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Celebs: Can't Wait To See Katie Holmes!

Celebs: Can't Wait To See Katie Holmes!

Katie Holmes dons Current/Elliott‘s 1968 Skinny Slouchy jeans as she hops into her waiting SUV after leaving her downtown NYC apartment on Tuesday morning.

It’s T-minus two days until the 29-year-old actress starts previews for her Broadway debut in the play All My Sons. It all begins this Thursday, September 18!

Actress pal Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith’s wife) told OK! she will definitely be watching Katie‘s performance on Broadway: “I sure will! Absolutely.”

Her former Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson also said he’s got his tickets to see Katie: “Of course! Of course!”

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Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • marisa

    she shouldn’t slick her hair like that and i would love to see her wearing some color for once instead of the boring charcoals or greys and blacks.

  • katie

    i think her hair looks good!

  • katie

    btw- i also have tickets !!!

    im pumped.

  • mona

    good luck for her

  • the_boyfriend

    What about Leah Remini? isn’t she stoked to see Katie too?

    i’d go if i was in NY.

  • anon

    what about john travolta?

  • anon

    what about kirsty alley ?

  • anon

    what about jason lee?

  • anon

    what about jenna elfman?

  • anon

    what about juliette lewis?

  • anon

    what about greta van susteren?

  • anon

    what about danny masterson?

  • anon

    what about priscilla presley?

  • anon

    So are there any more semi unstable, closeted, or just plain untalented actors and actresses who can’t wait to start blathering on about Xenu who have their tickets booked to see kultie?

    Could this site possibly do any more (PAID) promos?

  • Helena

    How many times do you need to mention the Jada Pinkett Smith quotes? We get it! She’s going to see her! Two celebs (one who worked with her on Dawson’s Creek and the other one is one of her husband’s best friends, who happens to be Tom Cruise).

    Face it. No one cares for her. She’s talentless and dull.

  • assma

    I don’t like her anymore.. she’s weird.
    and I don’t care for her stupid broadway show either…

    God, get rid of that bloody hair!

  • Kelly

    Psst, Jared: previews start on the 18th.

    Someone’s check is going to have a deduction this week.

  • lurkenstein

    I love you Anon, I’m one of your #1 fans!

    Kate always looks so sad…makes ya go hmmmmm.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..she’s so popular.

  • lainey

    I agree she should not slick her hair like that, since it makes her look exactly like TOM CRUISE!!!

    Everything about TomKat is so creepy to me. It has been since the first “date” when she showed up with all those huge sores on her mouth. It’s not even the Scientology. It’s every time I see him touching her it makes my skin crawl!


  • Sarah

    Did anyone see the story on MSNBC about how social isolation and loneliness can physically make people feel colder than those around them?

    Of course I thought of Katie.

  • Helena

    ^Interesting. Everytime I see pictures of her, people around her are wearing lighter clothing.

  • defap

    One needs a few true friends not just many party friends or business-like “friends”, and Katie has both. She looks really tired. she has been working seven days a week.

  • KarenA

    Her outfits are so fabulous. She looks so awesome. And I love her hair!

    Go Katie. I can’t wait to read the reviews. :)

  • Dancer

    Gee, our daily dose of depression. She looks awful.

  • Rosie

    Jared: I hope the midget is paying you well for all this daily publicity you’re giving his boring wife.

  • sniffles

    I actually like the outfit, don’t get me wrong a little splash of color wouldn’t hurt. Her hair looks okay, but I must say I liked it more when it was longer. Somethings gotta bring a smile to her face, she’s beautiful when she smiles! No hate here.

  • sarisue

    She looks emaciated in this photo. I can only imagine how thin she is in reality now.

  • Anon

    Katie has no friends. Jada Pinkett Smith pops in once in a while but JPS actually has friends that she calls and hangs out with. Do you think JPS has anything to talk about with Katie Holmes, do you think anybody has anything interesting to talk about with Katie Holmes?

    Katie has friends that nobody sees, we hear from the likes of JPS when they are out promoting something and some journalist ask them about Holmes and Cruise because they are interested in their madness. And JPS is too stupid to realise that she is being asked by some 29 year old has been TV actress as if she were more important but then again, it isn’t as if anyone is interested in offering JPS work, either. The Woman is on about 10% on Rottentomatoes.

    Katie Holmes has been in NY for about a months and the only people we see her with are Suri, Tom and the changeable bodyguards, the first two aren’t even there all the time. Have her stepchildren who are so close to her and call her mom popped over for a visit yet? I mean, surely, they must need her for the supposed homework she helps them with. Have you seen her with any other person? Victoria Beckham and JLO were in NY last week, did you see them with Mrs. Cruise.
    The only time these group of people get together is when they need paparazzi attention and they go to The Cut after notifying the paparazzi.

    Michelle Williams hasn’t even showed up as a former acquintance and she is right there in NY but then again, MW is an Oscar nominee who has film roles piling up, she may not want to embarrass Mrs. Cruise who decided to dump Batman for Mad Money and whose only screen role after that is a guest appearance on Eli Stone.

