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Nadya Suleman Is A Savvy Shopper

Nadya Suleman Is A Savvy Shopper

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, goes out to do some shopping for diapers, baby formula, and baby food at Target on Wednesday (March 11) in Fullerton, Calif.

The 33-year-old mother said in a video posted online Wednesday that she is paying for the four-bedroom, three-bath home, not her parents as the house’s listing agent said. Representatives of Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center inspected the new house, which listed for $564,900, to ensure the safety of the children when they are released.

“We’re just continuing to work with the family and make sure they’re set and ready for when the babies come home,” Elizabeth Trombley, a hospital spokeswoman said during the visit. Gloria Allred who represents Angels in Waiting, said they will provide training for Suleman and hired nannies.

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  • satan

    Be gone psycho-b!tch!!! It’s the best gift for the unfortunate children… This creature’s existence is absurd & non-sense.
    JJ please stop posting any more crap about this thing… Thanks.

  • Gren

    Yes, I do love Mariah Carey too. I think ‘my love’ with the-Dream is hot. She’s talented.

  • Sailor

    Yes Jared, please stop posting more about her.

  • socalmom

    Please stop giving her media attention. There will be more crazies like her coming out of the woods all over the country if you keep photographing her and treating her as if she is a celebrity.
    Thanks :)

  • dmix

    she needs to explain how she pay for the house.



  • taylor

    Why is she buying baby food? She won’t need it for about 6 months. You’d think she’d know that since she already had 6 kids.

  • Angelheart

    For someone who can’t afford she shouldn’t be at Target!….. there are cheaper stores I’m sure!

  • jaimie

    Why is she on here?!? STOP posting anything about this horrid woman!!

  • tellmeto

    Why the hell do you and other media outlets keep talking about this creepy human being. She obviously is sick! Look at her trying to look so badly like Angelina Jolie. Look at the way she perceives some things in life like welfare and so on. This woman is plain and simple crazy and an attention whore! Stop giving the privilege of getting any attention at all. My God, only in the US can that happen. Her kids should be taken away from her.

  • Marty_QC

    She is not even a star… Why do you put pictures of her on your web site?

  • sucre

    So stupid! Please get this thing out of here…

  • fedup

    Why is she buying diapers….I read somewhere that they have received so many diapers that they had to turn some donations away and/or have it stored elsewhere. I will tell you why….she is trying to counter all the bad publicity about her shopping sprees on herself. She thinks this is smart, but then does something dumb like buy baby food…which she does not even need for now. And of course she thinks she is a celebrity…she`s got the coffee mug, big purse, sunglasses, and smug look down pat.

  • Julia

    Right, with her money. Then why has it been confirmed that the deed is in her father`s name? Well, technically he got the money from her web page, but then they were slick enough to NOT put it in her name or bank accounts. Why, then she might have to pay that hospital bill! And lose all that federal disability money that she is getting for half her children now and many more in the future (once the babies are old enough to be diagnosed…and you bet they will be, poor things). Way to twist words, stretch the truth,lie, whatever you want to call it Nadya.

  • sue

    it looks like the taxpayers have payed for a tummy tuck. Nice. If I have 13 children I can’t pay for, can I get one, too?

  • Vinci

    Why are you even covering this story? This is beneath you.

  • Divenut

    Jared, please quit posting about this woman; the only reason she’s in the news is because she’s fertile, selfish and has mental problems. In looking at the previous comments, it seems as if your fans don’t want to see this woman’s whacko face anymore on your site!

  • GREG


  • John

    OMG. for a moment i thought this was Angie.

  • emma

    she isnt a celebrity, shes a nutter
    why is she on here ?

  • sean

    Please don’t post about this woman. I feel bad for poor 8 news babies and the rest of her kids. Hopefully they’ll have good quality of lives.

  • sean

    Please don’t post about this woman. I feel bad for poor 8 news babies and the rest of her kids. Hopefully they’ll have good quality of lives.


    Agree with other comments. This women is not news-worthy and you should not support her insane desire for attention.

  • she-who-shall-not-be-named

    For a woman without a salary and 14 kids, she has beauty salon eyebrows and pedicure, I wonder how she pays for these luxury? have you seen her big ass family van? Plus all the cosmetic surgery and liability of IV. This woman is living better than most of you working 9 to 5.

  • Chris

    She’s creepy. I feel sorry for the kids.

  • Heather

    hmm, strange the she is so conservative when it comes to buying things for the children but can get her hair and nails done and splurge on a 300 dollar shirt and 200 hundred dollar shoes.

    I work 60 hours a week and I dont have that kind of disposable income…oh, wait.

    I PAY my bills.

  • Dodah

    Good moms don’t have millions of kids they can’t pay for and then expect other people to do it for her. She’s stupid and irresponsible and has about as much business being a mother as Michael Jackson!

