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Gyllenspoon Run Their Morning Errands

Gyllenspoon Run Their Morning Errands

Reese Witherspoon makes a morning trip to the W Hotel while beau Jake Gyllenhaal pays for his parking after leaving a Medical Center in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Peep the little birdies on Jake‘s shirt!

Reese later grabbed lunch at Le Pain Quotidien Bakery in Beverly Hills. GYLLENSPOON 4EVA!!!

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal running their morning errands…

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gyllenspoon errands 01
gyllenspoon errands 02
gyllenspoon errands 03
gyllenspoon errands 04
gyllenspoon errands 05
gyllenspoon errands 06
gyllenspoon errands 07
gyllenspoon errands 08
gyllenspoon errands 09
gyllenspoon errands 10
gyllenspoon errands 11
gyllenspoon errands 12

Photos: WENN, Kevin Perkins, Pedro Andrade, PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon

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  • lolita


  • Ariana.s


  • denise

    love them!!!

  • _nika

    nothing against them, but, just jared are you serious with “GYLLENSPOON 4EVA!!! “, LOOl you sound like a kid.
    I wonder if you hated someone what would you call them then lol.

  • jamie

    i love them!!

  • edgar

    They don’t seem to be together. He’s getting his car from a garage and she’s going in or out of somewhere. BTW he looks like a deer caught in car headlights. Anyhoo, they deserve some credit for never (to my knowledge) appearing out drunk at night or stumbling out of some dive or misbehavin’ somewhere. I suppose they are the class act of Hollyweird.
    Just think a few years ago Dunst was saying Jake was a “dork” and a bore. Now he’s hooked up with the top flight actress in Holly and she’s stuck in a Utah rehab. Jake 1 Dunst -0. LOL

  • ICK

    She is on the downhill slide he is looking old and she just is not aging well. Hope they marry and go away I don’t get the attention she is not packing them in anymore and she seems to be a big PR machine nothing sincere about this chic.

  • Wendy

    Love Reese, she is awesome.

  • Loves Jake, hates reese

    I hope they marry, just NOT TO EACH OTHER. Reese has a cold, cold heart. Jake deserves to be happy, not miserable. Run, Jake, run.

  • anom

    Run, Jake, run (2)!

  • marina

    I am not sure but I think Jake has a new sunglass! His shirt with birdies is cool! But he needs changing tennis shoe!
    wtv, he is gorgeous! I love him!

  • fug

    Reese keep your tongue in your mouth you look like a moron. Not Cute.

  • chucky doll

    terrifying ugly woman,
    she scared the shit out of me in walk the line,
    in her first singing scene she’s wearing a red dress and there is a close up of her cold blue eyes contrasted with her dyed brown hair,
    the whole image looks like a possessed marionette doll kicking up its arms and legs, singing and smiling but its eyes are saying ‘I am going to kill you.’

  • Sue

    You can tell she is a media whore. She is always looking for attention and loves it when the paps show up. On the other hand, Jake hates being photographed with a passion. I think its hilarious that they are photographed everywhere they go. They have no privacty whatsoever. Does anyone know why Jake was at the Medical Office? Seems like he has been at medical offices in the past over the span of 6 – 8 months. Is something wrong with him?

  • BP

    I agree, Jake should run. He no longer seems to have an identify other than as one half of that fake duo gyllenspoon. Apparently even if he is out in public on his own pr has to make sure we know he’s tied to Reese’s apron strings. Even in a showmance nothing is less sexy than a man dating “mom”.

  • Hmmm

    Cute couple :).

    Why so much hate and jealousy over someone you do not even know? What did Reese ever do to anyone?

  • edgar

    “Seems like he has been at medical offices in the past over the span of 6 – 8 months. Is something wrong with him?”

    Well I suppose he gets sick like normal human beings. You think he is a god, I gather, and gods never get sick? Anyhoo he hasn’t had to go into the hospital or detox. Mainly it is something trivial that could happen to anybody. The idea that he has no privacy is silly. He is seldom photographed and avoids the paps quite well.
    I agree that he seems an appanage to Witherspoon. He always seems to be the passive one in a relationship. In other words the woman makes the move and gets hold of him rather than vice versa.

  • Sara

    These two are SOOOOOOOOOO getting married it’s not even funny.

  • truthteller

    Let the jealous haters hate. These two will definitely marry. Everyone knows they are together and have been for a long time now. A small number of people are in serious denial. They are hateful and that’s too bad. Anyway, it’s fun to speculate about these two. They are my favorite couple. Go Gyllenspoon.


    She looks cute, especially in the last picture where she tries to listen to that thing. She looked so mothodical with it.

  • annabella1976


  • denise

    I really like them together, but Jake it’s time for a new shirt. lol.

