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Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Daniel Craig poses for a photocall for his latest film, Les insurges (English title: Defiance), on Wednesday (January 7) at the Bristol Palace in Paris.

“One of the reasons I think the story is important is because this is very recent history and a lot of the way we look at the world and live in the world is shaped because of that history,” the 40-year-old British actor said. “Stories like this need to be told because it’s not that long ago.”

Craig was accompanied by costar Liev Schreiber and the film’s director, Edward Zwick.

15+ pictures inside of Zwick quick Daniel Craig

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Photos: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty, WENN
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    re: 113

    about krista @ 01/07/2009 at 6:04 pm I think Krista Daley is still an active poster. She just does not use her name. You know her post when u read it. Very distinct style of writing I think


    Yes we know. ;)

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    Wow, this is funny. I just came on board and see what’s going on.
    First, the psychic sounds kind of cool, too bad she was run off, but I see a lot of people are run off this board.
    Anyhoo, I’m a friend of Krista’s, I post regularly and never mention her but I see people are accusing everyone of being Krista. LOL
    I’ll have to pass that onto her, it’ll definitely give her a good laugh.
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    i honestly don’t believe what i’m reading here. this is a movie people, based on real life, but still a movie. it happened over 60 years ago. long before you or i was born. i wasn’t in that war; all those who were are either dead or elderly people. if you feel the need to protest this film then you have the right to do so.

    but can we all agree that millions of people died on all sides. german, russian, american, british, canadian etc soldiers died. men, women, children in poland, france, germany, russia, latvia, estonia, the ukraine and other areas germany invaded also died by the millions. for every horrible atrocity you can point to that happened in poland i’d be willing to bet that other people could point to atrociities in other countries as well.

    do i have compassion for the people who died in poland. yes. i also have compassion for the people who died elsewhere as well, even in germany. you can argue back and forth over who suffered the most; but what’s the point?? the people who died are long buried and they are not coming back. what we can do is learn from the past and get along with each other today. we can disagree with each other without getting nasty about it. if what i’ve said doesn’t make sense i’m sorry. it’s what i feel.