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John Mayer Lists Top 5 Of 2008

John Mayer Lists Top 5 Of 2008

John Mayer has taken to the official blog of Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz to list his Top 5 things, moments, people, music, movies, books, art of 2008. Here’s what he had to say:

5. Apple TV and group YouTubing
4. E-Flite mCX Remote Control Helicopters
3. Kings of Leon – “Only By The Night”
2. Wireless internet on airplanes
1. President-Elect Barack Obama

Wentz even described Mayer as a “guitarist (like that should be in all capitals) – just when you think you’re in the game with him he laps you – one of my go-to guys to learn about music or life – p.s. you dont want to think hes that funny in real life but he is even funnier.”

TELL JJ: What’s on your list of top five for 2008?

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  • mitk

    Kings of Leon :)))))))
    didn’t know he’s a fan

  • jillian

    I don’t see Jenn on that list. But, by the looks of how close he got to a reporter in this pic last week, maybe that’s why…

  • debjosy

    I sure thought that Jen-Jen would have been his #1 person of 2008.

  • jillyro

    John Mayer is better listened to, his songs and talent in music is obvious. But ugh, he’s so ugly to look at (why I would rather listen not look at him!). A downgrade in my opinion, even Vince Vaugh who could look bloated and not his best looks better than JM if you ask me. I just can’t see the appeal (and he seems so immature). JM always looks like he’s trying so so hard to be cool (like his buddy Pete W). You don’t have to try to be cool, cool just is and they don’t have that quality at all. I wonder what Courtney and the gang truly think of JM and his posing.

  • bet

    Jen is lucky to find extraordnary smart man. while some men are still talking about years years kiss and tell story. love you john.

  • X

    I this john is quite handsome…..idk, there’s something sexy about him. lol. anyway, I agree with him for the first two ones but the others nope…… =)

    why isn’t jen on the list? :p

  • actually

    Why does this warrant its own blog entry? Pete Wentz had a whole bunch of people listed who had interesting top 5′s. The Bermuda Triangle is now officially pushing out into a square.

  • simon

    JJ is this a slow news day? Why this?

  • Jerry

    Mayer is an affected, concieted nitwit
    cannot stomach the douche
    or his b/f Pete Wenuz (lil’ scmo)

  • ems412

    1. Becoming a godmother
    2. Lago di Garda, Italy
    3. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric on True Blood)
    4. True Blood
    5. Robert Pattinson – “Never Think”

  • Penny

    Why is he posting on Pete’s site?

  • sarah

    I’m tired to shallow people who keep saying this and that person are ugly. Look at yourself in the mirror and maybe you’ll see the ugliness of you own soul.

  • me…

    1. Twilight
    2.zanessa <3
    3.Jonas Brothers – a little bit longer
    4.Alexandra Burke- Haleluja (?)

  • Kimmy

    5. The Dark Knight
    4. Shia Labeouf in Indiana Jones & Eagle Eye
    3. Gavin Degraw’s Sophmore album
    2. Robert Pattinson
    1. Anything having to do with Twilight

  • Moo


    Thanks for the link. I think everyone knows that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are probably not soulmates who will be together forever. What is interesting is how ‘into’ the reporter he seems to be. I haven’t seen recent photos of him and Aniston with such amazing body language. A picture really worth 1000 words.

  • zanessa4-life

    Of course:

    2.Zanessa kiss in HSM 3 =))))))
    4.Leona Lewis Spirit
    5.ZANESSA =))))

    Greetings from Germany!!

  • qwerty

    2. Seeing Joe Biden as VP
    3. Larry The Cable Guy’s Christmas Special
    4. Tina Fey on SNL
    5. The Twilight Saga

  • Laura

    2-Robert Pattinson
    5-being a honor roll student

  • amy

    1. Zanessa<3
    2. Barack Obama
    3. 2008 Olympics
    4. U.S Women’s Soccer winning the World Cup
    5. M.I.A and N.E.R.D’s new albums

  • anon

    1. Vanessa and Zac
    2. High School Musical 3
    3. Twilight Saga
    4. Robert Pattinson
    5. Barack Obama

  • mel

    1. Obama
    2. Joe Biden
    3. Jason Lezak beating bernard
    4. Tina Fey on SNL
    5. McCain choosing Palin

  • Jill

    # 5 bet @ 12/28/2008 at 10:20 am
    Jen is lucky to find extraordnary smart man.

    LOL listen at you. She’s so lucky to find a man who peed all over her, dumped her via text message, and humiliated her in front of the entire world. Can’t beat that with a stick.

  • OMG

    John Mayer. . . He should just stick to music.
    Pete Wentz. . . . He should just stick to music.

