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Britney Spears Driving Case Dismissed

Britney Spears Driving Case Dismissed

Britney Spears sports a “The One I Love” t-shirt as she heads to the International Dance Studios in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, a judge declared a mistrial in her trial on a charge of driving without a license. Jurors said they were deadlocked 10-2 in favor of acquitting Britney.

“Today’s outcome shows my client did nothing wrong. I consider this a victory,” said Britney‘s attorney, Michael Flanagan. “Britney was vindicated in that she took on a system that attempted to make an example of her celebrity.”

Brit had been accused of driving without a license, stemming from a collision between Brit‘s vehicle and another car in a Los Angeles parking lot as paparazzi trailed her.

P.S. Check out the promo below of Britney announcing that she’s celebrating her birthday on ABC’s Good Morning America!!!!!! That’s December 2nd. Remember it.

Britney Spears – “Good Morning America” Promo
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  • marie

    yayyy i love britney!

  • carol

    FIRST ?

  • jennifer

    thats really dumb shes been living here how many years and never got a license? if anything that shows her celebrity status as getting her off

  • t

    good if it were anyone else there wouldn’t have been a trial in the first place

  • laura

    looking hot as usual..!!
    and im glad this trial thing finished!!cheer up brit,you are the hottest,the cutier,the funnier and the most down to earth around!!
    love you SO much!!

  • mony

    i love that girl

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    ..moral of the story is: you can buy your way out of trouble.

  • julia


  • boogie

    boy, another celebrity getting away from their stupid actions.

    If it was a “regular” person….they would have probably been charged!

    Now, in her bimbo head…she thinks she did nothing wrong. Remember, she left the scene after damaging the other person’s car. THAT tells you just what kind of a person she really is.


  • laura

    SO excited to GMA!!!!
    nobody can miss!!NO WAY!!!
    looking flawless in the promo!!!

  • karo

    i am glad that she is looking good again

  • dialectic

    did everyone get that? if you hit a car just drive away and nothing will happen to you and drivers licenses? HA! who needs one? certainly not a woman who has to have her father put her on psych meds and have her chidlren removed from her custody.
    oh but she lost weight so everything is well…too bad her acne is epic


    Halle Berry fled after hitting someone. She later won the Academy Award that year.

  • a&a=)

    hey i dont leave in the usa but i hope i can see her in gma on youtube=) haha

  • Puce

    Well her lawyer proved that she had a license, but not one from California… and the jury found her NOT guilty, it doesn’t mean that she paid them to say that !!

  • yoyo

    Yay! Another abortion of justice!! This once again proves if you are a celebrity you can get away with anything. For all those yelling, “I love Britney, OMG!” I have news for you. She doesn’t know you exist and if she did she’d hate you and wish you were dead.

    Hugs n’ kisses.

  • jasmine

    She looks so pretty!

  • Rose

    Awww…she is so cute. “Now how sweet is that” :p

    Welcome Back Britney. You’re new album is on my christmas wish list, even though i’ll probs get it before them, depending when it comes out in Australia :)

  • Lola

    This mentally ill hag should return to her double-wide trailer.

  • dsfsd

    she always sounds so sweet when she talks

  • Nicole

    Not a fan but it’s good to see that Britney is doing much better, now to the important stuff; her bodyguard is hot! He looks like a hotter and more buffed version of Ami from Miami Ink. Maybe they’re related? Britney is lucky to be around such fine looking bodyguards. I want to be rich and famous so I can have gorgeous bodyguards. Talk about a celebrity perk that I can really get into!

  • Max


  • jasmin

    So it’s pretty much unheard for Artist to sale a million records in their first week these days….. LETS not only put Brit on top, but lets bring her back to selling a million plus records!!!!

  • WIll go

    LOOOOVE IT! go go go brit! lets make her album number one guys!

  • jesse

    Wow she’s really thin in these pics….I’d say she’s back to her pre pregnancies weight ….HOTTTT , lookin better than christian aguilera!!!

  • dimi

    Britney is the best

    xoxo dimi


    Congrats Britney!

    But what a waste of taxpayers money. There are ppl. out there commiting worse crimes than driving w/o a license. The prosecution should spend their energy on drug and dealers, rapists. Make examples of the scum that run the streets…

  • ashley

    Dont get me wrong, I love Britney. I grew up with Britney and I am so glad that she seems to finally have it together……But….why does she keep on using that baby voice in all of her new blogs?? The sweet, innocent fake act needs to go…..she is way past all of that now. Just like at the VMA’s–she talked this way in all of her speeches. Its just annoying to me and I wish for once in her life she would just be real with her fans.

  • Carly

    Why is she more interesting when she cracks? And yes, her voice is too fake. She looks tired of the whole music, celebrity, Hollywood thing. You can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. And finally, why is this girl making millions doing what she does and so many talented people are out there in the world teaching, saving lives, building schools, etc.. and only making thousands and often less??

  • eddie jones

    imagine this same thing happening to a poor black teenager, they’d be locked up, key thrown away, same with a poor white teenager, it’s disgusting.

  • Space Cowboy

    For all those yelling, ā€œI love Britney, OMG!ā€


  • maria

    i love britney spears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • festie

    another great example of the rich and famous breaking what ever fucking law they want and then buying their way out. fucking talentless cunt! the law clearly states u must get a ca license within 6 months of becoming a resident.everyone of the fucking morons that voted to aquit her should have the shit slapped out of them.any ordinary citizen that committed a crime of this magnitude would be serving at least several months in jail especially given the fact that she keeps getting into legal trouble.and to all you fucking twits that think she did nothing wrong and that she didnt get away with it scot-free every single one of you should never be allowed to have or raise children.

  • Cynthia


  • lavett

    love britney ill be watching her bday bash.. if i not forget it.

  • anon

    ummm no for all of you saying she got away with it. she was driving without a license, big deal! she scratched a car and left a note on it with her # she paid for the damages and then the guy files a report against her and the hit and run charges were dropped, this was out of spite!!! Britney did not accept the plea deal not b/c of the fine, but b/c of the 12 month probabation for DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE!!! its unfair and uncalled for!! there is nothing wrong with her voice, you people attack her for everything, her body, her parenting, her marriage, her hair, her outfits, and now her VOICE? you people need to take a good hard look in the mirior and find out that beauty is more then skin deep. womanizer is #1 on the billborad 100 womanizer is #1 on the billborad pop charts womanizer is #1 on itunes for the 2nd week in a row!!!!! so tell me she sucks again? thanx. go britney!!!

  • anon

    cynthia she was not required to come. the jury was also deadlocked 10-2 in HER FAVOR. so really, she was proven inncoent but two buttheads didnt give in. explain how shes a pig? please since you know her personally. No one said you had to buy anything from her but many do and many plan to. her songs are fun and catchy. are they art? no. sre they fun to dance to? YES! thats what britney is about and this trial was unfair so cynthia you have no idea what you’re talking about so I suggesst you keep your mouth shut.

  • jnof

    She’s been doing so great lately.

    I hope she keeps this up. She’s got a lot of people on her side and if she goes back to those bad people like Sam and Adnan and Alli at all it’ll be over because all that she’s worked for the past few months will disappear.

    Stay strong and away from those fools Brit. Just love the real men in your life…your kids.