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Jessica Alba Is Sweet On Sweden

Jessica Alba Is Sweet On Sweden

Jessica Alba finishes up her singing and acting lessons on Tuesday (January 27) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress took to her MySpace blog to defend herself after making comments when she asked a reporter what characteristic he liked most about new U.S. President Barack Obama. When he refused to answer on the basis that he was a journalist, she joked, “That’s it, be neutral. Be Sweden about it.”

Politically commentator Bill O’Reilly and TMZ then both made fun of Alba, insisting she meant Switzerland, not Sweden.

Alba then responded, “Last week, Mr. Bill O’Reilly and some really classy sites (i.e.TMZ) insinuated I was dumb by claiming Sweden was a neutral country. I appreciate the fact that he is a news anchor and that gossip sites are inundated with intelligent reporting, but seriously people…it’s so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland.” Alba then referenced Wikipedia to support her claim.

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  • hiii

    sweden was/is indeed a neutral country!

  • Angelina

    You know she totally ran home and checked Wikipedia and breathed a huge sign of relief that she was kind of right after all. We know you are stupid Jessica, no matter what you say.

  • hmmm….

    wiki – not exactly the last gasp in accuracy! she needs a better PR team.

  • S

    If Sweden isn’t was/a neutral country, then what was/is the country that I live in? : )
    One thing that I was thinking about is that when I was in the usa, and if somebody asked where I was from, I said Sweden and they were like “ohhh Switzerland!” Haha, I don’t have any words for that.. how stupid.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    sweet, you naive americans?
    SWEDEN & SWITSERLAND own her money, folks!!
    (that’s the real reason)

  • Molly

    Jessica Alba needs to be seen and not heard. That goes for her acting as well. Just stand there and look pretty Jessica, no need to screw it up by opening your mouth.

  • Sweden

    Sweden is a neutral country and the country in the world with the longest on-going peace!!

  • mju8

    lol #2 so right! i bet that’s exactly what she did hhaha.

    give it up already, jessica! you’re never going to convince the world you’re an intelligent serious actress

  • SS

    #2 That is the first thing that popped into my mind. First, when most people make that cliche of a statement, they do reference Switzerland since they are known for their neutral stance. Especially during WWII.

    Second, wikipedia…really? You are going to quote a site where any one can contribute information. Regardless of the truth of the matter (Sweden is actually being neutral), we all know that is SO not what she meant.

    Plus, who says A-Hole? Then laughs and giggles. Get an original thought, Alba. Or just a thought. Period.

  • teamalba

    Jessica is right, Sweden is a politically neutal country! I got that from an actual encylopedia!

  • teamalba

    Jessica is right, Sweden is a politically neutal country! I got that from an actual encylopedia!

  • Olivia

    I like her but she should just shut the f*ck up. It’s so obvious that she made a mistake.

  • Angelina

    Sometimes you look at someone and just know they got to be famous by a freaking lucky break.


    She has a right to her opinion (which, by the way she was correct) just like everyone here does. Because some of you don’t like her doesn’t mean she’s stupid. I’m so glad she called Bill O’Reilly an ‘A-Hole’, which by the way alot of people still use the word ‘A-Hole’. Good for her!

    Angelina: That’s most of Hollywood darlin. Lana Turner, the wonderful blonde actress was discovered at a Soda Fountain. LUCK is what Hollywood is ALL about.

  • mattchew

    Even if she really meant to say Sweden, which I doubt, it was a very poor example as Switzerland is the arch-typical neutral nation that people refer to in popular culture.

  • ignorant people everywhere

    I love how some people think Americans are naive or stupid .I’ve lived in Europe for over 10 years and heard some of most ignorant things from them.FYI there are ignorant people everywhere!

  • Rita

    Oh god, doesn’t matter how pretty she is, I find her more and more annoying.. no wonder numerous gossip sites report her as a FEMALE DOUCHE. I’m no Bush fan, but when the reporter asked for her last words to George W. Bush, she said ‘GOOD BYE’. Like wtf? She’s so snobby, so full of herself, such a douche!!!

  • Tealeaf

    I don’t care if she got Sweden right, She has a inflated ego…I hope she wins a razzie award

  • whatever, yo


    Anyone can go in there and change it, that’s why most college professors ban the site from being a source!!

