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Reese & Jake Jet to Dinner

Reese & Jake Jet to Dinner

Reese Witherspoon and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal (in a hooded jacket) leave Scott’s seafood restaurant on early Tuesday morning in London, England.

The pair was joined by American producer Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock, Top Gun and National Treasure) for dinner.

The 27-year-old actor has been practicing his sword fighting skills while riding horses for his role in the upcoming film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Need a laugh? Check out Jake flicking his wrist on top of his steed!

20+ pictures of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal jetting to dinner…

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reese witherspoon dinner  01
reese witherspoon dinner  02
reese witherspoon dinner  03
reese witherspoon dinner  04
reese witherspoon dinner  05
reese witherspoon dinner  06
reese witherspoon dinner  07
reese witherspoon dinner  08
reese witherspoon dinner  09
reese witherspoon dinner  10
reese witherspoon dinner  11
reese witherspoon dinner  12
reese witherspoon dinner  13
reese witherspoon dinner  14
reese witherspoon dinner  15
reese witherspoon dinner  16
reese witherspoon dinner  17
reese witherspoon dinner  18
reese witherspoon dinner  19
reese witherspoon dinner  20
reese witherspoon dinner  21

Photos: WENN
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  • mike

    I love Reese Witherspoon! <3

  • jojo

    Goog grief, but a lousy couple. She’s all dressed up and he’s in jeans and sweatshirt jacket pulled up over his head. CLASSY COUPLE, YEH!!!!!

  • pinkydoo

    I really like her, but she looks sooo old in that photo. I don’t think she is going to age very well. I like them as a couple though.

  • Jossie


  • traffic

    Reese is out to dinner with the Unibomber.

  • whats up

    She don’t look so happy these days.???

  • aida

    jerry bruckheimer is a producer not a director

  • stela

    Damm it! Jake didn´t appear in these pics! I want to see his arms and beautiful face with a long hair!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugh, that’s one… ugly face!

  • Yeah, Mike Newell is the director.

  • not me

    No wonder she is hiding her face. Looking really old and dry. How old is she? All of may be 32.

  • cynthia

    She looks old in these photos. She is not aging well.

  • ´´

    And her kids?She is ugly

  • Mari

    It is funny to read all the posts that say what I was thinking – she looks old. She is cute & tiny so I am surprised she still doesn’t look 20 something. It is also odd that she is super dressed up & Jake is in jeans. He & Ryan remind me a lot of each other.

  • Ewwww

    The bitch looks terrible.

  • Phonyspoon


    stop ignoring the beard.


  • susan

    Why’s Jake hiding under his hood? And poor Reese. She looks so depressed.

  • mmm

    ive been to that restaurant.. and the fish wasnt fresh

  • Nicky

    I don’t think she looks old. She just looks drab in all black.

  • reese is fake b!tch

    Reese Witherspoon looks like sh!t.

    But that’s old news. lol

  • lady

    She does not have on makeup and when those flashes hit you without makeup you look worse than ever! I know because I am a photographer – my guess is that she did not want the people at the restaurant to know how she is but obviously they found out!

  • Blackworm

    I think Reese is just annoyed by all the photographers.

  • Laughing at the chin

    Hope Reese has a good plastic surgeon waiting, she looks like she’s 50 in these pics. Could they please stop pretending to be annoyed and hide their faces from the paps. The whole point of their phony romance is to get maxium PR. They set-up photo ops with the paps and then hide their faces. They should both give it up already.

  • Raichill

    Black can be very ageing on some women, especially fair women as they get older. She should stay away from wearing black on her upper body.

  • jmfan

    I actually love that coat/jacket that she’s wearing.

  • remember da truth

    I don’t think she looks old. Guess you have to be a teen to think 30-year-olds look old!

    It’s the glare of the flashbulbs that make her skin look like that, and it’s why she’s framed her face to be able to see.

    He should have dressed up more, of course. Men can be so lazy sometimes!

  • sweetsue

    I’ll bet Avon is not happy with her look in those pictures. Since she has started promoting Avon and her “romance”. she looks much older than 32.

  • I know

    She doesn’t look old, just a bit washed out. I love her outfit. He lookslike the typical guy who didn’t want to dress up, Jerry Bruckheimer the producer of Prince of Persia was there as well so perhaps he thought it didn’t matter but still. He’s been rocking that hoodie ever since he arrived inthe UK trying to hide his hair.

  • blue lotus

    not only that, she is supposed to be promoting Avon but insists on going sans make-up in many of her photo-op pics and her au natural look is what I look like when I’m making eggs in the morning in my bathrobe LOL

  • Yolanda May

    What does hot stuff
    Jake see in this boring, uptight, hag??????????
    no clue

  • bit

    Don’t care what the haters say, they are nice together and he is totally sexy even in casual clothes.

  • clarice

    She seems quite dull and reminds me of a duck…..jake reminds me of a mongoose.

  • denise

    I love Reese. She is an amazing actress, a good role model for young girls in the world today, and she does a lot to help charity!

    Love her new hair by the way.

  • diane

    Reese is a nice girl and a very good mother but she needs to smile more and don’t look so cross

  • Ivana

    Nice couple :-)

  • Andrea

    I am a big fan of Reese Whitherspoon. It is so chic dressed, but that is not black. That makes you older. It sees you as sweet but otherwise, but it’s not every day the same

  • Ivana

    If you want to see Jake’s (priceless) face on these pics, go on Gyllenbabble or Wet Dark an Wild site…. He is great !!!!

  • ellena

    predictions for long term relationship do not look good, I am very, very sorry to say.

  • cHRIS

    Actually the pictures of her are interesting since she isn’t wearing much make up and in fact looks pretty good, given her age. She looks a bit tired, and is not trying to smile for the camera. Of course Jake is not dressed up. Men seldom dress up for women. Women are supposed to fuss about their appearance; if men do, it makes them look like sissies. I must look up Scott’s and see what kind of restaurant it is and what the prices are.

  • cHRIS

    Here’s part of the menu:

    Seafood cocktail costs $30 and a main dish of salmon costs $56. Everything is probably extra, including the bread, the butter, the rice or potatoes, the salad, etc., etc. But La Witherspoon is rich and can easily afford it.

  • Ted Casablanca

    .>ive been to that restaurant.. and the fish wasnt fresh<

    You have never been out of your trailer park in Utah, you pathetic loser.

  • stela

    Thanks Ivana! I saw the pics. Jake is really wonderful!
    I´ll go to see PoP only for him!

  • Ivana

    Jake really looks good, not only his figure, but his face and blue eyes…..
    Now i sound little bit childish :-)))))))

    I will watch PoP too only because of him, but i will wait too much long, till movie came to my country i will grow old.

  • cHRIS

    Blue eyes, my eye. He’s got grey eyes covered with blue tinted lenses. Wake up people.

  • sam

    I agree with you, Ivana.

  • Ivana

    You wake up Chris… We all are wake :-))))

  • Carol

    she is so ugly!

  • Anon

    So Carol would you care to post a picture of yourself.

  • Ava

    she is so extremely ugly

  • Ivana

    Guys if you want see a new pics of Jake with long hair, go on Gyllenbabble, he is with Reese again and he looks adorable…. :-))))