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Taylor Swift: Single But Still Smiling!

Taylor Swift: Single But Still Smiling!

Newly single Taylor Swift glitters in a gold mini and black cowboy boots as she headlines the 18th Annual Chicago Country Music Festival at the Soldier Field Parkland in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday.

Thousands of country music fans flocked to the festival to watch the 18-year-old teen superstar perform. Girlfriend doesn’t look a tad bit heartbroken, too! Taylor put up a strong front after reportedly being dumped by Joe Jonas, 19, over the phone in early October.

Team Taylor!

10+ pictures of golden Taylor Swift

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Credit: C.M. Wiggins; Photos: WENN
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86 Responses to “Taylor Swift: Single But Still Smiling!”

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  1. 1
    jess Says:

    taylor is soo gougeous!!!!
    be strong gurl, you deserved much better out ther!
    i love you taylor!!!!!!!!!! =]

  2. 2
    lover Says:


  3. 3
    jess Says:


  4. 4
    blair Says:

    yaaay love taylor she is so adorable!
    love her guitar too!

  5. 5
    Lilly Bitches[; Says:

    Pfft That’s Kause all The Jonas Faggots Are Players

    Look at Nick He Broke up with Miley Over The Phone, And She Started Crying & crying, But He didn’t Care. He Hanged Up On her & ******* don’t tell Me That This Is a Rumor Bkauze I read It On a Website & Nick Told a Reporter He Never wanted 2 Date Miley, That His Brothers Forced Him 2 Until After Her BOBW concert And That Hurts :(

    Oh well, They’re all Ugly anways :P So Taylor & Miley Deserve Better & Kevin Is Too Ugly 2 Play Anyones Heart lmfaoo[;

  6. 6
    jkjgjfdk Says:

    Um more like Team Joe!
    Joe can do so much better than Taylor. Shes nastayyyy

  7. 7
    nikki Says:

    love ya taaaaaaylor!

  8. 8
    mz Sass Says:

    Damn I LOVE that guitar!!! I don’t even know how to play but I would learn if someone gave me a guitar like that!

    I’m not that much into country music and she is kind of odd looking, but there’s something about her I like.

    I don’t care for the J. Brothers music but they’re ALL cute. I do think Kevin and (maybe) Joe are gay. Nick’s a playa…like Mom always gotta watch those quiet ones!

  9. 9
    sweets Says:

    I adore her. I cant wait till she writes a song about the break up, you all know it’s coming.

  10. 10
    Liz Says:

    Oh silly girls. They are just people. He’s in England, they’re teenagers. It’s hard to keep up a relationship and he didn’t want to cheat on her, I bet, so he AMICABLY told her they should see other people. Calm down, they’re just people. Team Chill.

  11. 11

    LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEE HER!!!!!!!!!!! omg she is so freakin awesome! that loser jonas doesnt know what hes missing out on!!

  12. 12
    michelle Says:

    team joe:)
    he can do so much bettter<3
    than HERRR!
    i mean i like her music buttt joe needs better
    team joe/jonas<3:)

  13. 13
    Julia Says:

    Team Joe! Taylor has always sucked….the girl sing-talks. He can do better, although, we all know this relationship just like any other ones they have are publicity stunts. At least she make a sad song about it!

  14. 14
    mich Says:

    she’s so cute !

  15. 15
    lina Says:

    Hell yeah! Team Taylor!

  16. 16
    em Says:

    I Hate Taylor Swift.
    From The Bottom Of My Heart :)

  17. 17
    a&a=) Says:

    team joooe=)

  18. 18
    Krissy Fantasy Says:

    that’s soo sad :(
    i feel bad for her…
    but i never suspected for them, to be dating, after making one movie, and doing tours, separately + being on guest appearances on shows.
    Now i know it was real.
    On her myspace.. she crossed out ” good looking hair & a immature sense of humor” for her perfectly right guy.
    And on the paul mcgrady show- joe looked sad , like he wanted to cry, just performing lovebug.

    OK guys.
    just cuz there broken up, doesn’t mean you should talk smack about them.
    Taylor’s awesome. no more questions asked. So stop being mean to her, jus cuz your jealous. KK?
    not all of you, can date the jonas bros…and then suddenly break there hearts, 30 billion times:S
    You don’t know , anything, to how the guys, break up with their gf’s.
    Niley? we NOW know what happend, but we styill don’t know, who broke up with whom.. so it doesn’t matter, cuz it’s none of our business.
    Obviously, joe was good wit her, and we could tell, they liked each other ALOT. So we can tell, at the MVA’s…and they were good, keeping it a secret..knowing how you guys talk and would react to the whole thing.

    But long term relationships, would never last.
    And he had a pretty good reason. -> not seeing her, is hard. That’s y the phone breakup is the only way.
    it’s surprising Zanessa still lives :S

    Over all
    they do deserve better
    yet we all saw this coming.
    since most ppl were hoping for it.

    Taylor (L)
    Joe <3

    oh well..

  19. 19
    Kourtney Says:

    you know, all of you “jonas fans” who say you are happy they broke up, are not real fans. if you were real fans you would be happy for them (joe, kevin, or nick) being happy, whether you like the person they are dating or not. besides, all of you are only saying that because you ACTUALLY think you have a chance to date joe. as much as I would like to get that chance, I can actually accept it’s never going to happen.

    Taylor is amazing, and if he really did break her heart Joe deserves whatever song she is going to eventually write about him.

  20. 20
    anna Says:

    TEAM TAYLOR!? hah! TEAM JOE! Joe is not the player. Obviously Taylor drives all her guys away with her selfish crazed ways! I knew she wasn’t good enough for Joe anyways! So don’t speak about the Jonas Brothers intill you know them! TAYLOR IS A FREAKING **** AND JOE DESERVES BETTER!


  21. 21
    kiki Says:

    Love her guitar! and her She’s AWESOME!!

  22. 22
    harvey Says:

    Would people be so mean if Taylor broke up with him!!!

  23. 23
    katie Says:

    team taylor all the way.

  24. 24
    jess Says:

    #19 your soo right!!! every screaming Jonas fans shuld jus accept tat they dont hav chance to date Jonas!!! com on guyz grow up,stop dreaming!!! jus be happy and support whoever (joe,kevin,nick) dates!!!!!! they deserv to be happy fr worken SOO hard!

    ps- jonas brothers wouldnt even like it knowin tat they have hater girl fans jus cause they’re dating sumone!!! its retarded.

  25. 25
    katie Says:

    I love her and the Jonas Brothers but I guess her and Joe just werent meant to be but no hate towards either of them:)

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