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Jennifer Garner's Fun with Flowers

Jennifer Garner's Fun with Flowers

Jennifer Garner totes around her favorite Lanvin “Hero” purse before the July 4th weekend in Santa Monica, Calif., on Thursday.

The 36-year-old actress will be starring in Be With You, which is based on a novel by Takuji Ichikawa.
The novel tells the story of a dying woman who promises her family that she would return. A year later the family come across a woman who seems strikingly familiar. Could it be the same person?

Be With You was announced back in 2005 and now is expected to be completed by the end of 2009.

10+ more pics of Jennifer Garner‘s fun with flowers…

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jennifer garner white flowers 01
jennifer garner white flowers 02
jennifer garner white flowers 03
jennifer garner white flowers 04
jennifer garner white flowers 05
jennifer garner white flowers 06
jennifer garner white flowers 07
jennifer garner white flowers 08
jennifer garner white flowers 09
jennifer garner white flowers 10

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  • K

    FIRST! ah so i’m guessing it’s a japanese based book that her movie’s about?

  • jack


  • Violets Auntie

    Looks like a baby bump.

  • harold

    she hardly looks radiant…i do wonder if she is preggers, though

  • Casztanka

    I totaly agree with #3!
    she looks pregnant…

  • bea

    she isn’t boring, she is normal, and she is doing normal things as you and me.

  • jilly

    She is soooooo pregnant!

  • NOtpg

    I don’t think she looks pregnant. She looks sloppy in her baggy pants.

  • Antonio castillejo abedules
  • Antonio castillejo abedules
  • Surfrasio pensiolez

    je je esto es la leche

  • benedictus

    mecagonlamar esto es la infierno de lo que digo , joe censitarum

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, you misspelt the word “fug”.

  • yay

    new pics of pretty Jen :P
    and she is soooooooooooooooooo pregnant :)

  • http://justjared ASHLEY

    she definatly looks pregnant

  • AH

    She’s going to her therapists office AGAIN!

  • Me

    I think she really looks like she wants to be left alone. Her friend is probably sick or something. By the way, what a rock! I think that’s her engagement ring she usually just wears it on the red carpet.

  • MeTOO

    I think her friend is sick, I’m sure she didn’t want to get photographed now. By the way, did you see that rock? I think it’s her engagement ring but she usually never wears that except on the red carpet. NICE! By the way AH, how do you know its a therapists office? She obviously is seeing a sick friend.

  • ^^^^

    why do you think she’s going to a sick friend???
    she looks beautiful

  • knight

    I think I saw her pr of ile on ‘R ic h ki ss. c om’.. She’s very active there with her nice pics, blogs and friend circle. Is she dati ng there?

  • regina

    she looks pregnant!!

  • Sonia

    I wish she’s preggo.
    Love Vi. A.

  • bla blah

    I think she really looks like she wants to be left alone. Her friend is probably sick or something. By the way, what a rock! I think that’s her engagement ring she usually just wears it on the red carpet.

    Actually Jennifer Garner is known for calling the paparazzi and telling them where she is.

  • hey bla blah

    You are so stupid!! She doesn’t have to call them to tell them where she is, they are camped outside her house DUMBA$$!! All they have to do is follow her, which they do. You are getting that wrong info from Lainey of Laineygossip, but Lainey just recently admitted that the paps are outside Jen and Ben’s house as early as 7:00am stalking them. Way to be misinformed!!

  • m

    Anyone know what brand of shirt she is wearing??? I want one.

  • MyEyeIsOnYou

    I really hope they do the drama justice. I loved both Japanese renditions. For those interested you can find out a bit more about the drama here:

    J-Drama: いま、会いにゆきます (I’m Going to Meet you Now) –

  • MyEyeIsOnYou

    The drama wiki site might actually be better:

  • tawi-tawi

    and she wears sneakers with EVERYTHING! it’s just ugly :(

  • ratu

    #28 it’s not ugly. it’s comfortable. i like that too.

  • US voter

    Jen Jen is pregnant. Congrats to Ben and Jen.

  • US voter

    # 23
    bla blah @ 07/04/2008 at 11:49 am
    Actually Jennifer Garner is known for calling the paparazzi and telling them where she is.
    Paps are not the only ones who takes pics and sell them. You or me could be walking down the street and snap a pic of a celebrity and sell it to the tabs.

