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Jessica Simpson Gets Fancy Free

Jessica Simpson Gets Fancy Free

Country crooner Jessica Simpson keeps moving on with the promotional tour of her new fragrance, ‘Fancy’, at Macy’s at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, Calif. on Saturday.

The fragrance is supposed to capture both of Jessica‘s “red carpet glamour” as well as her “casual playful girl next door”.

Rumors are circulating that Jessica wants to, “get married in Texas in the summer and get pregnant soon after.” A friend of Jessica said, “Jessica recently sat Tony down for a baby talk. Unlike Ashlee, Jessica doesn’t want to get pregnant and then get married. She’s a little more traditional, so she’d like to marry Tony first and then get pregnant, ideally on their honeymoon.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson getting fancy free…

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Credit: HC/Kiley Bishop/London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mel

    sorry, Jessica, all the runching on the skirt of your dress does not hide the fact that you are fat.

  • b

    first??? :-)

  • LolaSvelt

    She’s so cheap-looking.

    #1, no way is she fat, though.

  • Abby

    Yikes! Her face is scary.

  • viva la vida

    I refuse to buy ANY celebrity fragrance. I don’t want to make them any richer than they already are. I am sure it does not affect their business but whatever its no for me. Besides I am a snob when it comes down to perfume, I want a designer name on it, better quality guarantee imo.

  • Rita

    is she even relevant anymore

  • vanna

    i was there

    it was soo retarded

    not many people came and bought the fragrance

    it wasn’t a big hype than you would expect it to be

  • jj

    “she’d like to marry Tony first and then get pregnant, ideally on their honeymoon.”

    I bet she’d also like to win a grammy and an academy award, ideally after finishing her master’s degree.

    And I bet that’s exactly when Romo promised he’d marry her.

  • Kally

    #5 haha…yeah me too!! :lol:

  • Melisa

    She looks absolutely beautiful and the fragrance is actually quite nice.

  • bella

    She looks beautiful. The dress is not that great, but other than that she looks good.

  • mk

    Why would anyone want to smell like Jessica Simpson? She’s admitted to having a flatulence problem.

  • k

    i think she is so pretty. :D
    and that will be a happy day when her and Tony get married. i like them both…especially Tony :)
    i love Tony Romo too! i’m a huge Cowboys fan!
    speaking of…. me and my dad are going the the last home game in Texas Stadium this Saturday! whoo…i’m so excited! this will be my first Cowboys game to go to :D

  • jan

    I didn’t like the perfume. It starts out too strong and sweet and ends up smelling like that Jovan Musk stuff they sell at Walgreen’s. I can’t believe Macy’s is selling it.

  • Lmr

    She looks so beefy and manly.

  • whatever


  • anon

    “The fragrance is supposed to capture both of Jessica’s “red carpet glamour” as well as her “casual playful girl next door”.”

    I don’t think “red carpet glamour” or “casual playful girl next door” when I hear the name Jessica Simpson. I think “red carpet wannabe” and “desperate washed up reality show loser”.

  • Jughed

    Hmm, I actually think she looks pretty good here. Like the red. I don’t mind that Jessica looks a little chubby here — in fact, I like it!

    Now if she’d only change her atitude about guys like me (instead of *blech* football players) we’d be in business :)

  • tried a free sample

    Fancy smells like cotton candy, it is disgusting!

  • HockeyGurl

    I hope she goes away and take her whole annoying family with her. The only reason shes still in the news is because of her hot Bf he should dump her ass and hookup with Carrie Underwood who can actually sing.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`her music career’s OVER. LOL bye bye label.

  • Ed&Jess ftw

    What happened to her she used to be cute now she’s fat and her face is ugly

  • anon

    Jughed, I’m sure she would date you if it meant it would get her more endorsement deals (those seem to be the only things that make her any money…movies and singing aren’t working out for her). She’ll endorse anything…zit cream, beer, pizza, clothes, perfume, shoes…

    Think hard. Do you have connections to any businesses at all? It doesn’t matter what. Maybe you know someone at the PreparationH company that would help you out. I’m sure Jessica would leap at the chance to date you if it meant she could bring her “red carpet glamour” to hemorrhoids as the face of PreparationH.

