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Robert Pattinson Enters the Twilight Zone

Robert Pattinson Enters the Twilight Zone

Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame spends a night out on the town with friends at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on Monday.

What’s up next for Rob‘s career? MTV muses about his possible career paths: 1) superhero 2) artistic actor 3) quit acting do music full-time!

When asked about music, Rob said, “I think if I did it, I’d do it under a different name and not promote it. … Maybe I could just do it under ‘Edward Cullen,’ and we’ll see what happens! I don’t like to look like I’m cashing in on stuff, so I probably won’t do it for a while. I’m not really interested in having a music career. I don’t care if people buy my stuff or not.”

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson entering the Twilight zone…

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robert pattinson twilight zone 01
robert pattinson twilight zone 02
robert pattinson twilight zone 03
robert pattinson twilight zone 04
robert pattinson twilight zone 05
robert pattinson twilight zone 06
robert pattinson twilight zone 07
robert pattinson twilight zone 08
robert pattinson twilight zone 09
robert pattinson twilight zone 10

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  • elle

    he’s amazing. i know i have no chance, but i wish he would bite me really hard on my neck, thats my fantasy. lmao. (:

  • ana

    i don’t know how to feel about him…

  • buzz

    Give him a couple of months and he’ll end up in rehab.

  • amber

    haha hes so drunk i read the article somewhere else..but haha his faces are so cute even when hes drunk! and about drinking he says in europe they drink alot more than people here so don’;t start

  • b chick

    he is so hott.
    it makes me sad
    lol :P

  • gds

    How exactly is this “attractive”?
    some one tell me please

  • zoe!!

    I love rob! he is so hot..
    and amazing as edward cullen.


  • bindy

    Mmmmm yum, i’m a biscuit shaped human this afternoon.

  • kourtney

    he is so wastedy facetedy but hes so cute

    i love his artsyness.

  • Christina

    I can’t get enough of him.

  • Jessica

    he is awsome..i saw twilight and i loved it!!!

  • Shannon

    There’s just something about him !

  • trish

    i love him.
    he’s fucking adorable.
    and he’s so nice to his fans.

    and so what? get drunk. after all his movie is number one.

  • Miss_connor

    Aww Robert i love him!!!
    he’s so hot

  • Fashion police – agent #69

    He’s gorgeous but that is one fugly coat/jacket thing he is wearing. Supposedly he is dating a model, maybe she should give him some fashion advice. And the hat, christ go to someplace and buy a fashionable beanie. You’re mega (for) now, dress the part. XD

  • quest for knowledge

    The man has reason to let his hair down he just score major box office mojo with Twilight damn I would be out parting my ass off as well..good for him..hope he has a nice stay in LA..getting use to seeing his pics now thanks JJ glad to Robert and less of that Christensen dude..

  • FroFro

    He looks exactly like John Belushi here. How you think thats attractive I will never know.

  • joss

    hahahahahaha he’s so drunk, yet so very cute <3

  • kenza


  • @9


    Is that a new word for substance abuse?
    I guess that Amy Whinehouse is another one of your idols, then?

    I think that this guy is a total moron. He has a chance to write his own ticket in Hollywood and beyond, but seems willing to p*ss it all away in favor of booze, and goodness knows what else.

    What a loser.

  • KElly

    He’s the next big thing (Brad, Ben, Jude, Leo).

    There’s something about him..he’s funny and easy going in all his interviews. I haven’t read the books but..saw Twilight. I honestly wouldn’t go for a guy like Edward..a little too Glenn Close in fatal attraction for me.
    When Robert actually talks and is himself in interviews..he’s just such a cool guy.

    I seriously think he is the next big thing and would be shocked if he wasn’t. He’s just so like able..and what I love about him the most is he smiles during interviews…he’s himself..he doesn’t try to put off anything fake.

    Oh.. and the accent is a HUGE plus.

  • @13

    So what’s his excuse for being drunk the last dozen times that we have seen him out?
    His movie wasn’t #1 last month.

    I wonder if you (obviously) young girls would find him “so cute” after he finished vomiting all over your carpet?
    Drunks are leik sooooooo CUTE!

  • @21

    If he keeps this up he will be the next River Pheonix.

