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Reese Witherspoon is Temperley Tasty

Reese Witherspoon is Temperley Tasty

Reese Witherspoon picks up a few items at the Temperley London boutique in Notting Hill, London on Saturday, November 29. (She’s in town without her two kids to do press for her new comedy, Four Christmases. Possibly with her costar Vince Vaughn.)

The 32-year-old actress spent Thanksgiving with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and actress pal Gwyneth Paltrow at a party thrown by British architect Richard Rogers.

Reese recently told the BBC that she’s going to limit the number of gifts her kids get for Christmas this year. She said, “I’m a little strict about that kind of stuff. I think kids do best when they only have a couple of things that they really enjoy. I try and stay away from the gluttony of things. They don’t appreciate it as much. When they only get one or two things they really like it.”

10+ pictures inside of Temperley tasty Reese Witherspoon

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Credit: Rocha; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • hmm

    This from a woman who is usually photographed shopping.

  • IdratherwatchChristianBalethan

    Do you think shes cares? She might not

  • IdratherwatchChristianBalethan

    Its difficult to tell

  • Julia


  • Mary

    She is always so cute :)

  • WTF?


    When will Reese learn how to dress?


    I hope she really does give a few presents….Good for her !!!…By the statistics though, this year really bombs in the shopping area…Maybe more people are doing as she is thinking of doing…

  • blah

    Reese is fugly and smug

  • Phony b*tch

    No “boyfriend” this time?

  • bella

    I like Reese cause she seems down to earth.

  • Pff

    urgghhh, i wish she’d bugger off.

  • Sharon

    i hope she will give some presents to her kids i mean jeez its not as if she cant afford it!!!

  • Amanda

    haha i do have to admit she needs to call her stylist or something haha i mean what is this ugly WAYY oversized coat that she is wearingg?? but she does looks amazingly good for her age and with hardly any/no makeup on!!! she has always had absolutely flawless skin, though, which helps the aging process i guess haha

  • Truth

    Her BF is working at Pinewood studios in London on Prince of Persia. He wil be done next week, she is staying in London until then and they will come home together.

    She looks adorable!

  • reggie

    She looks beautiful.

  • Dholmas

    I agree with her not buying a lot of things for the holidays and indulging her kids. I am sure they will get the one or two gifts that will be of use and enjoyable for them. There is so much greed out there and time to stop.

  • Amanda

    i do have to admit that she needs to call her stylist or something i mean wth was she thinking going out in this ugly way oversized coatt?!! buttt on the other hand her skin is and always has been flawless and beautiful, she looks gorgeous even with very little to no makeup on, and i think she is aging wonderfully and im soo happy that she seems to be at a happy place in her personal life with Jake Gyllenhaal (marriage soon maybe, possibly?!) they seem like a great couple and he seems to be a nice addition to the family and great with her kids soo she seems to be happyy with him and her career is moving along with Four Christmases, which got a mix of bad and good reviews but who cares haah im gonna see it on Monday no matter what the reviews/critics say about it, it looks kinda stupid but also heartwarming and funny andd idk if all the drama between her and Vince Vaugn is actually true, i think they really did get along on set of filming the movie. Four Christmases is her first big starring-role film since like Walk the Line and Just Like Heaven came out in fall of 2005!! of course she was in Rendition and Penelope, but she didn’t have big roles in either of those films. Anyway, to get to my main point, no matter what she is wearing she looks great, she is a great person and actress, and it’s good to see her back these days.

  • jake and reese

    I think Jake and Reese suit each other.

  • showmance

    Reese and Jake are fake, phony and boring.


    you need a better beard!

  • dianel

    Maybe more moms will be like Reese most children get way to many gifts at christmas

  • cutie

    Reese is cute as a button! :-)

  • yawn

    Chinny, badly dressed midget

  • tress

    I really do not like her. I used to, but the past few times I’ve seen her in interviews she comes off as fake.

  • Nan

    I love Reese and I think this is going to be a good movie. Once again
    it’s sad that Jennifer Aniston’s fans put Reese down. Do Jen fans just hate every female actress.

  • Ro

    She should not only hire a stylist but she should remember that make-up is her friend. Beautiful women can go without make-up, she can’t. Surprised that we haven’t gotten 20 photo ops with the paps of her and her fake boyfriend while they shop and buy coffee.

  • Mia

    Reese looks very pretty. She could still pass for a student.

  • Janie

    She looks pretty and comfy. Works for me! ;)

  • reggie

    Cutie, you’ve got cutitis, a malady of the brain found in people who have only one adjective they apply to everything: cute. Find another word, although it will take you a month doubtless to understand what it means. Make the effort.

    Reese seems to dump her kids somewhere when she is out making money. Hey Reese, if you don’t show off your kids again soon people will think you don’t care about them and of course that simply could NOT be true, right?

