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Miley Cyrus is an American Lord

Miley Cyrus is an American Lord

Miley Cyrus gets up close and personal in the front row with mom Tish Cyrus at the Christian Audigier Presents American Lord Spring 2009 fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Wednesday in Culver City, Calif.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana rockstar recently recorded “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” for new Disney holiday CD All Wrapped Up out later this year. Other tracks on the holiday album include: Joyful Kings by Jonas Brothers, Celebrate Love by Jordan Pruitt, and Wonderful Christmas Time by Demi Lovato.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Disney Holiday CD so far — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures of Miley catching the catwalk…

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miley cyrus christian audigier 01
miley cyrus christian audigier 02
miley cyrus christian audigier 03
miley cyrus christian audigier 04
miley cyrus christian audigier 05
miley cyrus christian audigier 06
miley cyrus christian audigier 07
miley cyrus christian audigier 08
miley cyrus christian audigier 09
miley cyrus christian audigier 10
miley cyrus christian audigier 11
miley cyrus christian audigier 12
miley cyrus christian audigier 13

Credit: Jesse Grant, Michael Buckner, Katy Winn, Gabriel Bouys; Photos: Getty Images, AFP
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  • Lacey

    That mangey main on her head is an EPIC FAIL!

  • Lilly[;


    She is So Beautiful! Love her! :)
    Thanks for posting Jared! xD
    Haters Kiss my ass & Fuckoff lmfaoo[;

    Miley Forever Bitches! :P

  • boogie

    Now I know where she gets her looks from……her mom!

    and maybe a mixture of her mom and dad’s nose??

  • katie

    miley looks stunning!
    she is growing up so fast!

  • Erika

    She looks really pretty on these pics :)

  • Nick Lachey USA

    So not her age?

  • Luke

    Ugh man i can’t say shes hott. It would feel so wrong for me to say that for shes so young. I’d sound like a prev. but i’ll admit shes gone from ugly to decent in these pictures

  • Lilly[;


    Um No You can Say She’s Hot, A Lot of Guys even Older Than You, Thinks She’s Not ‘Hot’ But Sexy. But It depends On How Old are You, If You’re in Your Teens then its ok. So Don’t Hold back Just Kauze You Have a Negative Thought, Say Whatever You please(: And if you think she’s hot, Then That’s Your Opinion(; And Its Far More Decent Then The Comments from these haterz I’ve seen on here. ;D I’m a Girl & I can’t say She’s Hot, But she is very Pretty! :P

  • tia

    cant she afford to get a decent hairstylist?!?!

  • Angie & Toni =]

    Miley’s Gorgeous as Always! :)

  • swe3t23

    for all you haters!!!!!! Miley has 3 #1 albums on the charts, #1 tv show, had the most grossing Concert Tour in 2007/2008, Box office #1 hit at the movie for her Concert Movie, Been on countless magazine covers, has a much anticipated movie coming out in spring 2009, SHUT DOWN DISNEYLAND FOR HER sweet 16, the list goes on.

    She is a hot commodity right now and everything she touches turns to gold or catches the media’s attention.

    She deserves to dress like a ROCKSTAR!!!!

    Team MILEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lene

    love her. she looks awesome.

  • rii

    cute outfit, but lmao at how many cellphone charms she has. they look cute but thats just a massive amount lol

  • jyotsna

    she does not look like 16
    see Madonna and Guy Ritchie break up news and Madge hooking up with A rod at

  • rose

    it makes me uncomfortable that she always wears push-up bras.

  • whoa!

    lol!!!!!! look at that first thumbnails lol! it looks like her lip is falling to the side she looks all greasy Luke calls that hot and yes u are a perv lol!!

  • jane


  • Selene

    I think she looks Fab here. Miley Cyrus is the hottest teen ever. I think she’s Bigger and Hotter than Britney when Britney was a teen. Miley is like a Queen of Teens all over the world. Well, she made this far because she also struggled for it so I give her kudos. Her dad didn’t help her in everything. If she does not have talent, then she won’t have made it a long time ago. Miley is avery hardworking girl. :D

  • Karina

    she looks very pretty and I can’t wait to by that cd!

  • Lilly[;



    Wow. We All Know You Are ‘Fug’, But Don’t Blame Miley For it xD

  • Team MileyMandy

    Love her shes gorgeous! Hate those slut t y bi tch es Demi and selena!

