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The Rock Is On The Horizon

The Rock Is On The Horizon

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is joined by his ex-wife Dany and daughter Simone, 6 1/2, at the Congressional Awards 2008 Gold Medal Reception in Washington D.C., on Thursday.

The 36-year-old professional wrestler turned Hollywood actor was honored with the Horizon Award, which recognizes people who help expand opportunities and set a good example for young Americans.

Johnson is of Samoan descent and runs an organization called DJ Rock Foundation that helps to educate children worldwide about nutrition and physical fitness.

Even though Johnson officially divorced his ex-wife just last month, he mentioned her in his acceptance speech, referring to her as, “my beautiful partner, Dany.”

20+ pictures inside of The Rock at the Congressional Awards…

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Photos: Carrie Devorah/WENN
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  • Shonathan Hilton

    I dont like him.
    And plus.
    he was doing acting way before he even started in movies.

    Isnt wrestling just fake?

  • Kada

    He’s hot.

  • aummw
  • Shana


  • mia2

    Their daughter looks more ethnic than them :). It’s like that in my family too (Latino). They all look good and happy- glad to see them still doing family events although they are divorced. Maybe they are together or will get back together. It amazes me how well some couples can handle divorce peacefully, good for them

  • aummw
  • 19

    She looks like Madonna’s daughter.

  • neverends

    What I like on J Jared is that we discover a lot of people.

  • yeahhh

    i love him!!

  • aummw
  • aummw
  • aummw
  • pamela

    He seems like a great guy and he’s kinda sexy

  • Miapocca

    Well a good divorce is usually a sign that they tried and both parties recognized they tried but some wierd reason it didnt work out and they both acknowledge that, yet they are respectful of each other ans can be firends becuase they built a good foundation in their relationship.. These 2 handled the rough and good together through college so these are probably the most important people in his life.!!

    I like him and I think he is a great example of peseverance and all those good things …anayway I hope he can kick will smiths $CIENTOLOGY a-rs-e out of box office…he is such a dissapointment funding scientology schools to brianwash children into a cult..what a piece of $h-it WIll Smith Is!!!

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Love them. And the little girl teeth looking better than before.

  • amy

    sad they divorce

  • TiaBia

    So to elevate Dwayne Johnson you had to trash Will Smith…right!?!

  • Sam

    I’ve never really liked him, don’t consider him an actor and don’t think he’s cute either…But I have to say it’s a pleasure to see divorced people who’re still there for each other. plus what he said in his speech seems to show a lot of respect for his ex.

  • Cat

    He seems really nice – at least from interviews. How great for his daughter that he gets along w/ his ex. I think you have to be a decent person to not spite someone you ended a relationship w/, let alone marriage. So many people are quick to hate.

  • http://AOL J Stewart

    He’s Samoan and Black.

  • BrangelinaFan

    Thanks, J. Stewart,. I was about to say the same thing.

    Dwane is of Samoan and African American. Dad is African-American and mom is Samoan.

  • Lucy

    I also liked him and I thought they were always so pleasant with each other. Update to see that they divorce, but happy to see that even though they are not together they share a love and respect for each other and that will be a good foundationship for the upbringing of their daughter. Good Luck to all of them. They are truly what a divorce couple she acted like. Props to them both. They are both classy people.

  • Goods

    Technically, speaking, his dad’s African-Canadian, from Nova Scotia.

  • Original jpf

    I’m still amazed by his ex’s parents being opposed to them marrying because he was “black” (he talked about it in an interview). Sometimes I’m seriously ashamed for some of my fellow Cubano Americans, and especially some who are considered just as negro as Dwayne by more people than not. Racism is an amazing thing, and as sorry as I am they didn’t work out, I’m glad they produced a beautiful lil Afro-Cubana/Somaon chica.


  • http://Nelah SARAH

    I luv me the rock. He is a good guy. And so is Will. The Rock gave money to a charity my school was involve in and it made a huge difference. So go Dwayne. Luves him! Thats his mom in the middle, his little girl looks exactly like Dany. I like Will Smith too, their friends folks.

    Btw num #1 you like selfish Paris Hilton,going by your name thats your biz , why even come on his thread? Thanks JJ.

  • heather

    Sweet man. Deserves the award. Glad to see the ex’s together. He hasnt wrestle in years. Do you Rock go baby! :smile:

  • sunnykidstyle

    I have no clue who this guy is, but it is beautiful that he and his ex-wife still have a good relationship. It will make the situation of not always having both parents around and keeping in contact so much easier to handle for their daughter, than if they were talking bad about each other, we’ve seen enough dirty divorce battles going on.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • Morgan

    Dwayne was The Scorpion King, he starred in The Rundown, Be Cool,Get Smart as Agent 23 ,The Game Plan ,Gridiron Gang ,Spy Hunter Nowhere to Run ,Southland Tales and many more…

    Marry me Dwayne I am a pretty hot Irish girl. I’m single whats your digits…call me..

  • 123

    I think he is super cute.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    30th!! I think it is great that he and his ex-wife Dany are friends. Especially when they have a daughter. How easy it must be on her not having parents who fight and scream with each other. They are to be commended for their efforts. Dany is pretty and The Rock is handsome, so I’m sure they will have no problem finding other partners. His award is well deserved!!!

  • djluva

    I love him! He’s such a wonderful person. And he’s soooooooooo HOT!!!

  • eddie jones

    wow his ex looks like a man.

  • zuleikhajarly

    You forgot he’s also of AFRICAN CANADIAN descent as well.. his dad was the first person of African descent to win a WWF championship… hes from Nova Scotia …. =) and although I’m sad to hear it didn’t work out… uh he is kinda fine…. soooooooooooooooooooo I wont be surprised to see him datin some celebrity soon…..his wife was pretty and she’s doin well on her own just the same she reportedly makes 700,000 year at her own financial advising firm…. !!!!!!

  • Amos Stevens

    Shame the man can’t take the time to make a phone call that he is legally suppose to!

    The Civil Lawsuit against Mr Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the Superior Court of Arizona was met in mediation in April 2008.Even though Mr Johnsons attorney signed/agreeing to a mediation settlement to “resolve” the matter-Mr Johnson nor his staff has met ANY of the settlement agreement-thus breaking the mediation agreement! Lying to an totally disabled & multiple health problems young woman who is the Plantiff in this case and not much longer to live.


  • pam


  • http://nelah Farah

    No its not a shame and what a frivolous lawsuit. I should sue hugh jackman for not calling me back.Im physically disable and have a hearing disability. Rock is one of the good ones leave him alone!!!

  • Hammad

    i like him and i think he is a good actor….


    Samoans are like a Asian/African combo.. I don’t know their history, but I am willing to bet at some thime in history some Asian group and African group mixed up.

    Fiji have black people. so that makes sense..

    The little girl has very bad teef.. wew!!

  • Sze

    I was at the Congressional Ceremony and the body guards made it impossible to take a picture of him or with him. Also the Rocks speech had many sarcastic jokes that some thought were offensive, also he spoke nothing about the Rock foundation during his speech.