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Ben & Jen: We Voted!

Ben & Jen: We Voted!

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck proudly show off their “I Voted” stickers after casting their votes for President-elect Barack Obama at St. Martin of Tours church in Brentwood, Calif., on Tuesday morning.

The patriotic pair were spotted exiting the polls at different times. Jennifer, 36, who is expecting her second child this winter, emerged all smiles with baby bump in full view, while Ben, 36, was especially excited to show off his sticker to paparazzi.

Later in the day, Jen was seen picking up 2-year-old Violet from preschool.

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  • yoyo

    It’s time for all you losers who said you were going to leave the country if Obama won to pack up and get the fuck out!!! You lost, and now you can go cry like little betches in another country because you’re a big, fuking, arsehole, dimwitted piece of shite!!! GET OUT!!


    RIGHT ON NUMBER # 1 ( YOYO )……So many of our friends said the same thing, calling Obama horrible names and using racial slurs, which I don’t tolerate. Like Obama said in is acceptance speech, ” This victory is not the change we seek. It is only the opportunity to MAKE that change “. McCain said he was willing to make that change with the new President and urged his supporters to put aside partisan differences and work together to get the country moving again “.
    If everyone does NOT work together and put aside hard feelings for Obama, the country will NEVER move on.


    Obama is for all races not just blacks.. It showed in the polls when the
    hispanics and other races voted this year…

    The turnout was way more than when Bush was elected…

    As for Ben and Jen next comments please use a Barack Obama
    or McCain photos..

  • sad

    A sad day to be an American. How Im tempted to leave America but where will I go when the rest of the world are going into the crapper too. Best place to be is home with families,pray a lot and read the Bible and look forward for church.

  • jane

    The world will end. Who knows when.

  • usa

    Californians speaks as in banning 8 meaning traditional marriage stays vs gay marriage.

    That’s what smug Hollywood people get in return.

    Hollywood Obama is not your God. There is only one God and He is watching all these events unfolding while he is the one making the final decisions and makes everything happen.

  • Christine

    Is that Bill Murray walking out of the polling place with Jen???


    What hillbilly city is Ben in .. We are in the year 2008 where the polls
    are in the same place.. So why is Jen in a different polling booth..

    And Ben is in the Las Vegas desert…??

  • deb

    I would just have to say you two are just so perfect together. I happen to think you are such a special couple with beautiful violet..

  • cheryl cole is so pretty

    seriously im glad obama won but like ive said for past month or so
    stop talking about the election, it”s really boring about celebs

  • cheryl cole is so pretty

    it’s really boring meant on a site for celebs i meant

  • Women for Obama

    I’m still on cloud nine !!!! I can’t come down from this high. WE DID IT!


    im realizing that this will be in a history book anytime soon….the 1st black prezz that is so great im so happy he won…..omg i will tell this to my grandchildren…

  • Emilly

    Ben didn’t want to vote with Jen because he’s jealous of all the attention she gets, he knows all the paparazzi only want her picture and not his and they are sick of each others company by now.

  • Jane

    Yes, Emilly and you know Ben and Jen personally? The paps take just as many photos of him and they do her. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to do everything together.

    BECKY SMITH it says the same place but they went at different times.

  • Jane

    Christine that guy looks nothing like Bill Murray.

  • liy

    Jen is on record as having voted by mail (under the name Jennifer Affleck)- why is she even AT a polling booth? This media ho will stop at nothing for some attention. And Ben’s probably just as bad- like he couldn’t vote absentee. If he wanted to encourage people to vote, he’s too late. Two media hos- a couple made in heaven! They can’t even share a photo op unless it involves their kid!

  • Richey

    Hillbilly town? It says they voted in Santa Monica, Calif. That’s not a hillbilly town. They just voted at different times. Who cares?

    BECKY SMITH they are showing photos of celebs while they were voting, hence no photos of Obama or McCain. This is, a celeb site if you want photos of McCain or Obama then go on a news site.

  • Richey

    Liy how do you know how she voted? Many celebs went to the poll booths, it has nothing to do with being a media ho. If you think that, then you’re on the wrong site, as this is a celeb site. There are many photos of them without Violet, too.

  • Co-co

    Liy how would you know how she votes? What do you look her up everywhere and stalk her? They don’t need the attention because the paps stalk them everywhere. Most of the celebs went out to vote. Why must they vote by mail if they want to go out and vote? Idiots like you will always accuse people of being media hos. Look what site you’re on! Also… who cares if there are many photos of them with Violet? It shows they actually take care of their kid and not just have a bunch of nannies.

  • Co-co

    Emilly… if that was the case they wouldn’t take photos of Ben in the first place. Who cares if they vote during different times of the day? If they were sick of each other they wouldn’t still be married. Stop talking about these celebs like you know them.

  • yo

    they voted at different places because ben uses his santa monica office for his voter registration. he probably uses this address for most things–and its such a hassle to do a change of address and using an office address is better for privacy purposes. jennifer voted in brentwood because she uses her home address. remember he moved in with her.

  • Lisa

    Yes changing addresses is a hassle it’s much easier to keep the old one especially since Ben knows he’s going to get divorced soon and he’ll just have to change it again.

  • lily

    How someone votes is a matter of public record, which is how they know:

    “Big Obama fan (although a McCain endorser for SNL monologue purposes) Ben Affleck was expected to show up at an L.A. polling spot at some point today, while his similarly inclined wife, Jennifer Garner—who’s registered to vote as Jennifer Affleck—has done the deed by mail already.”

