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Inside Suri Cruise's 2nd Birthday Party

Inside Suri Cruise's 2nd Birthday Party

Here are some exclusive photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes throwing daughter Suri her 2nd birthday party on Saturday.

Tom‘s other kids, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, were also on hand to celebrate. Mom is Nicole Kidman, who was not present.

Friends and family gathered for a barbeque, fun and games. The festivities were held at a gated Mediterranean estate in the Hollywood Hills, which has widely been reported to be used by the Church of Scientology as a retreat.

A four-tier custom-made birthday cake was delivered along with 24 small miniature cakes for all the party guests.

And hey look, it’s Tom and Katie kissing while Suri looks on!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s 2nd birthday party…

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suri cruise birthday party 01
suri cruise birthday party 02
suri cruise birthday party 03
suri cruise birthday party 04
suri cruise birthday party 05
suri cruise birthday party 06
suri cruise birthday party 07
suri cruise birthday party 08
suri cruise birthday party 09
suri cruise birthday party 10
suri cruise birthday party 11
suri cruise birthday party 12
suri cruise birthday party 13
suri cruise birthday party 14
suri cruise birthday party 15

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  • shelby

    happy birthday suri!

  • cori GERMANY


  • shelby

    oh yes FIRST!

  • V-Fan

    Aww cute! Happy birthday!! (:

  • kittylikestoscratch

    awww nicole went. how sweet!

  • Karena

    That’s sweet. The cake was beautiful. Happy (late) b-day, Suri! :)

  • Libraesque

    wow…i find these helicopter shots equally very intrusive and wrong….and yet i can’t not klick on them.

    what a strange world.

  • boo

    kittylikestoscratch @ 04/19/2008 at 12:26 pm

    awww nicole went. how sweet!


    Nicole WAS NOT THERE! Can you read? What a moron!

  • Suri Cruise italia

    I like suri and her family…

  • matt

    Who the F88k cares!

  • right

    They saw the helicopter so they kissed to show the public that everything is alright with them… how sweet. And I was happy to see a few children there for Suri’s birthday….so many adults.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    Wow!! a four tier cakee!! nicee one Suri! She is soo adorable I think Suri deserves everything she is given :D

  • lol

    Tom has a nice butt

  • bim

    pic 15 TC saw d paps, pic 9 roboride also sees then pic 10 dey start kissing, wat a sham

  • rem

    y d hell do u expect NIC to be there it’s a f***** 2 yr old get together she’s got better things to do plus she’s never associated herself wiv them except her kids

  • Grace

    Everything is so staged. Right down to their kiss. They know the cameras are around. Sad that the cake cost $5,000.00 dollars. A regular cake would have done the trick, Suri wouldn’t have known the difference. $5,000.00 could have been put to good use like helping a few needy kids in this country or around the world.

  • dido

    it is good to see they are having good time together. I love this family their baby is so cute. And again all the tabs are bullshit

  • Kill Speidi

    Weird how it seems like some of the people are bowing to Tom in these pics.. it would be one thing if they were leaning down to talk to Suri.. but they are bowing facing Tom.. all hail Xenu.

    And $5000 for a cake? Plus all the Scientology leaders, patrons and their kids who have probably never even seen Suri until today.. odd odd odd..

    Whatever happened to the guideline that you should only invote the same amount of children as the child’s age.. unless you are a purchased beard wife and child then invite all of your religious cult. So .. ok I guess they are covered.

  • JunoFirst

    Jared, for Nicole K not to be there, is not only understandable but is the social norm. They have both moved on and with different spouses in life. Nicole kept mum on how that divorce was, but I truly believe she and TC are only amicable due to Isabella and Conrad. NOT enough to be in each others parties and such, that would be most uncomfortable. And yeah, if I were Nicole I wouldn’t go to his party, although gut feel IF Mr Scientology DID invited her and Keith, she probably would have gone for the sake of their kids. So for her not to be present, I would state she wasn’t invited by eccentric shortstuff.

  • duh

    Why do parents throw huge birthday parties for their toddler children? It’s not a party for the kids, its a party for the adults. Its just so…tacky

  • lol

    LOL looks like the paparrazi are now levitating!

  • Halli

    I feel sorry for Isabella and Connor.
    Their dad loves to pimp out Chris Klein’s kid.

  • Celeb watcher

    Hooray! Suri has graduated to a sippy cup!!!!!!

  • Mary Brown

    Scienology is a cult.

  • jimy

    Tom and Katie also celebrated THREE years together.
    So congrats to them and Suri! For a couple most people said wouldn’t last one summer, they sure do look happy and in love.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    nicole doesn’t even go to kate’s kids [conner & isabella] birthday parties, why would she go to suri’s?


  • haley

    What a great family!
    They’re all looking so happy and Suri is just a cutie.

  • liz86000

    Cute family.

  • nath

    Wow. Connor is such a beautiful boy.
    Looks like everyone is having fun.

  • CG

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suri Cutiepie!!!

  • Arab.Aquarius

    damn paparazi invade privacy even in gated communities.

  • keren

    were there any children there or just adults???…weird party…

  • keren

    ok, besides Is and Connor…

  • CG

    Looks like Suri is trying to watch everything LOL

  • Kiki

    Happy Birthday, Suri!

    Thanks, Jared, for showing this as there’s too much false gossip regarding Tom and Katie! I feel Tom to be a doting husband and protective father of all his children.

    Nicole and Keith are in Australia growing their own seed!

  • athena

    Okay, Happy Birthday Suri….I see Connor there…but where is the other adopted daughter Isabel? Doesn’t he take time for her as well…she must be very confused as is Connor being that Tom and Nicole are divorced and now here it is Katie Holmes is her Step Mother? She must feel left out with Suri getting all the attention…even Connor a little bit. Hope the kids aren’t in therapy.



  • piper

    cool party so this was taken from a chopper eh?

  • Mary

    Happy Birthday to the Princess. Katie and Tom look so happy and busy and good to see both sides of the family.

    Just sad they are being invaded by the media.

  • CG

    Look at pic# 4, probably Suri is drawing something on Katie’s face…how cute is that!

  • mel

    did nobody notice tom’s tennis shoes? they have HEELS!!!! haha lol

  • mel

    did nobody notice tom’s tennis shoes? they have HEELS!!!! haha lol

  • keren

    Mel, you’re right!!! those are some big heels!!! :) wow, Tom…this is ridiculous!

  • kill speidi

    Isabella is the one writing Happy Birthday Suri.. that was probably an order from Tommy Boy so that the helicopters could be sure they got the right address! LOL!

  • Karena

    #7, I agree. The helicopter shots are intrusive and I thought about that after looking at the pics and responding. Ack, I feel bad. Especially after noticing the shots of Connor and Tom looking up at them, not pleased. Then I thought of the noise, the everything connected to a helicopter. It seems Suri was OK though, so hopefully her birthday wasn’t spoiled.

  • Cranium

    hahaha Tom and his massive heel shoes.

  • sure

    Happy 2 1/2 Birthday Suri!

    Blow out your candles sweetheart and hope to some day meet your real Daddy and then you can live far far away from auditing and barley milk and all of those home school scientology cult prisioners.. I mean Scientolgy church members.

  • Lucila


  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    Happy Birthday Suri!

  • TCB

    Number 16 I totally agree with you 100%