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Kristin Kreuk: Street Fighter Hits Japan

Kristin Kreuk: Street Fighter Hits Japan

Former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk poses with a hilariously cross-dressed Chun Li on Thursday (February 12) at the premiere of her new movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, in Tokyo, Japan.

Kristin, 26, also has a contest going on for teen girls to attend an overnight holistic retreat. Find out more at JJJ.

Street Fighter opens on Friday (February 27) in USA. To watch the trailer, visit

10+ pictures inside of Kristin kicking butt…

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kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 01
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 02
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 03
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 04
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 05
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 06
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 07
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 08
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 09
kristin kreuk street fighter legend of chun li 10

Photos: Jun Sato/WireImage
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  • french


  • jolly

    i bet she;s skinnier in person. she needs to gain a few pounds

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    such a cutie.
    to bad this movie is obviously horrible… and it’ll bomb big time.

  • adse

    She looks so thin! Look at her legs! O_o

  • me

    Oh just stop with the thin talking!! She is looking great! Nothing wrong with her! My legs are just like hers, and so is my body. There is seriosly nothing wrong with her!

  • neela

    she’s always been that skinny. i think she looks lean and just tiny. not too fat and not too skinny, as let’s say nicole richie.

    she’s okay.

    she is beautiful, and glad to see her hair’s grown a bit.

    not sure the movie will be successful though.

  • stefanie

    She’s a beautiful girl, but there’s something detached and distant about her.

    Glad she’s working on moving her career forward…

  • benny mars

    shes not skinny shes petite. besides you guys are hating only becuase you wish you have her good looks. shes a good woman

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “DANCING IN THE STREETS” by david bowie was alot friendlier, folks!!

  • hank

    pretty face.

  • mama

    what’s the problem with you guys! everyone is either too skinny or too fat! Jessica simpson too fat, kristin too skinny, raven simoné too fat, oh goooooosssssshh!

  • dundies

    i just love how were not allowed to comment on someone being overweight bcus its unheard of, but if someone is too skinny….f-ucking hypocrites btw im not saying kristen is too skinny cus shes not

  • gjc

    Go Kristin – Vancouver girl!


    She’s always been that thin, get over it!
    The movie looks fantastic! Finally she’s in a bigger movie, even though Partition was beyond amazing, too.

  • jmink

    I love Kristin!!


    cute ,i want to see her movie even thought it might suck

  • pratifox

    LOL @ this movie.

  • meh

    Yay! More Kristin!

  • a

    she’s very pretty.

  • rlmal

    I cant WAIT!

  • Maered

    Her character, Lana Lang, castrated the future Superman. Well done, Lana. Well done….

  • ID me

    Maered, calm down. Superman is fiction.

  • cheryl

    she’s so pretty and looks nice, I really wish she got better acting career

  • ght


  • Halli

    She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

  • Sally

    She looks stunning!! I love those fighting shots with “Chun-Li” lol
    I love the actress and the character Lana she played on Smallville. I personally think she has made the Superman story BETTER than the boring same ol’ same ol’ ;)

  • Michelle

    She’s gorgeous! I wished I looked like her!!!

  • maered

    No way, Sally. Lana’s character was the WORST on the show. She married LEX LUTHER and sha*ged BIZARRO. She then said she preferred him to Clark! And her “heroic” send-off? I almost puked! I’m so glad Lana’s out of Smallville. Now Lois and Clark can finally progress the way they’re meant to.

  • paul bart

    Umm, that’s a guy next to her right? She looks stunning. She hasn’t done that many features, hopefully she’ll break out now that smallville is almost over.

  • ght

    Don’t bring Smallville to here…yuck!

  • justine

    Lana married Lex to protect Clark….

    Regardless, Lana’s last episode proved that Lois is second choice. Clark would be with Lana if he could.

  • chris

    she’s gorgeous!!! and if anything she made superman supersexy! lol lana and Clark were amazing!!!

  • cynthia

    She’s looking amazing as usual !

    KK is the best !

  • ID me

    She is a natural beauty. I can appreciate her special project with teen girls. She’s putting her earnings to good use.

  • abc

    she’s absolutely stunning!

  • Cynthia


  • prophecy_projectz

    Kristin Kreuk gets a lot of unwarrranted hate sometimes and its a bit sad. When you see her in RL she seems like a incredibly decent and loving person. I wouldnt blame the problems of Lana on her but rather the show’s poor writers. But that show is irrelelvant anyways.
    She does look a bit thin but hopefully she’ll get her weight. She is definetly not the Hollywood type even though she sometimes get lumped in there.
    Im rooting for her more than any other actor. I just want to her get some good roles with great directors and writers, whether its in movies or TV. Street Fighter might not be it, but I hope she doesnt get discouraged and takes time to work on her craft. Her work in the community with Girls By Design, Vancouver Children’s Hospitals, Powersmart and Uniceif is outstanding.

    She is class.

  • Fleece Baby

    She’s pretty..i like that feather in her hair.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    speaking of smallvile – it has pretty much sucked for the past 3, 4 seasons, mainly do to kristin and her lana character. i use to love smallville, but that show maybe should’ve been canceled a couple seasons ago.

  • rc

    Beautiful girl!

  • maered

    Puh-leaze! Lana is a power hungry witch. We saw that in Wrath. And to say that SHE is deserving of super-powers is amazingly stupid. DC universe already has a Wonder-woman and Super-girl, thanks. We don’t need this self-righteous cow having powers and “saving” the world. *pukes* I don’t know what Smallville writers are on. They f*cked up an amazing season to pander to KK’s ass. What a waste.

    And Clark and Lois will always be CANON. Look to the comics for guidance. Clark/Superman will ALWAYS love Lois Lane.

  • AMy

    Shut up about Smallville! NO ONE CARES!

    Anyway, Kristin looks stunning! I can’t wait for the American premiere and for the film! :)

  • ID me

    HAHAHA. Some of you are seriously obsessed with Smallville and Superman. Maered, you especially crack me up. You’re way too serious about this. And I thought Brangelina and Aniston fans are extreme …

  • Ian

    Kristin is awesome! She’s definitely one of the most beautiful actresses working in Hollywood today. And she’s a good actress. She just needs that right role to get really noticed.

    And sad that some people can’t separate Lana Lang from the actress!

    Thanks for the pics!

  • joss

    haven’t seen her for so long! she looks amazing!

  • vmars111

    omg, where the hell is all the advertisement for this movie in the States???? I’m sure it will be happily cheesy, but I wouldn’t mind!

  • jennifer

    Kristin Kreuk is vey serious and thoughtful, not the Hollywood type at all. She is doing good in the world and she looks beautiful. I have watched Smallville only because she and Tom make such a amazing couple, great chemistry between tom.

  • honey

    good to see her again

  • Scott123

    “The Kreuk” can do no wrong…

  • ZACH

    GOSH! SHE`S SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I“ll start googling her now!