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Gerard Butler Exits Elegy

Gerard Butler Exits Elegy

Gerard Butler leaves The Cinema Society and Glamour‘s screening of Elegy at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room and then attends the after party with the movie’s star Patricia Clarkson in NYC on Tuesday.

The film stars Ben Kingsley as David Kepesh, a cultural critic who finds his life (which he indicates is an “emancipated manhood”) thrown into tragic disarray by Consuela Castillo who’s played by Penélope Cruz. She’s a well-mannered student who awakens a sense of sexual possessiveness in her teacher.

Elegy premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, and will have a limited release on August 8.

10+ more pics inside of Gerard Butler exiting Elegy

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gerard butler cinema society elegy 01
gerard butler cinema society elegy 02
gerard butler cinema society elegy 03
gerard butler cinema society elegy 04
gerard butler cinema society elegy 05
gerard butler cinema society elegy 06
gerard butler cinema society elegy 07
gerard butler cinema society elegy 08
gerard butler cinema society elegy 09
gerard butler cinema society elegy 10

Photos: Patricia Schlein/WENN, Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • Sarah

    He’s looking good

  • Kim

    Kiss me Gerard. Rub up against me please.

  • Mike


  • Alex

    not aging well, at all.

  • Shell

    He is very handsome.

  • anonymous

    He’s looking like an old shoe. Why is he so orange all the time? sunscreen is your friend, Gerry.

  • crazy4u

    anonymouse—same words you use on imdb—–he looks good as ever.

  • Becca

    Gerard looks great in these pictures. He is hot.

  • staycee101

    He sure is touchy feely with Patricia Clarkson. She is getting more Gerry-skin action than his model friends do. I don’t get it. Where is that model from the other day? Is she hanging out in the crowd waiting on him or something?

  • jessi

    Elegy already premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February!

  • Good grief

    #12 is that your way of paying it forward?

    What’s up with those ugly-a** shoes? Geez Gerr. Shoe-shop much?

    I’m waiting for the posts that say, ‘Yeah, I was at the after-party and seen these two smooching in the VIP section.’ Or ‘I’m his next door neighbor and seen he and this lady walking in the building together in the wee hours of the morning’ crap. Geez!!! ;-)

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    You will burn in hell #13 for that, mark my words. I’m a woman of the cloth. There’s only One who can defrock and deflower me.

  • sarahbgood

    I told you that girl Jasmine was just a piece of ass!!!

  • {@}{@}{@}{@}{@}

    coulld someone mop up aisle number 11 please? thanks.
    Patricia Clarkson is a respected actress. He is not doing every single woman he is seen with at a function or on a street. Ur all major assholes for bringing her into this.

    I’m sick of the moronic comments.

  • bailey

    gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

  • Siobhan

    lordy, lordy lordy, that’s some mighty fine tottie right there :)
    time for a diet-coke break and some dedicated Gerry ogling. Cya!

  • facebook

    #9, he is touchy feely with all the ladies. LOL! he likes the attention. plus its good PR stuff. poor Jasmine has to see all of this attention and must be wondering why that can’t be me.

    # 15, I agree. Patricia is a respected actress and GB would not be her type.

  • Aggie

    He looks so awesome. Ah, those eyes! That body!!!

    Now that is a MAN

    Can’t wait for his RocknRolla film to come out.

    Once again, thanks Jared for the pics for us to ooogle!

  • crazy4u

    LOL at post # 20 you must spend a lot of time there huh. You nailed them!!!

  • 3579


  • Knuffles

    Ok he looks good , seems like hes finally gotten some rest,ok how do you guys know that Ger is banging Jasmine??? ( Rosario’s stand in )

    I adore gerard and his work, I really do get tired ot people having him in bed with every woman he is standing next to

  • Vogue
  • Tall leggy lady

    Gerry is like fine wine…. He gets better looking with age.

  • jasminefan

    He looks so good there! Patricia Clarkson is one lucky lady. Now they’re probably going to start rumors on IMDB that he’s banging her, lol!

    I wonder what Gerry did to have such crazy fans as those who post on IMDB? The guy is so nice, so laidback. He deserves better.

  • Lita

    Why is he so orange and leathery and why doesn’t he shave?

  • facebook

    # 3579, “looks like a hamster”??? well me thinks the change on his face is caused by some kind of drug or steroid. his body is vera fine, lean and toned.

  • jules

    He looks great. People always seem ready to bitch and moan about anything/anyone.

  • Sally

    Well I know one thing for sure. The intelligence of some of these posts is about equal to a hamsters. Gerry looks healthy, manly and handsome. He quit smoking, so what if he gains a few pounds? I guess we want our actors as emaciated and anorexic as our starlets.

  • miguel

    He does not look healthy. He really hasn’t looked healthy since TR2. He looks incredibly old for someone that supposedly is only 38, his face is unnaturally puffy, and he has a serious double chin. The ever present sprayed on nectarine hue is so 2005. On the upside he seems as though he has a big c_ck.

