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Katie Holmes: Showtime!

Katie Holmes: Showtime!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise arrives at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City on Friday night.

Audience reviews of Katie‘s performance has been pretty positive with most people believing she did a solid job.

And from a slightly biased perspective, husband Tom Cruise thought she was extraordinary!

If you’ve seen Katie in action, WHAT DID YOU THINK of her performance in All My Sons – YAY or NAY?

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Credit: Michael Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Kelly

    Jared, you can’t say “reviews have been positive” as there haven’t been any reviews–simply comments from a few people who saw the show. The critics won’t review it until next month, so please stop with the tongue bath, as it’s quite unbecoming.

  • vicky

    o love them…acualli no i am sick og them!!!

  • mel


  • thanks Kelly

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Too bad Jared has lost his credibility. He used to be objective. I guess Tiny Tom gave him a bonus to try and sway negative opinions of the fake couple.

  • geez

    Okay, I am about tired of Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston boring asses!

    It just goes to show that true Hollywood Glamour is just about gone, gone, gone. The only ones left is Clooney, Pitt, Jolie, Kidman (sortof) and I believe that is about it. I can’t think of no one else because the others are older now and not making full movies anymore.

    So sad to see what is considered up and coming. There is no umph to the newbies!

  • question

    Question for all the worshippers…

    If Katie is such a great actress, why can’t she get a leading role?

    It’s because she is pathetic.

    She belongs in a dinner theater, not broadway. Being married to Tom would be a plus to get her the perfect lead in a great movie if she were a good or great actress. Even Tom’s 25 years in Hollywood can’t persuade someone to give this “actress” a leading role.


    NOTE: This is the THIRD time I have posted this question under a Tom Cruise topic tonight and STILL none of the “fans” will answer this question. Just goes to show that they know that Katie can’t act and they are acting like they don’t see this question. LMAO!!!

  • farah


  • blue

    Congrats to her and wise move from her doing a comedy and now Broadway instead of just a filler love interest to be blown up in Batman. You rock JJ.

  • iron chef

    So many say its a must see so I feel like boarding a plane and booking a ticket too but sadly Im broke. TomKat looks great.

    Congrats to her and cant wait to see Suri.

  • j

    Cruise should run for office.

  • peace

    They are beautiful…….<3<3

  • diana

    love love katie. i wanna see suriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • ??????

    Looking forward with your own reviews, Jared. (spoiler question)

    Im curious if Katie and Patrick Wilson’s character ends up happily together? I know Katie’s pilot fiance dies if Im correct.

  • america

    So love

  • heh

    me like her purse

  • Lizz

    This wired cupple are boooring.

  • what the heck

    Kelly @ 09/19/2008 at 8:53 pm

    well, three lashes on hand with a wet noodle for poor jared. god forbid that he should print anything positive about katie’s performance until and/or unless you personally approve. guess what dear, jared is entitled to write what ever he wants. you know; freedom of speech and all that.

  • ana

    #6 question….you wonder why nobody answers your question? it’s because it’s a stupid question, honey. katie can’t get a lead role??? hahaha…you are so stupid…theater is much harder than any lead role darling. and this play is not an easy one. have you ever seen a play in your pathetic life??/ not many film actors do theater…angelina brad george clooney never did’s much harder. a lot of work and you need real talent for theater. hope i answerd your question and are happy now.

  • defap

    I don’t need to see to know yes. sweat+talent+surport=success.

  • defap

    I don’t need to see to know yes. sweat+talent+surport=success.

  • Amanda

    I’m starting to get sick with all these katie holmes’s pictures. :P

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    She wasn’t the best in the cast and her acting was a little rusty but she was great for a beginner and she held her own. I liked her even better than Patrick Wilson.

  • maria

    i wish i could see the play. i hear katie got a standing ovation. love TomKat and Suri.

  • nunny

    shes a pretty good actress

  • hmmm

    LOOK at her CLOTHES, glasses, and hair. She looks like tom’s mother and her face is so sunken and gaunt. DRUGS!

  • Halli

    freaks and geeks

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    You really need to stop accusing people of liking TomKat from being either on Cruise’s payroll or nuts, #4.

    I answered you, #6. Who says she CAN’T get a leading role?

    She told you about the lead roles she’s auditioned for and never got? She told you about the lack of scripts for leading roles?

  • bite me what the heck

    Yeah, Jared can print whatever he wants (obviously), but he is LYING when he says “reviews have been positive” as, simply put, there haven’t been any. God, grow a brain.

  • zanessafan

    wow katie looks gorgeouss!

  • UGH

    Never fails that you have to bring up Angelina and Brad, we get it, they are perect and can’t do no wrong. I personally think they look like white trash who clean up sometimes. Nothing glamorous about all those nasty tatoos.

  • UGH

    I meant tattoos. I’m sorry I can’t be as perfect as some of these actors :rolls eyes:

  • pr person

    “She told you about the lead roles she’s auditioned for and never got?” Hmmmm… funny you should mention that… remember back a bit ago… when it was said that she was auditioning for Nine? Did she get the part? Nope.

    “She told you about the lack of scripts for leading roles?” Well, lets see what she has done in the last few years………. ? ………. oh… Mad Money, a spot on a television show….. then this small role on Broadway …… Common sense says that there are movies being made and there are many actresses obtaining leading roles in these movies. Is Katie Holmes one of them? So what does she have lined up after this? Do tell.

