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Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Earlier this month, High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens jetted off for a romantic July 4th weekend together.

The couple wound up flying to Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and stayed at the exclusive Amanyara resort, which goes for up to $8,000/night. Zac, 20, and Vanessa, 19, weren’t shy about their affection with one another, cuddling up and making out in between scuba diving and kayaking.

InTouch has more exclusive pictures in their latest issue, which hits newsstands on Friday. Watch the report from E! on Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th vacation below!

Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th Vacation Pictures

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed. Watch the vid above!

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • mrs.joe jonas

    these pictures are like the other ones on their hawian trip from last summer

  • go sox

    fran, I guess we could say the same about Jolie and Pitt.

    And Cindy, You got that right!!

  • erin

    they are soooo cute!

  • gABY

    i love zanessa
    oh my god !
    this is what I wanted to

  • ONeday

    they should get married already! they’re so hot and still soo cute, just like 2 and a half years ago.
    btw, it’s nothing vulgar in their behaviour, they’re on holiday, they can do what they want!

  • 8v

    Seriously, most of the haters here are narrowminded, foulmouthed peeps who always find fault in everything that Z & V do. Sucks for actors who always have to be scrutinized by the public whether they are on vacation or just having private time together. I know that Z & V are aware that it comes with the territory as they are now public figures but some of the comments here are just plain harsh, judgemental and derrogatory towards them as people. How sad. Makes me actually wish that they were just able to keep this whole vacation a secret and away from prying eyes.

  • Carol

    zanessa are stupid
    I’m bored, because Zanessa.

  • Cerestial

    wow,they dun mind the pics in mag n furthermore,on E! news XD
    & lol..zac overpacked? xD
    haha,Way ter go,zanessa~ YOU bof r de best XD!!! Love ya~~

  • Naomi

    This is why I really hoped they were not spotted. Something beautiful, precious to them and private has now being exposed for rascals and nincompoops to analyse and dirty with their gutterlike minds that can not comprehend anything except it’s twisted and perverted.

    For those blabbing, I wonder what would turn up if a hidden camera was placed in your bedroom or anywhere where you thought you were alone. I suspect much worse.

    It’s clear from the effort and expense they went to that they assumed they were alone in a deserted beach and I personally don’t see anything wrong in what they’re doing. They’re just like any normal and decent couple. It’s their personal and private time and they owe nothing to anybody during that time. If V wants to sit on her boyfriend on their private time and said boyfriend is enjoying it, it’s their business not anybody’s. The boyfriend is hers not yours.

    I’ve said this before but Z&V are darned if they do and darned if they don’t so I’m glad they’re ignoring everybody and getting on with their lives.

  • mhay

    their back!!!!!!!
    so happy to see them again.

  • newport beach, 92660


  • Boji

    I agree with Malia in that these pics were in fact taken by the locals, staff or someone vacationing there who recognized them and knew there was money to be made. I however, think it less likely that the paps would follow them all the way from the States. Much as I like this couple, I don’t think they are big enough celebrities to warrant such pursuit.

    Only sleaze bags with nothing else on their minds will look at an innocent picture in a different light. I remember seeing a pic of Jennifer Aniston sitting on Vince Vaughn in exactly the same way, again it was taken by a pap. So does this mean they were also doing the dirty? I just can’t get over the narrow mindedness of some people. And as Go Sox said even if they did it was meant to be private and whoever took the pics was intruding. I guess that makes me a voyeur.

    I am also not going to pretend that I don’t like seeing pics of my favourite couple showing PDA much as I hate for them to have no privacy. I don’t believe I’m being hypocritical here as I did plead guilty in going ooh and aww over their pics. I can honestly say that I was very upset when Vanessa went through a bad time last year. But to see her and Zac so happy and relaxed and frolicking around it is hard for me to be upset, annoyed maybe at the thought of them being found out. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • newport beach, 92660

    lmao i’m gonna buy this Us Weekly just to see them up close and observe Vanessa Hudgens’s bathing suits. Some of these pictures i think they would have liked to keep private.