  • Ivana

    I love them!!! They are so cute.


    Reese is fugly, Jake is not amused, Reese and Jake are boring showmance couple.


  • RhodeIslandGirl

    These two are totally getting married. No matter how bitter and how many times “phoneyspoon” protests lol.

    He’s posted here what 5 times already under different user names? lol. What’s wrong PS have no life? lol. I can’t imagine you have too many people buying your “fauxmance” theory if you have to make up friends to agree with you. lol.

    Everybody knows they’re together except for the bitter BBMfanboys. lol.

    Go Jake and Reese.

    I predict they marry for sure by the end of 2008.

  • lisa marie

    The only person who is phoney and pathetic is you phoneyspoon…You’ve posted what under four different names now?
    Names used: Chuckydoll, fug, anom and now phoneyspoon. Get a life bro. You’re such a phoney and a fake.

    Look at the times, it’s so obvious.

  • xavier

    i am lovin’ jake and reece. jake so much better thin ryan. reece better thin kristin. i adore them.

  • Anon

    Is she trying to hide something with that scarf?.

  • love them

    A hickey perhaps anon?

    I think these two are great together. They seem to make each other very happy.

  • cyclone avenger

    I think she may be pregnant.

  • bob

    If she traps another man with pregnancy I hope she looses all of her fans. That is a disgusting tactic.

  • anom

    BORING, he is looking beat and yes stick that tongue in your mouth. Getting married don’t think she is that crazy but for some I don’t think he’d mind, he seems not to be a dater wants to be settled and he’s only god forbid 27 seems like he’s 47. I guess he wants that gated community and school runs.

  • Ivana

    People often called Reese cold person..
    She probablly made mistake getting maried with Ryan, she was quite young, and she get pregnant so soon. I am not saying that Ryan is bad guy, but thiese two obveslly have diferent type of character.
    Now she is free and in love. And she dosen’t look cold at all… Reese and her puppy Jake look so stabile, i get feeling that thiese two would last, but who knows, after all this is Hollywood and nothing last forever!!!

  • Ivana

    After Heath’s death, Jake looks so serious and mature!!!

  • pmb

    She looks homely. Those shoes are awful. Reese should quit trying to be cute. Her days are over.

  • Austin

    i’m more a fan of reese & ryan

  • Austin

    i was more a fan of Reese & Ryan

  • Ivana

    pmb, that is sadness of Hollywood industry, when you are litlle bit older, people get thrown you in a garbage….

  • bellaharo

    yuck! i can’t stand her and i still cannot understand why she is the highest earning actress. can somebody tell me why? oh wait, is it because of her stellar performance in legally blond?! i used to love jake but he really disappointed me with this one. can’t he find someone his age to date and someone more or equally as attractive as he is?!

  • hef

    Sorry, Jake, but you had so much more sex appeal before Reese with all that titillating is-he-or-isn’t-he stuff. Now, you’re so … zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • lynn

    Reese should keep her tongue in her mouth, and keep her mouth shut. She has the ugliest mouth I have ever seen. And these two are the ugliest dressers I have ever seen. Neither has any taste in fashion. Reese is 32 years old with 2 kids. She acts like she is in her early twenties and looks homely. Reese GROW UP!

  • classic reese

    Reese has a classic taste. That is why she wins over most people.

    just like something beautiful never changes, even thounsands years later. no matter how those “fashion designers” promote their new styles. Reese knews better.

  • milla

    sorry but those shoes are total shit. she looks good sometimes, but here she’s really not hitting the mark.

  • milla

    also, maybe someone should tell her when you’re over 30 its probably best to avoid over the knee skirts and bare legs.

  • fronds

    I want Gyllenspoon babies!

  • Love

    Love Jake..always!

  • Rse

    Jake seems in turmoil. Their future does not look good. Jake and Reese are too different.

    I hope Ryan still holds on, at lest does not get too serious with his girlfriend.

  • edgar

    Jake needs to date somebody his own age or younger and get married to her and have some kids instead of hanging on to an older divorcee who already has two kids. I begin to suspect Jake may not be able to have kids and that is why he more or less adopts somebody else’s. His sex life, if he has one, seems very mysterious. His sister is married and has a kid; what’s holding him up?

  • Ivana

    Is there someone who knows astrology, my litlle resarch show me that Jake birth sign is Sagitarius and Reese is Aries. These two signs have many common things, they both impulsive, pasion and litlle bit agressive, especially Aries/ Reese. Maybe thet’s way she behave like a man.. HaHa… Joking!!!

  • Ivana

    New pics of Jake, were he attends some charity stuff in Los Angeles, shows his look without black glasses, he looks so old, he was and still is devestaded with Heath’s death. He is not a same person, as he used to be!!!