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Madonna Premieres RocknRolla

Madonna Premieres RocknRolla

Madonna comes out to support director husband Guy Ritchie at the world premiere of his new movie RocknRolla at the Odeon cinema, Leicester Square on Monday in London, England.

“It’s the kind of film I like,” Guy said of the film he wrote and directed. “I’ve made a film for me. My inspiration came from the fact that London has changed so much in the last 10 years.”

He even admitted he has already written the sequel: “If people go and see this and like it I’ll make the second one straight away.”

The 50-year-old Queen of Pop accented her pretty black Stella McCartney dress with shiny jewels and sparkly shoes. Madonna has been performing on the European left of her “Sticky and Sweet” world tour. She returns to sing in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

40+ pictures inside of Madonna premiering RocknRolla

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madonna rocknrolla premiere 01
madonna rocknrolla premiere 02
madonna rocknrolla premiere 03
madonna rocknrolla premiere 04
madonna rocknrolla premiere 05
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madonna rocknrolla premiere 19
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madonna rocknrolla premiere 21
madonna rocknrolla premiere 22
madonna rocknrolla premiere 23
madonna rocknrolla premiere 24
madonna rocknrolla premiere 25
madonna rocknrolla premiere 26
madonna rocknrolla premiere 27
madonna rocknrolla premiere 28
madonna rocknrolla premiere 29
madonna rocknrolla premiere 30
madonna rocknrolla premiere 31
madonna rocknrolla premiere 32
madonna rocknrolla premiere 33
madonna rocknrolla premiere 34
madonna rocknrolla premiere 35
madonna rocknrolla premiere 36
madonna rocknrolla premiere 37
madonna rocknrolla premiere 38
madonna rocknrolla premiere 39
madonna rocknrolla premiere 40

Credit: Max Nash/AFP; Photos: Dave Hogan/Chris Jackson/Getty, WENN
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  • bella

    FIRST :)

  • Jan

    She is looking fabulous. I want to look like her when I’m 50!

  • fresh

    he looks nice. she should avoid all close ups.

  • Aggie

    OK, I clicked ‘more’ because I wanted to see Gerard Butler. Where are pics of him?

  • Larisa

    Madonna is the proof that you can have good plastic surgery, it dosent look exccessive or over done and she still has some lines that make her face look softer.She is looking amazing!

  • Yum!

    She looks good because she’s had plastic surgery!!! Wake up Jan!!!!




    The Queen Of Pop looks FAB!
    Guy is Hot to


  • jilly

    Damn that woman is hairy!!! Never saw her close-up! She’s got a mustache and hairy cheeks! Shouldn’t have clicked the full size picture! Shudder!!!

  • Yum!

    And that hair makes her look like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister!!

  • Nec

    Damn! JJ. can you get any closer. :/
    I can actually count see her pores.

  • ebmo

    Wow! The Crypt keeper with makeup!

  • um…..

    It’s nice to see Madonna’s plastic surgery crazed great aunt at the premiere….

  • Tina

    She would look much better without the heavy makeup and awful highlights.

  • suse

    Jared, Where are your pictures of the delicious Mr. Gerard Butler…………..he is in fine form and definitely the best thing to look at here

  • anna


  • joe

    she looks great. lover her dress. and i really love Guy’s suit. very dapper!

  • ……gosh……

    eww… guy ritchie could do so much better……than this old w.h.o.r.e/wannabe young à la page.

    i can’t understand why she has so much fans and all. i mean, she’s annoying, her music now sucks, she did maybe something before but it was really very long ago…….let the young real talented singer get a career, she’s overrated and done. seeing her and hearing about her all the fucking time pisses me off.

    MadonnA SHOULD RETIRE……..right now !!

  • ……gosh……

    i’m so sick and tired of her……… to me, she has never been pretty….i’ve always seen her as a old-looking skeleton who wanted to be hot and sexy and wanted to shock….

    seriously she’s hard to look at.

    for anyone who’d say that i’m a jealous or stupid bitch, get a grip…i’m honest and saying the truth…..that’s why you feel offended [ truth hurts ], you crazed blinded madonnho skank a.s.s.e.s

  • Elaine

    I cannot wait to see the Queen in November!!!! And Guy is hot as hell.

  • mandy

    She should definately avoid closups! But still she looks fab!

  • ebmo

    # 12 um….. @ 09/01/2008 at 5:52 pm It’s nice to see Madonna’s plastic surgery crazed great aunt at the premiere….

    That made me laugh so hard I had tears coming down my cheeks!

