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Wentworth Miller is Hyped on Hydrogen

Wentworth Miller is Hyped on Hydrogen

Wentworth Miller arrives at the FOX All-Star Party held at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier on Monday in Santa Monica, Calif.

The Prison Break star arrived in a BMW Hydrogen 7 vehicle at the Fox Network’s Television Critics Association party.

“It’s the A-Team 2008!” Wentworth said with a laugh when asked to describe the new season. “We are seven guys with very different agendas who are forced to work together,” he told E!

The 36-year-old actor also talked about the return of Sarah Wayne Callies. “It was a happy day when Sarah returned. There are a lot of chefs and so to say that one person made the decision would be erroneous. And I have to say that Sarah has handled herself with grace, and dignity through the whole process and ultimately what happened is that we are doing right by the fans and bringing her back.”

Executive producer Matt Olmstead told E! that he and coexec producer Zack Estrin are right in the middle of rewriting the Prison Break spinoff. “We are finishing the script; then we’ll cast it, and then we’ll hopefully shoot it and get it on the air.”

15+ more pics of Wentworth Miller hyped on hydrogen…

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wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 01
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 02
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 03
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 04
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 05
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 06
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 07
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 08
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 09
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 10
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 11
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 12
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 13
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 14
wentworth miller fox allstar party bmw hydrogen 15

Photos: Kevin Winter/Vince Bucci/Getty, Starbux/WENN
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  • Mia

    cute smile

  • COCO

    Wentworth Miller we love your show and look forward to the next season with Sarah.

    So excited to see you guys in the fall from Japan to Canada!

  • http://deleted COCO

    Adorable smile and hot car! Did Wentworth get a new car?




    Looking good Went-can’t wait for the next season of PB to start.

  • enuff

    Closely following a sighting of a Hydrogen-powered 7 series during testing, BMW officially announced the Hydrogen 7 today. The car is touted as the first hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile for everyday use. The BMW Hydrogen 7 will be built in a limited series, and sold to select customers in the U.S. and overseas in 2007. The engine in the Hydrogen 7, a derivative of the 7 series 12 cylinder engine, is capable of running on gasoline or hydrogen, and produces 260 hp. The car will accelerate from 0 to 62.1 mpg in 9.5 seconds. The ability to run on both gasoline and hydrogen gives the Hydrogen 7 a range of more than 400 miles. The high tech hydrogen storage tank has a capacity of approximately 17.6 lb of liquid hydrogen, giving the Hydrogen 7 a cruising range in hydrogen mode upwards of 125 miles. The gasoline mode accounts for an additional 300 miles of cruising range. The driver is the one who decides which fuel to use, with a smooth transition between both operating modes, since the engine power and torque remain identical regardless of the fuel used.

  • jk


  • nikkita

    hottie, missed him.

  • Ellen

    am i, or am i not the eight? haha love it! go went! tremendously waiting for the 4th season of PB.. take care and congratulations on your ever successful show!

  • WeiHue

    Happy is Mr Wentworth in his romantic life. We are happy to witness his new companion when he filmed the new commercial for Chinese
    firm of clothing. Young man like him and very pleasant companion, very polite too. We wish a good future for the couple and also big success for Prison Break new series. Also big success for the other actors like Mr Purcell and Mr Nolasco. We hope to see Mr Miller in China soon!

  • tab

    So nice to finally see him out & about!! Can’t wait for the show to start again! Went, when are ya gonna visit the UK???? Love to all the cast & crew, keep up the good work! x x x

  • tab

    Strange, i did type & submit a comment before, but nothing saved??!! strange!

    So nice to see him out & about!! i don’t think this is Wents new car COCO, otherwise he’d be driving it? Who knows?! Can’t wait for season 4, its gonna be fantastic!! When are you gonna visit the UK Went??? :0( Love to all the cast & crew at PB, keep up the great work!! x x

  • Just me…

    Oooh Wentworth I messed you so much!! :(

    I am finally happy to know that you still alive and in good health in this crazy world!! :D

    Please stop going so away for a long time, I am going to becoming crazy ( OK I confess that I am already a bit) :lol:

    I’m verry happy to see you again!…You are even more splendid than the first time I saw you !!… Oh my God, do something I am in love with this man!!! :/

  • tab

    HOORAY!! The first did submit!! Stupid computer!!

  • stella

    Happy to see him again……. :)
    He looks gorgeous as usual ;)

  • j

    went, you rock.