  • y

    her lips look disgusting. she looks like a cross between goldie hawn and lisa rhinna.

  • angie

    Love Jessica! Love her music and I think she looks absolutely beautiful!

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • boogie

    Better run run run run Tony!

    When I see the name- Jessica Simpson—-

    I think BIMBO

  • ryan

    she looks really pretty and fresh here, i hope her and tony romo are each others sole mates, they are too cute together…jessica has a smashing body as well!

  • cougar4shia

    red carpet to girl next door smell that captures the scent of Jess? dye, pancake makeup, Proactin, farts, Daisy dog smell and Romo’s old flannel shirt all in one scent.. ah no thanks!

  • cougar4shia

    And if Romo marries Jess.. they will both be broke and doing reality TV to make money in 5 years.

  • bejeebus

    okay, first off…the ONLY way miss jessica simpson would be on a “red carpet” anymore is if she bled all over a white carpet. secondly ..her dress looks like it was made from a set of cheap wh*rehouse curtains or a tacky coffin liner. thirdly…she needs to stfu about her “relationships”. it just makes her look like more of an @ss (if that’s even possible at this point) when they inevitably crash and burn.

    p.s. not sure which has more rayon in it…her dress or that sh*teous hair.

  • karma

    I imagine the end of this “relationship” this way…

    JS onstage in a nearly empty bingo hall, declaring her desire to bear Romo’s children. A T.V is on in the background and an anchorman reports Romo has married another woman.

  • Clarkwood

    Eh, whatevs…I do wish ppl would stop bringing up Carrie whenever talking about Romo…long over. They’ve all moved on. Let it go. He had her and blew it. Go Carrie…

  • Clarkwood

    Eh, whatevs…I do wish ppl would stop bringing up Carrie whenever talking about Romo…long over. They’ve all moved on. Let it go. He had her and blew it. Go Carrie…

  • brynna

    You people are crazy if you think Jessica is fat. She is curvalicious and there is nothing wrong with that. Shame on you people who think if you are not a size 0, you are fat.

    Jessica looks gorgeous and I think she and Tony make a cute couple. Im sure many people thought it would not last, but they seem to be making it work through all the chaos the media brings them, good for them.

  • orianna

    Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Jessica’s, but I have to say, the hair actually looks great here, rather than the stringy mess it usually is, and for once, she’s actually wearing an outfit I think is actually quite becoming to her frame.

    She’s not tiny unless she doesn’t eat, so cut the girl some slack. I think she looks better and healthier now. Prettier, too, and believe me, that’s something coming from me.

  • k

    Jessica doesn’t have curves. It looks like her boobs, waist, and hips are all the same size. You know, like her measurements are 40-40-40.

    If Tony and Jessica are still together, it’s only because he is a chubby chaser.

  • Kay

    I was there and she is really petite in person and very pretty. I expected her to be more outgoing, but she seemed a bit shy and did not really say much to anybody at all.

  • k

    If she didn’t say much at Macy’s, it wasn’t because she is shy. It was because she was only getting paid to sign her name for people bought the perfume, not chat.

    When she does interviews and concerts, she emotionally undresses and overshares about her personal life to keep herself in the tabloids to get free advertising for all the crap she sells.

    She’s not shy. If the payoff is big enough, she’ll do anything. What shy person does reality tv, turns Daisy Duke into stripper, sings in public without talent, and overshares about her personal life.

  • JANE


  • Cabrona

    She needs to stop fucking with her face and she needs to stop morphing in to her lovers. I can’t imagine that shit being attractive to guys in the long run. She seems so needy and desperate. She should be along for a while. Pendeja!!

  • Cynthia


  • nicky

    I hate her, She’s so fake, she’s like a barbie doll, all plastic and without brain, She think she’s cute but she isn’t
    She’s invers than Ashlee, Ashlee has the feet on the earth…
    But Jessica she’s the perfect example of the tipical silly blond girl. She hasn’t anything in her head and she has not talent.