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Jessica Simpson: Knees Please!

Jessica Simpson: Knees Please!

Jessica Simpson isn’t shy as she shows off her knees with ripped jeans and goes on a romantic lunch date with boyfriend Tony Romo at Da Silvano in New York City a day before Valentine’s Day on Friday.

The 28-year-old country singer is in town as she had a performance with Rascal Flatts at Madison Square Garden last night. With all the drama regarding her weight, she even talked about what she was wearing last night!

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson‘s knees please…

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jessica simpson knee please 01
jessica simpson knee please 02
jessica simpson knee please 03
jessica simpson knee please 04
jessica simpson knee please 05
jessica simpson knee please 06
jessica simpson knee please 07
jessica simpson knee please 08
jessica simpson knee please 09
jessica simpson knee please 10

Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh she looks alright
    it’s mostly the jeans that i dont like
    other than that she’s ok
    cool bag 0.0

  • Kristen

    I’m not a fan of hers, but she looks gorgeous. In these pictures, I wouldn’t know that she has gained any weight. She looks the same to me.

  • $$$$$$$


  • mary

    he needs to iron that shirt.

  • h.

    I’m not a fan but anybody that calls her fat is an idiot. She looks great!

  • geminidolly

    They make a cute couple.

  • brian2324

    He’s a lucky guy. She seems like one of the most real celebrities out there.

  • Seraphina

    Jessica looks so cute… Much cuter than SOME of the same ol same ol celebs we see on this site.

    No way is she fat or even a little pudgy. Looks like tiny tiny next to Tony.

    Hold your head up Girl… These haters on your non existent fatness will only help propel you back into a celebrity status again.

  • Fleece Baby

    I have to say that I actually do like her jeans. Ripped is my fav!

  • JANE

    i can’t beleive romo is still with this chick….ugh!! no talent, fake chick!!!

  • laughing

    It is just amazing that the photogs “find” her all the time. She is such a fame wh***! You know her Dad called and led them right to her. She always loves to look all lovey with Tony too. Seems more like desparate puppy love to me.

  • bridget

    This awful of me.. but what comes to mind when I see these pics is… dumb and dumber.

  • jolly

    number 7, u must be kidding. lol

  • Carter

    Every thing about them seems phony.

  • Cory

    She’s 5’1″ and he’s 6’2″. He’s a slob. He gets up and puts on whatever is next to his bed on the floor. He said so himself.

  • Sandy

    Wow, Papa Joe finally forced him out for a publicity stunt. He looks embarassed to be with her, as have all her “boyfriends”

  • dawson

    not a fan of them, she is too fake and Tony could not look less interested.

  • sisily

    They look so miserable. How long do they have to keep this charades up, probably until her tour is up with Rascall Flatts.

  • shea

    can we say unhappy? god, that guy hasn’t been seen anywhere near her in forever now that he is, he looks miserable!

  • anon

    Jessica, I think you sort of know where you are supposed to be: i.e. married, living in Dallas, shopping at the mall, having babies, embracing the normal, average figure she was born with and hawking all the stuff she can, and singing at local events for fun promise to never make another movie, atempt to act in any way or try and headline a tour. Not a hater but there is nothing really extraordinary about her looks or talent. She got lucky gaining visibility with the reality show. Now it’s time to finish up the tour and bow out gracefully with dignity. It’s just time. Have a good life with Tony. Wish you all the best.

  • piper

    #20, that’s all great and all, but Tony does not want to marry her. He has told friends that.

  • Emma

    This is a reason why I will never respect Jessica because she does not respect herself. Tony Romo cheated on her and instead of doing the right thing and moving on, she clings on to him because shes desperate and does not have enough strength to leave him and be alone. Tony will never marry her, heck he sleeps with other women in her own bed and will continue to do so because Jessica doesnt respect herself enough to put a stop to it.

    These pictures tell us all we need to know, they are just going through the motions of getting their picture taken for publicity-no spark, no love.

  • Pam Pam


  • @#16

    @#16,17,18,ans 19 I’m pretty sure you’re all the same jealous,bitter person. All those comments sound very similar. And what the heck are you talking about. They both look equally aggravated to be having their photo’s taken. Should he have thrown his thumbs up and pretended he was at Disney Land??

