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Clay Aiken is Going To Be A Father!!!

Clay Aiken is Going To Be A Father!!!

Clay Aiken impregnated someone and is expected to soon be a baby daddy!

Jaymes Foster, Clay‘s producer and best friend, was artificial inseminated with the 29-year-old singer’s sperm, according to TMZ. Clay will reportedly have an active role in raising the child.

Foster, 50, produced several of Clay‘s CDs and is the sister of record mogul David Foster. A rep for Foster says, “By the way she looks great, glowing and very happy. She and Clay have been good friends for a long time.”

Clay will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight (Thursday). But it’s a re-run! BLAH!

I believe a congratulatory remark is on order, yes? CONGRATULATIONS CLAY!!!

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  • 001

    First! =). Congrates to Clay!~

  • Jessica

    ewww. he’s going to reproduce…nasty

  • nICK JoNAS=CUTIE!!!!!

    Hold up, I thought he was gay……

  • wtf

    This is a joke, right?!

  • jesse


  • TJ

    He is gay. this is the new trend to hide being gay. Latch on to a chick and she have a baby.
    Pete Wentz now Clay. I gues John Mayer is next with that publicity stunt relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Jen will be announcing soon.


    Jared seems like the kind of guy who’d have a lot of sperm just lying around so Im sure it was no big deal

  • WTF

    I mean WTF? Gay or not..That thing is gonna be someone’s father? Ewww!

  • Lillianne

    There’s nothing wrong with gay’s wanting children but this just gives me the heebee jeebies. Is he going to be a parent to the child or just a dna donor? A 50 year old mother isn’t going to hang around forever.

    Why can’t some things just be private?

  • de Cosmos

    A turkey baster job if you ask me.

  • anon

    wait a minute, there’s all sort of crazy things with this post…First , the mom to be is 50? I thought 50 was menopause. Clay is “best friends” with a female 50 year old? David Foster will have a neice or nephew because of Clay Aiken??? Is this a way for Clay to hold on to music royalty? What are the mentally insane claymates thinking now about this news ?

  • TJ

    It means nothing these days for gay men to reproduce. Look at the Ex-Govenor of NJ Mcgreevey. He is going through a divorce after being married and fathering a child. His wife said he used her to farther his career. It’s a common thing now.

  • just visiting

    What the heck???? It’s not April Fool’s Day, is it? Is this for real?

    Glad to know that “Jaymes” is a woman at least.

  • well

    obviously artifical insemination, but why her and why him?

  • lol

    the claymates are gonna implode hahaha

  • LL

    Is this Jaymes Foster woman a lesbian?

  • Real girl

    This is so sad. a 50 year woman having a baby for a stupid entertainer… so sad

  • Real girl

    This is so sad. a 50 year woman having a baby for a stupid entertainer… so sad

  • [marie]

    April Fool’s Day was last month, but I still feel like I’m getting punk’d….

  • hmm…

    wow i dont even know what to think… this disturbes me on many levels…. the mom is 50? umm dang why would you want a baby at 50? plus why would you want your best friend’s sperm? poor kid

  • me

    Totally crazy

  • Ha!

    Do people even read anything beside the headline? It clearly says artificially inseminated.

  • Okay?

    David Foster’s sister? Nice career move Clay. What an opportunist.

    She’s crazy because she’s gonna have a fug baby. At 50 you want the last remaining egg you have to be inseminated by the hottest man around. That ain’t Clay Aiken, sorry.

  • Helena

    Of course it was AI. Clay’s too gay to produce.

  • Ali

    oh my god, why this junk? who cares, and shouldn’t this kind of thing be very private. they all act like fools. not real men… not real women. it is a tragic state that this country is in. degenerate and stupid.

  • Regina

    I really hope that kid will be a girl. If it isn’t the baby will be as gay as the sun shines!

    Actually, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. But still, it’s Clay Aiken!

  • Flisbeth

    oh dear

  • mena


  • omg


  • Jackie

    Duh….came from a tabloid magazine. Do you nuts believe everything you read?

  • Jen

    I feel bad for the baby…I mean CLAY AIKEN…I’m going to go barf now.

  • Becky


  • postwatcher


  • jenn:>


  • bejeebus

    just because you have viable sperm does not mean you should use it. he let his too old to be procreating female bff use his swimmers to artificially inseminate herself? he’s like a white michael jackson. nasty. poor baby.

  • Shonathan Hilton



    its more like.
    A miracle or something like that.

    no one expected him to be a father lol

  • Some chick


  • 456

    WHo WOULD BELIEVE TMZ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Louise

    I think this is Clay’s way of coming out. A heterosexual man would never have a best friend who is female and almost twice his age or artificial inseminate anyone unless it’s his wife or girlfriend. This is a very bizarre situation.

  • 3

    FAKE FAKE FAKE. stop believing what you read people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rolling eyes

    what freakish concoction is this???

    Is nothing sacred anymore!!

    but my first reaction was laughing my eyes out, but seriously like wth?!

  • HUmm

    A lot of celebrities are F*CK UP, totally brainless!! This type of news, always makes me scratch my head & saying WTF??

  • Erin



    But nice of him.

  • carmina

    poor kid… a 50 year old mom and having a bio dad like Clay AIken for a daddy…sad sad…

  • rachelsun

    Pete Wentz is not gay. Being anti-homophobia does not mean you are gay. the article says AI (if tru) not that they are married or in love or even dating. reading is fundamental……..

  • Billybob


    Figures the only way he would reproduce is via artificial insimination.

  • ddm

    Congrats! Lucky kid. Two rich parents, and maybe she/he will inherit Clay’s fantastic pipes as well! Best wishes to them!

  • lasey

    this poor kid will be needing therapy as soon as he gets out…pathetic…

  • Samie

    Holy Gaylord!

    I really hope this is a joke, if not that poor unborn thing.

  • ashley

    Ok now what about this guy would make a woman go hmm I want my kid to look like this! I mean do we happen to remember his Pre american idol look? Not that this one is much better but come on! Other then the singing talent this woman is certainly not thinking about much else lol..poor kid