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Miley Brings Boyfriend Out With Mom!

Miley Brings Boyfriend Out With Mom!

Miley Cyrus heads to Universal Studios with momager Tish Cyrusand her boyfriend Justin Gaston and family.

The 15-year-old Disney starlet reportedly wants to quit her popular TV show, Hannah Montana and focus on her music career.

DO YOU THINK Miley should leave Hannah Montana and focus on singing more — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus enjoying time with her boyfriend and the family…

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  • lola

    OMFG! she is so effing ugly i dont see how any guy that looks like THAT would date a girl that looks like her! holy god it makes me angry. she looks like a rat baby.

  • Anaid

    They are officially bf and gf?

  • ri

    who cares
    shes annoying and stuck up.

  • ri

    who cares
    shes annoying and stuck up.

  • tia

    this girl is not attractive. she needs to brush her damn hair.

  • Reebs

    wtf hhahaha oh man I love miley, but i can see her going down a very strange path

    why would this dude go out with a 15 year old???

    but he is fuckin hot so I have to give miley props hahah

  • katie

    i saw that paparazzi video. its disgusting how much this girl and her trailer trash family love fame. really sad as well.

    oh and WTF is a guy who looks that good doing with a 15 year old girl who barely looks decent on a good day! seriously. she is not a pretty girl and her hair pisses me off. it always looks so groose. kind of like vanessa hudgens. they need to wash their hair!

  • winter

    If she’s trying to get fired..her singing ‘career’ better be EXTRAORDINARY..cuz weather she stays ‘hannah’ or not, her career is screwed.

  • lauren

    miley cyrus really is not that nice to look at. which leads me to believe that this dude is a TOTAL FAMEWHORE! which he is! he just started pimping himself out on youtube. oh god i hate hate hate him. he needs to go be friends with spencer pratt. stupid loser.

    maybe him and miley ARE good together after all. they both love to pose in their underwear, will do anything for attention, have next to no talent and piss me off more than anything. they are a PERFECT match!

  • zanessa

    this is old n if she quits hannah shes gonna be a nobody dont quit yet 2 more years miley

  • danielle

    Y do ppl keep letting her dress like a ho??

  • Selena – NOT GOMEZ!

    I totally love miley´s dress. she looks just gorgeous! and her bf is so hot, they really do a great couple! and who cares about all that miley who doesn´t like miley? if the heat her that much and don´t care about her? What are you doing here commenting all this stuff abou her! you know you all love miley, just admid it and its over! Miley and her mom looking great as always, TEAM MILEY RULES!

  • someone get this girl a pole

    she dresses like she should be standing on a street corner.

  • alexa

    This is so disgusting. What kind of 20 year-old goes out with a 15 year-old?! Talk about desperate, sick and peverted and a LOSERR. Just remember Justin not to have sex with her or else it’s called statuatory rape! And to think that the whole Cyrus family likes to call themselves traditional. Whatever. & Miley, act, dress, etc. etc. like a f*cking 15 YEAR-OLD for once, gawd damn.

  • love

    How is her hair gross? Not really..its just syled and textured that way..

  • zanessa

    number 7 ..katie dont bring vanessa in this r u just sayin that cuz both of them have curly hair thats messed up vanessa is a beautiful girl n its all natural 2 u guys need to 4get bout the pics n talkin shit bout her cuz shes a really sweet gurl…..dont be jelous cuz these gurls r prettier than u katie

  • Selena – NOT GOMEZ!

    I totally love miley´s dress. she looks just gorgeous! and her bf is so hot, they really do a great couple! and who cares about all the people who doesn´t like miley? if the heat her that much and don´t care about her? What are you doing here commenting all this stuff abou her! you know you all love miley, just admid it and its over! Miley and her mom looking great as always, TEAM MILEY RULES!

