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Gwyneth Paltrow Hurries to the Hospital

Gwyneth Paltrow Hurries to the Hospital

Gwyneth Paltrow takes her son Moses, 2, to the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, in St John Wood in London on Thursday.

The 35-year-old actress arrived around 3:15pm local time and stayed for about one hour before heading out in her Prius. Let’s hope both both Gwyn and Moses are doing okay!

UK’s Telegraph is reporting that Ms. Paltrow has joined the cast of King Lear. She’s tipped to take the role of Regan, Lear’s treacherous middle daughter. Keira Knightley is rumored to will play Cordelia, the youngest daughter of the King, who will be portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

The $35 million film will feature epic battle sequences, announced its makers at the Cannes Film Festival. Lear’s eldest daughter, Goneril, has not been cast yet.

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Mike

    I hope he is ok…

  • supergirl


  • Poppy

    why is her son’s face blurred out?

  • Lindze

    i wonder what happened?????
    hope hes ok!
    wishes to moses!

  • me

    His face is blurred because there are some publications that won’t show a child’s face, even the child of a celebrity. I say, “Good for them!”

  • Carrie

    Hope the little guy is ok!

  • the shiznack

    the kids face is blurred cus he saw his Gwyns face and she pulled that Joker trick from Batman on him – u know the one that fecks up your face lol

    just jk but good on ‘em for blurring the kids face now if it was Shiloh it wouldve hit the fan with the die-hard brangloonies

  • halli

    I think British publications do not allow children to be photographed.

  • April

    Prey her son is ok But I don’t like her at all. I believe she will use any body to help her career. Hope she is not using this situation. I wish her stuck up behind would get lost.

  • Susan

    I’m glad the British show some level of decency and don’t allow pictures to be published of children. I wish the US would adopt this policy.

    I hope Moses is okay.

  • joe

    Visit OuttaRehab for your entertainment news!

  • where is chris??

    Why is Chris not around again?? This time is not a red carpet thing, it concerns his kid?? And they are in London! I really think something is wrong with their marriage, Chris Martin is not always with them!!!

    I know her husband doesnt want to be with her during red carpet thing or movie promos, but I feel bad for Paltrow, I think I believe like most women, she wants her husband to also support her in her job. I think Chris Martin is an immature imsecure bast*rd!

  • cheetah1976

    I agree where is chris..he should be there, But there is a second child maybee he is with apple.

  • onmyown

    Paltrow is so –so. I don’t hate her, just that I can’t get into her persona.

    On the issue of child photo, London press is so much better than ours. Good for UK’s children and their parents.

    As to the marriage – it looks like they are growing apart ! It has been rumored and published [Huffington Post] that the romance is getting cold in this marriage.

    In fairness though, it’s good to separate personal and professional works. Regardless, Paltrow will overshadow Martin all the time, and therefore, I can understand why Martin avoid red carpets. But I question Martin’s absence during family crisis such as the child’s medical concern. Now – that is well – the previous poster would say – ” think Chris Martin is an immature imsecure bast*rd! “

  • Ha!

    Gee, I can’t imagine why she hates the paparazzi. Leave her the f*ck alone while she takes her child to the hospital.

  • Ha!

    Gee, I can’t imagine why she hates the paparazzi. Leave her the f*ck alone while she takes her child to the hospital.

  • Jay

    I think something funny is going on in their marriage. I don’t think Chris wants to be with her at all. Most of the time she is crying.
    I think this guy has someone else but he’s keeping it quiet to save her embarrassment. If so it will come out. Bet she is trying to fix things before it does.

  • http://deleted Anna

    I don’t think you can criticize Chris Martin for not being there. We have no idea why they went to the hospital. It might have been something routine or maybe he stayed at home with his daughter. People are to quick to assume the worst and criticise. My husband still has to go to work when our son is sick… it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care!

    As for supposedly crying all the time… she’s been looking pretty damn happy to me whenever I’ve seen her. As they keep saying over and over again, their marriage and relationship is private. Just because they want to keep things private doesn’t mean they don’t love each other!

  • Cal

    It’s not about the brit. press. It’s b/c it helps drum up demand/interest in shit like this whenever people’s faces are blurred. seriously, we’ve all seen moses martin’s uncensored face. stop trying to drum up interest.

    same goes for when gwyneth paltrow pretends to hate the paps and scowls through most of them, then grins her ass off w/ her kids + mother in tow. double-standards? nope – hypocrisy – and failure to accept that most of the educated public are aware that show biz isn’t for people who genuinely value privacy as celebrities always insist they do.

  • randy

    Right, well if it’s so hard to be a celebrity-mother/wife/whatever pathetic excuse they use, why don’t they quit and retire from the limelight? Oh yes, it’s addictive/she wanted it in the first place. Absolutely no sympathy for these tards.