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Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig poses for a photocall for his latest film, Les insurges (English title: Defiance), on Wednesday (January 7) at the Bristol Palace in Paris.

“One of the reasons I think the story is important is because this is very recent history and a lot of the way we look at the world and live in the world is shaped because of that history,” the 40-year-old British actor said. “Stories like this need to be told because it’s not that long ago.”

Craig was accompanied by costar Liev Schreiber and the film’s director, Edward Zwick.

15+ pictures inside of Zwick quick Daniel Craig

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Photos: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty, WENN
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  1. 51
    OMG Says:

    this becomes a spiritual place, post your questions and you get your answers. LOL!
    Will I win in the lottery next week!
    Sense it, pleeeaaazzzze!
    you are really cracking me up! Bless me!!!

  2. 52
    ffs to 50 Says:

    I have a question.

    Will I ever be happy and free of worry?

  3. 53
    to omg Says:

    i sense you will yes and i also sense you will give me half your money…lol

  4. 54
    re: defiance Says:

    Back to the the thread here, I thought there was going to be a red carpet for the French premiere?

    Will there be a red carpet for defiance in NY and LA because I thought there was already one done at the AFI Festival when Liev just turned up?

    Anyone know?

  5. 55
    to 55 Says:

    I think the London was the European Premiere which means no more red carpets for the rest of Europe.

    I’m also confused about the US ones though. Was the AFI a red carpet, I think so but Daniel didn’t turn up so there might be a another “official” US premiere in NY?

    Although the AFI Festival was termed the US premiere, so I don’t know?


  6. 56
    LOL Says:

    If Daniel reads this stuff he is going to hold on to Satsuki even tighter!!!!!!!!

  7. 57
    re : friend Says:

    If there is a “friend’ then she would be better not having details getting out be it through a psychic or whatever. This might ruin any chance of them even getting together.

  8. 58
    psychic Says:

    No. 53
    This is a struggle within yourself.
    Not to worry. You try, but you always find something to worry about.
    Happiness is there, but you do not see it.
    Remember sweetheart, happiness comes from yourself.
    Look inside yourself. You look too much outside, to the world for happiness. But you have everything to be happy.
    Love will come when you are happy with you.
    Happiness attracts happiness.
    Find your beauty, inside, because you have so much inside, and once you find it, you will attract it.
    You worry too much about things you cannot change.
    Remember sweetheart, if you do not like something, change it, but if you cannot change it, change your attitude, with this your worries will begin slip away.

  9. 59
    to 60 Says:


    Am I with the right person? Will I ever be free of the pain I feel?

    I’m lonely within.

  10. 60
    psychic Says:

    No. 59
    I would not worry, for soulmates cannot be kept apart.
    I do not sense that Mr. Craig or Ms. Mitchell visit this site.
    Blessed be to all.
    Beautiful day.

  11. 61
    to 62 Says:

    lol…right, ok. Cheers.

  12. 62
    to 39 Says:

    listen, my grandfather was with allied intelligence during the war with the british. after germany surrendered he and several others had the unqualified joy of going to poland to gather evidence to be used at war crimes trials in nuremberg. he spent 8 weeks there talking to so-called christian poles about what happened to the jews.

    ok, i had dinner with my grandfather and three of these men last night; they all said the same thing. if these men had been allowed to do so; they would have arrested many of these polish individuals and held for trial as war criminals. if poland had allied itself with germany there is no question that would have happened. as for what the russians did to poland; you’ll get no sympathy from my grandfather and/or his three friends. not after what they found in poland.

    as for you said in your post of number 41, i just showed it to my grandfather. his response “same old party line. i didn’t buy it in 1945 and i don’t buy it today.” i’m sorry but poland doesnot come out this one so quickly.

  13. 63
    to 64 Says:

    well why is hollywood and the stars of the film getting away with this?

  14. 64
    to 64 Says:

    No wonder the awards are leaving this alone as much as possible, it’s a veritable pandora’s box.

  15. 65
    64 Says:

    Sorry but you come across as racist.
    Please do not use “poles” as it is degratory.
    And since when is saving your own family a “party line”
    that’s a bunch of crap.
    And it’s curious and interesting that you have a neighbor and now relatives that were involved in war crime trials.
    My goodness, you do have all the connections don’t you.
    I have a feeling that you are jewish, which is fine, but it sounds like your family is resentful that polish families had the audacity to save their own families and not sacrifice them for other jewish families.
    Sorry, but I would without any regret save my own family first.
    Your posts are extremely insensitive for all the polish people who were butchered by Tuvia. I think you should rethink your posts and your compassion.

  16. 66
    to 67 Says:

    Well said #67!

    Why is Tuvia being hailed as a “hero”?

    Please explain this to me.

  17. 67
    sorry Says:

    here are the french prem pics

  18. 68
    pics Says:

  19. 69
    more pics Says:

  20. 70
    wtf? Says:

    what is she wearing?

  21. 71
    68 Says:

    He is a hero because for two years he saved a little over 1,000 polish jewish individuals from the hands of the germans.
    But they left out one little detail. How he butchered christian polish people that told the germans where to find jewish individuals, so their own families would not be slaughtered.
    Tuvia’s own mother and father were executed by the germans, and he regretted not taking them or forcing them to leave with him, and yet he could not understand why christian polish families did not want to sacrifice their own families.
    He basically became racisit toward christian polish people, because they would not scarifice their own lives for the the jewish people.
    Do you think for one minute that Tuvia would have given his brothers and family up for execution if the shoe was ont he other foot. Hell no!

  22. 72
    OMG Says:

    The dog has the worst style I have EVER SEEN. Does she have absolutely no fuchin taste or what!!!!!!!!
    She looks like a clown from Circus So Le (SP?)
    No, wait, I know what she looks like, a fuchin poodle. She stole some poor poodles coat LOL LOL

  23. 73
    more pics Says:

  24. 74
    more pics Says:

  25. 75
    Ring Says:

    Look at the picture where he’s holding her hand, or letting go of her hand, I don’t see the ring at all!!!!

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