    Aye yi yi…

  • bejeebus

    that’s not the whole story! check out d-listed for the entire thing. tmz gives alba the FINAL smackdown! yea!

  • Carrie

    Ha, Ha…I know I’m right it says so on Wikipedia. Her comment just goes to show how stupid this bi*ch really is.

  • Rosenni samson

    my school professor bans student from using wiki as site in any papers!!!

  • mieke
  • Chelsea

    WOW! she is really stupid.

  • natalie

    She’s right you know. I was born and raised in Sweden (my dad is Swedish) and they take great pride in the fact that they have been neutral in both world wars – 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. So kudos to Alba for that one!

    (Btw, countries like Belgium were officially neutral during WW2 as well, Switzerland wasn’t the only one!)

  • Jughed

    I don’t know who is right, Alba or O’Reilly…


    Everyone has heard that expression before, and it’s kind of a popular idea that Sweden generally stays out of wars and conflict and instead focuses on producing affordable furniture, cheesy pop music, and death metal

    p.s. Jessica can correct ME anytime :)

  • You/Me

    Please, Jessica thought she f*cked up, otherwise she wouldn’t have bothered going home and checking her facts (through Wikipedia,lol) then posting them on the net for everyone to see. She meant Switzerland, doesn’t matter that Sweden is a neutral country, the fact is she meant to say Switzerland then panicked when the reporter called her on it. And really, why did she even mention WWII? What the f*ck does that have to do with anything???

  • lola

    she’s ignorant, silly and bitchy, why did she have to say that?

  • anna andersson

    I live in Sweden and its the most neutral country in the world, it has leading negociators because sweden have a very neutral standpoint in every questions

  • Sadie

    Congratulations, Jessica. Your little rant just proved you are a complete idiot. If you’re so incredibly intelligent, why don’t you go on O’Reilly’s show and debate him and prove him wrong. Now that would be hilarious.

  • inominedei

    sure, Sweden could be categorized under ‘neutral countries’ be it back then or now… but the country that is the synonym of “neutral” is “Switzerland”. She made a mistake, I think it would have been more appreciated had she just laughed about it and let it go… “oops I made a mistake, oh well… I’m a Hollywood starlet after all.” I would’ve applauded her then.

  • christii

    ok so she may have gotten it right but wikipedia for a resource


  • deka

    she should just stop talking

  • marie

    It’s great that Sweden is known for being neutral, but most american’s don’t know that. I doubt very much Alba knows information that most American’s don’t considering she’s usually an ignornat fool on most other things.

    She’s entitled to her opinion, but the ego has got to go. And calling O’Reilly an idiot is stupid because, like him or his opinions or not, he’s far more intelligent and educated than she is.

  • kim

    It’s easy to make fun of someone and assume they’re stupid when you’re not them. Jessica is a pretty actress but do you want her to just look pretty and not have an opinion? So the person you should make a statement about is the double face journalist who’s able to ask personal questions from everyone else but he doesn’t have to answer a personal questions himself. Hmmmm…how unfair do you think that is? Besides, would you rather defend Bill O’Reilly?!

  • kajsa

    actually. sweden was officially neutral during ww2 but we actually helped the germans. we let them pass thorugh sweden during the war. so we weren´t all neutral. its not someting you hear alot about but its true. they teach you that in school here, so, just wanna set the record straight! cause im swedish.

  • marie

    Well, a journalist is paid to ask questions, not answer them…….

    She’d come off a lot better just owning up she meant switzerland, but a happy mistake made her still right. She seems completely unaware of how unlikeable she’s coming across.

    And I’d defend Bill O’Reilly’s intelligence anyday. You may not like the guy, but he’s smart. A hell of a lot smarter than Alba who takes herself way too seriously.

    Actually, I keep hearing about what a bitch she is from multiple people and sources, so her calling anyone an asshole is the pot calling the kettle black.

  • moms

    honestly folks…she had a point nd it was pretty nice joke….i ll use it from now on….Sweden has ALWAYS been neutral…in many cases !!!

  • Billo

    I like her better when she keeps her mouth shut. Perhaps, this is the reason why her husband is always fighting the paps off so nobody could find out how stupid she really is once she speaks.

