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Kristen Stewart: Peep My Boyfriend!

Kristen Stewart: Peep My Boyfriend!

Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart and her Sky High boyfriend Michael Arangano keep their heads down from snapping shutterbugs as they arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday evening.

Kristen, 18, recently hinted on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show that Twilight‘s sequel, New Moon, could possibly start filming as early as March 2009. Director Catherine Hardwicke even reinforced Kristen‘s statement to MTV.

Catherine shared, “I would say that the film could be finished by the end of 2009, if not the beginning of 2010; cameras could be rolling in about five months. We spent about a year and three months getting ['Twilight'] ready, between writing the script and casting. We could probably do things a little bit faster this time, but who knows? It depends. And sometimes you can do things really fast. You can get two editors on, and you can just zip through.”

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  • Nani

    His last name is ANGARANO, not Arangano.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I love them! Great actors :D Go KStew!

  • Mariana

    they’re so cute. he is from sky high, isnt he? 2# o/

  • Cora

    Kristen looks wonderful even in candids but I can’t say the same about her boyfriend. Does he have a job or something? He seems like a flea always attach to Kristen, while I know they’re together this seems a bit off

  • Ouch!

    My goodness, women are truly terrible; when they’re 18, they all look like they’re 25!

  • sharon

    I for one, coudn’t stand Kristin in “twilight”…If she’d been cast by any other actor, maybe I’d like her. I thought, and my kids thought, she was awful. I saw the movie twice, and the second time was more brutal than the first…watching her…..yuck.

  • Hmmm

    Idk, my opinion is still out, I plan to go see the movie this weekend.

  • Maria

    Kristen Stewart rocks!

    I find her to be incredibly intelligent, unique,and just a truelly good actress.Keep up the good work Kristen!

  • Lovethatdoll

    I thought she was wonderful in Twilight. The character of Bella suited her perfectly, and her chemistry with Robert was undeniable. They were beautiful together, I’m so looking forward to New Moon. I’m a mom, and thought I was a bit old to read the Twilight Saga of books, but my daughter totally got me hooked on them, though I will agree that some parts were WAAY cheesy. But I just put myself in the body of a 17 year old who’s in love for the first time, and could totally see it from Bella’s perspective, and I think Kristen really did a GREAT job playing her.

  • milla

    hope kristen will serious films then twilight (only 120 million dolars in box office)because she is very good actress.michael and she very perfect couple.he is very handsome man.

  • nile

    she was be better what just happen (robert de niro) and into the wild.twilight is very bad movie.really i want back my money.if twilight first day very good job its favor tabloid magazines

  • meee

    i’m still waiting 4 the day she dumps his FUGLY boyfriend and admits that she actually likes robert…….it may never happen thou…but that’s just her loss…rob is just so HOT!!!…!!!

  • ms. o

    Twilight was a good movie….Kristen and Robert played up the relationship well…..NOT the best movie but a good movie. The books are much more PG 13 Detailed…this is why I allowed my daughter to read them. As for the boy she calls her boyfriend or best friend well it’s too bad but that wont last…. they are too young.

  • Stefanie

    she always looks pretty and i like that she is not one of those actress that have to go out looking all glamarous.. she is soo normal…i loved twilight and im sure new moon will be better now that they ahve a bigget budget to make that one

    aw michael is cute but thats it just cute i think she can do so much better for some reason they look like brother and sister for me

  • Gracie

    It’s not like any serious long-term relationship is based purely on looks. I hate it when people say she’ll dump Michael for Rob – just because you find Rob attractive doesn’t mean he’s the ‘perfect’ boyfriend for Kristen.

  • Rosalia

    That kid played Jack’s son on Will and Grace…

  • joss

    she’s gorgeous, even when she doesn’t get all dressed up

  • Tanya

    Michael arangasafjasfkajgsdga;sj wtf whatever his last name is is seriously a fucking douche. She should seriously dump his ugly ass. because with him they just look like a trailer trash couple and make britney spears look good

  • Mandy

    I think they make a sweet couple. Twilight the movie wasn’t bad, but the book seemed a little more.. dynamic. Edward wasn’t so forward with the relationship and it was kinda sweet. Kristen and Robert definitely have chemistry. Not as amazing as Zac and Vanessa’s but you can still see it. With those two, they connected instantly with the characters but with Rob and Kristen, I think another movie might just be what people need to see how much it can change a person’s opinion on their acting.

  • mai

    Aw, I loved Michael Arangano from Sky High! Haha, but heard Twilight was great my friend is like seriously obsessed with it so she’s making me watch it. I hope its like what the reviews say. =)

  • tress

    She’s an average looking girl. I saw her on Letterman last week and she’s not very bright.

