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Katie Holmes is Plaid About You

Katie Holmes is Plaid About You

Katie Holmes whips out her pegged jeans for a comeback appearance as she leaves her New York City apartment on Friday morning.

Last night, Katie made her Broadway debut in the play All My Sons.

“It was a great play. I loved it and Katie was very good,” one audience member told NYDN.

Another audience member told OK! that “[Katie was] actually pretty good. She has her hands on her hips a lot like she’s posing for pictures and she projects her voice a bit too much, but she’s a good actress.”

Husband Tom Cruise thought it was extraordinary.

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Isabella

    Those jeans look awful with those shoes

  • camila

    Even with that jeans she is stylish

  • katie


  • Monique

    Someone alert Glamour Magazine and have their photographer capture this outfit for next months’s issue.

    For the DON”TS page :)

  • jaCKie

    Ok, remember the husband on the Rosanne show?

    Now, remember his work clothes?

    Ok, now add heels……

  • sarisue

    She is one big hot mess.

    I don’t know if it’s her height or or weird body shape or what, but she looks so awkward in that get-up. It’s like everything she wears is the wrong size. Pants too big, shirt too small, and that scarf doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be doing around her neck. I know she has big feet but some of the shoes she chooses to wear just make them look enormous.

    She’s probably topping 6 feet in those heels. She looks like a cross between a big gay farmer and a giant circus clown.

  • Debra

    Katie looks georfeous!!!!!

  • Mary

    Katie again leaves her New York Apartment,


    where Tom and Suri are staying in NYC……………………………..Uh huh!

  • Mary

    DEBRA must be one unnatractive badly dressed woman, LOL

  • andamentothat

    Is this a move to get into Mr. Blackwell’s list somehow? well guess what Katie, its working.. Atrocious choice in clothing..

  • Marianne

    Wonder where her apartment is.

  • Yawn

    Wow. She left her apartment.

    Whatever would we do without these daily, if not hourly, updates?

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    She was good in the play. Not the best but great for a beginner.

    That’s funny, #12.

  • gina

    I’m starting to wonder on the constant updates on Katie too. You don’t even follow Angelina and Brad as closely as Katie and Tom.

  • M-

    If one is standing like they are posing for pictures while acting means they CAN”T act

  • hmmm

    she really is a hot mess when it comes to fashion and looks.

    It’s almost as if she’s on drugs.

  • angie

    What a lot of hype for a play.

  • ouch

    ugh! those shoes are too classy for those ugly jeans and the top is more appropriate on a picnic table.

    come on Katie…u can do better!

  • MAl’denken


  • question

    Question for all the worshipers…..

    If Katie is such a great actress, why can’t she get a leading role?

  • bejeebus

    omg what is she wearing?????
    part tommy girl, part aviator, part lumberjack, part “come on eileen”, part posh…..
    can someone get this ho some garanimals????? there has got to be some way to set her straight…..d@mn…..

  • question

    Question for all the worshipers…

    If Katie is such a great actress, why can’t she get a leading role?

    It’s because she is pathetic.

    She belongs in a dinner theater, not broadway. Being married to Tom would be a plus to get her the perfect lead in a great movie if she were a good or great actress. Even Tom’s 25 years in Hollywood can’t persuade someone to give this “actress” a leading role.


  • Vasco

    she is just a bad actress guys.why she doesn’t receive any good offer from Hollywood???just stupid and poor roles?can’t you see?
    all the reviews from the critics so far, say she did a good job, but a good job even Paris Hilton can do, a great job only great actors do…

  • Patty

    wrong again, well at least she doesn’t seem a widow as last night….

  • Collin

    JJ you should post the critics reviews not some random people who maybe don’t understand a thing about it….the reviews from the critics are not so excited…as expected!

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    What do you mean by that, #20?

    Who says she doesn’t receive and good offers from Hollywood, #23?

  • sarisue

    Since Tom Cruise filled a lot of seats last night out of his own pocket–and I mean a lot–I would take any comments from any audience members with a huge grain of salt. It’s doubtful you’ll find an educated or qualified opinion of her actual performance there.

    Although his performance last night sounds like it was the same old show we’ve come to expect from him.

    I cannot imagine any other big star needing to soak up the attention in that way, or being so desperate for attention he’d be willing to steal it from his “wife’s” opening night. No one else would have done that except Tom Cruise. I’m embarassed for him, and for her. That story of his grand entrance makes me cringe!

