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Avril Lavigne is Owed $2 Million From YouTube

Avril Lavigne is Owed $2 Million From YouTube

Avril Lavigne and husband Deryck Whibley exit Madeos restaurant with a doggy bag on Sunday night.

The 23-year-old singer’s music video “Girlfriend” became YouTube’s most-viewed video ever, and has been watched more than 93 million times. Lavigne‘s manager says YouTube owes her around $2 million for views of her videos on YouTube.

Avril‘s fans have been banding together to inflate the play count artificially by using a constantly refreshing website that adds one pageview every 15 seconds to her music video.

A YouTube spokesperson made the following statement: “We have safeguards in place that limit the efficiency of this type of behavior, to make sure that advertising campaigns running on YouTube only reach legitimate viewers and are in no way affected by inflated view counts or gaming activities.”

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  • rugmuncher

    FIRST you pigs!

  • jesse

    God I hate her …like loathe!

  • jesse

    Lol what’s with all you low lifes always wrting “first!” like its some right of passage or a great f*cking thing to be first to comment on a picture if your excited about that you have little to no life and I kinda feel bad for you ! Lol

  • mia

    she should be thankful!!!

  • mike

    love her!!!!!!!

  • The Fan

    Is she taller than him?

  • jennifer

    girlfriend video????? it wasn’t a good video at all , she doesn’t deserve all the views

  • Summer

    Hry guys Avril is cool check out Rihanna on wwwdottheceelistdotcom

    Good Day

  • luchi

    your welcome avril!!!
    hahaha, you should thank all your fans!!

  • Tiffany

    she doesnt deserve that much money.

  • jq

    read statement, avril fans didn’t cheat with an auto thingy

  • Jo

    I love her but it’s kindda stupid from fans to inflate the play count artificially… that’s just silly and the fact that everyone knows makes it not real …

  • Lavella

    Am I understanding this right? She gets money from youtube because youtube has shown her video….Ungratefull for all of the publicity she got?!! She should pay youtube the money!!

  • Helena

    Out of all videos, how did that crappy song get the most views?

  • iamblonde

    She won’t get those money, because she doesn’t deserves them.

  • rugmuncher

    jesse @ 07/21/2008 at 9:25 am

    Lol what’s with all you low lifes always wrting “first!” like its some right of passage or a great f*cking thing to be first to comment on a picture if your excited about that you have little to no life and I kinda feel bad for you ! Lol

    Just because you came second and third, loser.
    BooHooHoo. :o(

    You’re not your. Writing not wrting. Tard. Lolz.

  • steven dansel

    I saw those photos too on that site.. lol. hot photos.. you have to go to Avril’s page…

  • bindz

    how the hell is her video the most viewed on youtube?

  • bobby

    she is a cool girl and has her shit togeather, ”DON’T B HATING” LOVE U GIRL KEEP GOING STRONG

  • Jenny


  • Jenny

    i mean britneys youbube*
    and ive heard that avril payed them

  • LuckyL

    Yes, we all know she sucks as an artist and her fans are just as a big of lying cheats as she is.


    she looks cute :]

  • Val

    #6 The Fan : She’s not taller, Avril is 5’1 and Deryck is 5’4 (

  • FckIT

    For that much money, she better shows us a homemade pron flick!

  • The Fan

    Yeah, I keep reading that he’s 5’4″, but I don’t know. The only time he ever looks noticeably taller than her is when he’s wearing his giant platform shoes.

  • Michelle

    owes? she’s out of her mind. there’s no agreement for anyone to get paid for views. what a has-been.


    Sounds like a Metallica ploy to me. If some thing’s on youtube, it appears everywhere.

  • Nicole m

    the word ‘jerk’ comes to mind.

  • baf
  • dani

    this girl is a fucking idiot!!
    go to hell avril you and your shit songs and your ugly clothes
    and no forget yours ugly husband
    oh god she´s think is cute that ugly pink hair
    die avrilllll

  • Portia

    What a bitch. She should be thanking youtube for the publicity she gets. Talentless, ungrateful and money-hungry.

  • dani

    fuck avril
    omg i hate this stupid girl so much!!
    why she won´t desapear?
    i will love that
    fuck you stupid bitch
    i’m just gonna listen some good music for forget this girl exist
    go watch Interpol, thekillers on you tube (good music)

  • Miss Punkette

    Avrils great and her manger said they owed her its ok

    I am a fan and i’m not a cheater

  • j_brisby

    It always makes me laugh that people say they hate Avril, but they can’t seem to stop thinking about her.

    I WANT ALBUM #4!

  • madonna


  • Caroline

    My God her husband is BUTT UGLY! Figures the only way she would get that many hits is from her looney fans. LMAO!

  • Robert

    @Portia: She can sing and write songs. And you call her talentless? Are you stupid?

  • http://abbeydawn genine steneck

    avrils the bomb she rocks the house down i love her

  • robert

    Only stupid people who have no idea about music would call her talentless.

  • ALf


    Girlfriend didnt reach #2 overnight, and it didnt chase down #1 over the course of 16 months by using a cheat that would refresh the page every 15 seconds. There’s statistical data that would have shown an enormous increase in views because once you announce a cheat page, the fans could never have ‘carefully cheated’. The results of an announcement like that would have shot her daily view count to way over twice as many easily.

    And about the money ‘owed’ ? People pay youtube to host their advertisements and they are charged according to the number of views the page gets. From what youtube gets payed, the artist or author of the video gets their cut. It’s simple business with the wording twisted to make somebody look like a bad person so the article is more interesting. The news is barely ‘newsworthy’ if you mention that many other artists and record companies have the same contract.

  • Zoldyc

    She is a p*ch !
    after all the riputation shes got because of youtube?
    she is sick and dosn’t know when to stop thinking about money. but its not her, but us to blame for watching such a video.

    And I wont listen to any of her songs ever again…..

  • mari

    bueno ps yo pienso que avril lavighne
    es la mejor
    yyyy ps si es la mejor
    avril te quiereo muchooo
    eres al mejoorrr
    y ps
    avril lavigne the best forever

  • mari

    I think that is the best avril lavigne
    pues si and is the best
    avril I love you’re the best
    avril avril avril the best forever


  • Spades

    avril for one isnt a bad person at all, all this media and press shit are what is making her seem like a huge bitchy brat. Which her true fans know shes not. And what the hell is she posing as if shes posing??? Shes being herself….you know that thing where you do what you want and dont let anyone else mold you into anything?? Like all of LA does. Avril is the shit and will always be the shit.

  • Spades

    and im pretty sure she could care less if she gets anymore money since shes taking her concerts and using them to raise money for charities.

  • Duda

    The Avril is too much! I am the number one fan of it! at least the paraná! D

  • Ashlee

    Avril YOU SUCK