  • sCandace

    I know…I agree with you sharon.

    In my opinion, the worst thing the director should say is “zip through it”. Thats the last thing they need to do.

    Please, anyone working on it, PLEASE put more money and effort into the movie and cgi effects. Especially considering how much it’s making.

  • marie

    Is it just me or her broyfriend is trying to use the same type of hair, clothes and style that Rob Pattison uses?

  • becca301x

    hey, has anyone else noticed or is it just me, she NEVER smiles when hes around, hes always attached to her like a leech and she never looks happy with him, they never touch either, like even to hold hands but when shes with anone else she smiles, laughs- and in the case if nikki reed, hugs, holds hands and dances….. doesnt seem like any happy boyfriend girlfriend relationship that i know of……. i loved kristen and rob in the movie, it was really great, cant wait to read the books and for the sequel to come out

  • marie


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … which sucks more…

    her dating that… geek?


    him dating that skinny boy.


  • ana

    love them.

  • ana

    love them.

  • meee

    i agree with #23…lol!!!………………..he’s totally imitating robert pattinson….but he’s failing at it

  • sam

    yeah I totally agree, He looks like he’s trying to be like rob with the whole beard and everything. But yeah when she is with him she looks way too serious and not into it at all. But especailly if she is with Rob or Nicki it’s all smiles and fun and having a good time and she just seems so much happier when she is with those two. Also Michael doesn’t seem to want to let Kristen out of his sight, I mean he went to portland while she was filming twilight, he was at the premire, and now he’s following her to Europe for more promtions. I think he may be bothe jealous of Rob and even Kristen and success so far, which is a little pathetic because when you love someone your supposed also let them do there own thing and be ahppy for thme no matter what. So I’m still hoping for Kristen and Rob to get together

  • malory

    #21…you’re right, she’s not that bright…shes always smokin’ weeed and is stoned most of the time…

  • April

    she always looks so pissy every time I see her

  • Jessica

    no way, Kristen and rob are so much better. Rob is so gorgeous!!! i heard they had so much chemistry while they shot twighlight.

  • Kim

    Okay, so now every guy who has a beard is trying to be Rob Pattinson? Get real. There are only 40 pictures, max, of michael and kristen, compared to the thousands of Kristen and Rob. Obviously there will be more pictures of Kristen smiling with Rob then with Michael. Not only that, but if you guys haven’t noticed, Kristen doesn’t smile that much. Her personality (from what I gather), tends to be more subdued than most stars her age. Just because a couple isn’t always smiling doesn’t mean they aren’t right for one another. Not every “famous” relationship involves happily smiling for the camera, and walking around telling tabloids how much they love each other. I personally think they are perfect for each other. Idealism doesn’t get you anywhere.

  • jet’ aime a:)

    oh come on! get over it.. the kristen and robert things will never happen and is not happening so. shut the hell up

  • Jan

    Michael was in:
    1. Rome Premiere
    2. Madrid Premiere
    3. Portland shooting
    4. LA Premiere After party when Kristen was signing autographs fro the fans
    5. Toronto Much Music
    6. New York David Letterman
    7. Hot Topic when they introduced Paramore

    Dude, this guy is everywhere. I mean, seriously OREGANO( that’s what I call him, it sounds like Angarano), DON’T YOU HAVE A JOB or SOMETHING BETTER TO DO? To borrow words from Stephenie Meyer; “MIKE IS TAKING ON THE QUALITIES OF A GOLDEN RETRIEVER” Following Kristen around all the time.

    I don’t care if Kristen or Rob doesn’t hook up. After seeing Rob’s pictures with Camilla Belle I think I’m fine if they start dating. But seriously Kristen, don’t you need some breathing space? Can some director or Studio give a Oregano a job so that he’ll stop following his GF all around the world like a Dog????

  • Jan

    And by the way, this is a classic tale of, “I’m popular now and earning 12M per movie, I can’t dump by boyfirend because I might look bad”

  • Jan

    I agree with Maria and Sam. This guy is totally trying to do the RPattz look which only makes him look like a douche. Only Rob can pull off the messy hair, scruffy look and still turn out gorgeous. Orgeano just looks like he doesn’t shower. And seriously Man, torn Jeans? Are we back in the 80′s? Or is he trying to sign up for Boot Camp with those Military looking boots? And what’s with the Grease Hair style? Dude, wake up! You can never pull off The Rpattz Look. And sooner or later, your girlfriend will leave you, if not for Rob, maybe someone better looking that you. C’mon, you are obviously the possessive guy who follows her around all the time. Your GF is only 18. And seriuosly dude, you were cute when you were a kid, but now, you’re just a plain annoying dude who looks like he doesn’t shower.

