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Reese Witherspoon Beats The Odds

Reese Witherspoon Beats The Odds

Reese Witherspoon comes to support the Children’s Defense Fund’s 18th Annual Los Angeles Beat the Odds Awards, held in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

“Every co-star I ever worked with I’m either having an affair, about to get married to him, we’re having a baby or we absolutely cannot stand each other,” Reese said of rumors between her and her Four Christmases co-star Vince Vaughn. “You can’t just get along with people and work with them. We were very good friends and were very much partners.

Regarding her relationship with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, she told AdelaideNow,”There’s a lot of communication and just being very open about things. It’s nothing contentious, all very go with the flow.”

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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN
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  • Julien

    Smart looking outfit…nice change!!!

  • laraso

    She looks weird here, tired and exhausted…

  • ja mie

    She looks beat.

  • Kristen

    She does look tired…. the press junkets must be hard on her. Plus she wasn’t with her little ones for Thanksgiving.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    When will she be beaten, folks?

  • kelly

    It looks like she got caught in the rain and then she cried off her makeup because her hair got ruined.

  • andamentothat

    looking rough.. whats up reese?

  • Anon

    Her eyes are all sunken and she looks either very tired or very sad. She has the same look she had when she was having huge problems before she and Ryan broke up. I’m not saying she and Jake are breaking up, because I don’t think they will break up. I think she is just stressed and upset about something else, not Jake. How long will they have to keep this up with him living in London and her in California. She needs to decide if she wants to live in London or not.

  • Kristen

    I wonder if she can move to London. If her and Ryan share custody she might have to remain in the states as part of their divorce agreement.

    I still think she’s sad that she wasn’t with her children on Thanksgiving. Not to mention gorgeous Jake…..

  • Mary

    She has been flying across the country and then to Europe to promote her movie.

    I love her hope everything is well.

  • F*ck off Reese

    Phony PR wh*re

  • reese is fake

    “She needs to decide if she wants to live in London or not.”


    Reese needs to finish her showmance with Jake Gyllenhaal and find another way to promote herself.

  • Jen

    She looks beautiful but tired.

  • Ivana

    Reese is just tired…. she need some rest.
    Kids, Promoting a movie, Avon industry, Children defense Fund’s and who knows else… she must be dead beat…

  • Maddy

    it is unfortunate that no one told her to wipe of the mascara under the eyes that somehow got smudged. You can see under her left eye where it is all flaky.
    Blame the makeup artist! To much moisturizer, flaky mascara, etc…

  • Ivana

    Maybe she is pregnant…. she look like she have nausea… :)))

  • supports her a$$

    Did Reese donate any money?

    Or was she there for a free photo opportunity?

  • reggie

    She looks beautiful but tired

    Yeab, I wonder what’s keeping her up nights. Can’t be Jake; he’s over there in London. Or….maybe they just talk all night to each other. Does Jerkypoo look tired too?

  • Kristen

    Support her A$$ ~

    She has actually donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Children’s Defense Fund and is on the Board of Director’s. She also donated her money and time to the following charities.

    Afghanistan Relief Organization
    Food Bank for New York City
    Declare Yourself
    Avon Foundation
    Film Foundation
    The Lunch Box Fund
    Toy Mountain Campaign

    There is also a long list of causes she also supports. Ryan also supports many of these charities and causes too.

  • Joe

    You cant get much cooler than Reese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    yeahhh I mean she looks nice, she can really wear a suit very well, nice outfit and everything but this doesn’t seem to be the happy Reese we are all familiar and used to seeing!! Idk why but she doesnt look too happy and does looks tired and exhausted and beat like some ppl are saying! She even seems to have some slight dark circles under her gorgeous blue eyes, or maybe its just some smeared mascara/eyeshadow/eyeliner or something but whatever, i guess she must get kinda tired of going to event after event like this while promoting a new film and she must miss home and her family and friends etc. and of course Jake haha

  • Amanda

    lol and in one pic (like maybe the second one or something, where it isn’t a close up, its a full shot of her whole body) she looks kinda haggard like maybe she was beat up or drugged or drunk or idk whatt haha but whatever i still love u Reese, don’t you worry!! just get home and get some rest real soon or something, please, haha b4 u go to another event!! girl needs to go home and spend time with her family for the upcoming holidays!!

  • aussie_Rose

    AdelaideNow…now that is a random newspaper to be talking to :p

    I loved Four Christmases, Reese and Vince were fab together <3

  • Adoring Fan

    I love Reese, he is such a classy lady.

  • jonus

    Four Christmases was just awful. Save your money.

  • Anon

    She don’t talk to all these random papers. She puts tapes a long video with three or four random reporters,then the wire services cut and paste quotes from one article to another. I saw this exact same quote in other articles.