  • Adoring Fan

    Love Ben and Jen. They are so awesome. To all you haters sprewing your dumb rhetoric about them like you have some inside knowledge about them. I’ve got four words for you, STFU. Unlike you they are not always in each other’s pocket. Are you the ones that are stalking them and alerting the paps to where they can be found? They are doing fine without all your pathetic stories…Get a hobby or something to occupy your miserable a$$ existence. No wonder your McCain/Palin came up a day late and a dollar short, they had people liking you backing them.

  • bea

    I only want to say that I am very happy for Barack Obama, If I was american , I will vote for him, I hope he does well.
    About Ben and Jen, I am waiting for the new baby too, I hope be a boy.

  • Luke

    Prophecy Concerning Obama’s Presidential Win.
    Lynn (South Africa) has an exceptionally long record of accuracy including prophesying recent Chinese problems with earthquakes and dams walls.
    It is says the Lord, that you (the writer) are one who wonders why has things gone this way with Obama being chosen as president of America. It is a matter of Me (the Lord) telling you in the early hours of the morning (CAT time) that Obama had won. It is a matter of them (his team) getting it right.


    It is that there is going to be a lot of problems heading Americas way. It is a matter of history is going to learn out of this. It is that there is going to be a twist of fate. What America has done (by electing Obama), is going to place themselves into a bad position. They are positioning themselves for another war. For sure, terrorism is going to increase. It is that they are going to find that they have not reached the place where they face peace. It is that I says the Lord did speak into the hearts of many, but many would not listen. It is that you (the writer) are one who was keen to see America going another way. I have to say that their problems are only going to begin. It is that there is going to be a lot of discord. People in America are not going to be united. It is that there is going to be a lot of people with much discomfort. There are going to be people who feel that the media had a hand to play in the situation. It is that they are going to say this whole thing was crookery (cheating). It is that there is going to be a lot of disappointment coming their way. They (Americans) are not going to stay on the stage as world players. They have played into the hands of the African nations. They have submitted to what the world wanted. They want to prosper but what is going to come with it is more poverty. It has to be noted that you cannot take someone from another land and plant them in your land and think it is the right thing. You have to think that you are crossing cultures. And that the laws of the God are being violated. So it would have been better for them to have taken their own (Mc Cain) and used him. It has been a matter of God putting Mc Cain there to clearly show them the way. But there had to come a day when no one was listening. It is that there is going to be a greater list of terrorists. There is going to be attacks coming Americas way. There is going to be disunity amongst their people. The whites are going to be alienated. It is not going to be long and the black fame is going to fade and in its place is going to come a rude awakening. There is going to be a lot of discord amongst the American people. It is not going to be that American dream that everyone believed in. It is going to be the beginning of a lot of problems for America says the Lord. By Lynn.

    A WARNING prophecy (Obama being the wrong man for president .. relating to 2008 election) was prophesied in the early 1940s. According to W.M. Branham (a prophet known for his accuracy), THE WOMEN (now seen as Hillary Clintons supporters) have been permitted to VOTE. And in voting, someday THEY LL ELECT THE WRONG MAN.

    Remember there is both a spiritual and physical side at play. It matters where God has placed man as well as the nations decline in morals … yet they expect to lead by example. America has sold their birthright for a bowl of pottage.

  • Tricia

    Please, Luke (#28)- your guy (McCain) lost, fair and square (unlike Bush, who’s only in office because he STOLE elections). No one needs to be a prophet to know that things won’t magically improve because Obama was elected.

    Obama has to work against twenty years (starting with Reagan) of bad policy, especially all the pro-corporate policies that Republicans (and even Bill Clinton, in his misguided attempts to be a moderate) have put into place that gutted the middle class. Economists have made it clear that things will get worse before they get better.

    Nevertheless, McCain would have led us even further down the wrong path. Obama will begin to turn the ship around, but like any ship, other variables will come into play that are outside of any elected official’s control.

    The people of the United States have finally developed some common sense (at least 51% of the voting population has, anyway), and it’s not a moment too soon. The Republicans have already brought the world to its knees; God only knows what more time in power would have done.

  • Liz

    Lisa how do you know that they are going to get divorced? Do you know them personally. You obviously have nothing better to do but wish divorce on couples because you obviously don’t have any relationships of your own.

  • Liz

    lily just because that site says it doesn’t make it’s true. Don’t believe everything you read. There were photos on another site taken of her filing out the sheets inside and everything so you’re wrong.

  • Liz

    And to lily I’m aware it’s known to the public. You obviously have no life to be looking up people’s names and how they vote. People can change their minds throughout the years of how they vote, anyways.

  • Britney

    Luke, McCain lost! Get over it or leave if you don’t like it.

  • Clark

    What the heck is Luke talking about? Sounds like someone is bitter. You can type all of your conspiracy theories all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that Obama is president.

  • Katherine

    What a cute couple. ^_^

    I agree with your sentiments #1. Well said!

  • Kollin

    Well, forget about Barrack Obama being suitable or not suitable for the presidential post. The most crucial issue here is that he is going to be used by the Vatican who want to pursue their dream of a one-religion world. How they do it: simple, the USA is in a financial crisis and the Vatican has got riches than anyone in this world which they got in dark ages thru the sale of novenas and indulgences etc. So all these things are just paving way for the pope to rise on the scene, then watch what happens….read The Mark of the Beast by Rev. William Marrion Branham….