  • Amy

    Mostly he looks like a Junkie

  • jaime

    rob <3


    his movie wasn’t #1 last month, because it came out this month…

    and just because you don’t like him or find him cute, doesn’t mean hes gonna be the next amy…
    if u dislike him so much, why bother to post about him…

  • Yily

    amazing! robert pattinson is a huge breakout star! he’s very handsome and talented as an actor. he was in one of the Harry Potter movies I think but looks completely different there. all the girls are already swooning over him! love him! more of Robert please!!!

  • Kel


  • chitownsfinest

    Wow, that is NOT a good look right there. He’s not even trying to appear sober.

  • MElly

    he wants to play the sexy thing grabbing his hair like that, dude calm down, the mobie you were IN hasn’t broke any records, this is like the next high school musical, cute guys but not talented!!!!

  • nona

    hey, at least he doesn’t look stoned like Kristen STewart-check out tmz dot com where they have photos of her smoking off a bong with her nasty boyfriend!

  • @25

    I believe that they were talking about the fact that someone used his movie’s success as justification for him being drunk. And since we have seen him drunk numerous times over the last month, that excuse just doesn’t hold water. In other words, what was his excuse for being drunk last month, before his movie was number one?

    And I don’t dislike him either. But I find the fact that young girls are saying he looks cute, when he is OBVIOUSLY wasted, a bit disturbing.
    I don’t find him attractive, even when sober, but I wouldn’t want to see him become the next River Phoenix/Amy Whinehouse/Pete Doherty (sp?)/John Belushi, either. He needs to clean up his act. And fast.

  • nona

    kristen and her nasty bf looking like homeless people and smoking a bong in broad daylight:

  • nona

    31 — another website has him videotaped from that night, he’s not drunk at all when he’s interacting with him. People need to stop assuming things.

  • carla

    I’m so sick of people acting like his mother–he’s scrunching his eyes from the flash-who knows if he’s drunk or not? Unless he falls down on the ground or gets behind a steering wheel, I’m not gonna worry about him. He’s not my son or brother or boyfriend.

  • lily

    how is he clearly or obviously drunk? He’s walking fine in the pictures to me. I don’t see any signs of him being wasted.

  • Ms. O

    All I want to know is what the hell is going on with that HAT… hate it

  • Key
  • @37

    You’re joking, right?
    Please, for the love of all that is Holy…tell me you are joking.

  • Kitty Kat

    I don’t know.

    With every new set of photos’ Robert does seem a little more wasted.

    NOT cool Robert. PLEASE don’t kid yourself.

  • sona

    UGH, those photos of kristen and her boyfriend are disgusting. What a loser boyfriend she has.

  • tula

    What are you guys worried about? He went to a club, and the pictures of him are showing him walking on his own accord and not stumbling or anything. What are you guys seeing that has you so upset? You guys sound completely paranoid.

  • becca

    i am a fan of the books….. but I was sooooooooooooooooo disappointed with the movie.

    I still like Rob though and I want to see him do well in the future – despite this shit fest of a movie.

    He’s gorgeous and he can sing, but his acting left much to be desired, in my opinion.

    These are hard words for me to type because I was looking forward to this movie and his performance for a long time…….

  • mitie

    he look gorgeous

  • dana

    Oh lord. He’s 22 years old, rich, single, and hot. Of course he’s going out and getting wasted. Quit being a bunch of prudes. He does his job and does it well when he has to. Let the man enjoy himself in his off time.

  • jonhar

    i have not yet seen the twilight but i’m definitely looking forward because if robert, he’s so hot! he’ll definitely go far with his career. :)

  • Blackwhiteteeth

    Ahh, he’s soo hot. And talented too.

  • meee

    he’s just so freaking sexy!!…….gotta love him!!!

  • Natalie

    He doesn’t look too sober. Hopefully he won’t do it too often. He is young and he will get over it. He has to saw his wild oats. Boys will be boys.

  • jen

    He is the most sensuous sexy actor in the world. Cant wait to see him play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.The trailer is on Access Hollywood on 1 December.

  • alpha

    He got the it factor , he gonna be a big star like Brad, Leo and Tom .