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Reese Witherspoon Premieres 'Four Christmases'

Reese Witherspoon Premieres 'Four Christmases'

Reese Witherspoon arrives on the red carpet in a navy satin Nina Ricci bustier dress with beaded embroidery and bustled hem at the L.A. premiere of her new romantic comedy, Four Christmases, held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Thursday (November 20).

Four Christmases (or Four Holidays in Australia) opens in theaters everywhere on November 26 and also stars Vince Vaughn, Sissy Spacek, Kristin Chenoweth, Jon Voight, Jon Favreau and Robert Duvall.

20+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon premiering Four Christmases

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reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 01
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 02
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 03
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 04
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 05
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 06
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 07
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 08
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 09
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 10
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 11
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 12
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 13
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 14
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 15
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 16
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 17
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 18
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 19
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 20
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 21
reese witherspoon four christmases premiere 22

Photos: David Livingston/Getty, Jewel Samad/AFP
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  • h.

    She looks fantastic. Did Vince and Jon not show up? I know they are filming Couples Retreat in Bora Bora but I would have thought they’d fly back for the premiere.

  • h.

    Nevermind. I know at least Jon was there. There are pics on Getty, but not of Vince yet. Please post pics of the guys as well, Jared. It’s their movie too. ;)

  • jade

    I have never seen Reese look more beautiful. She looks so happy!

  • http://lea lea

    her chin bugs me big time!

  • alli

    Its so refreshing to see such a classy celebrity! She looks absolutely stunning! And those shoes are awesome!!

  • Kristen

    Reese looks stunning, except for the shoes. They are way too clunky for such a petite woman, and they really ruin the line of her outfit.

  • lulu

    stunning ! love her !

  • Halo

    Has she ever heard of teeth whitening?

  • zoe

    she looks gorgeous. love the hair, dress and jewelry. those boots are great but i never really loved the dress and boots idea. anyhow, she looks great. great to see her so happy.

  • Jennifer

    it’s f*cking ridiculous to call it “Four Holidays”. political correctness has gone too far. It’s a damn movie!

  • ewwwww

    Reese please stop smiling, your’re UGLY LIKE H E L L

  • JAKE G

    Vince didn’t bother to join the phony b*tch

    I can understand that!

  • ugly reese

    she gives me creaps


  • ali

    she looks stunning!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … her forehead’s getting bigger.

  • Anon

    Oohhhh! The Little Mean Children are here. Let’s just ignore them people…keep moving…nothing happening here. LOLOL! She looks like a million buck! From head to toe she is flawless. I LOVE her shoes! Reese is Rich, Successful, she has the most Gorgeous, Nicest, Sexiest Guy in the World, and two Adorable Children. Go ahead haters. Let her have it. Before you rag on her…look in the mirror.

  • Me

    Anon I totally agree with you. They all sound like jealous hags


    Why when it is all about Reese .. Why would Vince show up when the
    press only wants to talk to Reese.. Where is her beau..Jake.. why isn’t
    he there with her…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`that forehead has ;muscles.

  • from Oceanic flight 815

    Reese is beautiful and an accomplished actress. She has won an oscar for an outstanding performance in Walk the Line.
    She is looking fabulous and fierce.

  • Ivana

    Most important … she looks clean :))))

  • Trace

    She looks beautiful here! I’m sure her movie will do well.

  • pink salmon

    The only movie she should be starring in is Daughter of Hellboy. She has the face shape of the devil.

  • guest

    this movie looks hilarious…

  • m

    Lookin’ gorgeous, Reese!!

  • Cutiepie

    #16 Oohhhh! The Little Mean Children are here. Let’s just ignore them people…keep moving…nothing happening here. LOLOL! She looks like a million buck! From head to toe she is flawless. I LOVE her shoes! Reese is Rich, Successful, she has the most Gorgeous, Nicest, Sexiest Guy in the World, and two Adorable Children. Go ahead haters. Let her have it. Before you rag on her…look in the mirror
    I agree. These trolls that bash her dont even know her and have never met her are saying he’s ugly and phony. How would they know if shes phony, they’ve never met her and never will. How can you hate her, she’s beautiful, sucessful, classy and is a great mother who instills good old fashioned family values in her children.