  • Mooly

    I agree that he’s not aging very well. And he has been looking a tad bit orange lately. Maybe he’s got a fake and bake going on. But putting all that aside, he still is better looking than most of the guys out there. On the down side, he’s a he-whore, banging everything in sight.

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    Gerry the hamster can nibble on my creamy porridge oats, stems and succulent berries all day, everyday.

    All the haters can go bang Marc Anthony if you like emaciated dead guys. That scary ƒucker looks like he’s necked about 50,000 ecstasy tablets in one night, and that’s just on a good day! Usually he looks like Emperor Palpatine after a wild night out with Amy Winehouse.

    Take ur pick, necrophiliacs. It’s either sexy Gerry hamster cheeks or Mr Jenny from the Cemetery Block. There’s no middle ground with this nun, sorry.

  • Saywhat?

    Gerry is thin…look at the body. Yes I think he looks like he is 43-44 not 38-39.

    Problem Gerry is going to have is that there is a crop of young dudes that will be taking over….

    The kid Robert Pattinson is happening and he born in 1986! By this time next year, they are not even going to let Gerry in the A-lister Clubs.

    Grow up Gerry! The baby boys are nipping at your heels!

  • MiHay

    That man just oozes sex…damn :-P~~~~~~~~~

  • cian

    I think he looks fat!

    P.S. Sister Foxy Loxy please get help before you hurt someone

  • jayz

    wow, people are so harsh on this man’s looks! yes he does have added weight on, but still looks better than 99.9 % of the male population. he’s a human being, give him a break ! this looks like a natural tan by the way. and i have to ask if this guy walked past you, your heads wouldn’t turn ?!!!

  • He just fine.

    Remember, he could look orange because of the flash used by the photographer and the available lighting can cast those kinds hues. Get a life you raggers. He is rested and doing just fine in the looks department. Wonder what you will look like at that age? You wish.

  • If I was ruler of the world

    I hate orange people. They need to be universally exterminated en masse.

    Ixnay on the spray-tan, asswipe.

  • JOse

    SFL, that Mark Anthony description is fucking hilarious.

  • Tracy

    I think its great that he is getting out and having fun and Patricia looks like she’s having fun too, she nice from all appearances and its nice to see him with an older woman for once, I just loved her in “simply irresistible” when she says, “she’s got you all tangled up in your underwear” to Patrick Flannery, who is quite a looker as well. Hurray for you Gerry, I hoped you enjoyed yourself.

  • shy girl

    I think its great that he is attending movie shows and after party events and socializing with fellow actors.
    He seems happier in NY.
    I am concerned b/c he is looking very haggard and he just had a long vacation. i hope everything is ok.

  • Deb

    Gerry’s a great actor and a great man as well – simply brilliant. He’s so nice and so funny. I wish him luck with his new production company – he’s aways evolving and improving himself. He’s generous and has used his celebrity to help worthy causes like Kids Kicking Cancer. Great guy all around! No negative stuff about him.

  • Lola

    The older he gets,the better he looks.
    He is one of the most gorges Man on earth.

  • Tammie

    Who on earth is Jasmine??? Is she Gerard’s girlfriend? More info, please! :D

  • mindyourown

    Jasmine Burgess is a Cuban-American model and a friend of Gerry’s, yes, JUST a friend.
    It is amazing how Gerry’s REAL lady manages to fly under the radar considering the lengths his fans will go to find every minute detail about his romantic life…very funny they haven’t the slightest idea of who she is. Maybe it helps that she is not in…

  • Pan’s Lab

    I still don’t understand why they hate him so much on his IMDB message board..! He’s one of the nicest and most coolest actors around at the moment and they talk about him like he’s Ossama bin Laden or sumthing.

  • Lonewolf

    #46-he doesnt have a “real” lady-thus he dates….if you read past interviews, he states why he is single, for example, many lack the personal strength that he is attracted to……..who doesnt go out on dates or spend time with friends til they meet the”real” one?

  • 3579


  • mindyourown

    Hmm…Okay, if you say so. :-)

  • Lonewolf

    I say so. Cmon-common since if there is a “real” lady she definitely would not be sitting under the radar and letting him “date” with friends or even date, which he has been for quite some time. Also at some point in time, it would no longer be a secret he is in a serious relationship. IMO plus his staff has a tendacy to blab from what I have read….. but if you say so then I guess its gospel. Myself, I wait and see when it comes from the man himself, which I dont think he would be that cold-blooded and not say a word though he likes his privacy he wouldnt deny it-itd be something like yeah I am….so what……(like he did when he denied dating Cameron Diaz. If he can be open like that, he can be open with a real relationship and then drop it.

  • shy girl


    the sad part will be when her REAL identity comes out b/c the obsessed fans will go nuts! Good thing she stays out of the radar.