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Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off

Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off

Miley Cyrus gets immortalized into a wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York in Times Square on Thursday.

The first 100 fans to see Miley received free admission T-shirts, CDs and DVDs. Fans wore “got miley?” and “I Heart Miley Cyrus” shirts while posing with the teen queen.

Talk about Miley-mania!

Why didn’t they immortalize her BFF Leslie?? Or new BFF Mandy??

More pictures of Miley Cyrus waxing on and off…

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191 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off”

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  1. 51
    emily Says:

    ha, they even got her demented teeth.


  2. 52
    rawrr Says:

    omg. that is so freaky! i was like “Whoa”!

  3. 53 Says:

    You can view Trembled Blossoms (short film TRT:04:47) by Prada –

    Reserve Result (RR) <3 Just Jared readers.

  4. 54
    Mareike Says:

    MILEY ROCKS, and that wax figure is JUST LIKE HER o.o but kinda freaky xD

    and we do want miley in mexico :D haha

  5. 55


  6. 56
    Hah! Says:

    wow, I thought that was her for a second!

  7. 57
    Christina Says:

    that’s a shame. they make a wax figure of her, but now of more important people like the jonas brothers… or derek jeter.

  8. 58
    clem Says:

    i cant believe all you people are saying it looks like her! it looks nothing like her at ALL!
    actually it looks like her in about 30 years time
    but i like the top they’ve put on her!

  9. 59
    Jillian Says:

    wowww….Miley and this wax thing have sumthing in common…THEY ARE BOTH FAKE!…and ugly…

  10. 60
    BabiiVFanforeva Says:

    omg i thought that was the real miley for a sec
    lol im a fan of her
    shes cool

  11. 61
    007 Says:

    She looks scary when she tries to SMILE for the camera or POSE. O_o Seriously! Why is there an update on her EVERYDAY?

  12. 62
    Carii Says:

    woahh no offense but they made the forehead like really really hugee. but its really cool lookin hehe :]

  13. 63
    someone Says:

    duuuuuude, i SERIOUSLY thought that was her (in person) but then i scrolled down and read all these comments and found out that that was her wax figure in the pics. lmfao.

    yeah, i was kinda wondering why she was doing the same pose in every pic. it was kind of freaking me out.

  14. 64
    rhdf Says:


  15. 65
    Jonas Fan Says:


    They made her look like $h!t
    Oh wait that is how she really looks :D

    Jonas Brothers need a wax figure now

  16. 66
    mayo Says:

    oh wow thats so cool.i first thought that was really her but its not.hahaha im dumb looks so real.

  17. 67
    mee Says:


  18. 68
    jamie Says:

    lol #24, miley is not always nice…if u read other stuff, she’s rude to people sometimes, to JB for example, and ppl are never jealous of miley…
    and hear this #24

  19. 69
    jamie Says:

    lol #24, miley is not always nice…if u read other stuff, she’s rude to people sometimes, to JB for example, and ppl are never jealous of miley…
    and hear this #24 YOU MILEY LOVERS ARE NOTHING BUT LOW LIFED FANS WHO SPEND THEIR TIME WORSHIPPING HER LIKE A GOD WHEN U KNOW UR NEVER GONNA MEET HER, OR BE HER “FRIEND” (and if u do meet her, wut are the chances of her liking u…) U WASTE UR TIME HATING ON HATERS OF MILEY, you should go get a life! and #10 is sooo right, shes gonna be like that someday
    and haters don’t trash talk about EVERY celebrity, idiot…only trash talk about miley, cuz she is trash! (this is for #24 “shelby”…. -_-”)

  20. 70
    the princess of the midwest Says:

    Yo so what don’t you look a little scary sometimes,ha in your faces i bet you do don’t you.So don’t start picking on the 15 year old girl like that it’s called bullying,were any of you ever teached how making fun
    can hurt a person,so keep your nasty comments to yourselves ok please and thank you.

  21. 71
    mbrockinglover23 Says:

    Omg miley look freakin amazing dude wow thats so bad ass that wiked cool haters dont be jealouse you dont have a awesome wax figure like miley you wish pshh
    MILEY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 72
    1234five Says:

    I like Miley just fine, but they REALLY messed up this wax figure. Usually when a celeb is standing next to their wax figure you can’t even tell which is real… but with this? Melt it and try again, please! :)

  23. 73
    becky Says:

    i hate when miley lovers say that her “haters” are jealous of her.
    like, seriously. C’MON!
    who would be jealous of her?

    i would rather be jealous of a frog then her. she’s only famous because of her father, and hollywood is seriously getting to her head.

    miley, start acting your ******* age. dress like your 15, not like your ******* 30.

    ^ omg, i totally agree with. 100 % correct.

  24. 74 Says:


  25. 75
    fann. Says:

    dear miley haters,

    Miley is a 15 year old girl, if she wasn’t that great then they wouldn’t have a wax figure of her. All of you will deny that your jealous when it’s blatantly obvious that you are. and for the record, i really don’t think she cares what you think..

    moving on..

    It’s actually pretty good, at first i thought it actualy was her and not the wax figure :D

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