  • Ivana

    It is so obvious that Jake pulls best of her. Reese work on herself and she is more than satisfied with her own life…
    She is not natural beauty like Diane Kruger, but she is more than happy..:)

    To me happiness is more important than beauty :)))

  • se

    No. Thanks!
    The kind of success of Reese Witherspoon have I wouldn’t like for me and for my children too.
    When she go to home she will look herself in mirror and she will see that she isn’t young more. That she must make thousent diet and go everytime more in fitness studious. In near future will be worse. It will be necessary to make plastic surgery and use lot of bottox!!!

  • se

    The films of Reese Witherspoon give lot of loss for film industry. Nobody know how this mediocre women had won all prizes when nobody would like to watch her films.
    Nepotism is a prague in Hollywood. Every film that Jake Gyllenhaal had make was with his sister, his father or the men of his sister.
    The Gyllenhaals put Reese Witherspoon to work in their films too!
    I must know when she will put her childrewn in film industry too and degenerate then like the parents of Jake Gyllenhaal degenerated him!

  • se

    It is very bad when the children have parents as enenies whose would like use them for their ambitions!!!

  • Ivana

    one thing i don’t understand … you are not jealous RIGHT.
    Than why you constantly write same, you sound so ABSURD and so BORING…
    Reese’s life is not your life, her children are not yours..
    And so what if Jake make movie with his sister…
    OMG You really making a problem of nothing…

  • anom

    No 26 you say they don’t know her but you go on to say she instills good old fashioned values oh so YOU DO know her. She is boring and not sure what it is she just bugs me and has since Election. Yeah she won an Oscar but there are lots of people who win and don’t really deserve HE was actually better. I can tell you she probably won’t win another. I think she is probably good in rom-com’s but drama don’t know.

  • ew


  • ally

    i didn’t like her hair short at first but now im starting to really love it on her. this dress really flatters her and i love how she looks alot. go reese!!

  • essex

    even her heavy duty Spanx can’t hide her fat middle she has a weird body and she wears that exact same dress every time she has a red carpet it is just a different colour. I don’t get why people are so impressed with her.

  • les

    Maybe it’s because she handles herself with class and taste.

    She doesn’t wh*** out her children, she handled her divorce with class and like an adult, she hasn’t rushed into another marriage, she hasn’t said one word about her ex-husband’s girlfriend for public consumption, etc. At least she hasn’t gone under the plastic surgeon’s knife and looks natural.

  • se

    The problem of nepotism isn’t only the family of Jake Gyllenhaal. Is the criminal Robert Downey, Angelina Jolie, the Coppolas, The Barrymores, Georg Cloney, Daniel Day – Lewis, gwyneth Paltrow, Kiefer Sutherland, Kate Hudson, Hannah Montana etc…

    Nepotism is a real prague and parasites like Reese Witherspoon etc…

    The result are mediocre films. They have inferior culture, false philosophies….they are immoral because these people don’t know another way of life …they know only corruption and decadence.

    It is very bad for society people whose give bad examples. Believe me! I have lived in countries whose are peaceful until the television and the bad films of Hollywood come and teach the people violence and hate!!!

  • Kristen


    You are a very ugly person with no intelligent or logical things to say. Human kind has shown people violence and hate. There was violence and hate in this world long before Hollywood. And you, se are spewing more hatred on your posts than anyone else that I have read.

    My question is if you hate all of this so much why do you read it? So you can sit behind your computer and waiting for the next Reese post come up just so you can tell everyone how horrible she is.

    You are the horrible person and more than likely a verbally or emotionally abusive parent if you teach your children the hate that seems to consume you.