    If you really want to read into stuff, like it seems you do.. um he is holding her hand. He’s leading the way and her hand is in his. She’s not dragging him around nor is she the more dominate one in this coupling. He’s taking care of her.

    I also don’t know why you would think he’d be a part of publicity stunts? He doesn’t need to. The guy’s a professional athlete, celeb status famous or not he’s going to make bank!

    PS She looks gorgeous here! Suck it haters!

  • JANE

    really??? do tell, piper………tony tells people he doesn’t want to marry jessica????? interesting….tell us more….does she know??? i believe u…….sure haven’t heard about a ring yet…….but he better watch out for a baby like asslee did!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenny

    She has numerous ways she makes money, from shoes to hair products and more on the way. She’s a business woman and doesn’t need to sell CD’s.

  • Gertrude

    She got fat in her lips to.

  • whoa

    Forget the weight, WTF is wrong with her face? Did she have a nose job? He nose looks mangled, her lips look weird too. This doesn’t look anything like Jessica. There is something really different about her face and it’s not good.

  • Fran

    I believe this picture is old. All they have to do is leak out 1 picture to fool people.

  • Cincygal

    Has anyone ever read, where Tony has said anything positive about her? Or that he loves her. It seems like it’s always her gushing about him! I like her, but wonder how he feels, if anything at all.

  • jj

    they are lame.

  • lucy and Ethel

    She looks great.
    He’s gross
    That place is such a scene!
    The food sucks.
    it’s “The IVY” of NYC.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    You need the TOWING-SERVICE?
    ……………………call jessica simpson, folks!!

  • Kari

    This garbage seems like a pr stunt just like John Mayer and Jennifer A. These pr relationship never work. Tony looks mad that he was called on the front with this cow again. Bet he dumped her quick as possible and went his own way. Sad pathetic clowns.

  • ps

    She got a nose job and it messed up her face.

  • Miss Merry Mack

    It looks like she is wearing glasses that have a fake rubber nose attached to them.

  • Isla

    Star Magazine has a small picture on the cover with Jessica dumped besides it. So here come the pr walk of shame. Someone put in that call to Tony for a special guess appearance in front of the paps. It looks like Tony was forced. Guess that warm bed with the other chick felt to good to leave.

  • Beth

    They are barely even holding hands. This does not look like a couple in love like that stupid people article that papa joe paid them to put up on their website.

  • Lisa

    its funny that you guys say that they are miserable cause there is a picture of them from last nite looking happy.

  • ryan



  • Zach

    No wonder they’re both fat. Hope they ate salads.

  • something hinky here

    These pics look old. Look at her legs they are thin here.

  • $$$ in Papa Joe’s pocket

    I think Papa Joe took these and was hanging on to them for when they were needed. Like now to debunk break up rumors. Jessica is way heavier now. These pics are old. Jared you were had on this one.

  • LOL

    I’m actually laughing when I read the bitter comments here. Jealous, much? They have always been together, most of the time in Dallas. The paparazzi photos are mostly in LA or NYC. All famous celebs have their photos taken by paps. I know you wish you are as popular as them, but nobody cares about you! Hah.

    Sorry, Tony did not cheat. You WISH he did. Too bad he is the nicest guy out there. :)

    Jessica looks beautiful here. I’m happy for this couple!

  • Werd

    I’m with #24 and #44 :)

  • bee

    your all hateful idiots these pictures were from friday in nyc their happy and in love stop being jealous

  • JANE

    were u there bee?? u idiot…….how do u know?????? i guess u r in love withh chestica…………..


    Tony never talks her up about how much he loves her and wants to get married. She always does in every interviewand show she opens for Racal Flatts. He is there because he wants to be. Only he knows if he if is planning to marry her.

  • Marla

    Jessica is not even fat.

    Ya know, one of my girlfriends is super short, like barely 5’2, with huge boobs like makes them look stockier than they really are.

    Who knew big boobs could be a bad thing.

  • lj

    These two look pretty miserable and pathetic. I’ve been saying that you never hear from Tony. He has not defended her at all. I’m pretty sure Papa Joe is paying him off. This is the first time i’ve seen them together in at least a month. What a fraud. Someone said that she is too desperate to have a man even if he cheats. Well, they deserve each other. What fakes in more ways than one.