    There is nothing honorable about remaining a neutral country when other nations are fighting to keep peace and freedom in this world. TMZ has put on their site: After the war, Winston Churchill referred to Sweden as “that small, coward country.”

    I would love to see her have a debate with BIll OReilly or George Bush where she can’t check her wikipedia. seriously, I’m sick of hollywood talking politics. What the hell do they know about the needs of an American while living in their millions $ home off the cliffs of Malibu and dining in the finest restaurants on the hills Jessica Alba can take her neutral flag and shove it up her skanky ASS.

  • M

    The ignorance of some of the comments are staggering. Sweden declared its neutrality years before Switzerland. Swiss banks readily accepted monies and properties from the Nazis. Perhaps Ms. Alba selected Wikipedia because the attention span of the average human is equivalent to that of a fruit fly and knew that was all some people could handle. For those of you who can focus for more than 30 seconds please read:

    Education is your friend. Don’t be afraid of it and don’t knock someone for trying to attain knowledge. Just stunning.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love jessica but she honestly needs to shut up
    her hotness decreases everytime she talks about politics
    ohh yah, she looked cute, love how she matches especially her scarf
    and why is she getting signing lessons, i understand the acting ones but singing?
    plz jessica dont start singing =[
    love u tho!

  • ally

    feel sorry for that husband of hers…just like us, he wishes that she would not open her mouth and just smile and look cute…the backlash has started and by her fighting back makes things even worse for her part…all of us know how stupid you are jessica…u totally wanted to say “switzerland” but made a mistake, which is ok…just own up to it and don’t give us a bs explanation..u lucked out this time but the damage is done…u r gonna be in tom cruise’s shoes with how u are acting right now…take it easy and go away for 10 years

  • ally

    oh and look at her…r we supposed to take u seriously and view you as an intellegent person when u r wearing those ridiculous sunglasses? give us a break…u r not a trendsetter with that f up bangs of yours and your fashion sense….u r sweating it right now with all the backlash and the fact that the scripts have stopped coming in…she turned down a movie because they did not want to pay her $3 million…the suprising thing is how producers actually pay her that amount…give us a break jessica and live in the real world with the rest of us….

  • jjsux

    Dumb Bitch! Everyone knows Switzerland and neutrality are synonmymous. That’s not what she meant and she’s now trying to act like she meant to say that… get over yourself and admit that’s what you meant to say!

  • beck

    why can’t she have a voice , she got it right didn’t she, if it was a male celeb it wud b all nodding and agreeing.

  • tRUTH


  • alexander77

    Not sure why people are attacking her. So what if you think she is snobby and full of herself. Basically she tries to mind her own business and you never heard stories of her being drunk and wild. But she is allowed to have a voice just like everyone of us responding to this is.

    Bill O’Reilly is very negative. People who listen to him and think he is a great journalist have small and probably very small and prejudice minds and beliefs. He sits behind a desk and attacks people and issues that aren’t doing anybody any good. This man is a fraud and has found an avenue and forum to make himself a name and get rich. He and Rush Limbaugh are both frauds and I think it’s amusing that people put stock in what they say. Very scary! They are in for the controversy and for the money not for informative journalism.

  • kay

    wow. wikipedia? seriously i’m guessing she didnt study research in college.. oh wait, did she even go to college? what an idiot.. citing wikipedia as a credible and evidence based source.. LOSER

  • Naty

    No offense but Wikipedia is not a reliable source, Jessica, if you wanted to make your point across you should of sited history books, certified websites, but NEVER Wikipedia.

  • sam

    First off, Sweden has been neutral in major wars but not in all conflicts, an example would be that Sweden is right now in Afghanistan even though they are not in NATO and in the 1980′s they signed a defense pact with America, Switzerland on the other hand has not participated in any conflicts besides UN peace keeping which involves shooting only in defense but no offense, so she really would have made more sense to use Switzerland and not Sweden and using Sweden being neutral in WW2 doesn’t make her look any less arrogate or full of her own self importance, because there were dozens of countries in Europe and around the world that stayed neutral in WW1 and WW2 and no one looks at them as neutral in all conflicts as they do with Switzerland.