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Victoria Beckham Sports Faux Fur

Victoria Beckham Sports Faux Fur

Victoria Beckham sports a stylish faux fur coat and a Loewe “Calle” ostrich handbag as she catches a departing flight out of an airport in Milan, Italy on Thursday (January 22).

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old former Spice Girl (in her own design) and her hottie husband David attended the “My Sky HD Wears Fendi” cocktail party as part of Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 Menswear. The couple spent lots of quality time with Franca Sozzani, the Italian editor of Vogue.

10+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham sporting faux fur…

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victoria beckham faux fur 01
victoria beckham faux fur 02
victoria beckham faux fur 03
victoria beckham faux fur 04
victoria beckham faux fur 05
victoria beckham faux fur 06
victoria beckham faux fur 07
victoria beckham faux fur 08
victoria beckham faux fur 09
victoria beckham faux fur 10
victoria beckham faux fur 11
victoria beckham faux fur 12
victoria beckham faux fur 13
victoria beckham faux fur 14
victoria beckham faux fur 15

Credit: Olycom, Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Venturelli/WireImage
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  • thats_right

    they look great but she needs to eat something and let go off the faux fur lol

  • Andrea

    She’s amazing!!


    she is one ugly woman – her dresses are all the same with big zips down the back designed, by the way, by someone else –

    This couple are so self centred – where are their kids??? how much time does this woman spend with them, I mean QUALITY TIME, not shopping, photo opportunities, etc etc.

    Americans wake up to them for heavens sake, they are interested in one thing and one thing only – MAKING LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY

  • Not impressed by JA

    I like her outfit but she should stop with those poses. It’s getting ridiculous !

  • JAe

    CATHY – do you not have a life? every beckham post you repeat the same old crap. do yourself a favour and get over it. move on love and find your self an actual life, because its pretty sad.

  • lee

    Does this woman ever, ever take a natural photo??? Sick to death of seeing, hearing about this overhyped, non talented duo – give it a rest

  • cathy

    As we live in a democratic society, well I hope we do, I have a right to my likes and dislikes and my right to air them, and i totally dislike the beckhams because they show the worst side of being a “celebrity” – and as the saying goes, I might not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it, or words to that effect — end of story

  • booboo

    JAe – I happen to agree with cathy – wots your problem, only you allowed to say anything

  • Holly

    i love her red outfit !!so hot and elegant!

  • depeche

    Her dresses are only for VERY VERY thin women with no curves. Ugly.

  • susan

    she looking ridiculous lately

  • mili

    Shes vile. Hes hot.

  • natash

    she looks amzing
    i love her ……..

  • brie2009

    Im glad thats faux fur cause if it were real I would have said something different in a very negative way.

    Victoria actually has a great smile, I saw a picture of her somewhere where she is smiling but she doesn’t show it which is sad. Cause the poses and the serious face in the pictures are kinda old.

  • naomi

    is that faux fur?? I like her more now!!!. Other celebrities should learn from Victoria, and stop the cruelty that animals have to suffer :(

  • Sonia Wu

    You have to say Victoria exudes self-confidence more than professional models.
    And…she’s very bold to challenge the status quo.

    And I will say this, just because there’s no or way few pix of her and the kids, doesn’t mean they don’t spend time with their children. Likewise, just because you see Suri paraded by her Homely mother day in day out, doesn’t mean they actually spend quality time together either.

  • kelly

    Jae is right that CATHY is an absolute psycho! shes always one of the first to post on a victoria beckham thread and its always the same stuff, her ranting on about how awful the beckhams are. i suppose it is quite funny but she just sounds like a fool.

  • anon

    how do you know that’s fake…that looks like real fur to me

  • getreal

    I am a fur wearer. I know what fur looks like and what faux looks like this is not the first time I have seen pics of her wearing real fur pretending it is faux. That is red fox fur it is real I saw pictures of her wearing a mink chubby and telling paps it was faux.

  • getreal

    And she is carrying an ostrich purse so all of you animals rights people who applaud her in every picture she is wearing leather or python or some other animal skin. I think it is hypocritical when people make an issue with fur but not leather or other animal skins. How many people are pictured wearing leather on this site yet no one comments on that. I thought cows were animals?

  • Zoe Moon

    She looks fabulous, I wish I could wear six inch heels. She knows how to work it. As usual David, drop dead gorgeous.

  • Blair

    She looks absolutely stunning and so does David. I just don’t understand how there can be so much hate when we don’t even know what this couple is really like. It’s ok to dislike someone but to write mean, rude comments that are just presumptions is just sad.
    I love her dress and may I say she looks great in red.
    I had to get one of her dresses because they are just so chic and they look great. There aren’t many designs like it out there.
    About the coat. It is faux fur. I worked at a shop that worked with faux fur and if you take a closer detailed look, you’ll see it’s fake. Plus I was reading about Victoria and she does support PETA.
    Just because you don’t like her don’t make stuff up!

