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Tom Cruise Rules In Russia

Tom Cruise Rules In Russia

Tom Cruise poses with fans and signs autographs at the premiere of Valkyrie on Monday (January 26) in Moscow.

The 46-year-old actor flew into Moscow on a private jet Sunday and stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, with a view of the Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre and the History Museum. At a news conference, Cruise said he could not sleep because he wanted to look out the window all the time.

Cruise also said at the news conference that he has always had a childhood dream of visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg some day. “I’ve always dreamed of coming to Moscow, St. Petersburg,” he said.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise ruling in Russia…

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tom cruise moscow valkyrie premiere 02
tom cruise moscow valkyrie premiere 03
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  • pinkylilie

    Waoh!!!He’ s really handsome!!!!I can’t believe he is 46 years old!!!Man of my dream…


    I saw Valkyrie today and Tom was actually really great. I’m not usually his biggest fan but I have to be honest he was great!!!!!!!! Hes looking amazing for a man of 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    I was watching Vanilla Sky recently… He is SUPER!!! , very talented.

    I can’t wait to watch Valkyrie

  • gerard Vandenberg

    anyway I’m glad this”ABANDONED DWARF” is in his home-country NOT DONE!!
    ………………………………………………………thanks, folks.

  • ellie

    wow are you hot, so good looking.

  • sasha

    Something looks a bit off about him….can’t put my finger on it.

  • dido

    hot and sexy,forever young

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    tom cruise rules the world.

  • dildo

    hot and sexy,forever young

  • barney

    #8, only because Xenu lets him.

  • elena

    …very-very good.
    I from Russia and I very happy what Tom visited us!
    “Thank you, Tom!”

  • http://77 gigi

    boy, he looks like a real movie star in every sense of the word. never passes up fans, (saw that 1st hand in nyc, he was a real nice guy!) and he always, always, looks fantastic! Never see him looking dirty or like he needs a bath! And since he lost that weight he put on, his face is chisled, and he changed his hair, no bangs, (thank god).. So all in all, he is looking great, can’t get enough of him or his lovely wife.,and of cause SURI!

  • http://77 Diandra

    # 12 when He was making this movie, I read in the New York Post (page Six), how he sent a helicopter to a girls house (someone from this movie, unknown) because she told him she never flew in one, he said “well your flying in one tonight!” and the trip included her parents, they were shocked and said what I have always thought about Tom, extremely generous, and goes out of his way to please. That’s a good guy, money and all, in my book! And she let this story out, not Tom.

  • http://77 sam

    NOW where are all the whackos who posted every day “enough of Suri, ” E”nough Of Katie/Tom” and better “She’s pimping the kid”, talk about Jerks! Oh so she should have always stood in and kept the kid in too right? yet these same posters can’t get enough of the brangelina family who prefer FRANCE, (that says it all!!)
    As I posted then, this was because they were living in NYC and she stepped out of their bldg and of cause all the press waited daily for her, them. Ny living isn’t like CAL living, ok? Now that they left, are you all satisifed? I for one, miss the daily sightings of that little angel, and her mom!

  • chloe

    Does he not ever just get tired of himself? What is he trying to prove? He can’t do anything without begging for attention.

  • Russian girl

    Oh, I’m from St. Petersburg and saw him on our main TV channel yesterday))

  • prcampaign

    scientology infestation alert!

  • katien

    He looks gorgeous on the second photos. But I think he needs a better fitting suit. This is too tight…

  • uh oh…

    He looks ready to burst out of that suit and transform into a werewolf or something.

  • Harley

    Heeza douche!

  • uh oh…

    He’s a wild weredouche!

  • outrageous

    Good gosh…has he got too many layers on under that jacket or what?

    He and his idiot wife need some fashion lessons 101.

    Katie NEEDS A BOOB JOB, Tom!! Please make her get those saggy things replaced when you get back to the U.S.

    I’ll bet Tom is fuming because Katie embarrassed him with her sleezy appearance at the SAG awards.

    She continues to ruin him and he does NOTHING!!!