  • Nicola

    OMG, is this Prison Break terrible show still airing how horrid.Wentworth Miller is so disgustingly fake always acting super sweet why does he have to be such a faker he should just act like the jerk he is in private.I know he comes here when his pics’ appear alot of us are not falling for your fake act Miller.

  • WTF

    What are you talking about comment #10 what new companion does Wentworth have?????

  • Wentlove

    WTF,please don’t give credit to #10…That’s the way rumors start everytime…

    It’s good to see Went in a good shape and always smiling…I love him…

  • enuff

    am i the only one who finds the car more interesting than miller’s sex life??

  • enuff

    are those really better for the environment?? i heard that they really didn’t make much of a difference!!

  • jk

    i am fu-zking weihue #10. im not lying, trust me!

    seriously, please just go awAY, u stupid china shitty crap. people don’t give a damn what’s going on in china.

  • pedro

    No enuff your not the only one. I love that car. Does anyone know the price??

  • Claire

    @JK, you are a racist and your comments are shocking.

    I apologise to the Chinese person for your behavior. Not all Westerners are like you, thank God.

  • tab

    No you’re not on own there enuff, the car does look & sound pretty hot!! I haven’t heard anything about them being better for the environment, it all seems like some publisity ( might’ve spelt that wrong!) stunt to get people to buy more of them! I’d be much happier with a mini cooper, who says size does matter??!!

    Exactly Wentlove, don’t believe everything you read WTF. Until there are pics of Went actually being affectionate in a way couples are in public, then we’ll believe!! & if he has got someone, i wish him all the happiness he deserves!!

    @ Nicola – if you’re such a Went & PB hater, why the hell are you on here leaving a comment??!! Surely if you disliked them so much you wouldn’t bother wasting your time on here??!!

  • jk

    listen claire, im an american born chinese. I know them more than u do. they illegal uploaded/downloaded prison break and they have no shame about it. #10 is making a rumor saying went’s gay and saw his boyfriend.
    i think i have every single reason to attack him.

  • vega

    haha I don’t wanna called racist, but people like number 10 is sure no different than savages.

  • Claire

    “A reason to attack him?” What if he spoke the truth? How dare you say he’s wrong in such disgusting terms?

    You are an “American Chinese”? I’m sorry for you that your parents forgot to teach you the traditional Chinese politeness.

    And you haven’t learnt anything from America either, because you would know that it’s the country of Free Speech.

    You have probably scared this Chinese person away and we won’t know anymore about this info ( or rumor.).

  • vega


    I think number 10 may not really be a chinese. people who create these rumors are usually “westerners” Oh well…if she/he is really chinese, than what sharon stone said was true.

  • xray

    WeiHue- so is he out jet?

  • Millenium fan

    Perez Hilton has a photo of Went in his new Gay Gay Gay item.

  • keith

    @28 speech is not free in America. If that person says that on TV, he will be sued. you just don’t say stuff like that without any proof. If he had, he would have posted a pic or something.
    As far as I know, Wentworth Miller DID NOT even go to China. He’s been shooting PB4.

  • sonia

    to @10

    After the meeting photos ,team photographer Chinese organized a meal for the birthay of Wentworth miller. There are photos and he is alone.

    If wentworth miller is gay, he is not stupid. hewill not show his companion during a photo session for a foreign brand and before the release of Prison Break.

    Finally a photographer talking about wentworth miller: he is shy but very nice, very cool guy but he was alone.

  • oppps I did it again

    aaaaaa Ignorance is bliss JK#26 (wake up wee one CHINA will take over the world soon LOL, or have they already ;) )

    Puff the magic dragon…wow Hydrogen, thats some scary shiizt, couldn’t they just used some recycled Vegetable oil, the world would smell like a fresh breeze of French Fries ….ooooo YUM

    What a babe :P I love how he looks more his age, he’s reached the look of age appropriatism (get some sleep old man, your looking alittle puffy under the eyes)

    “It was a happy day when Sarah returned. There are a lot of chefs and so to say that one person made the decision would be erroneous. And I have to say that Sarah has handled herself with grace, and dignity through the whole process and ultimately what happened is that we are doing right by the fans and bringing her back.”
    Mr. W. MILLER
    IMO as a fan, (but I guess in your opion… ‘not a true’ fan’ w your comment (FoookTatSheet)) and one who enjoyed the seasons brining Sarahs character back is fatuous, but I guess only the the true fans of MISA love is whats important….see my finger…see it :) yah that me being unladylike…….sad sad sad day in the world of TV, i think I’ll start watching Dancing w the Stars ..ohhh so help me G :P

  • ZOE

    he went t china? where are the pictures?

