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Behind Evan Rachel Wood's Camera

Behind Evan Rachel Wood's Camera

Evan Rachel Wood sparkles in gold as she honors costume designer Albert Wolsky at Hollywood Life‘s Behind the Camera Awards at The Highlands on Sunday in Hollywood.

The 21-year-old actress, who stepped out in Jimmy Choo’s “Even” Suede Sandals, did a little rumor control at the event, telling People: “Spread the word – I’m not dating Mickey Rourke. Everybody thinks we’re dating and we’re not. Mickey and I bonded while shooting The Wrestler and we became friends, but nothing more. I guess, because of my recent break up, I will be linked to many people, but I am not interested in pursuing a relationship at this point in my life. Any such rumor should not be taken seriously. We are proud of the film we made together and I hope people will focus on the film and not get distracted by any nonsense.”

15+ pictures inside of Evan Rachel Wood at the Behind the Camera Awards

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evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 01
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 02
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 03
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 04
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 05
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 06
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 07
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 08
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 09
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 10
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 11
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 12
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 13
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 14
evan rachel wood behind the camera awards 15

Photos: Timothy Norris/Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • Nic

    Wait !
    How old is she ?
    She doesn’t look terrible..But way too much make up..She looks like a Puppet..I don’t want to sound mean..but oh my!

  • Rita


  • Nic

    she looks like she is channeling Dita Von teese Look..haaaaaaaaa

  • bailey

    Can she at least find her identity? She really is ripping off Dita’s look.

  • Peace and intelligence

    Dita 2.0..and she fails miserably. yuck.


    now that she has broken up with manson, can someone please tell her to go and get an original sense of style?
    There can only be one Dita Von Teese..
    and Dita is fabulous without even trying!

  • marina

    Way too much make-up! Isn’t she done with the whole “I’m Dita Von Teese” thing now that she broke up with Manson? She looks like a plastic doll. Very distracting hair and eyebrows.

  • Jenna

    Why is she trying to be Dita Von Teese??? Can’t she come up with her own thing??? Girl should also know that sometimes blond hair makes you look prettier than you actually are, words of advice Evan, the dark looks not cutting it for you.

  • angie

    Dita is not looking like herself these days..himmm

  • Jona

    look what we have here.. a baby dita von teese…

  • andré

    She looks so weird.
    It seems like she had something injected on her cheeckbones ou somewhere round her face.

  • Carlton Banks

    her chin looks bigger

  • Mama


  • alli

    I dont know whats with her style lately. She is SO naturally beautiful but she ruins it. She covers her beautiful flawless skin with dull, too light foundation. and covers every beautiful part of her face with tacky stage makeup. ugh. if she wants to go brunette thats cool but all the makeup just ruins it.

  • LolaSvelt

    She looks incredibly scary here. I commente don her last outfit saying “Well, at least she’s not wearing bucket loads of makeup anymore.”

    Scrap that comment. She’s even posing like Dita now, there’s no denying that.

  • Princessa°

    …she looks like some plastic doll. buuuuu

  • keep on Dreaming bitch

    There is only one Dita you homewrecking whore and it’s not you. Wow, you are so original!!! It is really pathetic that you would so blatanly copy her look and style. The joke is on you!

  • boogie

    she seems to be taking after the ghost- Dita Von Teese…maybe that rubs off after you have been with the creep


    Yes she is totally channeling Dita Von teese in these pics…. But she does look beautiful… One thing… Lay off the Eyebrow pencil/shadow… Go one shade lighter… and not soooo much of it. Other than the eyebrows her makeup looks great. But she needs her own look. I would be REALLY bothered if my boyfriend wanted to make me into a ‘newer younger’ version of his ex wife…. hmmm what does that say about you… or him? Move on Evan Rachel!

  • lene

    She was NORMAL before Mason. Now she’s a Dita wannabe.

  • lolly

    does she even kno who she really is????

  • Tinaverse

    Yea, definitely copying Dita. She’s pretty and needs her “own” look. I do like the Old Hollywood Glamor look and hope to see more of this on all of the stars.

  • mickey

    Date Marilyn Manson like Dita. Check
    Marry Marilyn Manson like Dita. Fail
    Change my look to look like Dita. Check
    Break up with Marilyn Manson like Dita. Check

    3 out of 4 ain’t bad, I guess.

  • amanda

    OMG here we go again. Be original Evan GEEEZ!!!!!!

  • jade

    I can’t believe this. What is she trying to prove? There is only one Dita
    and Dita is gorgeous!

  • ellen

    She didn’t have anything injected, she has a pear shaped face… I love her.

  • leila

    Halloween is over. Wash your face.

  • LuckyL

    Poor man’s Dita


    Wow. Glad to see I am not the only one who sees the Dita imitation.

    Dita Von Teese has original style and a body built for what she does. This youngster looks downright COMICAL trying to imitate her.

    Now that ERW is no longer a farstucker, can she go ahead and fade away?

  • bc

    I’m kinda embarrassed for her. She really needs to find her own look, and stop copying Dita. It’s creepy. And, well, it doesn’t look good.

  • lol

    I see sweaty armpit… eww
    And ofcourse – you will never be Dita! Never! You look like a circus clown, that’s all.

  • OMG

    I thought it was Dita. It is a little creepy.

  • coookie

    She looks like an uglier version of Vivien Leigh.

  • Tiffany

    I feel really sorry for her. It seems as if she has no identity of her own, so she has to try and be someone else. That is sad. Hopefully her next boyfriend will want her to be who she really is and not try to mold her into his ex-wife.

    By the way, yes, there is only Dita Von Tesse and she is FIERCE!

  • suzette

    i respect her a lot as an actress
    but come on! she’s trying waaay to hard to look gothic

  • natasha

    hello dita number 2.

  • ana16kin

    wow she looks more like dita nowadays .. she’s only 21 but she looks about 30 + in this ..

  • tpink

    how come all the women that date manson look alike…..rose mcgowan(back in the day when her hair was jet black), her and dita wierd.

  • alkimi

    I am COMPLETELY embarassed for her. FUG-LY.

  • alkimi

    I am COMPLETELY embarassed for her. FUG-LY.

  • nicolem

    Women should never color in their eye brows like that! It is suppose to look natural. It should not look fake and doll like. I really love the style though: pale skin, dark hair, red lips. However, she changed her looks for him!

  • Sarah May

    *taunting like a child*
    You’re an ugly Dita-wannabe

  • esmie

    Dita: gorgeous and stunning

    Evan: just looks like a man

  • Sinister dragon

    Now that she grew a brain and dumped that try hard attention seeker, can she please go back to a look more her age??? She is a gorgeous girl, but i’m not going to be atracted to her movies if she insists on looking ten times her age…..

  • lia

    Is she trying to look like Dita von Teese?

  • Josh

    She looks like Marilyn Manson…

  • Houm

    Gosh! She scares me

  • i’m dita von teese


  • WTF??!!

    this is not the young innocent girl i saw in across the universe!
    she’s only 21 and she is looking old-er

  • mz

    she looks like dita!
    ew, manson has changed her so much