  • dianel

    Tom is my idol love him and his family

  • Susie

    His suit is poorly made and it’s obvious that it doesn’t fit him. The t-neck under the shirt is very 80s. His hair needs washing, and he looks like he has a drinker’s nose. Everything about him is OFF.

  • Susie

    His suit is poorly made and it’s obvious that it doesn’t fit him. The t-neck under the shirt is very 80s. His hair needs washing, and he looks like he has a drinker’s nose. Everything about him is OFF.

  • yulia

    #22 Hey, it’s really cold in Russia now, and he’s just in a suit. It’s sooo obvious why he wore a sweater with it.

  • RM

    A lot of bad things can be said of Tom Cruise, and most are probably true. But he is always enormously friendly and generous towards his fans. Always takes time for a little chat, a signature of a picture. Most A-listers could and should follow him his approach in this aspect.

  • Chloe

    Oh, stop it, RM, Tom isn’t the only one that takes time for his fans. Nobody needs to follow his desperate example. He is a fame-bot who must be liked or he’ll fall apart, i.e., the desperate measures he has taken in the past year so people will come see his films. THAT’S what it’s about.

  • queenoftrashin

    Tom Cruise wears the most ill-fitting, cheap-looking crap.

  • outrageous

    #27 – Don’t be so naive. The reason he is so nice is because he wants his fans to go see his movies so he can be famous and make gazillions. He doesn’t give a crap about his fans. He’s looking out for Tom.

  • Free suri

    Nice lipstick, Tammy.

  • very interesting

    This from Fox News’ Roger Friedman:

    Katie Holmes Snags Plum Job

    Never underestimate the power of Tom Cruise, or for that matter Creative Artists Agency.

    How else do you explain Katie Holmes, of all people, getting the plum task last night of presenting the Best Actor Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

    Holmes is, at best, a TV actress. She doesn’t come from movies, and has never won any awards — never nominated for a SAG or even an Emmy for Dawson’s Creek. Not even a Golden Globe nomination. Consider that right there on the premises SAG could have chosen from any number of better suited candidates, starting with two time Oscar winner Sally Field? Or how about asking Kate Winslet, nominated for two awards last night — and the winner of one?

    Not that I don’t like Katie Holmes, but really: wishing her into a movie star won’t make it so, at least not this way.

  • Sonia Wu

    TommyGURL’s beard gets more comments on her sagging boobs and unbecoming gig at the ceremony than the midget’s Russian premier.

  • itstruagain

    Russia – I always wanted to go to Moscow. Germany – I always wanted to kill Hitler. Gee, what a guy!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol he looks stupid
    he looks like he is trying to act like a tough guy in some pics
    dumb alien believing idiot

  • All i can say

    All I can say is he looks GAY AS SHIT here. Take the sissy scarf (or whatever that shit is under your shirt ) off.

    What’s he practicing for? A spot on “The Bachelor”?

  • myob

    RE: “The Drinker’s Nose”

    Tom Cruise does not drink alcohol.

    Maybe his nose is red because he’s in RUSSIA in JANUARY and it is FREEZING outside?

    Like, duh….

  • mi

    Tom alwasy looks incredibly sexy no matter what you jealous posters say. He’s looking hotter than ever. His personality is just icing on the cake. Yum, yum.

  • edsondillonfan

    Tomkat critics = patriotic and classy like Audrey Hepburn

    tom cruise = pinhead with Satan-embraced soul

  • Greeg

    Some pics of Tom in the hotel in Moscow


    Is just me or he lost a few pounds?.(it can be seen on his face)

  • violettatone40-RU

    Shakespeare of now days! Terrific man. OMG, He’s very passionate about what he does. I can’t belive he stayed with all of his fans, signing autographs while he was freezing! Look at his nose! It’s red almost on every photo! People had caught flu being there in winter(!) clothing – that’s how cold it was! I’m tellin’ you! So much respect for him! It ment alot for us. There are many people who are very grateful!

  • http://yahoo Elias

    where is Tom Cruise? I want to see him