  • ebmo

    Maybe it is the lighting maybe it is the clothes but she looks just like my ex mother in law there


    Anyone who thinks Katie doesn’t want to be doing movies and isn’t trying to get them like crazy is fooling themselves. THe fact is no one wants to hire her. The one movie role she’s gotten in the last three and a half years was only because the producers were worried their first choice–Lindsay Lohan–wouldn’t show up on time. So Katie got a part because she knows how to tell time. What a glowing endorsement.

    She wanted “Nine.” She got turned down. I heard from a good source she desperately wanted “Wonder Woman,” but was laughed out of the office (so to speak). She was not asked back to do “The Dark Knight” (that’s the truth), so, suddenly, she’s all about doing Broadway. Could it be because a producer actually thought a bit of stunt casting would help ticket sales? That seeing Mrs. Tom Cruise in person was some sort of enticement (which, if the ease in which tickets can be bought is any indictation, proved incorrect)? And, please, she begged her old Dawson’s Creek producer for a guest spot on a show that will likely be cancelled by mid-season (though it is an entertaining show).

    Katie’s stock in Hollywood is in the single digits. That’s a fact, worshippers.

  • bess

    Wishing them all the best in their marriage and personal careers.

    Katie and Tom looks so happy and very much in love not to mention raawwrrr.

  • cgi

    Yay on their appearance
    only because I cannot watch All My Sons (wahhhhh).

  • spooky

    Katie got stellar nods about her performance from Associated Press.
    Tom still the man of the people on his Tropic Thunder role:

    People love Katie more than Jake’s sister in The Dark Knight:

    ***** Thanks A Lot, Jared *******

  • !

    God bless this 2 and their families.

  • Mary

    Hey Spooky wanna read a “stellar” review google, Nicole Kidman in Blue Room or down the road right now, Daniel Radcliffe in “Equs”.

    When the “TImes” says you blew the audience away and that you are “stellar, then you ARE. Never gonna happpen fopr Katie

    . Hoffman said she did “fine” NOT a glowing endorsement., means she remmebered her lines, LMAO

  • zoe

    i am getting sick of her anywhere but its interesting to see what she wears everyday. she looks quite nice here. seems like her hair is back to normal. i am sick however, of tom holding her like tht. its weird.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    There has been a review from the Daily News and I don’t see why amateur opinions can’t be counted, #28.

    That role in Nine wasn’t a lead role, #32. She may not even have been auditioning for a part at all.

    Ever considered that Holmes simply hasn’t taken many movies roles because of a. her daughter and b. her play.

    No. You didn’t. That would require you think now wouldn’t it?

    I’m sure she wants to do movies but the reason why her filmography is so empty as of late is because she has a daughter she wants to spend time with and a play where she can’t exactly film a movie and then go back on Broadway, #34.

    There goes that phrase ‘I heard…’ again.

    She turned down The Dark Knight. Even the filmmakers backed that up and I’d rather take their word rather than the word of some anonymous blogger.

    Maybe she’s doing Broadway because she legitimately wants to work on stage?

    Only critics like #39 will downplay the good notice by critics that they didn’t expect into something wrong. Just because she wasn’t raved about it doesn’t mean she was bad.

  • cari

    Tom Cruise is a fame whore and Katie is a robot wife whose brain has not developed enough yet to realize her marriage is a mirage. Yes she IS talented. If you have ever seen the INDIE movies she has done in the past you can see that. BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, she is tragically flawed somehow to be blind to Cruise’s Narcissistic psychotic personality. I’m old enough to remember that not long ago he was a mere joke of an actor. His skills are overrated, and those who are younger have only the impression that he has any (acting skills, aka talent) because his ACTION films were successful. Action films don’t require great acting skills. Especially the ones he has been in. Now it is becoming evident because he has gotten older and not as bankable and believable in the action roles. So, low and behold, the KIng has no clothes on and is bareass and untalented before us. What a friggin surprise.

  • larry’s brother larry

    katie’s role in this play isn’t a difficult one. she should have been able to do fine. she would have to be really lousy to blow it.

  • cathy

    for those of you that thinks that Jared lost his credibility, i guess you are the people who likes to read negative stuff about people. he is simple saying reviews, as in people who watch the play and made a comment, which is considered a personal review, are good. It just seems to me that all you want to hear about Tom and Katie are the negative stuff or the mean and ugly stuff. If you guys like those kinds of comments, go to that other stinking blog site! this site has always been positive and never the one who calls babies as ‘alien, ugly and words that you shouldnt even use describe any kid.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Yes it is, #43. Don’t downplay her work in it.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Yes it is, #43. Don’t downplay her work in it.

  • cathy

    and i dont get why people who don’t like Katie or Tom even bother to go in the comment page. I mean, if you dont like them, then dont read the blog about them, plus dont go here and leave comments. No one is forcing you to do it! You do know that you are not required to right?!?! If you dont like them then dont waste your time here!!!!!

  • jules

    Why does the dwarf haveto hold her hand like that. That would embaress the shit out of me!! FREAKY ALIENS

  • gina

    How old is she again? She looks 40.

  • dido

    god bless them they are lovely and very supporting couple and ı adore beautiful suri, she is to die for