  • sarisue

    “Who says she doesn’t receive and good offers from Hollywood, #23?”


    Name one good, solid offer of a starring lead role in a major motion picture she has received in the last six months. Just one.

    I hear she was dying to get a part in NIne. Like this was the one role she really, really wanted. Probably thought lil’Tommy could get it for her too. But the producers and casting directors didn’t consider her to be even in the same league as the rest of the hopefuls for the cast–which makes me laugh that it now includes Nicole and Penelope!

    That contract is just not paying off as well for poor Katie.

  • Chey

    Ain’t that the truth, Sarisue. TMZ even has a video of him inside the theater schmoozing it up. Everything–and I mean everything–has to be about him.

    As to these “Katie was good” comments, let’s see what the critics say. Random theatergoers are not what I consider a reliable source–especially ones with an agenda.

  • Courtney

    I really dont like her style at all!! Its just blah!

    She needs a new look! Please grow out the hair too!

  • Rescue59

    Creature….you friggin’ wish. Wish, wish, wish.

  • chic

    I heart her!!!

  • hannah

    You go girl….she looks amazing and she is getting stellar reviews already.

  • vet

    and KEEP IT

  • flygirl

    A lot more glowing reviews for Holmes

  • defap

    Katie’s eyes are beautiful. Remove your sunglasses, Katie, and take Suri out for a stroll with Tom. :)

  • bianca

    Katie is adorable as usual!

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Now where would you get the idea that Cruise paid for many seats out of his own pocket, #27?

    You’re being a typical stubborn critic and is willing to believe that there’s some conspiracy rather than people being legitimately kind about Holmes’ work.

    He did nothing wrong last night. Stop believing everything you read.

    We have no idea what roles she’s been offered. You COULD be right and Hollywood isn’t giving her any lead roles but that’s highly doubtful given her popularity.

    I heard that Nine casting rumor too. She either actually was rejected or she never auditioned and was another lie from the NY Post. Demi Moore was also rumored for a part.

    How can random theatregoers have an agenda, #29.

    The only thing he did was shake people’s hands and say Hi to them for a few minutes. The audience already noticed he was there and was making a big deal about him. The man is famous for crying out loud. Would you say he was making things all about him if he was stormed by fans while walking on the street? You’d probably say he was acting better than most pedestrians or some other drivel.

    I did see the show, #31. Jealous much?

  • aloha

    The real America’s Sweetheart. Katie looks fab seeing pictures of her from JJ’s rival sites. Her other dresses are wonderful.

    The old school war romantic era fits her.

  • zoe

    the look kinda works. i didnt even notice they were pegged jeans. however, this would look even better if she was wearing proper jeans. i hope she’ll grow out her hair soon!

  • nicole b.

    Her clothes look too big for her I guess her way of hiding the anorexia.

  • cara

    She should have been in People’s
    Best Dressed

  • W

    She wasn’t in People’s Best Dressed because she looks like she just pulled her clothes out of a dumpster. She’s looked terrible lately.

  • alaska

    I want her shoes. I dressed up like Katie too especially her scarf accessories and ballet shoes.

  • mike

    Im mad about her too.

  • omfg

    Katie Homely looks effing ugly. Her outfit is horrid and her hair looks terrible. Wow, what a fashion icon… NOT!!! NEVER! This New Yorker can’t stand this lumberjack crossdresser in heels.

  • bs

    Did this 2nd rate actress get dressed in the dark? WTF, heals with a lumberjack shirt??? Furthermore, I hate those atrocious peg jeans. Lastly, this pic of her in that nasty outfit makes me want to puke! Please Jared, stop the torture!

  • Joe american

    Do Scientologists get money off their courses if they go to see this play, or would they have to go through a “security check”
    if they did’nt go, to see why they’d want to make a workable
    technology like Scientology look bad by not attending and packing the house?

  • nerd

    Watch the AP video on youtube on Katie and she really did well on this play. She looks ravishing too.


    HEY ” OUCH”, I had to run to the closet and pull out my picnic table cloth just to make sure that it was the same pattern. Well, it really matched perfectly. I think I saw that shirt on John Goodman, when he was on the Rosanne Barr redneck show. Katie not only needs a better acting coach, but is in dire need for a new stylist. The current one needs to be re-programmed. I think she or he has fallen one micro-chip off the robot assembly line!