  • sonia

    Last info about this shooting
    I forgot to say that there is a video advertisement for the famous Chinese brand and the shooting took place at the Los angeles 1 or June 2, 2008
    That is all for info.
    Finally a true professional Chinese wouldn’t say that a representative of their brand is gay. I don’t think that the Chinese population and especially women would like to buy their product.
    The Chinese are not stupid and homosexuality is still taboo in China.

  • Hemming

    True Perez put Went’s pic but he doesn’t bring any new info. Just that FOX is the worst anti-gay channel and we knew this all along. I agree that Wentworth is not free to express himself because he never could say anything about the nature of his relationship with MacFarlane, one way or another, which was such a weird thing not to do. It confirmed my suspicions that he’s gay because otherwise a simple statement would have cleared the situation.

  • Aline

    He did not go to China, the Chinese advert was shot in L.A.
    Please Mr Weihua, could you tell us more?


    Where, per se, can I see the 15 other pics?…. I’m dying here.

  • antoinette

    to 37

    yes it’s true the fox is anti-gay and stupid. It’s a reason for wenwtorth miller don’t make a coming out . I Hope is bisexual.

  • Aline

    I would like to know if he’s gay or not and nothing more. I don’t ask to know who he sleeps with because it’s private, but just if he’s gay because I think it is even more important than eye-color.

    I also think that being proud of what you are, gay or not, is the only way forward: it would kill the rumors once and for all.

    But as long as he keeps us in the dark about this, there will be rumors and they will damage him. It is sad and Went is badly advised. Unless the mystery is a publicity move?

    One way or the other, it’s unhealthy to keep your fans in the dark, Wentworth! We will love you all the same if you’re gay!

  • Yasmine

    10 is the reason why china has death penalty for crime as little as stealing.

  • Yasmine

    31 needs to go china and shot in the head. please don’t come here and promoting the dumb celeb blog.

  • stella

    Aline Went has already said several times that he s straight but he hasn’t killed the rumour, people keeps on saying that he’s lying and that he’s gay so what more can we say!!! It looks like that people enjoys the controversy about who’s right and who’s wrong and not really about his sexuality. Well if he’s gay (I doubt about it) and if he’s lying (I believe him) only the future will tell ;)

    As for me I’m having so much fun reading the comments on JJ ;)

  • bugg

    what i do not understand is: the question whether mr. miller is gay or not is predominant-it is just what erverybody is focused on-
    so why are there no pictures- for the paparazzi this must be the one-million-dollar shot..
    sorry for the bad english

  • Yasmine

    Oh my god, 41 is crazy too. Gay or not, none of your freaking business. what the hell is leaving the fans in the dark? huh huh? He doesn’t even have to tell his own family if that’s waht he wants. seriously people are getting crazier and crazier these days.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s time went’s name be removed from the top celeb list.

    dude’s a c-lister.

  • Kitten

    Why there are so many Wentworth haters here? His personal life is his. What I care about is that he is a good actor and PB is a great show…that is why I am a fan. There are just so many jealous people around who would like to see Wentworth in the tabloids.

  • emma

    great pics of went…..
    now we’ll see that bitch risababy from imdb wentworth message board will show up and say stuff that we all hate to read….everybody hates u risa leave us and went went alone and go eff yourself!!!!risa always bash peple and thinks that she is a genius and use her opinion as a fact and try to impose it on us …listen bitch.WE HATE U !!!QUIT BITCH!!!!!

  • enuff

    ah ha…this is what I was looking for!!

    Wired News tested the Hydrogen 7 in Germany, and relays the details. The economies of usage don’t exactly jibe; currently, it costs far more to drive the same mile in the Hydrogen 7 as it does in its dino-juiced counterpart (which happens to be an airport shuttle bus by the way), mainly due to the high price of hydrogen fuel at the retail level. Plus, the process of extracting hydrogen from natural gas produces more C02 emissions than the car. But particulars aside, it’s interesting to see carmakers pursue hydrogen combustion, which may wind up proving how the “hydrogen economy” will be impossible without a corresponding resurgence in nuclear energy. Maybe that’s their intent. – Mike Spinelli

    no retail price has been announced yet