    BTW why are Madonna’s roots
    ALWAYS black?!? For heaven’s sake touch up!!!

  • eden

    If plastic surgery is like hers I think it is good. thankyou money.

  • maria (shorty)

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, as I’m so NOT Madonna fan, but she actually looks good in her dress. Her make up is not too bad, but the close up shots are very strange — like a bit too much ‘professional’ make up going on.

  • hela

    She looks a lot over done . Too much make up. guy looks good but why he always looks slow?

  • bet

    I think she looks great from far but when you come close to her you notice she is really old.

  • softline

    she looks more and more like an lien

  • E

    Madonna is a douche bag . Guy should dump her a$$.

  • Sarah

    Some girls are blessed with good looks, others aren’t – it’s as simple as that – age is not an issue. Madonna is obviously one of the lucky ones.

  • ifromoh

    Why is this all about Madonna???? Where is Gerard Butler, the star of the movie??? Madonna happens to be the director’s wife but it’s NOT her movie. More Gerry please (and the rest of the cast) and less Madonna!

  • duh

    too much makeup for a 50 year old.. she has nice eyes….don’t need heavy make up.

    .should go back to her natural hair color. nothing more aging than dark roots.

  • 520

    hate the dark roots. ruins everything.

  • whatever

    Madonna the bearded lady

  • http://justjared SAAHIRAH

    looking very beautiful at 50 wow.

  • http://justjared cwazy!!!!!!

    um. what is thandie newton wearing??? :/

    madonna looks ok (only just). I think she has had enough plastic surgery now. Anymore and she will definitely be totally ridiculous.

  • Roadwork

    What with all the dumb asses that say avoid close ups. Not everyone is fucking 14. You stupid dumb young kids, yours so embarassing to your generation. Madonna is awesome she never lets me down.

  • remember da truth

    LOVE all the posts saying how sick they are of her, yet they came clicked on more photos, posted here, etc. VERY FUNNY!!!

    Can’t keep away — Madonna OWNS your asses!!

    Madonna had the highest-grossing tour two years ago. She’s still hot, still has it. If you don’t like her, skip her like I skip the Disney kids. Must be a lot of teens on here.

  • macordovil

    Nothing against Madonna… But…WHERE’S GERARD BUTLER?
    He’s gorgeous this night… more of GERRY, please, please, please!!!!

  • mina

    Guy is average looking but I like he suit For .Maddona… I say nice dress, great plastic surgen and bad make up aritst

  • jules

    F&&K Madonna, where are the pics of Guy and Gerry?

  • joe

    WHO MADE GUY’S SUIT?????? anyone?

  • happy lol day

    The dress is nice, but the muscle strips like in those awful pix in the news on her arms and no body fat age her not make her look younger. She looks nice dressed up, made up. She is a great performer above all. :)

  • nevermind

    her next tour should be called the “Pulled and Tucked” tour, and the album titled “Re-done” Those cheeks are like chipmunks for petes sake.
    The most vain yet insecure person in the world.

  • Katharine

    Wow, Madonna looks absolutely gorgeous! She’s so bright and teeny, just the same as I’ve always thought of her, and why I’ve always liked her look. Also, I would punch anyone of you to have her dress (and the shoes/jewelery that go w/ it). And doesn’t Guy look dapper and handsome. Sigh.

  • michelle

    The last I checked Madonna was not starring in the movie RocknRolla.
    I feel sorry for Guy Ritchie, it will never about his accomplishments only about Madonna.

    I also feel bad for the actors who starred in the film, your article did not even mention the cast members by name . Not even in a photo caption.

  • kbabe

    YIKES!!! Whatever she spent on all the horrific surgery done on her face, she could have bought another kid!! Madge, do one cares about you anymore so STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY!

  • lina

    I have to say (and I normally don’t like Madonna AT ALL) she looked good tonight. I saw her close up for the first time tonight (I went on my break – work between Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus – to see Gerard Butler, since he is one FINE man, but I actually saw none of the actors, just Guy Ritchie and Madonna) and she looked good. But she’s so tiny, it’s unbelievable.


    Is this some kind of ‘slummin’ look she is going for with the dark roots? For god’s sake, get them fixed, Madonna! That is how us bottle blondes who are busy with kids/ fulltime, or have a limited budget, tend to look, but that said, most regular women I know who bleach their hair still do manage the upkeep of their blonde. It must be some kind of statement.

  • well…

    Madonna should fire the person who forgot to dye or get the hair off her face and above her upper lip.

  • Lynda

    Is it halloween already?……..she looks scary close up……yikes!

  • Postwatcher

    Madonna looks like a vampire.