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Chris Brown Releases Official Apology

Chris Brown Releases Official Apology

Chris Brown has released the following statement via his spokesperson:

“Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person. Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. Those posts or writings under my name are frauds.”

Chris, 19, and his girlfriend Rihanna, 20, got into an altercation in Los Angeles on Feb. 8.

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    nothing’s going to help him. especially not this weak ass apology.



  • G

    an apology is not really what anyone is looking for. it’s not like he messed up his manners or insulted anyone. HE ASSAULTED a woman. it’s excusable and disgusting. Chris Brown is an animal who has no restraint, no sense of right and wrong, no control over his temper and his body.

  • lol too

    It took a full WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK to come up with the shortest, lamest apology I have ever seen!

  • Anon

    Yu know, Jred, it’s not an “altercation.” He beat her. He committed a crime. Look at the facts. What he is saying right heree is that the stuff he put on his private facebook page about Rihanna, all that nasty stuff? He “didn’t do that.” He is saying that he never said mean things or blamed her for the fight. He is really trying to stay out of jail. Well, this isn’t like when you break a neighbor’s window playing baseball in the street. That is an “I’m so sorry.” This is criminal behavior. When the police have to take pictures of the damage. Impound the car and dust it for fingerprints, take DNA from bites on the girls arm, and then he has to go to the police station with his high priced celebrity lawyer, that is not”an altercation.” He was out of control. If you cannot recognize that, if you can’t realize and respect that his own father and Rihanna’s father and even Chris himself are admitting he hit her,then you need an attitude adjustment, too. I am not coming back here.

  • jacqueline

    WOW lameee much?


    Doesn’t it seem like there are so many people trying to protect poor little Chris’ feelings? He beat a woman and pretending that it was nothing more than a misunderstanding or a slight altercation is an insult. This isn’t an apology or an acknowledgement that he did anything wrong, it’sa pathetic attempt at damage control and the loser never apologizes to his victim. Loser!

  • lol

    He needs to do better than this.

    I still cannot believe he was able to do what he did.

  • lol

    He needs to do better than this.

    I still cannot believe he was able to do what he did.

  • super fan ashley

    These are the consequences of his actions, but sincerely I don’t wish the worst to him, I hope he will find an apologize!!!

    I hope RIhanna can feel good, she is awesome!
    The same to Chris!

  • LisaJane

    Anon @ 5:29. Just Jared doesn’t know all the facts (neither do you) so calling it an altercation is just them covering there own arse.

    Personally I think this is a fantastic gossip and you shouldn’t stop visiting it.

  • keiko

    I’m a french fan of CB… I really hope that all this situation will be cleared as soon as possible, Chris doesn’t deserve all this media doggedness! Before being a famous person, he’s a human! I hope that all the fans around the world will stick with him no matter what, because in these hard times he needs all our support more than ever… Peace everyone.

  • anoyomie

    well none of us know what happened

  • PB

    This isn’t an apology! This is a bunch of bs. He’s only protecting his ass. Not really taking responsibility for his actions. Very insincere. Basically all the ploys this week done by his PR team didn’t mitigate the outrage of decent human beings, They tried to cast RiRi as a biatch who deserved it, or as someone suspected of infidelity/passing std’s. They tried to insinuate that she provoked him or that he was defending himself, but not many people were buying these excuses. Next they paraded out his ignorant cousin and father who tried to humanize him-Sorry another no . At last resort to try and save his crumbling fan base they trotted out their cash cow to say how sorry he was and how he’s found God. Sorry not buying this last desperate attempt at SELF PRESERVATION! Has nothing to do with being remorseful, has all to do with saving his own ass. HE NEEDS REHABILITATION. . . IN JAIL!!!. DO NOT SUPPORT CB OR ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HIM-SEND A MESSAGE THAT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ISN’T OK. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR IT. And for those claiming we don’t know the whole story- there is a preponderance of facts against him-read the LA TIMES or the police report. No facts that come to light can justify his actions. All these deranged women supporting him need to get some self esteem and education.

  • amy

    what kind of apology is this???????????????????????