  • ella

    hahaha in that first pic, the display one, she looks like she should be on

    i hate this obnoxious, self entitled stuckup fame loving spoiled rotten hillbilly bitch. why can she just be gratefull for what she has? dumb hoe always wants more

  • candace

    16- wtf! she didnt say anything about the pics lmfao. learn to read

  • groovacious

    she should not quit the show, i actually like that show and find it fuuny at times
    her voice is not really great so she should stick to the show
    btw her hair looks messy but at least her boyfriend is kinda hot

  • joss

    i don’t think her music career is well off enough to support her as an artist. Perhaps she should work on her album(s). Hannah Montana is the only working for her so far…

  • tom

    hahaha miley LOOKS like a hoe, ACTS like a hoe, and basically IS a hoe

  • me

    Do you people really think she is dating a 20 year old?!? I think not! I think that maybe he is a family friend but not her boyfriend! Also Miley isnt going to quit “Hannah Montana” when its already almost over…and besides Miley has a contract so she cant quit…unless Disney get REALLY annoyed with her…and I doubt they are since she is their money maker. Oh and BTW these pictured are old…from like a week ago

    Oh and also I do not think that the rumor is true that Miley and Billy Ray are trying to get fired from “Hannah Montana” because for one, I doubt Billy Ray would want to set an example to Miley and his other children to quit a job just because it may not be as exciting as it used to be. And two they are getting paid for being on “Hannah Montana” and being a part of the Disney family…so why would they want to screw up something thats going so well for them?

    And just incase it came it wasnt obvious I am a huge Miley fan!

  • charlotte

    the thing I hate is all these fans say ‘shes just making mistakes’ but if she was a normal girl and did a all the shit she does on a daily basis and acted the way she did she would NOT be getting all these excuses thrown at her. And all of you ppl would not be supporting her.

    If she went to your school and made a b!tchy youtube video about YOU and YOUR best friend, would you still say ‘it was a mistake’?

    If she had a ton of skanky pics on her myspace would you say ‘ give her a break’?

    If she walked around acting like the world revolved around her would you say ‘your just jealous’?

    ummmm NO! you would treat her how u would treat anyone like that and not like her and put her in her place. ppl who dont like her are NOT haters! they just dont kiss this girls a$$ like everyone else. we see straight through her disney act

    If she was just an average 15 year old and posed topless on a magazine would you say ‘leave her alone’?

  • zanessa/jashley

    HA !! I’d like to see try and focus on her music career. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t even have THAT good of a voice. I bet her dog has a better voice than her.

    And OMG, is that guy INSANE !? I’m guessing either he’s just dating her cause she’s famous or he’s not THAT good looking as he really is cause he can’t even find someone his OWN age to go out with.

    They need to go jump off a cliff.

  • dkj

    i think hannah montana is a w h.ore & i don’t care what she does with herself cause im not going to watch it or hear it.

  • me

    Oh and I think Miley,Brandi and Tish all look very pretty in these pictures! Miley DOES NOT look like a hoe!!!!

  • zanessa

    19 i wasnt saying that to HER i was saying it in GENERAL …so dont assume

  • Lia gurl

    no hannah made her famous more

  • miley is a fug chipmunk

    this girl is so obnoxious. i dont see her as a celeb at all. when i see her i just see a stuckup little rich brat who was raised to think that the world should bow down to her.

  • sami

    1st of all, she sucks at singing.. so if she leaves Hanna Montana, she’s not going to go far.. because that’s what made her. and how everyone knows her.

    2nd of all, shes’s dating a 20 year old? she’s 15,, there’s like a either a 5 or 4 1/2 year difference. that’s a little much at her age dont you think? whats wrong with boys her age?

  • trish.

    First of all.
    that hannah montana crap was supposed to be for JOJO.
    She’s way more talented than BILLY RAY CYRUS’S daughter.
    She’s only famous because of him and a bunch of 8-13 year olds who have no idea what real talent is YET.

    Miley will keep using the excuse “im human, i make mistakes”
    mistakes are only mistakes if its done ONCE.

    I dont think its fair to call miley a trailer trash. but she needs to start acting her age.

    I’m not a fan of disney kids. but look at Selene, demi, lizzy Mcguire when she was 16. She wasnt taking pictures ALMOST NAKED,with WET spots, ONTOP of someone..because they want to represent disney well.