  • nikki

    oh my fucking gosh, what a fricky ugly slutty home face, get out of my life miley, you’re a whore and you’re not cute, your voice sounds like a men, I bet you’ll be pregnant at the age of 17_ at least, what a slut whore fucking girl, go away, look at that pimp… urggg

  • mileyandjonaslover!

    i love miley so much! she is a pretty talented girl!!!!!!


  • Lilly[;


    Yeah, You’re an Idiot xD Well Its Not Your fault You were Born Naturally Stupid :P

  • Mackenzie =)

    What a babe =)
    love her and her hair =) shes beautiful

  • Lea

    Shes very pretty! <3

    And I think Selena & Miley Both Rock ;] And If Selena Supposedly ‘Stole’ Mileys’s bf, Then we can just Forgive and Forget right? :)

    And we shouldn’t have 2 compare them Both,saying ‘Selena’s a Wanna-be’ Or ‘Mileys a wanna-be’ or whatever. how is that even possible? They’re both unique in their own way and They’re both very Beautiful! ;D So Any Selena Lovers, Miley Haters, Or Selena Haters and Miley lovers, get yhur facts right. tehe (:

    love ‘em both :P

  • NZ


  • eddie jones

    you mean whore, not lord.

  • asdfg

    horrible hair

  • wow
  • j@lover

    she looks reli awful ther =(
    use to be a big fan of her
    but not now

  • Thaís

    Miley… I love you soooooooooo much but
    It’s time to change your hair’s color.

    You’re very cute e pretty…TEAM MILEY 4EVA!!!

  • troy

    thats rude of her to be texing while at a fashion show,her forehead sure has alot of zits,invest in some pro active miley.
    her mom must be in a motorcycle club she has on the boots.and she has nappy hair just like miley.wish she would take those aweful extensions out it would be nice to see if she has any hair of her own

  • yay me

    she looks gorgeous as usual :). I love her style <3. GO MILEY

  • jess

    is she really 15???? she looks ooold!!!
    now i know where she gets her ugly fugly weird face. her mom!!! her mom is worst than her though… what was billy ray thinking??? was he drunk?
    hate her voice she cant even sing. she should keep her ugly bunny teeth. aaargh why does it have to be her? can disney find someone prettier??? like demi and selena are pretty and they’re nice and volunteer in many organizations.
    anyways….her career is about to over soon so… have fun miley.

  • me

    justin was a model. thats why she’s making funny faces :)

  • BoYsSuCk!

    she looks like she has dreadlocks(is that how you spell it?)

  • Selene

    #34, What the fuck are you talking about? Miley’s talented and beautiful. Jealous much? And um, If you hadn’t noticed, Miley helped A LOT for charity. First of all, she visits children’s hospitals and donates. She donated $1,000,000 to the City of Hope benefits and her family has the Pappy Cyrus Foundation which was named after her grandad and they donate A LOT. So if you brainless s.l.u.t don’t know anything, I suggest you SHUT THE F.U.C.K UP. Stupid bitch, go to hell wit Selena Hoemez. At least Demi’s okay.

  • bond007


  • bond007

    miley the best

  • SMiley

    She is wonderful!! :)

  • jkjgjfdk

    she looks awful. her hair looks like a rats nest and she’s just overall unfortunate looking…

  • angie

    I was unlucky enough to hear one of her songs on the radio today for the first time, terrible voice, like fingernails down a blackboard, awful.

  • Future-mrs-chace-crawford

    I love her music but that hair has to be one major *FAIL* …. with all her money you would think she could afford decent hair extensions or at least a hairbrush!!!! … Come on Miley!!!!


    love her and the outfit !!!! btw she was there to see justin gaston model!!!

  • dianel

    I thought she just had a birthday she is sixteen now

  • rita

    Oh she looks so good so much better than selena
    More miley, and jonas brothers, and demi, not selena bbb

  • sheeeelia

    a) whats wrong with her face? it’s gross.
    b) ew, look at her mom. yikes.
    c) i agree about the push up bras, EW. if you don’t have any boobs don’t try to shove what isn’t there up to your face.

    SHE IS TRASHY. it’s horrible. and without hannah montana she’s not going anywhere.

    oh, and her song?!? it’s horrible.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Like her outfit but her hair is bugging me!

  • Rawya

    the CD looks amazing