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Stephanie Rice Denies Dating Michael Phelps

Stephanie Rice Denies Dating Michael Phelps

Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice is presented with commemorative underwear upon her return to Sydney, Australia on Tuesday.

Rice, 20, is rumored to be dating US golden boy Michael Phelps. When asked about the rumored romance and alleged kiss she and Phelps shared together she said, “No, it was just really great to meet him … and people that you usually see on TV, like [Rafael] Nadal and [Roger] Federer. To me Michael Phelps is a huge inspiration and someone I really look up to.”

Rice received her commemorative underwear along with her former boyfriend, Eamon Sullivan. The couple broke up just before the Beijing Olympics. Sullivan won silver and a bronze but claimed a world record in 100m freestyle heats while Rice collected three gold in three events.

DO YOU THINK Stephanie Rice and Michael Phelps would make a good couple?

10+ more pics inside of Stephanie Rice and Michael Phelps

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  • sassy girl

    eep first!!???? luv steph rice gooo aussie but im more of a eamon sullivan fan coz he is soooo hot but u neva no wen it cums to this???

  • sassy girl

    eep first!!???? luv steph rice gooo aussie but im more of a eamon sullivan fan coz he is soooo hot but u neva no wen it cums to this???

  • nunny

    ok i
    think that phelps is an awesome swimmer..he is a great athlete no doubt in that…but i really wouldn’t like these 2 together….i think she could do better :)

  • charli

    NO WAYYY!!

    Steph & Eamon make a waaay cuter couple. Phelps’ got a good bod.. but Eamon has a better one. haha plus he’s sooo frikkin hot.

    Hopefully Steph & Eamon get back together.

  • abie

    yeah, right. – Rice and Phelps. NOT gonna happen.
    it would be nice to see him dating a fellow american
    – a fellow swimmer, a gymast … or better yet, someone from baltimore.
    plenty of great women at home no need to go down under.

  • alex

    Eamon is wayy better looking..
    Like Stephy would want to hook up with an American dork anyway
    As for Abie, your retarded

  • sarah

    EAMON is SEX.

    phelps is an arrogant asshole who really puts himself high up there.

    steph’s got a huge ego from all of this but hey she’s hot

  • t

    I hope she and Eamon get together again, they were way hot together :)


    Well I must admit Phelps looks good when he wear swimming caps.

  • alanna

    No, MIchael and I would make a good couple.

  • parisgirl

    Wow when you see Eamon in a bathing suit, he seems very built. But in those jeans, he looks skinny as f*ck.

    As for Stephanie & Michael, I REALLY doubt something is going on between the 2. The guy seems to be obsessed with swimming, he ain’t got time for no nookie lol.



  • castaway

    oh please!!! nobody even knew who the hell Michael Phelps was until the Olympics in Beijing!!! He may be a good swimmer but he’s cocky as hell!!! and he’s freakin UGLY!!! he looks like he’s retarded!! I hate that cocky son of a b##ch!!!

  • poookie

    it’d be a fascinating amateur eugenics project, that’s for sure. so i say go for it.

  • null

    Phelps is phenomenal and all, but he’s not very good-looking, nor does he seem like he’s going to be a good you-know-what.

  • http://Michaelphelps Laihi

    Michael Phelps look very handsome swimmer. Cool! I love watch him swimming race. He swimming very fast and good! I hope he is my big idot! Wow! He is very popular swimmer! Great!

  • daisy

    Michael Phelps is not cocky at all. He is very very sweet. And he gives credit to his teammates. Maybe the Aussie people didn’t see any good interviews with Michael.

    You have to have confidence in yourself to be a great athlete no matter the sport. And if you didn’t know who Michael Phelps was then you don’t follow swimming until the Olymoics. Anyone who does follow it knew of him. I have known of him since he was in HS.

  • jamie

    rice and sullivan. for sure. rice is pretty but i don’t like her nose…

  • jughed

    Nah, they wouldn’t make a good couple. Stephanie Rice isn’t very pretty, and Phelps is no dreamboat, either.

    Plus, all they would do is talk about swimming all dang day!