  • misty11

    if you don,t like zanessa DON,T COME HER ON THIS STORIE.
    i love zanessa and im happy there a back in town

  • hugepleasure
  • newport beach, 92660


    Who are you talking to??

  • jade


  • delphine

    They are so cute <3

    Zanessa for ever

  • willam

    creu…creu…creu…creu…creu…creu…creu vanessa

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Hmmm.. is Ryan Seacrest feeling jealous or what? he seemed shocked to see them so sweet and lovey dovey to each other..LOL just kidding..we know Ryan has a crush on Vanessa :)

    Anyway..It’s nice to see them having a blast and a wonderful vacation, in few more weeks Vanessa will start to get busy again with her State Fair tour.

    Sigh…What a sexy couple :)

  • xxktxx

    Hope they had a nice time!

  • dory

    Ryan Seacrest is envious cos he’s after Zac Efron…he has the eyes for Zac…

  • layla

    omg this is the cutest thing i have ever seen. SO CUTE!
    i loooove zanesssa!

  • Jennnny

    Uh….ew. *gags*

    That’s so gross.

    Vanessa is such a slut.


  • xxktxx

    there both adults now so they can do what they want they have grown up since hsm but loads of people still think they are kids. I feel bad for them cos they try 2 have a romantic holiday but get caught on camera. But I cant say Im not happy they were ;)

  • ANI

    Vanessa hudgens está kda vez m+ diferente.A inocência do hsm,já foi faz tempo .

  • http://deleted amy

    vanessas a slut? omg. those pictures came out like a year ago! besides they were taken even before hsm! so just forget it! shes not like that anymore!

  • A-lister in training

    i agree

  • Remy

    I wouldn’t exactly call their vacation ruined or anything. I mean.. they didn’t JUST go to the beach.

    I love her Ed hardy bathing suit.

  • layla

    hahahah dory! :D
    thats funny!

  • ZAnessa4eva!!!!

    awwwww wayy to cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kristy

    Does anyone know for how long they’ve been together? And they look really cute.

  • rhay


  • sara

    awwwwwwwwwwwww they look so CUTE

  • http://bk christy

    ahh there so cute!! i luv zacs different swim trunks! haha and oohh getting a little steamy there arent we?? ZANESSA LIVE IN LOVE!!!!

  • nadine

    awwww!!! they’re soo cute together!!! i love them and Vanessa looks sooo beautiful!!! Zanessa 4-EVER!!!

  • rosielee9


    Nobody makes anybody read about Zac and Vanessa everybody does it through choice so if you don’t want to read about them then why come on a page and do just that.

  • Karen

    Jared has a new thread on their vacation with the pics he had to take off this thread last night.

  • Viiih

    OMG! They are sooooo cute k3

  • xsrtgrtsr

    lgg ,vhbib kc fj cfnb m,bm,


    , ç[
    ] k


  • http://hsm-rocks abi

    this is so magic cute

  • http://hsm-rocks abi

    so adorable they look happy

  • http://... Gabriela

    I Love HSM So Much 4ever and Ever!!!


  • http://... Gabriela

    Zanessa e Lashley p/ sempre e sempre e sempre e sempree…


    Eles se amam mtoo!!!


  • josiee

    loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zanessaaaaaa!!!

  • rAISSA


  • omg

    oh oh im about to puke!!!!!! bleeecchhhh…. oh there it goes….

  • Me

    OMG I luv them i want them to get marriedin the future!!!! hopefully i’ll be invited!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!! that would rock!!!!!!!! WHats wrong with haveing diff swim trunks for each day.?? he probably has them so why wouldnt you use them!!!!!!!

    YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!! Byee!!!

  • moon (:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *-*
    qe lindos :D

  • Zanessa-love4life

    They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute <3
    Just cuz they starred in a Disney movie, doesnt mean that they cant show their affection for one another like that. They’re young & in love and no one can stop them.
    I’m happy theyve been in a relationship for like 3 years almost, and still love each other like that!
    Zanessa Rules!