    She looks totally worn out and not happy. Her smile doesn’t reach her eyes. They don’t look smudgey to me, she looks like she has dark circles under them. I hope everything is OK with her and Jake. I like them together but it’s hard when he is so far away. She must really love him to go flying all over the place just for sex. But it’s Jake and I would do the same.

  • Carrie

    She looks ok. It looks like she hardly has any makeup on. Maybe a little light colored sparkle eyeshadow on and around the eye area. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well that day. We all have our days.

  • sienna

    she looks sad :(

  • Ivana

    Hi Sienna…. you back !!!!!! :-)

  • famewhore

    I can’t stand Reese, she is smug and a fake nice person

  • .xoxo.

    she looks reeeaaaallyyy tired!

  • Ina

    every time I see her I just seriously want to rip off her chin!
    it’s so freaking ugly!
    she’s not beautiful(physically) at all!
    but I do think she may be a nice and beautiful person????

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  • reggie

    4 Xmases is making money in spite of bad reviews. La Wither has a sharp sense of what will sell, no matter the quality. That is probably why she gets 20 million a movie. Even if she makes a critical stinker, she brings in the bucks and that is ALL Hollyweird cares about. Smart woman, whatever she is really like.

  • se

    The people in USA are really tacky. Every year the their taste are more indecent.

    Note: Reese Witherspoon isn’t christ. She has only one religion MONEY!
    It is because she and their friends of Hollywood are trying to make bad image of Christmas.
    The churche that she go is a sekt whose take money of people too!

  • se

    The direction of Hollywood are trying to make bad image of Christ Churches. They would like that “their religion” wouldbe respect but they haven’t respect for another religion!

  • se

    USA is a country whose the people haven’t background.
    They use the tradition of another countries and they don’t know how to follow the tradition and where the tradition come….
    At first the tradition of christmas tree come from Germany. The Saint Bonofacius would be death by the barbare because he fall a sacred tree of them. The act mark the begining of Christianism in Germany. The origial tree would be decorated with fruit like apple and sweer things because the holy Mary and Jesus at christmas represent the new Adan and Eva. The sweet things represent sweet life and prosperity…

  • se

    Santa Claus come in Germany 6 th December. He is the Saint Nicolaus whose lived in Asiatic part of Roman Empire inTurkey.
    This is anothe independent party for children.

  • se

    Christmas isn’t a fest for family. Christmas is a colective fest because the old Christ practice a cerimony of “AGAPE”. The prepered a big meal for everybody!

  • se

    Nobody in Europe mix the image with Christianism with money and gifts! Noboby lie for their children with this ridicolous history about Santa Claus…or Halloween…because the parents arfe responsable and they would like to teach their children well and we don’t teach children with lie or teach them with materialist philosophy…
    Perhaps Germany can have a worse ditactor whose promises material things but at Christmas not!

  • se

    The family situation of characters of this film is so bad as the family of Reese Witherspoon….
    She have christmas with her Toyboy and lover whose destroy her marriage and Ryan Phillippe with another lover. And them years later with another children of her or him….
    It is a nest of drugs, robbers and ignorants for our future!
    THe children of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe haven’t any kind of future!
    Poor children!

  • Kristen

    I just think that Reese and Ryan are great parents. They are so blessed to have loving, caring, devoted parents who don’t talk trash about each other. I love that Reese brings her little ones to church. What a great Mom!!!!!! And I absolutely loved the pics last year of them (Jake and Reese ) of them on Halloween. They are so adorable.

    I’m sure they will both have a long career in Hollywood. They deserve it!

  • Ivana

    Se you know… divorce can happen to anyone..

  • reggie

    Ivana, why bother with se and his/her? “thoughts?” I find the thinking of crazy people unpleasant, so I don’t read such posts.

  • Ivana

    Ok Reggie :-)))
    I am tired of worthless posts too.

  • se


    Divorce can happen to anyone. The diference is that Reese Witherspoon has this lover lot of years and when she was married!!!
    It is very bad and vulgar!
    The children will lost every respect for her in future!

    I think that Santa Claus is a bad image for the Christmas. The poor children are very sad when they watch television and the show windows and they wouldn’t buy anything…
    In USA Christmas is a commercial party!

    I prefer the german christmas. In November begin the Christmas parties with the day of Saint Martin where the children use lanterns and sing lot of songs!

    At 6th December is Saint Nicolaus party and they win sweet things if they behave well all year long and 25 th December come the Christ kind (Christ child) to give the gifts…

    At 6th January is the Three Kings party and come three children whose dress up as three kings. They ask us if we can help the other children in the world with same money!!!

  • Kristen

    Ivana & Reggie ~

    You are both right – trying to reason with her is a waste of time. I learned that. I tried call a truce with her to no avail and moved on.

    What I do like though is that at times we (the three of us) all don’t see eye to eye but we respect each other enough to deal with it like adults. And I respect that about both of you.

    It’s always nice reading your posts. Even when we don’t agree!!! So the sane people need to stick together – don’t we?