  • brea

    no one knows what really happened..we should wait till rihanna speaks out before you judge

  • PB

    Jared you are minimizing what he did. This is absolutely wrong! He engaged in criminal behavior that resulted in injuries to another person. How would you feel if it was your sister or mother? Would you still act like it was no big deal?
    Keiko: you give the French a bad name! STFU! The person who needs our support is the victim you deranged lunatic, not the person who made a choice to incite violence against someone he supposedly loved. Radio stations here in the US have already stopped playing his music and he’s already started lose his endorsements. Nothing justifies domestic violence.Go back to school and educate yourself, you ignorant fool!

  • babe

    Never ever going to listen to another CB song again.
    If I see his mean face..I will switch channels.

    there is NO excuse EVER to hit a woman.
    Police has the pics of RiRi’s imjuries. I’m glad
    she listened to her mother & went to the police.
    This was not the 1st time it happened..I guarentee you.
    CB drop dead.
    Get some help for real, not just PR.

  • Shakira

    Chris decided, all by himself, to commit assault with bodily harm. He will have to pay the consequences like anybody else. There are no two sides to this story. It is only the story about a boy that committed a crime and a girl that was on the receiving end. Chris, time to pay the piper! This was a crime and is punishable by law!

  • Team Chris Brown

    Im Sick Of All u haters!
    he made a mistake, ffs he is only human after all!
    keep your head up chris, u can get through this :D

  • lizzie

    yea pay for your violence!

  • Lauren

    #16 your right, people shouldnt be so quick to judge!
    leave him alone, its not all your buisness, its between him and rihanna !

  • jaye

    Yeah Chris, don’t admit anything that can be held against you. We’ll have to wait until the ‘legal’ issues are resolved to see what other crap you come up with. Any man that hits a woman is a piss poor man. What a weak jack*ass he is

  • Kenza

    I agree with Keiko, #12. I love Chris and I always will. I think his apology is great, considering how he can’t really get into details. None of us know what happened for sure, and the situation is sad, but there are always two sides to the story. He is only human.

  • click

    GO to jail loser.


    He’s seeking counseling and trying to work things out. The best thing to do is let him sort himself out, and leave Rihanna to heal after this mess.

    People are so quick to chop off his head, yes he’s made a mistake and acknowledged it. Not knowing the extent of the assualt claim doesn’t help, but it is what it is.

    GET OVER IT. It’s not like he’s not taking responsibility.

    A prayer for Rihanna that she gets better and hoefully Chris learn from this.

  • bleh

    WHAT THE FUK. you woman beater!!!!!!

  • Dianne

    He’s a loser.

  • trite

    save it! i only want to hear you are “sorry” and “saddened” while your a a s s s s s is in jail serving maximum sentence. don’t try talking your way out of this one. b a s t a r d !!

  • Victoria

    He needs therapy, not a pastor. Big time psychoanalysis to face those childhood demons of his.

  • http://kkkkk CRAWL BACK IN UR HOLE CB

    f*ck chris brown! nobody gives two two sh*ts about his pathetic attempt at an apology…sorry kid, too little too late…now I’m just waiting for him to get beat down in front of the whole world just like Suge Knight last year. that would be HILARIOUS!

  • Maria

    His PR firm waited a whole week to release a lame ass non apology? Not even Rihanna’s name mentioned. Typical and not surprised.

    I’m sure he is sorry because he got caught. He’s sorry because there were witnesses. Sorry because Rihanna finally spoke out. Saddened because his career is in jeopardy. Saddened because his future money is in jeopardy. Saddened because it’s public knowledge he’s a woman beater.

    He needs to pay and jail it is, well as loss of income is what this little punk should get.. Ain’t supporting this woman beater.

  • peace

    It is not us he needs to apologized. The person he needs to say it that is Rihanna.

  • MLWfan

    Human? My ass! … he’s a bastard, and deserves to be brought to justice for what he did!

  • babe

    he’s not taking responsibilty. He’s not even mentioning
    RiRi’s name. Ths is a generic apology..#101.

    For those sticking up to CB the dick..I hope you
    never get hit with a closed fist from your sig other.

  • stella

    I would still hook up with him, hes sexxxyyy, and talented…and quit frankly I dont like Rihanna anyway!

    TEAMMM CHRIS!!!!!!!

