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Honor Marie Hits Up Hollywood

Honor Marie Hits Up Hollywood

Jessica Alba carries her daughter Honor Marie to the car after visiting Oscar Generale’s fashion showroom on Wednesday (February 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress covers the March 2009 issue of Elle, and dished on how she was able to get back into shape after giving birth to Honor Marie. “I did it for the Campari job. [The workouts] were horrible. I cried. And I haven’t worked out since,” she said.

Alba also discussed why she chose Honor as her daughter’s name. “It’s weird; your name can really shape who you are. When I was born, my name was supposed to be Farrah Dawn. My mother looked like Farrah Fawcett, so she thought her daughter would, too. When I came out dark, my father had to scratch it off the birth certificate.”

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  • nil


  • someone

    Honor is getting cuter. I must confess I think she looks too much like her father… it’s hard to be JESSICA ALBA’s daughter, everybody would want you to look at least a lil bit like her…hope she won’t suffer from that later! But yeah, she’s adorable in those pics

  • Slot

    dark? I guess caucasians see her “dark” but seriously, if she is dark I don’t know how dark other people are! I don’t know if I have ever seen pics of her mom, but Farrah Fawcett, really? I don’t know what’s happening to Jessica……she was still hot just after the childbirth but it’s getting worse and worse…she’s losing that glow, that tan, that body, that face, that look, that everything that made her the sexiest woman alive some time ago. How sad. Honor is, on the contraryn getting cuter as time goes by =)

  • bonnie

    her mother was going to name her after Farrah Fawcett? So she really cared about how the name ‘shaped’ her daughter.

  • Slot

    Honor’s face makes me laugh….I don’t know why lol. I’m not being mean or making fun of it, it’s just cute in a way

  • Mami

    Honor would be such a cute little boy. She always looks mean. BUt she is cute in her own way. She will have the same issues as Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel’s daughter — looks like dad. As far as Jessica’s mom looking like Farrah Fawcett….bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Have you seen her mom now? Just sayin.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Talia

    Taking a baby to the Oscar Generale’s fashion showroom? Can you say photo-op? Please don’t p*imp out your kid, Jessica!

  • 888

    Honor is sooo adorable!!!

  • Poor Confused Yessica

    Amusing. Her mother looks nothing like Farrah Fawcett. Additionally, if Jessica didn’t constantly mention the fact that her mother is fair and caucasian, most people would assume her mother was hispanic. Her mother doesn’t look at all caucasian, she looks hispanic. Jessica seems to have a great deal of issues with the fact that she is not , in her opinion, fair, blond and caucasian.

  • Adele

    #10, I don’t know much about Jessica’s background but I’ve seen plenty of pics of her mom and thought she was white. Besides hispanic people don’t have to be dark. They can have blonde hair and blue eyes.

  • JAYE97x

    I agree with # 11. I have seen several pictures of her mom and she doesn’t look a bit Hispanic. But her dad has to be the silliest man on earth to change his daughter’s name because she didn’t look “white” enough to be named Farrah!! That’s just dumb! I mean really, I think Farrah sounds more exotic than Jessica.

  • Sarah May

    her mom is caucasian, not a light skinned hispanic. she could only have assumed that she would look like her. the hispanic side of j’s pop took over genetically.

  • Alexis

    Farrah is too white of a name but Jessica isn’t? LOL

  • Pundit

    In the name of all that is holy, can someone please put some duct tape over this idiot’s mouth. I have never seen anyone so obsessed with color and so mired in hatred of their culture. She NEVER shuts up about how awful it was to “dark,” to have a Mexican background. What century is this dolt living in? How she has even one fan left is beyond me.

  • Dr. R

    Dark genes (hair, skin, eye color) are dominant. At least now we know where Ms. Alba gets her ~smarts~ from. :(

  • Pundit

    Hope I can get this link to work:

  • Pundit
  • her fathers should of known

    Well if her mom is white her father must be mexican because that is
    what she keeps saying when she was pregnant with Honor. She
    hopes that she can teach her child about her mexican roots.

  • mel

    she is cute as a button, but she always has that side eye look like she is thinking “bitch, i will cut you”… :|

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, they changed her name because she came all dark
    personally i love her skin color =], paleness is unattractive sometimes *cough* anne hathaway
    jessica looks alright here, but finally jared u posted some pics of her
    ive been w8ing forever =[
    love u jessica!!

  • Farrah

    Wait a minute! She took a six month old baby to a fashion show? She really goes overboard pimping her daughter out. She knows the paparazzi are gonna be out in full force.

  • queen charisma

    She’s the only latina (besides maybe dumbass Eva Longoria) who’s so f**king caught up in talking about the color of her skin. Always. Every f**king interview this dumb **nt does she constantly talks about dark this, dark that. B**CH, YOU’RE NOT DARK!!! And what the h*ll is she trying to say, “dark” latinos should be ashamed or are less attractive? Bitch should just change her name to Jane Doe since she’s so embarrassed about where she came from and wants to be white so bad.

  • rotten

    Her mother doesn’t look like Farrah Fawcet, she’s delusional. I don’t care if the woman is of danish-french decent, that fat a*s looks like a bleached fat ghetto latina.

