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Jessica Simpson Heads Home

Jessica Simpson Heads Home

Jessica Simpson arrives at LAX airport on Sunday (February 15) after performing with Rascal Flatts in New York last week.

At her performance in Rochester, NY, Jessica, 28, gave a shout out to her boyfriend Tony Romo, when she introduced the song. “You’re My Sunday.” “Somebody came into my life and made me see myself in the best mirror possible, so I wrote this song for her.”

“Ha! Can you imagine?,” she said, joking that the song was for her dog Daisy.
then looked toward Tony and said, “Sorry, baby. This song’s for you.”

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  • Jen

    Omg–look at that fat cow!

    JUST KIDDING!! She looks great.

  • lj

    Those sunglasses are huge. I see her friend Stephanie who used to be Ashlee’s manager. She was on Newlyweds a lot.

  • Melisa

    She looks very beautiful. You can tell she’s in love. She’ radiant.

    I think it is funny how the media only really takes her quotes from her shows which are related to Tony but hey…

  • Cory

    She makes me want to barf. Tony does too.

  • Trisha

    Jessica looks so beautiful and happy. But, wheres Tony?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is so over hearing about all the DRAMA in Jessica’s life. If the rags quit reporting on her, she would go away. She has no talent and the only reason she is in the press now is because of her weight, bad clothes, and creepy cowboy boyfriend. You would think she would be embarrassed that she is known for everything but TALENT!!! That is why she was not nominated for New Female Country Artist. The more she puts herself in the rags the more she is hated.

  • Sarah

    This “weight drama” has been a career boost for her.
    She was a great move on her part.
    I personally hate her, but she is like a car crash…. you see her, you dont like her, but you cant not stop looking at her.
    I hope her career goes back to nothing soon. I would rather see Paris Hilton succeed than this bitch.

  • anonymous

    She looks beautiful and without a doubt is beaming. Tony is a very lucky guy.

  • anonymous

    It’s amazing that she always looks so beautiful with no make up. Love the boots and bag.

  • Jughed

    lard but*.

  • kim

    Is that a hickey?

  • Kaylie

    She looks happy. Im glad she is able to keep on smiling after the stupid fat drama nonsense. I dare you to look at her and seriously say she is fat. Fat is Rosie Odonnell, Kirstie Allie, Queen Latifah etc. Jessica is not fat, she is a natural beauty.

  • grow up Jessica

    Her hickey and her are both so low rent……

  • Jennifer

    Hickeys are so middle school. She is such trash I dont understand how anyone could like her.

  • Brian

    How old are you people? It’s a shadow in one picture, but don’t let that stop you from spreading rumors and hate. She’s hot and seems like a sweetheart.

  • true92

    She looks great.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t it bother all you Jessica Simpson fans that she keeps passing herself off as a singer when she failed in POP and now her career in Country has pretty much hit rock bottom too?? The real celebrities all have real talent weather it is acting or singing. Tabloid celebrities are just a joke. And it is so pathetic that she keeps trying to pass herself off as a singer. She is a Drama Queen and sells clothes!

  • Brian

    I saw her in concert and she was great with a real cute personality. Rock bottom to me would be someone sitting at their computer with nothing better to do then talk crap.

  • xenna

    She looks really cute. Much nicer than her concert outfits.

  • kelly

    Very pretty.

  • new fan

    lol lol lol @ Brian’s comment

    That was a GREAT one. Take that, haters!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    WTH so she has some time off & she heads to LA to party right? What a scam. Tony heads one direction & Jess the Tony being on tour was all for publicity. This is not a couple. The minute they can bail they will so they don’t actually have time to spend with each other. They are so done,so done.

  • Sandy

    She’s so ugly, she looks more masculine that Tony, who is just embarassed by her. She also sounds retarded, seriously she’s 28 and all she does is harp on about her stupid fake boyfriend.

