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Nicole Kidman Spends Sunday At Starbucks

Nicole Kidman Spends Sunday At Starbucks

Nicole Kidman receives a helping hand from country superstar husband Keith Urban after a quick bite to eat/drink at their local Starbucks in Nashville, Tenn., on Sunday afternoon.

Nicole, 40, and Keith, 41, welcomed their beautiful baby daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban, into this world just two weeks ago.

Keith will be part of the televised CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock show that will air on September 8th! The two-hour show will be on ABC.

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Okay we get it – you are thin Nicole. Now go home and be with your baby!

The uumyth hate group should just go away already! You hate Nicole. Everybody knows that. Accept that she had Keith’s baby and move on with your own lives.

Myohmy, I am in total agreement with you. The blood after childbirth (no, it’s not menstrual) is enormous and Nicole going out with tight white jeans and a white shirt, with milk coming in? I don’t think so.

Heavy post partum bleeding usually eases after a week (it did in my case). Some women may find an ultra thin hygiene product sufficient
after 10-14 days.
Hipster jeans are also a godsend !

All that yoga and exercising looks like it paid off. If you are fit with excellent muscle control then you don’t experience too much swelling and virtually no tearing. Maybe if some of you got of your fat arses got up and excercised during pregnancy then you too would have had an easy recovery. And you don’t bleed for 2 weeks, only for a few days to a week and it heavy.

@#58 @ 07/21/2008 at 1:15 am

ITA. I gained 23 lbs when I was pregnant, had a 7 lb 2 oz baby by normal vaginal delivery, and two weeks later the heavy bleeding had pretty much slowed down and I was back in my jeans. Every pregnancy is different.

I’m unable to understand why people keep hating on this woman and insisting she was never pregnant and paid a surrogate to have her baby. Nobody in their right mind would fake a pregnancy. The lie is too easily exposed.

#79 and #80 here are some links on average it is 4- 8 weeks of heavy flow. And that is what I personally experienced as well. The flow has nothing to do with being in shape( I am an aerobics instructor) .

Second link from Answers Yahoo

Even if she did use a surrogate, she has no obligation to admit to something so personal. Yes she could be an advocate but that’s not her responsibility

BABY? WHAT BABY? @ 07/21/2008 at 1:57 am

it’s like the immortal scene from Two Weeks Notice “BABY? WHAT BABY? “

Guess nomorefan is still at it.
It is so dang funny, the trouble those people go to!!

Guess nomorefan is still at it.
It is so dang funny, the trouble those people go to!!

Myohmy, it’s going to fall on deaf ears. I honestly believe it is the same 2 people who keep writing that every pregnancy is different blah, blah, blah. I’ve been following Nicole’s pregnancy and wasn’t too sure if the rumors were true or not. Now, I most definitely believe she did not give birth, despite all these excuses: She didn’t gain weight or have a belly because she is tall, she is out and about after a few days because she is fit, her chest is flat because her milk didn’t come in yet or a pill stopped it, she isn’t bleeding because some women stop after 5 days. These are all miracle coincidences and/or occurrences for a 41 yr old woman. According to some posters, Nicole is an EXCEPTION to every RULE. If she did somehow medically stop what is natural, what does that say about her?

And it’s not only that she is wearing white jeans, after you have a baby you go through all kinds of hormonal changes and you are exhausted. Your body needs time to adjust and regardless of whether you have a c-section or a vaginal birth, you are sore and uncomfortable, everywhere. It’s fine that her fans believe that she was pregnant, but I will just say that whenever a celebrity gives birth within hours or at the very least a couple of days we hear about the hospital, how the baby was delivered, how much the baby weighed, blah, blah, blah. With Nicole, nothing. Someone from that hospital whether it was another mother or something would have divulged something. And as to the baby weight gain, if you read these boards you hear so many stories of my sister had a baby yesterday and she’s back in her skinny jeans already. Doubtful. Considering the incredible bodies of Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Heidi Klum, Nicole is the only woman in recent memory that appears to have gained no weight, anywhere. No matter how thin you are, your stomach is stretched to accomodate your baby and it doesn’t go away over night. And don’t get me started about a 40+ woman who suffered miscarriages in the past but is spinning the day before she gives birth. No way. They should have thought it out more and just come clean. No one would have judged her for needing a surrogate.


#80 – You are silly little twit and must be 12, at least I hope so. My friend gave birth 6 months ago and was a size 0 her whole life. She didn’t gain much weight during her pregnancy, but had a bigger stomach than Nicole. She took gymnastics and dance since she was a child, but she still bled uncontrollably for several weeks after the birth. It has nothing to do with muscle control and exercise. It’s a natural process that every woman goes through after childbirth. My friend also said she wasn’t up to doing anything for a while because she felt disgusting. It’s really rich how you’re telling people to get off their “fat arses” (let me guess you’re an aussie?) and you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

American – I would agree with you that it’s nobody’s business if she used a surrogate. However, she is a public figure and chose to announce that she was carrying a child. She opened this can of worms herself. I think she should have said she was adopting and left it at that. There is nothing wrong with adopting, using a surrogate, whatever the case may be. I think she could have helped a lot of women by being honest. Now it’s too late to go back and these speculations and doubts will always haunt her.

olive oil @ 07/21/2008 at 3:00 am

I have serious doubts that she was ever pregnant. I’m normally not anywhere near this skeptical, but she didn’t look ipregnant and she doesn’t look postpartum in the least. Staged pregnancy, adopted baby. Celebrities do odd things.

I still think she gave birth. those white pants are tight, but not THAT tight – so she could be weraing a maxi pad, and her chest definitely looks bigger than usual.

Those lips! Ughhh! If you had a c section, how long until you’re out and about, or did she actually PUSH the baby out?

Claudia — I very much doubt that Nicole cares about your doubts or anyone else’s. Nobody but she and her doctor knows if she had a baby or not, and until a DNA test proves otherwise, saying she didn’t is just silly.

Kylegotgame @ 07/21/2008 at 3:37 am

They don’t look so happy for new parents. Nicole looks unhappy to, instead of looking coy like she would always be, she actually looks a little bitter.

If she didn’t care about what people thought, why go on with the charade of being pregnant? She would have just did what just needed to do. I’m sure her close family and friends know the truth. So it was solely for the public’s benefit that she said she was pregnant, which is becoming fairly obvious she wasn’t.

her stomach looks really flat for ssomeone that gave birth 2 weeks ago….

Myohmy @ 07/21/2008 at 12:24 am

The more I think about it the more I say there is no way she had this baby unless she had a C-Section and then she would have bandages still on her stomach and wouldnt want anything tight. If no C-Section there is also no way she could she be wearing those very form fitting in the crotch area white jeans. I dont say this to be gross but there is a good 6-8 weeks of heavy flow that requires very thick and constant overnight type pads 24/7. Looking at this photo there is no way she is wearing one of these pads and there is no way she would not need to use them in just 2 short weeks. Something is NOT RIGHT!!!!

She was out and about 3 days “after giving birth” so i THINK THEY’RE trying to say she gave birth naturally.

high @ 07/21/2008 at 4:21 am

u-huh ..”gave birth naturally”, first time in 41 y. old. in america?

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