  • lalalove

    She’s so fashionable! I always admire her style!

  • yak yak yak

    she is super ugly…WHat do people see in her…wow!

  • Liz

    Why do people spend their time with so much negativity! No wonder the world is in chaos.
    Aw…everytime I see Victoria it makes me smile. No matter what she does people always have something to say. And you know what, she doesn’t care. She’s really having a laugh at all of you and she’s still making millions whether we like it or not.
    I love the 3rd picture. She looks so pretty and her boobs look normal.

  • Carol

    She’s lovely. Whoever say they are superficial have no idea what their saying. If it weren’t for them I have no idea what would have happened to my cousin tilly. She suffers from muscular atrophy disease and the Beckhams were the first ones that took notice of her and helped her. They have a charity that is very personal to them and they don’t show it off to the whole world because there’s no need to prove to anyone your kindness.
    These days many have heard of Tilly and she was lucky to win the Pride of Britain Awards last year for her courage but the whole family is very thankful and forever grateful for the Beckhams and their generosity.
    Do a little research before you assume something about anyone. You’d be surprised at how helping they are and they never brag about that.
    Don’t care about what people say about them. But I will defend them when people jump to conclusions and call them ‘fame-hungry-only-think-about-ourselves’ because that’s not what they are to our family.

  • mitk

    WOW i used to hate her, but THANKS TO THAT FAUX FUR I’M CHANGING MY MIND ;)



    That is NOT a coat, its a jacket, and a VERY fabulous one at that.Dont care if its real of fake, its a perfect kick for her outfit, she is just amazing.And the fact Sozzani is her friend shows how respected she has become in the fashion world.

  • natash

    she looks amazing

    i love her

  • * VICTORIA *

    YEAH, ” CAROL ” AND ” LIZ ” AND ” BLAIR “…..
    There is so much hate on these site’s, that it is appalling…..The worse one, is the bashing of Katie and Suri Cruise…..If you don’t live with someone OR work for someone, you really have no idea WHAT goes on behind closed doors…….YES, ALL opinion’s are welcomed and you have the right, of course, but outright hatefulness is terrible…
    I have been guilty in the past of doing the same thing ( hateful posting )……Until, I visited St. Judes Childrens Hospital ( again )…My late son was a patient there for 6 years…..A nurse friend that still works there, told me that Tom Cruise is one of their many and biggest supporters, sending money and toys and free tickets to different events, plus visiting often with Katie and Suri and Bella and Connor…..They fly in, aboard a private jet, with no publicity, and take hundred’s of pictures with everyone for hours….Even eating in the cafeteria with the patients and their parents, and spending time on the patient floors….Once he even laid in the bed next to a very sick young lady and held her, and as they watched an entire movie…..The nurse said it had everyone in tears….
    David and Victoria have also visited and bring their boys, who sit on the floor and play with children and color with them….
    So, I no longer hate Tom OR Victoria, because of their kind efforts….and these were NOT one-time visits either…….Especially for the Cruises !!..Lets not be quick to judge either of them…

  • Heh

    I love Mr.B`s new haircut. Actually – the fact that he has hair at all:) He looks way better with hair than without:)

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty nice in the red dress, the only thing bad about it is that ugly ass zipper
    i dont get y ppl like furs, the r ugly as shit
    it’s not even about the animals, since i dont really care if they r killed for thier fur but it’s just so ugly
    her hair looks very cute in those fur photos tho

  • getreal

    So Blair how does PETA feel about Ostrich and Python bags both of which she is photographed in. She has said her favorite shoe designer is christian louboutin (she is almost always photographed wearing his shoes exclusively) his shoes are LEATHER and sometimes snake I wear his shoes myself and about 5% of his shoes non-animal products. And I live in LA I have seen Victoria Beckham with her kids at Century City mall 3 times and she always works animal skin I love her style. I work in the entertainment biz her publicist tells people it is faux and gullible people like you believe it. Don’t be a hypocrite if fur is wrong so is leather and ostrich and you will find maybe one picture of her in 100 where she is not wearing some form of animal. PETA my a**. Like most PETA people you are full of sh*t. All lose people on those billboards I see them in LA wearing leather

  • Katie

    #3 CATHY, #7 cathy :
    Yes, you can express your likes and dislikes. For every post about VB, you will take time to post lengthy garbage and lies. Take your own words and apply them in your own life – spend QUALITY TIME with your kids and family. You don’t practice what you say , you are hollow, empty.

  • ASH

    ugh peta~!!!!!!!!!!

    poor ass animal smh shes wack


    For fuck sake would these two fame whores piss off. Can’t believe americans fell for their brand of crap. What the hell is she besides a skeleton? She’s not even a good role model for women. She’s emaciated , dumb and took a cheating idiot back as she didn’t want to ruin Brand Beckham. He needs to go learn how to speak like a man not a mouse. He was always overated as a football player. Can’t stand them

  • mimilala

    wow…she’s actually looking good here. i love the headband look..very cute.

    also, her skin looks so much better lately!