  • Love them


    How sad are you??? After 15 months you should be tired posting they are done..I see you all on Jessica site trying to get info and be slick but we know who you are..Where was your smart coments when they pictured together the entire weekend..You did not have anything say about that…No one believes you and you know better to post that mess and Jessica site…

    Give it a rest, If Tony dont want to have anything to do with Jessica he sure not going to fake..Tony been with her on tour since Feb 5th..She in LA because she has business to tend to and he have somethings he need to take care of…So give it a much neeeded rest….

    GET A LIFE..

  • MISS

    I like Jessica for some crazy reason…she is usually so stylish but today her shoes are tacky….and maybe she would have pulled off this look if she didn”t have on those brown shades…come on Jessica!

  • slambang

    Why must she mention her boyfriend every five seconds? Insecure much?

  • anonymous

    #24 ,you’re the “sad”’s obvious you’re blinded with your obsession with Jessica.He shows up in some very public places and she Has to scream out his name everywhere and all the time.Doesn’t that make you think,WHY?Like # 22 says,where is he now that she’s back in LA to relax and have fun?Why didn’t she go to Dallas,where she says she’s all the time?She’s a liar and a fraud ,plaine and simple.

  • imaginaque

    Jessica’s coming home? Welcome home. Stay there for a while, until you figure out what -if any- your talent is.

  • JANE

    #27 said it all!!! and she is chunkier…anyone with eyes can see that!!
    all the way down to her chunky legs in the boots look fat…she had to queeze those boots on the fat!!! she’s made her living on the boob/body….u can’t but notice….and it’s not a good look!!!u were always a ditzy idiot……not u r a ditz who doesn’t look good!! good luck with that…..and almost 30!!!! run tony………the cheerleaders are looking real good to u now…huh??

  • Lisa

    jess has an upcoming show this week and has to rehearese because it is not part of the rascal flatts tour. plus who says that tony and jess have to be by eachothers side all the time. ever since this tour has started, whenever she has time off she heads back to dallas. plus she hasnt seen her sister and bronx for a while. i am sure she would like to see them as well

  • anonymous

    Did anyone catch the pictures of Jessica and Tony coming out of the Waverly Inn? She looked massive and her dress literally looked like a tent. Is it possible she’s pregnant?

  • lakers fan in boston

    it’s sad to see how her career has gone down, shame
    once again she looks good, ever since see wore those stupid jeans that made her look fat, she’s been looking pretty nice

  • Anonymous

    This no talent, bleach blond bimbo is pregnant. She never used to wear such loose fitting clothes on top. Her boobs have grown huge. A lot bigger than a little weight gain. After her Rascal Flatts tour is over Jessica will announce that Tony and she are having a baby. As if we didn’t already know. Hopefully, it will be a girl because if it is a boy it will never be able to figure out how to read a play book let along through the ball.

  • angie

    she is so beautiful!!! I love her!

  • Kaylee

    I was at the Rochester, NY show. Jessica did amazing. And she seemed really happy and was joking around. It was so funny when she said the song was for Daisy. And Jessica looked amazing.

  • Van


  • anonymous

    This is such a scam. Yes I said it & will again wait till the tour is over & so is the relationship with Tony. They both need the attention right now. Both are using each other.
    Mark my words its all for show!

  • vanessa

    hum….ameiii ♥

  • anonymous

    “Somebody came into my life and made me see myself in the best mirror possible…”

    What a narcissistic puke! Once this tour is over, Romo will be gone, she’ll get dropped by the record label and hopefully the tabloids will quit printing stories when her dad calls them every time she passes gas.

  • anonymous

    and she’s a cow.

  • This girl needs a wake up call

    She must be a glutton for punishment cause most in her shoes would have just faded out with some class and dignity. Instead, she keeps churning out drivel and bad performances. Let’s face it…she was cute during her early Newlyweds not so much. Fat or thin she’ll never amount to anything more than D list in terms of talent . She hasn’t had any real success outside her reality show. She SERIOUSLY needs to get married and retire.

  • Fleece Baby


  • hasbeen

    daddy needs to put her fat ass on a diet already. She develops fugly chipmunk cheeks when she gains weight.

  • hasbeen

    Like she really writes her own songs. lol! She has to be one of the most stupidest women alive. Daddy is the smart one in their family. He made his two untalented daughters famous.