  • Liza

    This woman makes me sick. She bought the house with the money Dr. Phil and all the other media outlets paid her for the interviews. The reason it is in her father’s name is so she can still get welfare, food stamps. disability etc… Too bad for the California tax payers who will be supporting her and her 14 children for the next 18 years.

  • irked

    please stop posting anything on her. you’re just encouraging her and her craziness

  • Jeanne

    I don’t see any kids with her! How can she go shopping without her kids? Where are they?

  • she–ra

    is she celebrity?? stop posting that woman…even in store still have pic!!!!!!!

  • bibi

    yes she is crap

  • AYF99

    ditto. she should not be mentioned here. she needs help. those poor kids!

  • mousee1

    I want to know why she’s at Target vs Costco or Walmart? She needs to be buying that crap in bulk and trying to conserve money. Everyone knows how expensive Target can get……

  • honker

    this nutty woman does NOT look like Angelina. Her face looks very altered,…..cheek implants or injection, nose and mouth done..etc…and she has brown chipmunk eyes.

    Look at a pic of Angelina and you will see…

    or get a pair of new glasses

  • Vera

    Jared..PLEASE stop posting her here too.
    This nutjob is everywhere..not in my JJ too :(

  • woof

    I’m glad she has enough money to buy a .5M home as this income will disqualify her for welfare.

  • lala

    can someone please tell me why do i keep seeing this woman on here?

  • mary

    there is something wrong with this girl; dont know what it is but she should get help. having said that, all of the children are now here. 14 in fact. i guess it’s up to us here in california to provide money for these little ones; and by extention for her as well. can’t allow these children to suffer as a result of the stupidity of a girl who should have known better. but the people i really want to a conversation are the doctors who allowed her to conceive 8 babies at once.

  • Matty

    She is the spitting image on Angelina Jolie

  • Glen

    She reminds me of Angelina Jolie

  • gill

    nadya is very pretty and Angelic, stop bitching about her. Besides she is not the only one with multiple children. Her older clone angelina has lots of children to.

  • a realist

    She’s a psychotic woman..

  • Imsosickofher

    I can’t stand this crazy freeloading bitch. She has 14 children she can’t afford and expects everyone else to help her support and raise them. I can understand having one or two but 14????? She is always out and about while someone else cares for her kids. Her parents work so the children can eat and have a roof over their heads. She uses student loans to pay for invitro and pastic surgery.
    Why does everyone keep talking about her? Dr. Phil is a moron for interviewing her all the time and enabling her. I will not watch any interviews with her, will not buy any magazines with her on the cover and if anyone is dumb enough to offer her a reality show, I will NOT watch it!

  • Ari

    Jared, why post this lady!!!! This is a celebrity website

  • Michelleb

    She’s loving all of the attention and celebrity treatment she is getting. She’s receiving thousands of dollars in interview fees and freebies – AND she’s still getting welfare, food stamps and other government benefits while spending thousands on herself (clothes, accessories, home, and stuff the media isn’t reporting).
    Don’t be surprised that when the media attention, money and freebies go away – she gets pregnant again with another set of multiples to pimp out. Because after all, there are NO regulations…

    It’s about time there are regulations put on those types of procedures already. Twins is one thing or triplets (especially if parents have the money to pay for their care, expenses), but 6 to 8? It ain’t a miracle – it’s irresponsibility.

    So sick of people who can’t afford it getting implanted with absurd amounts of multiples and expecting everyone else to pay for it – while the parents get $$$$ and the kids spend months and months fighting for their lives in hospitals. Sickening.

  • jim


  • Imsosickofher

    Boycott Dr. Phil because he is a moron.
    Boycott any reality show with Nadya and/or her children.
    Do not buy any magazine with her face on the cover.

    If you want to do something for the poor innocent children then donate directly to Angles in Waiting which is the non-profit charity that will be caring for the children. Below is a statement by Angels in Waiting declaring that Nadya will not be getting any of the money dontated for her children.

    “Angels in Waiting also revealed eight “principles” — or guidelines — of care, and matched each one up to a photo of an octuplet. The principles state that each child will be given shelter, education and medical services; Nadya and family won’t receive any money from the donations; and that if the family severs ties with the organization, all the money will go to other high-risk infants with whom the charity is working.”

    An Angels in Waiting representative has also said she will not allow the filming of a reality show inside the home. This was the reason Nadya initially refused their help.

  • Emily

    All of the people who have interviewed her have said they never paid her a dime….hmmmm..

    What I want to know she still receiving food stamps? Is she reporting any income to them?

    Also, I would pay big bucks to have someone in the media ask her why her lips look a lot bigger than they used to be. And how she affords her nails to be done all the time.

  • Meemo

    How can she buy a $500,000 house if she has no job and is on welfare?

    That house is gonna cost almost $5000 a month!