  • anon

    She is nice but honesty I´d prefer to see her hot boyfriend pic!

  • zen2

    Her chin is terrible.

  • se

    PR Kristen

    How much money you received to write in this site?
    I am writing because Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are the most corrupt people in Hollywood. They act without work and they are using the studious as brothel and orgies!
    They give bad example for society and they are doll of homosexual, weapons and Video Games Mafias…

    Perhaps you are used to have violence and to be promiscous where do you live.
    I am not used!
    Nowadays the Hollywood films teach the people how to practice violence and to be promiscuous!

    How a teeneger have sex before they crow up and finally they would be pregnant with bad consequences for there own life.
    How we can steal a bank. How we can make an agrassions against another people.
    How to play video games and be very bad in school and to be aggressive ……and kill the people like the young child ( 5 years old ) whose killed his father and neighborn at home in USA last week!.
    How to find young people to work in army and invited them attack other countries and practice sexual abuse and killing or steal the people over there !
    How to help que homosexuals have an small EPHEBO at home to have sex through adoption! Like Woody Allen whose abused of their children at home and live with one of his adoctive child too!
    How to use drugs and find a drug dealer!
    How to transmit sexual illness to another people when they sit in a place whose are contamineted by them when they have sex in a dirty toilet of airplane!

    I repeat. These actors and actresses are a clowns of bad circus. They don’t know act and they don’t know represent themselves!

  • Kristen

    Sorry SE, oh I mean Crazy but I don’t get anything out of it except the satisfaction of knowing your behind your computer right now – with a bottle of prozac, you fingers at the ready.

    you are a very twisted person and if you hate all it so much…. GET THE FCK OFF THE SITE. That just makes sense to me. If you hate Hollywood and any actor who has had premarital sex, done drugs or worked with friends – then you pretty much hate everybody.

    I don’t know what country your from – but stay the hell there you fckin judgemental b*tch!

  • Kristen



    Sounds a little judgmental doesn’t it – considering I don’t even know you. The scary part is that you believe all the sh*t you write.

    You are CRAZY – get help for your children’s sake.

  • se


    Just Jared is a site where the people can say demogratic way their opinion. Hollywood has their own magazine and they pay for the television make the Mass Propaganda of them. The actors go to our home without permission then they must acept that when say our opinion too!

    Kristen! You are a PR of Reese Witerspoon or Jake Gyllenhaal or you are total crazy to fight for a person that you don’t know against me whose you don’t kbnow too!

  • Kristen


    Let me know when you get your psychological evaluation done and if that says you have no problems then I will listen to you.

    AGAIN YOU PROVE HOW UNINTELLIGENT YOU ARE. I HAVE NOT DEFENDED REESE OR JAKE. My comments are directed at you and your absurd posts.

    Yes you have the right to be here –


    But I know that you won’t answer – because you aren’t smart enough to come up with a plausible answer.

    And you say I’m crazy for talking about people I don’t know. LOL

    My shrink says I’m fine! What about yours Crazy?

    Hurry – run and grag your Prozac so you can type all night about how America is so horrible.


  • reggie

    Many reviews now on the net. And most that I have read are UNfavorable. Here is a funny line from one of them:

    Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon make the most unlikely twosome since King Kong and Fay Wray. She yells into his abdomen.

  • se


    You mother is a §prostitute% . It is the why you agree with that the woman must sleep with man to have better position in their work!
    Your mother brought you up to have this mentality!!! Dirtry person!

    You are horrible too!

  • Kristen

    SE ~

    answer the fuc*kin question!

  • @ SE

    I care what you think of me as much as I care about toenail fungus.

    Everytime you write I laugh for hours…. keep it up!

    Sorry Crazy – but do you really think anything you write sounds logical.

    When do you go back for a medication review – I heard Depakote works really well as an anti psychotic. Ask your doctors during your next lock down.

  • Vaughn

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