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Taylor Hicks is The Jonas Brothers' Biggest Fan

Taylor Hicks is The Jonas Brothers' Biggest Fan

Taylor Hicks joins a crowd of screaming (and crying) Jonas Brothers fans outside ABC studios in New York City before an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly on Thursday morning.

The 31-year-old season five winner of American Idol held up a sign reading “The Jonas Brothers Rock My World!”

Taylor has been busy promoting the Broadway production of Grease. He made his Broadway debut when he joined the cast in the role of “Teen Angel” last Friday, June 6. In the role, he adds his soulful flavor to the classic “Beauty School Dropout.”

WHICH JONAS BROTHER do you think it Taylor Hicks’s favorite — Kevin, Joe or Nick???

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Credit: Perez/Daniel; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Helena

    I don’t know, but either way, they’re annoying just like the other Disney batch. I miss the 90′s.

  • Jack

    Isn’t he a bit too old for this? lol…

  • krispy

    Whatever happened to him?

  • anyy

    Creepy! *hides*

  • Baby v’s no.1 fan!!

    Nick is my fave… he is gawjus!

  • Huh?

    I’m 28 – I LOVE the Jonas Brothers – totally a huge psycho fan!! I hated the 90s pop they tried to give me as a teen. Yuck. But the Brothers are actually a GOOD BAND.

    Anyway – this is too much…and are we sure he is really only 31? He looks older than that to me………Nice ploy for attention though, Mr. Hicks – success!!

  • Queee?

    I bet he was just mocking the screaming girls, seems like it. Haha. Like a little parody of their reactions cause he’s quite a clown sometimes.

    No doubt he likes their music but I doubt he’d have that reaction. But hell I like the JB too, and I’d probably cheer.

  • sandra

    I think that he’s making a parody of the fans, haha.

  • hoodathunk

    Haha! Great to see Taylor having some fun…he rocks!

  • Chelsea

    Taylor’s SO funny!!! LOLOL!!!!

    Love it!

  • Chelsea

    Kimberly – lighten up okay! The guy is just goofing around. Don’t take everything so seriously! GEESH!

  • angela

    I think Kev is his fav

  • Christa

    lol yeah i agree with the others guys, i bet he was just making a parody of the fans. cause face it the girls go completely insane and its kinda funny lol

  • Mary

    He’s a good sport to ham it up with the fans like that.

  • melissa


  • lala

    omg hes just joking around the few who are taking this serious need to chill.


    Taylor is just clowning around obviously. Cute.

  • J.

    People are actually taking this seriously?! W-o-w. Lighten up, he’s just joking around! Jesus, as if he’d actually have that reaction. It’s just an effin’ parody! Bahaha, again people, JUST JOKING AROUND! Did you get that? ‘iight then.

  • kathy

    Nick is my Fav.

  • Kimberly

    Chelsea~~ I am not taking anything to heart here I just giving my opinion just like everyone else is.

  • Monika

  • kelseylynn(:

    haha taylor is so funny. i’m seeing him in grease next weekenddd! i’m PUMPED man haha. :]

  • Billwill

    I’m the only one who rocks Taylors world, them brothers betta step back

  • Nance

    I was there!!! That was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jolie

    He’s joking! Calm down!

  • Jolie

    I don’t think so, Billwill. I rocked his world two years ago!!!! And, I still rock it!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos

    He’s kidding around folks. Some of you people need a sense of humor.

  • anna

    haha, obviously he is with the screaming,but you can’t help but to admire those three amzing lads who are so sweet through all their superstardom. :)

  • Sheila

    Taylor obviously knows how silly it is to have girls scream about you. He will be singing his solo from the Broadway Show “Grease” on Regis and Kelly Friday Morning, and maybe he was down there to check out some details. Either way, here’s a guy who knows what it is like to have the girls scream!!! It’s Media Hype! To Him It’s Funny!

  • Branch

    Hey, Taylor’s just having fun, enjoying being on the other side of fan adoration! Taylor goes through this every time he steps out the door no matter where or what he’s doing! Looks like they loaned him a sign, way cute and yeah, he was cutting up, good for him!

    Taylor was outside the Kelly and Regis studio where he was taping with the cast of Grease in which he performs as the Teen Angel for three months, before hs CD drops and he begins his solo tour – It was Taylor’s 6th appearance on the show. Oh and as for how Taylor looks? He’s a great looking guy and even better looking in person! I’m 25 and to me, he’s one of the hottest guys out there! Take a look at him cementing his hands for a plaque at Planet Hollywood the other night. I was there! I’m loving it. So everyone chill out, Taylor is fantastic, watch on video during one of his tours… if you have any doubts! No body does it better than Taylor Hicks.


    is he a pedophile? gross. he has no talent, no has heard from him from ages eventhough he owns american idol on 2006 he still suxs. again, HE HAS NO TALENT!!