  • tessla

    Why on earth would anyone put Jennifer Anniston on their top five list. She is not a humanitarian nor has she done anything someone would look up to, unless you put tanning, plastic surgery,spas as the most important things that have a meanining in people’s lives. John Mayer is not stupid but yet he knows she has connections and money although that doesn’t stop him from being “crazy” and getting his space. John can walk all over her and he knows it, just like Brad Pitt did. She wasn’t even in “Marley and Me’ that much, the dog and Owen Wilson had most of the scenes, but this is the kind of movie that will paydirt for her as she is “rachel” all over again, only being upstaged by a dog instead of her “friends.”

  • tamara

    4.twilight saga
    5.robert pattinson

  • Lucy

    5. The Dark Knight
    4. Nick & Mariah lol
    3. The Presidential Race
    2. My new boyfriend
    1. My new puppy that my boyfriend gave me <3

  • Hmmm

    Perhaps this thread should have gone over to Just Jared Jr?

  • jess

    5. facebook
    4. wild salmon
    3. yoga
    2. Amsterdam
    1. Obama

  • zanessa_love

    1. ZANESSA
    2. HSM3
    3. Troyella Kiss in HSM3
    4. nessas b-day xD
    5. zacs b-day xD


  • guest12

    1. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
    2. High School Musical 3
    3. every thing with zac or vanessa !!!!!!

  • ewww


  • ZAnessa4Liive

    !!!! 1 .. Zac Efron
    !!!! 2 .. Zanessa
    !!!! 3 .. Vanessa Hudgens
    !!!! 4 .. Zac + Vanessa = Traumpaar
    !!!! 5 .. Zac iin Love with Vanessa and Vanessa in Love with Zac

    Forever and Longer !!!!!

    Love Zanessa

  • Lori

    I was thinking the same thing, #27. lol Too many Zanessa and Twighlight heads here. Anyway, all this Kings of Leon love is nice, but I really hope they don’t blow up too much. If they become too mainstream, it’s all over. I would hate to see them move to NY/LA, start dating actresses and/or models on a regular basis and being featured on blogs such as this. KOL are too good for that crap. Let the mainstream and B-list celebs keep Fall out Boy and Good Charlotte.

  • Mike

    Look at the effort to give this Douche bag more post. He never gets more than 20 post and all hate post at that. I guess it’s Mayer’s turn for CAA to try to hype up John’s career. After all it’s part of John’s payment for fronting Jen. CAA is taking care of two clients at one time with this fake relationship.

  • sandrita

    1. Twilight Saga
    2. Robert Pattinson
    3. Tina Fey/SNL
    4. Barack Obama
    5. Olympics

  • leanna

    He’s the new Kevin Federline.. his face expression just shows it

  • Suzi

    Why is this news.
    To bad this turd need pr tricks to make his way into TV and music.

  • greg

    Who the he11 cares about what he has to say, he’s just a escort boy.

  • Bevy

    5. Being 1 of the 3 people in NYC without an i-phone…
    4. Coke Zero with orange and green sour patch kids..
    3. Being so lazy that I watch TV and YouTube simultaneously..
    2. Mastering the Soulja Boy dance …youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    1. Reading pere..i mean……

  • Jess

    This ugly Douche bag publicitywhore will use anything to get attention.
    I’m sure CAA has to pre approved all of his blogs.

  • j e t

    I’m sure Wentz and Mayer are great friends. Probably friends with benefits. I mean Mayer kiss Perez and Wentz confessed he was into guys.

  • moi

    5) Wireless internet in lecture theaters
    4) $2 Coffee
    3) Muhgali Curry Corner
    2) Richie McCaw
    1) Foo Fighters live at vector arena!!!!

  • What

    5. Rob Pattinson
    4. Selena Gomez
    3. ZAC
    2. High School Musical 3.
    1. Taylor Swift Fealess.

  • lol

    YOU IDIOTS belive everything you read. That’s the reason magazine sells are booming business. People just like all of you talking trash about John and Jen. When John And Jen got back together he promised he would NEVER talk about her in his blog. And so far he hadn’t ……thank you very much

  • Jess

    The real IDIOTS are the two Douche bag Who res thinking they are fooling the media. These two fakes think they can fake their way to fame with this farce of a relationship instead of real talent. Well I guess they faked that dog movie to the top with that mentally retarded who re stripping her clothes off. I use to think John was genuine but found out he has been fake all the time. I am sure not going to buy his music any more.

  • my list

    1. President elect Obama vistory speech
    2. Losing Presidential candidate Mccains last speech
    3. Seeing Sarah palin cry at the the rally
    4. Watching Joe the insignificant plumber along with tito the language challenged builder go off into the sunset never to be seen again. oh yes, that applies to sarah as well.
    5. Seeing that the Phoenix still rises from the ashes.. congrats Britney!

  • jj

    afyer all, Jen is so much for him…

  • jj

    after… sorry!

  • Carol

    this new album of kings of leon is amazing!

  • luluu

    I used to like John,,,not s much this “new” version. Pete thiks John is the shizz. who cares what pete thinks.