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Zoie Herpin: Jodie Sweetin's New Baby Girl

Zoie Herpin: Jodie Sweetin's New Baby Girl

Former Full House star Jodie Sweetin gave birth to a daughter Zoie Herpin via C-section on Saturday afternoon, People reports.

Jodie says that she and her husband and family are absolutely thrilled and in love with baby Zoie,” says a rep for the actress.

Jodie, 26, and set designer Cody Herpin (her second husband) married in a small Las Vegas ceremony on July 14, 2007.

Congrats to the happy family!

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  • me

    Congratulations to Jodie and her husband.

  • awwwww

    I can’t wait for a photo :-)

  • Jamie

    Congrats to jodie and her husband I can’t wait for a picture to come out I bet she’ll be cute I luv full house

  • ashby

    Congrats!!!!!!!! I loved Full House and Steph (“How Rude”) was my fav character!!! :P I bet little Zoie is such a cutie!!!!!!!


  • booyay

    wtf kind of name is zole

  • greenpeace

    zoie? is that a typo or it was actually zoey?

  • Taylor

    Nevermind the name Zoie. I could never give my baby the last name Herpin!

  • Priscilla

    Zoie Herpin, sheesh, what an unfortunate name!

  • Puce

    Zoie ? What kind of name is that ????? Maybe it was Zoe or Zoey, Jared ? Are you sure you wrote it correctly ??

  • nina

    Congrats to Jodie and husband. =]
    And whether its spelled Zoie or Zoey, isnt
    it pronounced the same?

  • a realist

    Does these ditsy celebrities realize, BABIES COME OUT ON THEIR OWN, YOU DON’T HAVE TO CUT THEM OUT!

    God made and customized this factor when designing the female body for giving birth. You don’t give birth when your baby is cut out of your body.
    I gave birth to 4 children, and guess what, they all came out on their own. The doctor didn’t have to cut them out.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • Here’s The Deal

    a realist @ 04/13/2008 at 2:56 pm

    Uh, don’t YOU realize that a baby can be too big to come out of the mother on its own? Jodie was overdue and the baby came out weighing 8lbs 7oz….maybe it was just to big to fit through her. Not only that, but the baby can be breech. With breech babies, it’s usually better for them to come out through c-sections, to avoid certain risks.


  • msguidedmama

    Realist, agreed! Giving birth is not the same as having surgery. !!!

    Here’s the Deal…get over your medical propaganda. Do your research.

  • crystalstars88

    Wow, exactly 9 months to the day they were married:)

  • Here’s The Deal

    msguidedmama @ 04/13/2008 at 4:35 pm

    Here’s the Deal…get over your medical propaganda. Do your research.

    Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you.

  • Alison

    Congrats to them. Good to see Jodie has cleaned up and off the drugs and starting a family.

  • sandra

    I love this site so much better then tmz!!! Here’s the deal you are a hundred percent right! A realist your a moron! She’s 5ft 5 and the baby was 8lbs 7 oz if you gave birth to 4 children you think you would be wise enough to know that things happen to force one into a c-section. Since she’s an actress I’m going to imagine that’s the last thing she wants a big scar, ha ha we’ve all seen britney spears and I don’t think anyone wants that. Anyway before you go putting someone down get all the facts first, also you’re a mom of four shouldn’t you be teach those kids of yours if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  • sandra

    oops, teaching those kids! Anyway you get the point, great picture by the way

  • josh

    sandra you are right I bet a realist kids are going to turn out like a$$ holes. Not knowing when to say congrads and not having enough manners not say things about people that can’t say anything back. ha ha I see prison in there futures! Anyway about the story great one I love full house and she looked hot in those pink taco event pictures. Can’t wait to see pictures of that kid.

  • ray

    I Love jodie, I want to see her working more! I like the name zoie It spelt weird but it’s better then apple!!!!! Just jared get us pictures of the kid or the couple in the hospital or something!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS HAPPY COUPLE !!!!!!!!

  • bee

    I saw some picture of her husband cody, He is supppppppppppppper hot!!!!! I can’t wait to see the kids.

  • cynthia

    I saw them in la one day, He’s a hottie for sure! Congrats you two or should I say 3, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Zoie

  • Katy

    Poor girl will definfitley get teased in schook for the name Zoie Herpin but celebs don’t seem to care obviously, they all give their kids the stupidest names!!

  • robyn and leighann

    jodie me and my sister try to watch full house everyday. we love that show. zoie is sooo cute. we love kids. GOOD LUCK in the future.

    robyn and leighann

  • lINDA

    Congrats on baby Zoie! She is a cutie. I hope you will show us pictures of her growing up like Candace Cameron Bure does on her own website of her 3 little angels. That would be so nice. Anyways i am very happy to see you so healthy with a heathly baby girl. Congrats again for your husband Cody and you. I wish you the best memories with your little girl and your husband. You gave me great memories watching you grow up on Full House (#1 FULL HOUSE FAN). Thanks for all the memories.


  • http://AIM.COM/JLK natalie

    ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCK HEADS. jodie you rock I LOVE YOU! zoie is a beutiful name. even if it is spelled weird it rocks. no people will not make fun of her name. even if thay do its not right. LEAVE HER LIFE ALONE! she deserves this baby. i bet you bitches will name your child something dumb so dont tbe making fun of her name zoie. its cool. BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca gomez

    you all crazy zoie its kinda sounds like jodie

  • Rebecca gomez

    you all fucken retarted asses for talking shit about her baby name fucken stupid asses

  • Michelle

    I love Full house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went on youtube and saw the baby she is sooo cute

  • Michelle

    I love Full house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went on youtube and saw the baby she is sooo cute

  • Jade

    @a realist: OMG you are an IDIOT not ALL women can have babies naturally DUMMY. You think women choose to have c-section? You do’t know the circumstance Congrats on pushing four out!!! I had one and guess what he was ” CUT OUT” ya 3 months early at 4 pounds that is why some women can’t have babies natural. Go read some more DUMMY BOOKS!!!! Lean why c-sections happen!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    Just hope she stays off the meth.