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Cameron Diaz is Bald and Beautiful

Cameron Diaz is Bald and Beautiful

Cameron Diaz looks strikingly happy in her bald cap on the set of My Sister’s Keeper on the Santa Monica Pier in Calif. on Wednesday.

Cam, 35, films with her co-stars Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva.

My Sister’s Keeper
plot: The film tells the sad story of a girl (Vassilieva) battling leukemia and the strife it causes within the family. Breslin plays the sister and Diaz is the mother, who shaves her head in support of her ill daughter.

Continued thoughts and prayers for Cameron and her family as they continue to work through the tragic loss of her father.

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  • Emanuelle

    dis she reallly shave her head???





  • br.

    oh my god o.o

  • Idiots.

    Did you not read the fucking summary? It’s a bald CAP.



  • RiSSLESz

    WOW people can’t read lmao.

  • Emanuelle

    was too shocked to read!
    she has amazig hair, so i had to ask!

  • Miss carolina

    She probably thought if she shaved her head she could finally win an Oscar.

  • Emanuelle

    sorry guys, i was too shocked to read, i just had to ask

  • required

    now she looks just like dominic purcell.

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Jared. WTF?.You’re killing me. I could’t get on your site for hours.
    Anyways. I don’t like her bald.

  • oh snap!

    weird. her head shapes funny

  • ew

    her head looks huge

  • JI

    I’m so shocked… she’s too old to go bald. wow.. just wow.

  • tass

    Her head’s too big….it’s weird. That’s the giveaway that it’s a cap (oh…and also the fact that it SAYS so in the above post…lol.) Unfortunately, I have had several family members endure chemo. When the hair goes, the head looks smaller.

    But good on Cammie for making a quality movie. I hope she DOES get an Oscar nom. She’s a good actress, but unfortunately talented comediennes often get overlooked at Oscar time. If you aren’t snarling, grimacing and spitting at camera a la Jolie, it just doesn’t count I suppose.

  • Bre

    She has one lumpy head o_O

  • .

    i think her head is lumpy kos under the cap is her hair ?…….
    like duh LOls :)

  • .

    her head is lumpy kos under the cap is her hair …
    like duh lols :):)

  • chelsea

    they completely ruined the book.
    this movie is going to completely ruin everything jodi picoult was trying to write. and that breslin girl is way to young for the role.

  • really suprised

    Im not being mean or something, but i have to say this, i’ve been suprised by cameron’s reaction and attitudes just few days after her father’s dad it was in the premiere of the movie ” what happens in vegas” just a week after your father’s death being all smiley and happy like that wow, i mean it’s a horrible news ,how can she act like that she should showed some respect for her father’s death , we get sad for our dogs and cats whene they died how even if it’s a close family like her case,and especially suddenly as her case, i just think that she was acting a bit too much “too soon”, and at the end of the day that movie bombed , but i guess that the celebrities would kill for the premieres and promotions no matter what happend in their lifes,it’s much more important, it’s sad but true, they definitely act and react differently from us the normal ppl.

  • Widow


  • emma

    i really don’t think she fits this story

  • t

    wow cameron, its been awhile since shes done something serious

  • Tracy

    That’s not what the book is about. It’s about a little girl who has an older sister with leukemia. Her parents had her to try to save her sister. That’s the main storyline of the book at least. I hope they don’t ruin it- it was a really good book.

    Same with the Lovely Bones, I hope they don’t F that up either.

  • massie

    omg, wtf!? all these beautiful stars are going bald now!



  • Sarah

    Along with Tracy said above, exactly what I thought, great book and that is NOT part of it, hope they don’t screw up a morally profound book.

  • bloodydisaster

    sweet lord… i’d fuck her anyways

  • Amanda

    It really scared me. =O. I’m chocked.

  • Jen

    I love the book and can’t wait for the film!

  • izzie

    gosh, i thought it’s real!

  • pinkydoo

    oh no. I’m glad it’s for a movie, but I’d cover up off set. It’s not a good look. She looks like the bald guy from Superman.

  • nikomilinko
  • Helena

    With today’s new hair and makeup designs, you can easily go bald without actually shaving your hair off. Look at Felicity Huffman in Desperate Housewives.

  • angie


  • Camille

    Love Miss Carolina’s comment : “She probably thought if she shaved her head she could finally win an Oscar”
    Yes maybe true :D

  • skip

    my god

  • Daryll

    there are an overwhelming number of fucking morons in our planet.

    its a bald cap!!!!!

  • Dieter

    I wanna bam her in the buns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love her and her family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nguyen thanh huy

    Did she really do it in her own! That’s ridiculous.
    Check out here

  • Renee

    “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult was an AMAZING, HEART-WRENCHING Story about two sisters- one who’s sick, one who was born specfically so that her stem cells could buy her sickly sister “more time”… it was supposed to be a one-time donation, but the parents’ (more so the mother) is obsessed with “saving” her older, sickly daughter at the expense of the rest of the family… truly a wonderful, engrossing book to read… hopefully the movie will do it justice…

  • Nouf Al.

    OMG!!! :/ :/ :/
    she looks SCARY!

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she looks good

  • jasmine

    omg she looks like an alien. too bad!!! she won’t win an oscar with this actually never in her entire life

  • sue

    EWW she looks scary

  • millers-ex

    I don’t think I could take her seriously in this role.

  • Adoration

    She did NOT shave her head. Look closer, you can see the line where the bald cap meets the skin. Yeah like she’d actually shave her hair off. HA!!!

  • belu


  • ej

    Ive been there in Santa Monica Pier.

    Ever see that one chinese dude that shapes your face into a clay??