    As for this guy walking around with Miley…..If BILLY was in his right mind. he wouldnt let his daughter date or even be seen with a 20 yr old guy.. But maybe he lets it because that’s what keeps Miley AROUND,PHOTOGRAPHED, TALKED ABOUT.

    WHEN they were filming her.she told the paparazzi to go away. YET she kept throwing that stupid peace sign and smiling, whatever else at the camera.

    I’m saying, she’s doing what she does for people to keep talking about her. I’m just not a fan of mediocrity.

  • trish.

    Either that, or he’s a paid model who looks good to make Nick Jonas jealous because he’s supposedly linked with Selena Gomez.

  • Khai

    wat a unloyal SLU-TTT!!! i hope she quitted Hannah Montana and failed her singing career and become a train wreck..fuking skank

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Miley = Donald Duck -> Quakes endlessly! =].

  • Boji

    Frankly, I think she’s made her money and is sick and tired of the Disney image/persona that she has to play along with. If it is not for the money, it is a wise move on her part.

  • me

    i hope that stuff isnt true about her dad.. if i were her i’d make a video on youtube..or make a statement.. if it isnt… honestly i really like her & i think that she should stick it anyone should do.. complete the show right and move on..she seems too in a rush to grow up….SLOW downnn girl

  • vivian

    the show made her famous

  • kayy

    Number 24 is soo true. Honestly, if some girl in your school made a bitchy youtube video that basically is making fun of you, I bet half the female student population of your grade would be backing you up, not saying that she “made a mistake” of that it was meant nothing hurtful. Also, if a fifteen yearold NORMAL teenage girl posed topless for a magazine, most teenage girls would be calling her a SLUT or WHORE.. not protecting her and saying that she just made mistakes, everyone does it!

    Just because of the fame and money she gets, everyone pardons her from the things she’s done!

  • emma-australia

    Lol I didn’t even realise that was her mum in the video you posted a few pages back. Miley said to the paps who were there that night (on the video) that Justin isn’t her boyfriend.

  • kiki

    since when where they official?!?
    btw peoples stop hating on miley you don’t know her and her mom wore like that same outfit a couple weeks ago…I think miley should do what miley wants, and stop having people force things on her but i would like a couple more years of Hannah Montana.

  • kiki

    sami what’s wrong with boys her age?!?!~
    they are effing jerks most of them! ok,i have to admit 99% of them give the rest a bad name.

  • Sarah

    These Photos Are from like last Week.Old

  • nilly

    Ahahahahaaaa… she is a normal girl you twits !!

    she just does what she feels like, why should you put her in on her place because she’s living her life ? ( who you be ? hahaha)

    she could think more yeah, but i mean come on she’s 15 so what…
    growing up, exploring herself and stuff.

    It’s not your sister so you ain’t got nuthin to say hahha.

    And i love how she dresses.

    what ye’z jelous cuz you couldn’t get away with it ahaha…

    that yougster rocks ..!

    ( But i find that if your doin’ what you want don’t apoligize.. and if you do don’t do it anymore .)

  • Kacey

    shes such a stupid skank. seriously. i totally agree with 24. ppl make all these excuses for her cuz shes famous, when in reality she is a totally idiot who gets away with stuff normal teenagers never would

  • required

    disney must just be lovin the 20 year old pedo bf.

  • Sezza

    that happen so long ago

  • nilly

    ooh totally forgot…

    it is true everyone that age does stuff like that, or thinks about it.. well not posting them on myspace:O..

    and yeah that youtube thing is mean true..
    kids do mean stuff sometimes so what.
    she was mean end of story..

    its funny how poeple get all worked up her ahhahaa…

    cant stand that she can be miley ..!

  • Morgan

    48- ummm nope i dont have skanky pics on my myspace

    i dont make bitchy youtube videos

    I dont act all obnoxious and self entitiled.

    so dont go making stupid generalisations about all teenagers. i mean, no1 i know does the crap miley does and im the EXACT same age.

  • Gem

    whos that chick holding justins hand cuz it ain’t miley!