  • jess

    Sullivan is hot! I think he can do way better than Stephanie Rice, but I also think that she can do better than Phelps.

  • omg


  • Kayla

    this gal has a tree trunk bottom. cute face tho. yea that aussie dude is hot, but phelps is pretty good looking in person. i don’t know why he always looks bad in pictures.

  • newport beach, 92660


  • shiver

    Rice needs a nose job bad

  • Ha!

    Michael Phelps also looks much smaller in person. He is not particularly photogenic, but he is very nice. I think he should stay with the girlfriend he already has here in Baltimore, personally.

  • lol

    The only thing that make him attractive is his 8 gold medals

  • Jenn

    I think Steph should stick to Eamon… they’ve had a great thing going….besides Phelps and Rice should both date some a little closer to home….


    i happen to think they look good together

  • taki

    Michael deserves someone waaaaay better!

  • theoriginalbiotch

    sweetie, the rumor wasn’t that you dated him….. the buzz was that you boinked him.

  • mon

    eamon sullivan is 100 times better looking than phelps. i’m secretly praying that eamon and steph get back together.. and who knows, maybe they will? they’re touring around australia together for the next few weeks for the davenport underwear promotion… ;) ;) hopefully they can rekindle their flame ;)

  • mimmi

    Beautiful Aussie Stephanie Rice can do way better than Phelps, why would she want to go out with an ugly American jerk. Just because he can swim doesn’t make him good looking, he is lucky he has that on his side other wise no women in her right mind would give him a second look.

  • kthx

    who’s that b*tch? never heard of her. anyway Eamon Sullivan CAN SO do better. Michael Phelps though would be better off with an American girl than that slut from Antarctica no one’s ever heard of

  • euro

    I think the media blew that out of proportion. I don’t think Michael Phelps really wants to settle down with anyone. According to him yesterday he is single and I’m sure he will enjoy it when he gets home lol

  • @12

    gold digger? More like gold winner. She has her own cash I doubt she’d date for money.

    Phelps has been rumoured to be dating just about everyone lately. It’s just the tabloids trying to get better sales.

    Stephanie and Eamon are so cute together. It would be nice if they got back together.

  • FEr

    Phelps looks mildly retarded.

  • Krissy

    abie – #5 – steph is a fellow swimmer!!

  • michelle

    I think they would make a cute couple, but Stephanie and Eamon looked better together. But Michael deserves someone else, preferably an athlete who’s not a swimmer.

  • ronnie

    nah i dont think they would be a great couple

  • newestkidsis

    I doubt Phelps and Rice are dating…hooked up? Most likely scenario.

    Eamon Sullivan is hot…but in his speedo he looks so much more built…in those photos he looks scrawny. Any how, I’d still do him!

  • kel

    stephanie rice & eamon sullivan are a MUCH BETTER couple
    michael phelps & stehanie dont go together well

  • ryan

    i agree stephanie rice needs a nose job, SHE’S GOT THE WORLDS BIGGEST EGO STUPID GIRL


  • Caitlin

    she can have phelps all she want
    leaves eamon for me :D

  • Julie


  • jordan

    Steph can do way better!
    Eamon or any other aussie is way better than any american.

  • lola

    EUW. SHE’S SO UGLY. and aussies only dream of dating famous foreigners. who is she anyway

  • CT

    ummmmm. phelps and rice? NO WAY! they arent cute together.

    i didnt really think rice and sullivan were cute together either.
    EAMON! he was wayy hotter than stephanie.

    Michael isnt ugly and he is just the best swimmer alive so dont be jealous.

  • Alex

    no no no
    Steph + Eamon ftw
    Phelps is just not good enough to fit into that equation

    and whats all this bitching about Steph’s nose
    she it aint “perfect”
    but its still cute
    plus shes freaking hot and you must be major blind not to see that

  • nay nay

    haha bull shit bro phelps is sexy and all but fukin plz eamon is wayyyy sexy
    steph listen here get bak with eamon his hot ur hot u make the cutest couple ever
    xoxox much love

  • therealgossipgirl

    nah hes a great swimmer but hes not the hottest guy in the world and shes the australia’s “hottest” female swimmer and shes much more suited to her ex.