lucky to have a great body like that! *Jealous*

  • julia

    she’s so cute!

  • OMG

    SHE HOT!!

  • to 14

    SHE’S NOT!

  • Ana

    love her!!! cause:
    -she’s super cute!^^
    -she has a perfect body
    -she’s fun
    -she’s a “different” model type -> and I love that!!!!! :D

  • @15

    Is it your shift to post?
    Do you get free lunch?

  • uhh

    uggllyy, she’s nothingg compared to the other VS modelsss

  • blahhh

    why the fuck would you pose and smile while getting a taxi

  • butch

    hot ass though
    i wanna straight bang her ass

  • butch

    hot ass though
    i wanna straight bang her tight asshole

  • psst butch

    er, butch. you might want to read the thread before this one.
    she doesn’t like that.

  • drab

    Just realised this says SWEAT heart! lmao!!!!!
    I think her and Brody jenner look so hot together, they compliment each other so much, you deserve a guy who looks clean Miranda! He suits you much more!!!!

  • Sulemon

    OMG thats her mom? She looks such a fashion victim and shes middle aged!!!! It looks poor!
    LOVE miranda’s legs tho!

  • sillybilly

    Jared is really fuccin with the posters now.

  • ducati

    Did anyone notice that Miranda is wearing the same jeans from the night Orlando left and that day she was at the airport. Now who is wearing the same clothes over and over again…fame-ho

  • notice

    notice he didn’t link Orlando to this thread. Not just that he didn’t put
    his name in it but also that if you search Orlando it doesn’t come up.
    I do think he was told to do so starting now.

  • Another D-Lister

    Posing on the street again. I wonder how the photog knew that she’d be there. NYC is such a big place.

  • @23

    I sure hope that the mother of a 24 year old is “middle aged”.

    Miranda looks great. Beautiful smile.

  • @28

    I think the poster meant that since she IS middle aged ….not AND she is middle aged

  • @27 – Notice

    That’s nothing… The Daily Telegraph has run two stories on her in recent days (17th and 18th) and neither of them mentioned Orlando’s name…. Now I think That says it all and is as close to confirmation that we will ever get.

  • @26 – Notice

    Doh, I meant @ 26.

  • polyfeeler

    Agreed #30!! I think thats very true. I agree unless out of nowhere it will be “ex of OB” but yes theres been no reason on earth why the DT has stopped mentioning him- unless they have split -because before they couldnt STOP mentioning him!!

  • miranda phan

    If they have split, I’m pleased as punch, I adore Miranda but I never liked Bloom, he seemed so not bothered about her and didnt treat her like he should, she is best off without him, no big deal couples split every day, she will get over it, strong, wonderful miranda!!!

  • Anon

    The hailing-the-cab photo reminds me of the photo Madonna POSED for, hailing a cab naked in that book of hers waybackwhen. She’s cute, I suppose, in a kind of pre-pubescent kind of way.

  • Cindy

    Hahah, I just bought the exact same sunglasses miranda is wearing today from Mango…weird

  • @30

    did you read the old thread (twister) from last night.
    Got a little bit interesting to say the least.
    That’s all I’ll say.
    Same poster also posted on Orlando’s new thread last night too.

  • lauren

    All the people say she’s a looser, is because is jealosy hahahah

  • Take it to the bridge

    She’s an absolute sweetheart

  • anyone

    We all know she is a media whore so when it comes to the paps she is in heaven. She always did love the attention good or bad as long as someone noticed her. Thats probalbly why Orlando left her. All she really wanted is to be famous and get attention. It’s funny how when most people get stalked by the paps they are angry and not happy but not for cabbage patch over their she is smileing her fake a$$ off. She just loves it, thats why she was poseing all around in December when she went home to OZ. SHe is doing the same here. It’s just riducluous.

  • anyone

    Oh yeah she has a really fugly face like a cabbage patch kid the dimples dont do anything for her.

  • Anna

    She’s a pretty girl. But she seems very young/immature and so is Bloom (not young, but definitely immature). Both of them seem vain and self-absorbed, not a good recipe for a successful relationship.

  • @356

    hardly any posts. See Miranda this is your future. No Orlando means you will crawl back to the obscurity his name helped pull you out of. Better find another big name to fuck so he can pull you back out of the dlist crowd that you belong to. It is time to spill the dirt on how badly Orlando treated poor little you, or start having your friends post it, so you can maintain deniablity.

    Check out the twister thread, right towards the end someone struck a real nerve with Miranda and her minions.

  • @42

    I KNEW the cabbage patch doll would one day become the Chucky doll sooner or later!!!

  • name change

    MAybe instead of soho sweatheart, it should read

    ho sweatheart, and what is with all the sweating

  • book deal

    instead of doing the Treasure yourself book, maybe you should do
    one called “Doing Orlando” you would make a lot more money and keep your name out there, and I bet lots of people would remember your name. Come on you know you want to, don’t you want everyone to know how he treated you, don’t you want then all to know how he MADE you cheat and you didn’t want to, don’t you want everyone to know how he forced anal sex on you. Come on Miranda spill it you know you really want to

  • @#45

    Jesus Christ, you should really go see a doctor.

  • @46

    lmao you are a fine one to talk you are here reading all about it aren’t you? maybe you should go with 45 get a twofer

  • @46

    Miranda, don’t you mean Buddha? Or is he out again, and Jesus is in? Jesus saves, Miranda
    Buddha is soo last year.

  • bos

    poor miranda with Orlando out of the picture she is reduced to takin it to the streets. Who plays the paps like that when they are trying to get a cab, I am surprised she didn’t invite them to ride with her so they could get some more shots of her flashing her dimples. I have never seen someone w-h-o-r-e for the camera the way she does. She probably gives out cards with her address and schedule.

  • @#48

    LOL!!! Cool, I’m Miranda! Great…where’s my money? I could really use some of it, down here in friggin’ AUSTRIA!!!

    When did you become so paranoid? Is it something in the water around where you live or are you just plain crazy about someone you love to hate? ;)

    You lot amuse me. The “human” nature of hating someone you don’t know and assuming stupid stuff made up in some comments as true because they fit your image perfectly, surprises me again and again. Even ANIMALS are more human than you lot when it comes down to this. A lion won’t attack you because he heard you were a bad person.
    You know, I don’t think that Orlando is a saint, God forbid. He’s a MAN like 98% of ALL MEN on earth are and yes – he needs a f*ck from time to time? So what? Would be a waste if he had to wank himself of, don’t ya think? And Rander…oh Lord. She’s just another one. Can’t wait for his next girl to get ripped apart by you sick, sick people. I’m off. Keep it up, folks! Hate your hearts out! Spend your time on conspiracy theories about a frigging ACTOR!
    Whatever happened to the good old “the USA never landed on the moon” stuff…*sigh*