  • Mr. d

    I think she is cute, not beautiful, but attractive in her own way! She has a certain sophistication and gravitas about her, which I find alluring. I like Jake too. He seems like a down to earth guy, and she seems fairly wise and ambitious. I think they complement each other well. Hopefully they’ll stay together!

  • Mr. d

    P.S. One other thing just crossed my mind. I, for the life of me, do not understand why Reese, or Reese and Jake together, engender so much vitriol from people. They seem fairly innocuous. I don’t think she is anymore of a diva than any other celebrity. People seem to project their own discontent onto various celebrities, which is sad. I guess misery really does love company LOL.

  • reggie

    Mr. d, hate to tell you but you’ve got a case of cutitis too. It sneaks up on you and you don’t feel it until it rots your brain. Stop the “cute” and it might go away.

    Now ReesyGreasy needs to step up and in the Xmas spirit give Jakeypoo’s parents at least a million to get them out of debt. If she doesn’t do it, she’ll look like a stingy richbitch who won’t share. Won’t help out people in need, not even her best boyfriend’s folks. So Reesy get out your check book and start a writin’. Now. You’ve got it, spread it around. At least pay their mortgages so they don’t lose their several houses. You’ve taken Jakey into yours; maybe you have a spare bedroom for them, assuming they will occupy only one.

  • reggie

    What has happened to Atticus? You know, Jakeypoo’s big dog that Reese used to take for walks. Jakeypoo used to have a second dog a cute little mutt but that annnimaaal has not been seen for a long time. Did he sell it to some Chinaman for his dinner? Or what. I mean if Jakeypoo wants people to like him he had better demonstrate that he loves his dogs and takes good care of them. So Jakey, Jakey….where are your dogs? What oh what have you done with them????? Reesy hasn’t been seen with them either. And her kids have disappeared too. Bad, bad. And at Xmas time too!

  • y

    Most boring person ever.

  • shelby

    I can’t stand this chick and her ever ugly clothes. She has terrible taste. It figures she’d leave her kids at home while she goes to London to be with Jake for Thanksgiving. What a terrible mother. I hope her movie bombs at the box office. And oh, since she has so much money, she should bail Jake’s parents out since she plans on being with him for such a long time.

  • zoe

    cute. dont like the jacket but she looks very young. im really liking the hair on her. reese is a good actress but tht’s just it. she’s not wow or dreadful either.

  • reggie

    zoe you’ve got cutitis too. It rots the brain. You need to take an antidote. Never say “cute” for a year. Can you manage, or wouwld that deprive you of speech? You could say “nice” or “attractive” for a change but those words are probably too big for you to pronounce.

  • Ivana

    Did you just said that Reese looks beautiful…. you care after all.. :))))
    She didn’t dump kids.. Reese and Ryan share custody.

  • se

    This is a clothe for ride a horse.
    It a sad situation of these all actresses. Kristmas, thanksgiving, carnaval …They must be alone at home with their lovers or the children of their lovers or severasl chidren of several lovers!
    It is very, very very sad!
    This women must take airplace to have some sex!

  • Ivana

    She wear proper cloths for cold day… What she supposed to wear…. evening dress and high heels. She look beautiful without make up..

    This not cloth for riding a horse… in winter all people prefer boots, this jacket is not designed for riding and believe me i never seen jockey with purse and scarf…. :)))

  • Ivana

    And the boots…. i were similar when i go to work… :)))

  • Ivana

    * wear ……

  • You can’t buy taste

    Reese is shopping ALL the time.

    How come she’s always so badly dressed?

  • $$$

    I feel sorry for Jake.

    Bearding with Reese can’t be fun, the woman is boring, annoying and fugly.

  • reggie

    the woman is boring, annoying and fugly.

    Yeah but she has lots of money and Jakey’s parents need some badly.

  • Cynthia


  • dana

    gorgeous, even without makeup

  • Kristen

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a very good girl this year. Please break SE’s computer. Or teach her something else to write. It’s always the same blah, blah, blah….

  • anon

    I totally agree with you Mr. d.

  • se

    Who are you go give order! Just Jared is a free site to the people say what they think.

  • se


    In winter we use another kind of shoes and overcoat. The chothers that Reese Witherspoon are using is for riding a horse or take care sheep in Irland…
    She used mini skirt in London…The time for mini skirt in her old is ridicolous. In Europa all prostitute use these kind of chothes in summer and winter too.
    She don’t make nothing in her life. She has a Nanny to take care her children and lover whose cook and make the housework for her…She has lot of money and contract stiliyst to chose chothers for her when she go a Hollywood party.
    She must learn how to dress for her own and learn how to buy the chothes or she must be learn!