  • Adoring Fan

    I love Jen. She is so amazing. She is my idol. I think she is pregnant too. I so proud of her. She is such a great talent and a beautiful person inside and out. She is not concerned with the few who are not her fans. She does what makes her happy regardless of unfair critism toward her by jealous people. It is reflected in the way she dresses as well as they way in which she raises her child and maintains her private and personal life. What a woman!


    I genuinely like Jennifer Garner, but why does she ruin cute outfits by wearing trainers with them? They may be comfortable , but there are lots of good-looking shoes that are still comfortable. Otherwise she looks nice.

  • Adoring Fan

    I can’t wait for this movie (Be with you). It sounds like a winner. Where is Violet?

  • diabetic

    Adoring Fan, please..all this fawning over this family is a bit much. I need my insulin! Do they pay you for gushing so much on this blog????? You’re entitled to your opinion like anyone else, but wow…..such unadulterated worship can’t be healthy.

  • dude…..

    Adoring fan is kinda creepy. Just saying.

    Jennifer without the little one is just blah.

  • Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!

    #23, Bull………
    Jen does not call the paps, the camp out in front of her house. Most if not, all videos of Jen and V. and Ben for that matter are when they are leaving a place, that means the paps follow them there, get in position for when the come out, or get a call from someone in the restuarant, shop, car dealer, school, etc saying that they are there.

    Your assumption is way off that they call the paps. Let’s say she did call them. You honestly think that Jen is going to call the paps so they can take a picture of Violet with ice cream down her shirt, paint on her sleeve, etc. Ben with a paint stain on his coat, and so on. Give me a break. Besides, if you take the time, to look at the video that goes with some of the pics posted here, you get more of the story then a 1 second snap. You can tell they don’t want to be photographed.

    Never, proved that the person with the white gate that she goes to see is a therapist. It could be anyone, so you people need to stop calling her a therapist.

  • Adoring Fan

    Call me crazy. But I stand by my opinion. I support my people when someone attacks. I come out fighting. I love Jen and will defend her to the end.

  • Adoring Fan

    To diabetic dude, maybe if someone had supported you, you wouldn’t be so hateful and would have the capacity to love and appreciate someone who is adored by others. That is whats unhealthy.

  • Adoring Fan

    Are we having fun yet?

  • ^^^^

    to Adoring Fan I love her as well :)
    and #35 and #36 are the same person so fuck them :P

  • and that shirt is ugly

    How can she be your idol? She cheated on her husband with her costar, dumped the costar for a bigger star then got pregnant to trap the big star into marrying her.

    Karma has a big bite in the ass just waiting for this b1tch. She is going to wake up some morning broke because her husband gambled away all their money and then he’ll be photographed drunk under a pile of Vegas showgirls.

  • Answer

    #42 you need to get over the fact that she’s been with Ben for four years and you are obssessing over ancient history, untrue that it is. Her first husband was jealous over her success he said himself that there was no cheating involved. She wasnt married to Vartan or even dating him when she got with Ben so who cares about him? Ben wanted children he said so himself so it wasnt like she “trapped ” him. Everybody knows Hollywood poeple dont “have” to get married. Nobody there cares about marriage so the only ones who do it are those that really want to.
    #37 I coldnt have said it better. Everybody makes judgments on this couple when if you look at a video of the same situation, theyare always way off. They can get like 20 pictures out of a run to the car so it looks like they are posing. They are hounded if you ask me.

  • LuckyL


    She better be pregnant again because she is huge

  • Adoring Fan

    Listen to #42 she got the real truth of the matter and is telling it like it is. Jennifer did not cheat on her ex husband with Vartan nor did she cheat on Vartan with Ben. This is lies that don’t hold water. Scott Foley himself said there was no infidelity and Vartan and Jen are still friends to this day. And so is Jen and Ben friends with Foley. If anything, Ben trapped Jen into marriage by getting her pregnant. Truth is they both wanted children and to get married. Put a fork it that rumor, it is done.

  • zoe

    she does look pregnant. congrats if its true. i dont like the sunglasses or the trainers. i know they’re comfortable…but it doesnt look good with her outfit at all. otherwise, i like her. she’s genuine.

  • meangirls

    Wow no violet?? I’m surprise ….
    This woman is so plain and boring

  • ^^^^

    shut up

  • Adoring Fan

    #47 Meangirls, she got it all over you.

  • Mari

    I am fan w/ her being comfortable but she needs to ditch the running shoes. Sandals or another type of tennis shoe or flat would have made the outfit cute instead of frumpy. She is so natural that it wouldn’t take much to make her look super cute & stylish all the time.