    Man, these people trully hate themselves. Don’t they?. I imagine she grew up listening to them whine about how they are not blond enough or american enough or light skinned enough. Like it f**king matters.

  • sheeps

    Um, Alba is insane and retarded at the same time. She’s going to get a cap put in her as* by some angry Bloods and I wouldn’t blame them. who the h*ll goes to a show like that wearing either all red or all blue? That’s just in very, very poor taste, especially for someone who grew up in California. I want to seriously beat the sh*t out of her for thinking it was cute to align herself with a gang at the premier of a movie like this. I hope this stupid c*nt knows that Crips hate Mexicans.

  • paris herpes

    Her parents are HUGE racists. I still remember when Jessica told that ridiculous story of how when her dad met George Lopez and he tried to talk to Mr. Alba in Spanish her dad says, “Sorry, I don’t speak Mexican.” WTF?! Why would you even think something like that would be appropriate to repeat? Doesn’t this bi*ch have a spokeswhore to tell her what not to say?

  • miss priss

    All “dark” latino/as should ban together and kick her ass for that.
    They should’ve named her Dumb Cunt Alba.

  • miss priss

    Also, what the hell is it with people and their ancestry?. Why does it matters so much, anyway?. I know it’s nice to know where your family comes from, but it irks me to read how Jessica Alba is of “danish, french and mexican” ancestry as if it was part of a personal ID. Is she really? she wasn’t born in France, Denmark or Mexico.
    She’s just an arrogant b*tch. She admits to being Mexican, but she never leaves out the French Danish part. OK U IDIOT WE GET IT.YOU ARE NOT “JUST” MEXICAN. FEEL BETTER? She’s stupid for always talking about it. Her two favorite topics are her race and her looks. Oh and she makes sure to throw in some insults here and there. Dumb bitch.

  • ya ya

    I bet she marvels at Honor’s light hair. She probably hopes it never gets dark. Oh and let me ask her.. “And is Honor’s skin color light enough for you, Yessica?”

  • Pundit

    Jessica Alba, Queen of Self -Hatred:

    “I’ve got cousins galore. Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out.”

    “My grandfather was the only Mexican at his college, the only Hispanic person at work and the only one at the all-white country club. He tried to forget his Mexican roots, because he never wanted his kids to be made to feel different in America. He and my grandmother didn’t speak Spanish to their children. Now, as a third-generation American, I feel as if I have finally cut loose.”


    We’re so glad you “cut loose,” Jess, now if only someone would cut out your stupid tongue to shut you up!!

  • darkmybutt

    this girl can’t catch a break….everytime she opens up her mouth, something stupid comes out….she’s on a roll lately..I agree that she has some issues with color…I think that she wishes she’s full white since all her so-called friends are caucasians….i saw a pics of her dad and he is straight up mexican and her mom is a fat white chick…and don’t forget her remark about wanting her baby to come out brown..I agree, she is not dark…I am dark and she is light skin…go away alba…for someone who dislikes the paps according to a recent interview, she likes to take her baby boy (oops) girl out where paps can take pics of her and the kid….u really don’t see Halle Berry or even J.lo do the same thing…they are trying to give their kids privacy unlike this bi***

  • candy

    WHO CARES we are sick of ms sweden. everytime she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it and we are all sick of her racist attitude…she needs to find another job because no one likes her much anymore that’s what happens to celebs that depend on their looks to be famous when they have a kid and it changes their looks to their disadvantage they are no longer in demand and the industry finds younger and much prettier people to replace them for instance ms sweden.

  • Fleece Baby

    Why does Honor look like a little boy?? Put some pink on the chick would ya Jess?!

  • _depot

    She resembles her dad Cash lol

  • Patrica

    Honestly, every time Jessica Alba talks, it makes me hate her even more. She’s constantly saying bashing her nationality, and her appearance.

    So she’s not ” white enough” to be named Farrah? Why does her complexion always play such a major role in all of her interviews. She’s constantly bringing it up. She’s so self conscious and she really needs to get the hell over herself. Especially for her baby girl’s sake, cause when Honor gets older she might pick up that same attitude.

  • Mia

    Sorry but that kid is UGLY !!!! What a shame as both parents are attractive. Yikes.

  • RYAN

    Jessica Alba, Queen of Self -Hatred:

    “I’ve got cousins galore. Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out.”

    “My grandfather was the only Mexican at his college, the only Hispanic person at work and the only one at the all-white country club. He tried to forget his Mexican roots, because he never wanted his kids to be made to feel different in America. He and my grandmother didn’t speak Spanish to their children. Now, as a third-generation American, I feel as if I have finally cut loose.”



  • JP

    those quotes about her distancing herself from her mexican roots are completely false. she denied ever saying them and there was never a legitimate source.. just made up by people who cant accept the fact that she’s proud of her heritage. she stated “It really hurts my family when they read stuff like that. They really hate it. I always tell them I’m sorry, that it’s just the nature of what I do. People will say things that aren’t true and I can’t really do anything about it.”

  • http://- Rose

    Is it just me or does that kid look like Chief Wiggum?