  • mej1031

    We don’t kno wat happened. We can’t say anything. If u read what he actually said, instaed of acusing him of what u have heard. He said tht what they have said of what happend isn’t true. And nothing tht has been posted on blogs are what he has said. Instaed of accusing him why don’t u actually read what he has had to say. I am a chris brown fan. No matter wat, he did something he knos he shouldn’t of had done. He is in counsilling with his pasture. I hope the best for riahnna and chris. I think they are 2 good people. Tht one of them have made a mistake. People do tht. U should really get the story straight before u judge someones actions.

  • George

    To punish this punk is to punish his wallet.

    and many many hrs of Anger Mgt. from the judge.

    I’m glad he got caught..hip hop needs to look at the
    message they’ve been giving for yrs.
    Hate hip hop.

  • tatum

    Oh please! Give me a break I dont buy this crap at all. he would say anything to try and redeem him self. im not falling for this crap. And ppl need to stop saying hes only human. As humans we are not sopost to beat other ppl. Chris beat rihanna deal with it hes a woman beater.

  • SUBsub

    I wonder if he has had any contact with Rihanna…

  • paige

    “If’ this wasn’t the first time he was abusive to Rihanna then

    “The first time he’s abusive- shame on him”
    “The 2nd time- shame on her!!!”

  • SUBsub

    It is so stupid to call the incident a “mistake”. He knew exactly what he was doing when he did it. You can learn from a mistake! Chris Brown is only speaking out because of his career. If this happened without the fame and press, surely he’d apologize to his girlfriend and then beat on her again whenever the moment struck him. There is nothing an abuser can say to his victim that would erase the scar that will haunt her probably for the rest of her life.

  • aida

    A Pastor is not a sufficient intervention for domestic violence. He needs to enter into a true state approved domestic violence program. WA has an 18 month program – I know some who have gone through it- improved but still haven’t tackled all of their demons. (such as still being emotionally abusive in spurts, although no longer physically violent – as far as I know). These domestic violence counseling programs do hold the individuals accountable and don’t permit them to blame others for their actions. Chris is talking about the incident as something that happen – and not want he did. Not a positive sign!

  • Carrie

    The Los Angeles County Courts better not let him off on these charges and, further, the public does deserve the right to have all information released (photos, 911 call, and police reports) right now since he is suggesting the media and bloggers have the story wrong. Yes, bring everything out into the light of day, Mark Geragos, so the public can now make an authentic judgment call.

    I want to see him in serious psychotherapy instead of meeting with some “pastor” who has likely knocked around a few black women himself.

    It’s time that (both) women and men learn that our greater American society is not going to tolerate the abuse of women, mothers, and their children.

  • icecream

    Considering the events that is a weak ass apology. Still hoping he gets what he desrves with some jail time & a nice criminal record. Pfft, waste of space.

  • dare21

    Yall are all being hypocrites(well some of you) everyone wanted an apology so now he made one and yall are still bitchin about stuff. Nobody knows what happened, and he cant really elaborate on the details until everything gets a little better. Leave Chris Aloneeee. Chris i wish you the best.

  • Simon Says

    It’s a good thing the people commenting on this blog are not being called to sit on the jury for this case or any other case! Whoe! By the sound of all of you, we should hang him like Saddam Hussain! Give it time to see what happens….maybe he will plead guilty, do civil service, go to jail for a period of time, get therapy and immerge as a better person. Can’t y’all wait to see what happens?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i honestly doubt that he will do that much time
    i’ve never liked him but who i dont really care if he gets time anyway

  • Carrie

    If the stories were not true, he and his delayed public relations campaign would have been out front immediately with a denial. They’ve probably been negotiating behind closed doors with Rhianna so she won’t press charges against him. One would hope she isn’t that foolish as it will (then) affect her own career. If she demonstrates weakness in pressing charges, she’ll never have the public at “hello” as she does right now and will leave him wide open to abuse her or other women down the line. He needs psychotherapy…no adult bites another adult. When a child bites another child or an adult, it is taken very seriously in the field of psychotherapy!

  • AK

    That isn´t an apology, never ever! What a loser! He found god after he beat a woman??? F***ing idiot!
    @JJ: The way how you write about this case is a slap in every woman´s face all over the world!