  • kris

    Taylor is a guest on Regis & Kelly tomorrow, along with the rest of the “Grease” cast. He was probably there to tape part of the segment, saw the kids going crazy – thought it was funny – and decided to fool around with them. He has a great sense of humor and he put himself out there, joking around, and now people are making nasty comments. It’s too bad everyone wasn’t as friendly and easy going as Taylor Hicks.

  • Branch

    Goodness “girl”. Where have you been? Taylor won AI in 2006 and toured for two years, this is ONLY 2008! He raked in 3.9 Million for just one solo tour, while performing also during Mini tours in Asia and Italy. He is the most well rounded entertainer, musician and performer American Idol has ever had. His club opens in the Summer of 2009 in the new entertainment area of B’ham, AL and we fans will be there! You need to catch up girl, unless you knew all that and like drama as your name implies?. Lighten up and enjoy life, you might like it! :)

  • Shonathan Hilton

    How could america vote for him?
    he is ugly
    and he looks way too old

  • Jolie

    Soul Patrol – stop defending him and trying to sell him. You look like ridiculous and desparate fans. You do this on every single message board. When are you going to learn?

  • kATHY O

    Taylor was there filming a performance of Grease with the rest of the Broadway cast. which will air tomorrow on Regis and Kelly. He is just goofing with the young ladies.

  • Nance

    Taylor! Regis and Kelly! Tomorrow!! Be there or be square!! He sang his big number from GREASE!! He rocked the house!! He taped it today to be aired tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It was also noted that there is a HUGE BILLBOARD in Times Square with Taylor’s picture on it!!!

  • Krispy

    Kevin, Joe or Nick???

    Surely you are joking. What a creep-out!

    He wants ALL THREE — and all at the same time in a great big bed.

    You might as well throw Wacko Jacko into the mix too.

  • Branch

    I came here to see the photo’s, from one of the many elerts I’ve recieved. I doubt this website minds one bit, since they get hundreds of hits. Yes, I’m a fan of Taylor’s like the 63.5 million who voted for him on American Idol. It really doesn’t matter to me one way or another if you don’t like him, thats okay with me. But, I do like him, I’ve been to his concerts and other events, I love his music and his concerts. Taylor has many fansites and a lot of fans, all ages. Life is too short to be as negative as you are. Lighten up SH, the photo’s of Taylor with the fans of the Jonas Borthers was all in fun, just like this is supposed to be. If you have issues, try working them out, you’ll feel better and have a more positive outlook. Good luck.

  • Susan

    This man sure has crazy fans. They make up stories about how much money he makes, and when he slips into a bar to play music, they call it a tour. They really look desperate. Most of the world forgot Taylor Hicks when they turned off their TV over two years ago, and haven’t thought of him since. These nutjobs need a reality check.

  • rsfan

    I bet he likes Kevin lol

  • Jessie

    Yes, they are crazy. They wont leave the poor guy alone! Their defending him – totally creepy! These poor fans need lives. I like Taylor, but can’t stand his fans.

  • amber

    question. where has this dude been.?
    he won American Idol and fell off
    the face of the planet. until today.

    but the jonas brothers were
    amazing on regis&kelly.
    i woke up 2 hours before i normally
    wake up just to see it. & i recorded it.
    im a die hard jonas brothers fan.
    their amazingggg.

  • mollyarnp

    Reminds me of Brandon Frasier- he did a similar parody at the Nick Kid’s Choice Awards – it made my night, since I had to watch the show w/ my dtr. ( to see THE JONAS BROTHERS!!- OMG! OMJ!!). Though I like and admire the Jonas Brothers and their family, etc…, there comes a point where the hysteria is just ridiculous. Go Taylor! Wish I could see you in Grease!

  • mollyarnp

    Reminds me of Brandon Frasier- he did a similar parody at the Nick Kid’s Choice Awards – it made my night, since I had to watch the show w/ my dtr. ( to see THE JONAS BROTHERS!!- OMG! OMJ!!). Though I like and admire the Jonas Brothers and their family, etc…, there comes a point where the hysteria is just ridiculous. Go Taylor! Wish I could see you in Grease!

  • Frank

    Where has he been? Chasing twinks around mensroom stalls, I would imagine.

  • Nance

    The Jonas hysteria reminds me of The Beatles hysteria, only on a smaller scale.

  • Jen

    That’s freaking amazing that Taylor would do that!! I LOVE him!! Can’t wait to see him on Regis tomorrow!

  • earnie

    Taylor and his boyfriend Bill make an interesting couple. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an open relationship, with Bill bringing home some boys to share. Sooner or later, a New York gossip rag will tell us what’s happening. It’s not very interesting except that his fans will go ballistic when they find out the truth about him. They think he’s some kind of hetero stud.

  • ????

    Is Taylor Hicks their great great grandfather?