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Rachel Bilson Channels Chanel

Rachel Bilson Channels Chanel

Rachel Bilson channels her inner Chanel in a black number at the celebration of the New Concept Boutique on Robertson Boulevard held at Chanel in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Was Rachel, 26, last seen on Wednesday lunching in Los Angeles? CHECK!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of RB’s outfit — simply sexy or boring black?

10+ pictures of Rachel Bilson channeling Chanel…

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • 007

    Chanel’s nice but I get the impression that the outfit doesn’t fit her very well. Also, is it just me that her head seems detached from the rest of the body?

  • Now That Is Style

    wow – she looks incredible. her enire ensamble is hot & i her hair looks so good. i love the close-up shot where you can see the freckles on her nose. she looks super sophisticated but youthful. i don’t thikn is is sexy or boring – it is just really chic! so many celebs in their 20′s look like they are in their 30′s. i love rachel – when she is dressed up she always gets it right.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    dog face.

  • Me

    she looks great, and the outfit looks gorgeous in her. but to be honest tho, i think anyone will look gorgeous too.

  • fergus

    I love it.
    She looks great!

  • Thurmen Murmen

    She is beautiful and perfect, even more beautiful in Chanel. She has better taste for clothes than for BFF.

  • l

    simple chic and sexy sophisticated , jared I give this a tres thumbs up !

  • a

    Rachel does not know what sophisticated means, and she does look boring, there is nothing sophisticated about this look.

    Her make up is boring too, I honestly do not like her, how can anyone look primitive in Chanel, only Rachel could do it

    She is not as cute as she used to be, may be she is indeed pregnant, which obviously is not complimenting

    Stupid is, stupid does, she is really stupid and it shows

  • jj

    boring, too short, bad legs

  • Kara

    Nice outfit but her face has changed. I don’t know what exactly changed but she’s not as cute as she used to be

  • a

    on rachel bilson it does not even look like chanel, but rather some unknown designer dress

    she is not cute here at all

    they say she is glowing, women glow when they are pregnant, may be they know something

  • a

    i think she should come out publicly and talk about her learning problems and the reason she could not go to a decent school, this will help a lot of her fans who have similar problems

    may be this will give her some appearance of substance instead of shopping all the time

  • riley

    Oh stop it people, you are full or it. She is stunning and wears it her way instead of following the rest of the sheep. She looks a little Bridget Bardot here I think and thats defintely a compliment.

  • bejeebus

    i’m soooo glad she’s starting to push those fug bangs to the side. those bangs were not her friends….in fact, rumor is, they hated her.





  • brett

    Rachel is GORGEUS!

  • //Bean//

    People use to get offensive when others say she’s pregnant, but Everyone knows the truth now. IM GLAD YOU ALL ACCEPTED THE TRUTH!

  • tessa

    Love her

  • iwan

    I love the dress

  • @#15

    Everybody knows she’s forever 2 month pregnant. One day, she’ll give birth to an adult.

  • Beach Vacations

    :) She is the true defination of beauty :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Laura

    LMAO @ ‘a’

    You’re hilarious.

    She looks absolutely stunning and I love the dress. And the shoes are just WOW.

    It could be boring but she really makes it stand out with her purse.

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  • anna

    She’s AMAZING!!

  • Russian Girl

    She is GORGEOUS!
    Awesome dress)

  • su

    WOW! Gorgeous!!!

  • Ryan

    Rachel I love you

  • http://google nanna

    she looks amazing!

  • a

    how much are you people getting paid for promoting her or you are just as dumb as she is

    there are Michelle Williams, and Scarlett Johanssons and Natalie Portmans of the world, what are you doing with this nothing called bilson

    unattractive, untalented, dumb, desperate publicity ho

  • @#22

    Dear Laura,
    You must never answer to “a”. This is the worst psychotic cockroach of all Rachel’s haters.
    If you reply, “a” will continue endless its ridiculous litany, and that will be really boring.

  • voice of reason

    Wish I could call you by name but by asking people not to reply to “A” I applaud you

  • a

    i can not imagine why she would be wearing a loose fitted dress -
    it looks like she is indeed pregnant

    if she is not, than she is doing it on purpose to keep everyone guessing and attention on her

    in that case i really detest her

    she better be pregnant or her popularity will really sink even with the most devoted fans

  • Laura

    I’m actually a big fan of Michelle Williams too, so don’t judge me. Rachel’s not the only celebrity I like.

    I’ve never liked Natalie Portman – sorry.

    What’s the problem with liking Rachel?
    – She’s never photographed half naked/drunk falling out of a club
    – She never badmouths people in interviews
    – She dresses well and is a beautiful girl
    – Her acting in everything minus Jumper has been very good for a 26-year-old

  • a

    i do not like rachel because i do not like her so called acting, she has no depth, she is just not believable, she is uninteresting, very simplistic, she is just playing herself, she has no imagination

    and she was getting drunk with her friends as she stated and she was in an accident as a result of it

    she does badmouth people, she said something to the effect that hayden was better in star wars than the oscar nominated actror, but got a lot of sheet for it; frankly i do not think she can differentiate between good and bad acting

  • michelle

    I dont like her hair here but she looks great!

  • umm

    Umm jj she wasn’t last seen on Wednesday it was yesterday before the chanel boutique wearing a white sun dress

  • umm

    Oh and she is not pregnant she has always worn loose clothes get over it

  • rb

    oh my god bean, you are so dumbt
    rachel is not pregnant idiot


    She look like a b***h… I hate her !!!!!
    How you can love her. She’s not a actress, she make everytime shoppings, her life : shopping, shopping, shopping…

  • katie

    boring black


    she looks great

  • a

    if you do not like Natalie Portman you deserve rachel bilson

  • Hayden1.1

    rb…Rachel? It’s you? So Hi, I come back.

    I don’t know if Rachel is pregnant but I’m sure I’m not the father (maybe Hayden1.0) . I’ve never meet her.

    And no, I’ll not cut my fingernails, you’d be too happy.

    I’m very busy today, I have to go to the gas station and I must find how to spend 150,000$ (but not to get a razor), so, bye, poor anonymous…

    -If you prefer me to the true Hayden, don’t forget to donate-

  • Laura

    Erm, she had the car accident when she was 14 and she learned from her mistakes and moved on and did not carry on doing it in her late teens/early 20s unlike people like Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton.

    HA. Sorry but that’s not badmouthing. Saying she thought somebody acted better than somebody else. Badmouthing is what Jessica Alba does in every interview she has.

  • lindsey

    how about some adam , and ben pics?

  • Hayden1.1

    Sorry, “met”, not “meet”.

  • Tamara ModernGear TV

    Beautiful! She has a real confident sense of style, and she wears it well.

  • irina

    Rach looks great in that dress!

  • sab

    Rachel is gorgeous

  • kim

    She looks so fab in that LBD at Chanel

  • Diana

    that’s hot.