  • kristin

    i really thought she wasn’t good in the movie, very jerky and blinked waaay to much, no emotions at all. After the pictures of her smoking were release, it all makes sense, she is having the symptoms of an average smoker. i mean in zathura she was aweeeeesome but in this movie she just looks really pissed off (interviews), eyes are baggy cuz of the cigs. if she didn’t smoke she would be so much better.


    Kristen stewart is amazing.

    As for the movie. You know how every actor or actress puts their little flavor to it? that’s what she did. EVERYONE is bella. I could be bella, a GEEK could be bella. whatever. She did a good job. i’m waiting for new moon because that really will test her acting.

    oh stfu. you people didnt even know she smoked pot!!!!!!!!!!! first it was “omg she’s socially awkward” now cause you guys saw pics of her she’s a stoner?

    it’s just weed.

    weed doesnt stay with you for LONG.
    2-3 hours. that’s it.

    as for interviews. i wouldnt like it either.

  • me me me

    when you’re beautiful yourself, it takes a lot more than mere beauty to impress you (thank god for that). and pattison looks to me like he has little to show, apart from his looks.

  • Nancy

    OMG Pls don’t tell me Michael is following her to London for the premiere ?
    I love Rob and Kristen together!!! Give them some alone time =) lol

  • Mowgli

    #23 i was so thinking the same thing lol… hes trying to be a bootleg Rob!



    stop it.
    she’s gonna date who she chooses to.
    leave her boyfriend alone.

  • Kris

    Oh my goodness. Some of you are ridiculous !

    You all claim that Michael is always with Kristen always with her ..
    But did some of you ever think that she wanted him to be there at all the premieres for Twilight ? Maybe she wanted him there for support..

    I understand that some of you want Rob and Kristen to be together cuz they are cute together and their chemistry on screen was amazing .. But come on ! She’s been with this guy for 2 YEARS! That’s a pretty long time to be going out with someone especially in teenage years so obviously they love each other .. So just because you all want Kristen and Rob to get to together after watching Twilight doesn’t mean that they will .. She’s been with Michael for forever and she’s not just going to dump him for Rob ..

    Next: Kristen is a fabulous actress.. If you’ve only seen twilight and your basing your opinion based on just one movie then you really don’t have the right to talk .. I’ve been a fan of Kristen BEFORE Twilight.. If you want to see her in great performances then watch Speak or Into the WIld .. they are my favorites from her.. && She did great in Twilight .. I think she played Bella perfectly.

    Now: the weed pictures.. Can any of you honestly say that you don’t know anyone that doesn’t smoke weed? my goodness so many people do it now a days.. of course that’s not a good reason as to why anyone should do it .. but i’m just saying.. Some of you are saying things about her that are just so rude.. When she’s not the only one .. It’s her life her decisions.. if she makes a wrong one then it’s up to her to make the right one .. Don’t beat her down so hard just because there were a couple of pictures .. It’s not like she’s drunk driving or killing anyone .. She did it at her own time in her own home not thinking she was going to photographed .. So chill.. Give her a break.

    Lastly, i know this is a super long comment, but just because her bf has a beard or whatever doesn’t mean he’s copying Rob ! .. What’s next .. Omgsh. Robert is wearing a white shirt .. Micheal is wearing a white shirt . omgsh Micheal is trying to be like Rob !! wow get over it !
    Kristen is with her boyfriend and has been for a long time. just cuz Rob is gorgeous doesn’t mean that she’s going to break up with her current bf ..

    alrighty that is all.


    What an ugly guy ! He is dirty and greasy looking ! UGH !!

  • JJ

    Shes a talented actress but seriously she could have gone out with Rob aka Edward Cullen but she decides to like him????I agree with u ppl about the fact that shes never happy with him.

  • jdfj

    She’s right her boyfriend is way hotter then that annoying british boy.

  • jasper

    He’s cute. Kristin is just a laid-back stoner chick. That’s her personality. She’s not one of these perky, bubbly chicks like Reese Witherspoon or Miley Cyrus and she’s not going to fake that way because that’s not her. So unfortunately that leads to a lot of hate simply because her personality is so laid back and unpretentious.


    i agree with jasper.
    that’s why many people like her because she isnt fake and up with the bullsh*t.
    i love kristen.

    and i love that she smokes.
    and doesnt give a fxck