  • blossomendrot

    Hey, Getreal, we are wise to the “if leather, fur too” justification argument. Fur is harvested by ANAL ELECTROCUTION. I have seen it being done to a silver fox (DOG FAMILY) at a fur farm. The animal screamed in agony for an interminable amount of time; and the carcass was thrown away. No use was made of it for food. At least with cows and ostrich it becomes a part of the food chain.

  • getreal

    Using an animals skin is either wrong or it isnt. I have seen in a PETA video how horribly cows are slaughter for leather.I am not an animal rights person although I have 3 dogs I eat meat and wear fur (i love fox). But don’t give my that food chain bs it is either wrong or it is’nt.

  • thoughts….

    #30: So sorry about your boy- no parent should have to endure the passing on one’s child.

    Although you are entitled to your opinion(s) on certain “celebs”- yes, the Cruises and the Beckhams’ “may” do their part for charities, but that does not in of itself make them “good” people. I have no opinion on the Cruise’s except to think that they are pretty “out there” in their priorities, philosophies, lifestlye, etc… The Beckhams’ come across to me in my opinion as extremely self-centered, greedy, shallow, arrogant and very, very materialistic. PPl. who know and understand the COST of everything but the VALUE of nothing. Just my opinion… we are all free to express our own thoughts….

  • smartypants

    LOL. You guys are buying a load of b/s from V.B. That fur is most definitely real fox fur. Mrs. Beckham has been seen in various real furs as well. Oh, she may wear the fake stuff from time to time, but many of the furs she wears, I guarantee, are 100% real fur. Celebrities often claim to be wearing fake fur just to get PETA off their backs (no pun intended). While modern technology has improved the look of fake fur, it cannot duplicate it. The fur in these photos is real. Personally, I have nothing against the real stuff. I think the anti-fur arguments are overblown and not rooted in reality. Animals die horrible deaths in the wild every day, most often when humans have nothing to do with it. Plus, fake fur is not environmentally friendly. Real fur is natural, renewable, biodegradeable, etc. A good fur coat can last a lifetime, long after the animals would have beend dead and gone anyway. Think about it, if instead of buying new coats all the time, everyone just bought a fur and wore it for 20 years or so, we’d all be better off. We’d use fewer resources with less waste and we’d stay warm! Just don’t be taken in by celebrities who are trying to be politically correct by telling you they’re wearing fake fur, even while they’re carrying $10,000 alligator skin handbags! Don’t be so naive, people.

  • Sammi

    Once a WAG always a WAG (sorreee but thats the way it is) The band is to cover her bald bits……..

  • selma

    this is hideous.
    even if it’s faux, fur shouldn’t be a fashionitem.

  • smartypants

    selma: everyone is entirled to their opinion. Saying that “fur shouldn’t be a fashion item” is just your opinion, nothing more.

  • ew

    her poses are LAME! she looks like a fuddy duddy. david looks at her like she’s a bafoon!

  • Indie IS the business

    There is something that I REALLY don’t get about people hating Victoria’s weight or lack of it or whatever. She has ALWAYS been this size… dating back to the spice girls she has always been thin. Its not like she was like Beyonce sized n then suddenly dropped to her current size or something as radical so Ii totally don’t get it… AND people have been insisting that she doesn’t eat etc for YEAAARRS now. SO if u r right n the girl doesn’t eat I can assure u that she would b dead by now. Just the way some people r built to b big boned BELIEVE IT OR NOT but some people r built to be skinny… SECONDLY to the people who rate that they aren’t talented well TRUST me u wudn’t know them if they weren’t… FYI bekham is a BLOODY AMAZING footbal player! he got scouted to play for Manchester united wen he was like really little… AND the spice girls were the biggest thing ever… there was no little girl in all of the world who did not grow up listening to their songs n buying their merchandise etc… I mean for heavens sake wen they had their world tour thingy tickets sold out like instantly!! plus wen hv u ever seen a scandalous photo of Victoria dancing on a table? Or not wearing any nickers or whatever it is that the usual thing that ‘real’ celebrities do… Victoria is gorgeous… and if u dont agree then y rnt YOU the model for amarni n nt victoria?! Americans seriously need to get lives… i c all ur comments on youtube n on these photos n stuff n all u do is say the most negative thngs as if ur better… bt all u r r insecure freak shows that hide in the privacy of their homes in front of their little computers n make up for their own inadequacies by hating on other ppl… n if she is so revolting n u hate her so much then wat r u doing lookng at her pictures?! n y r u leavng comments?!

  • Kelly

    Numerous articles have been praising Victoria for wearing faux fur recently when it is blindingly obvious that this is red fox. Victoria Beckham is looking more glamorous and elegant than ever and long may she continue to wear real fur.

  • gLYNIS

    Victoria Beckham looks amazingly sexy wrapped in beautiful fox furs.

  • Truth
  • aaa

    She`s amazing in this fur