    Joshua Jackson is saying it loud enough so that people know that he hasn’t spoken to her in 3 years but I am sure that if she shows up, her fans will assume that it is because he cares.

    Look at Katie Holmes, look at these pictures, does it look like she is alive? She doesn’t look tired, she looks dead on her feet, she looks unloved, she looks like someone who is alone and lonely, she looks like someone who needs help. I have seen people on IV look more alive.

    Where is her husband this week to give her some support? this is her first time on broadway and she will be previewing the play in a few days, she is bound to be nervous and anxious but where is her loony of a husband? Trying to save that studio he doesn’t run?

  • Halli

    She’s starting to really resemble Victoria Beckham.

    OBAMA 08

  • Anon

    Where are the Jackie O comments? I am stunned to see that they are missing. I guess Jackie O wannabe is on a break. Jackie O looked better than this during the most painful moments of her life.

  • I’m so hot

    Well, Tom’s creation is almost complete…..flat chest, hair like Tom’s, men’s jeans, no makeup. I’d say she has definitely become the Bride of Fugenstein.

  • Dancer

    Folks criticize Nicole Kidman all the time for not seeing Bella and Connor. And for going out occasionally without Sunday Rose. Gee, what kind of mother is Katie??? Since she and Tom have physical custody of Bella and Connor–don’t they need her? Aren’t they turning into juvies without her? And what about poor little Suri? When does she see her mother? Well for those of you who feel Nicole is a rotten mother–then based on the criticisms, Mz. Cruise III ranks right up there! Imagine leaving a soon to be three year old alone without her mom all day (and it looks like all week).

  • BigMama

    What, no close up of Katie’s feet?


    How short is she going with that hair. It’s cute though. I like it on her.

  • Good victoria

    HEY DANCER….Nicole seems to be a wonderful mother, and she has stated before in article interviews ( magazines ), that she sees Bella and Connor whenever ” the children want to come to see her”…I believe it is well known now, that the kids do NOT like to travel by plane, so they only go places that they can be driven, unless it is something they really have to attend. ( per nicole and tom )……..She has also stated that she talks to them EVERY day….I love Nicole and Keith and think Nicole is a wonderful mother….She is doing her best with them, considering who she has to deal with before they visit………..Of course, Katie remarked that the children are ” free to go visit thier mother whenever they choose and with their blessing”. ( US WEEKLY about 4 to 5 months ago ). HEY ANON, I did NOT know that Greta Van Susteren is also a member of the Scientology cult…..Very interesting…Learn something new every day…That was an impressive list…..Katie looks rough today and exhausted, but I like her outfit……..When will she EVER smile again?

  • w

    classic beauty

  • 90210

    I love to see her but I cant. *snifffffff*
    Katie is so talented and one pretty woman.

  • purplehands

    She’s covering her hands recently, have they gone purple again?
    The sore on her lip, all those bruises, she looks like she is terminally ill.
    Well, hmmm, excuse me, but WHY is she living like this on PURPOSE? Is this insanity? Is this part of her contract? Is she being blackmailed by tc and the cult?
    We’ve told her over and over to run away but she stays in misery. We even told her how to escape WITH Suri.
    Does kh like misery? Maybe so. This could be too tough a case even
    for Sigmund Freud.

  • …….

    I enjoy when trolls get more vicious and are more desperate attacking this family. Remember there’s comeuppance with evil words and deeds.

  • eco

    Im a fan of this getup….

  • Megan fox rocks

    Katie is so Beautiful

  • Dani

    ONe can only hope there is comeuppance for evil deeds and words. Because Scientology has certainly been evil and hurt so many. And Tom and Katie supporting the cult at the level they are at should be held accountable for Scientology’s misdeeds.

  • janel

    Jared take me with you to see Holmes.

  • erica


  • isla

    What a doll like her
    daughter Suri….

  • valentine

    How ironic that many Katie fans cannot watch this play because they cant afford while the Anonymous group will be watching and many gossip celebrity bloggers as well as news people and reporters.
    I wont even mention their names because they are the tabloids like Perez Hilton (ewwww). Its the same situation with Sarah Palin her camp wanted some reporters off her plane because its too crowded while VP Biden is all forgotten. So many tabloids and media ppl are also flocking in the same hotel in Alaska from National Enquirer,CBS,Fox News,People,VF etc— Happy for those that are able to watch Katie. Im just laughing at those that claim they hate Tom and Katie but they are spending money for this.

  • oh please

    Anon @ 09/16/2008 at 5:57 pm

    i think we all get that you don’t like tom cruise or katie. but you know there is a fine line between hatred and jealously. or perhaps it’s envy on your part. katie may have what you don’t. let’s see; tom cruise money tied up in investments: i.e stocks, bonds, land etc that he really doesn’t need to work. they get to travel first class all over the world. and, oh yeah they have a pretty cute little girl. katie also has access to the rich and famous; something you more than likely dont have.

  • bobbie

    oh please,
    and you forgot the exclusive membership in a cult. now there’s something to brag about.

  • parker

    i don’t think people would give her a second look if she didn’t marry the nutty scientologist.