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Rachel Bilson is Very Velvet

Rachel Bilson is Very Velvet

Rachel Bilson pairs her velvet blazer with a beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim navy dress outside her home in Los Feliz, Calif., on Friday afternoon (March 13).

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress was picked up by an SUV and headed to the London Hotel in Beverly Hills to announce the second year of the Glow In The Dark program, presented by Jergens and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Missing in action was her fiance, Canadian actor Hayden Christensen.

15+ pictures inside of very velvet Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson velvet blazer 01
rachel bilson velvet blazer 02
rachel bilson velvet blazer 03
rachel bilson velvet blazer 04
rachel bilson velvet blazer 05
rachel bilson velvet blazer 06
rachel bilson velvet blazer 07
rachel bilson velvet blazer 08
rachel bilson velvet blazer 09
rachel bilson velvet blazer 10
rachel bilson velvet blazer 11
rachel bilson velvet blazer 12
rachel bilson velvet blazer 13
rachel bilson velvet blazer 14
rachel bilson velvet blazer 15
rachel bilson velvet blazer 16
rachel bilson velvet blazer 17
rachel bilson velvet blazer 18

Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Flynetonline
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  • bam

    beautiful! ah love her legs

  • michael pall

    She’s the girl i’ve always dreamed of………I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she’s looking beautiful =]
    love the outfit, so cute and her legs r starting 2 look really nice as well
    i just adore rachel, i dont really think any1 is cuter than her =]
    and i love that smile of hers
    love u rachel!!

  • emma.

    She’s so prettttty! I love her, mhm.

  • yuri

    Love her style

  • saudia

    omg I love her outfit .. she has amazing style !

  • me

    lucy liu also wore this dress

  • Selena

    Love the outfit

  • Not hardly

    Wow, can’t go anywhere without alerting the media where and when she will be there. Do they go to the loo with her too?

    How nice that she’s out pimping her personal relationship for career and monetary gain! That’s so much better than trying to support a good cause, attempt to do something constructive in the world, instead of wringing out every single advantage she possibly can from an association with someone else rather than any kind of talent or ability. L.O.S.E.R.

  • Gasol_fan16

    LOL! So much for Rachel being in London England! :lol: :lol:: I knew she would just magically appear again! I do like the dress this time. I hate everything else she has on! :D

  • michael pall

    @Not hardly: if Rachel really wants to promote a good cause, she just have to marry me! You know? I’ve got so much plans for the kids of China, India, Brazil and Africa, that I would die out of AIDS, for just helping them living a life better than mine. And yes, i want also to help all those people that have cancer, by bringing them happiness.
    I’m so devoted by John Lennon, that’s why one day i would love to continue all that he left!

  • Jen

    we know she’s chic and that she’s engaged to Hayden Christensen,you don’t have to mention it in every post JJ.

  • voice of reason

    @ Gasol at London England? Only an idiot would not know that every report said it was the London Hotel in LA-you read to quick and miss most of the facts. You should check the place out nice menu.

  • not so much

    @12 She is copy-cat chic, stealing the ideas of cleverer people and passing them off as her own, and if she wasn’t engaged to Hayden Christensen nobody follow her posts at all That tv show she was on went off the air years ago and her last movie was a critical bomb and a financial disappointment. It’s so bad it’s not even mentioned. She is nothing but a overambitious television actress and failed dress designer engaged to one of the worst actors in Hollywood, who is unfortunately also well known for his failures- -and now for being engaged to one of the biggest papparazzi hounds ever. Together they are exploiting one another’s terrible reputations and making a long-running freak show.

  • NY GAL

    @13 VOR Hello, I thought you might be here!! Love Rachel’s dress, but where is Hayden? I left a question on another Rachel thread. I thought that George Lucas said that there are 3 Star Wars trilogy’s? It was a long time ago…………he mentioned episodes 7,8,9. Have you ever heard about that?

  • rick

    she has underdeveloped calfs, her legs are short and she is short all together, the dress looks like a shirt, not like a dress, bc she is so short, she is a midget with no talent or brains i might add. if it was not for her connection to hc no one would remember she exists, he is a bad actor too.


    lol @ midgets trying hard to look tall :)

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Vor!
    Your the one who claimed they were in London Retard! Geez!! What a total imbecile you are! :D

  • Ket

    She’s cute, I like her.

  • rick
  • rick

    rachel bilson will always be a ditz, we already know her intellectual abilities, she is retarded.

  • voice of reason

    Gasol go back and read my post–I said Rachel was back in LA and went to lunch at the London hotel seeing as I already mentioned she was in LA did not think I needed to make it any more clear even for you. I made no mention of Rachel being in England you did, because yet again you assumed something not there.

    The hotel chain is quite famous, you should look the menu up seeing as you live in LA,if you save hard you may be able to buy Lunch/Dinner there. You can google Rachel a person you hate and have one of her sites, it should be easy for you to get information on the name of a Hotel that has received awards. Afterall you like to cook right.

    @NY Gal way back SW was said to be 9 movies(from an interview GL did) back around 1979? GL changed his mind I guess. As for Haydens whereabouts no idea. BTW I also think Rachel looks nice in the photo’s above.

  • NY GAL

    @22 VOR Again, thanks for the info. Yes, you’re right, it was back in the 70′s or early 80′s. I would rather see another trilogy than this boring, Clone Wars cartoon…………………..YAWN!

  • john

    SHe has the sexiest feet…very small and hot. :)

  • @give me a break

    Love Rachel’s outfit. I hope the meeting at the London Hotel means she has a new project. I love her sense of humor and think she is charming.

  • voice of reason

    @Ny Gal this is off topic but if you like SW I can be found over at Imdb under the name of spider34 at the Hayden board send me a PM if you wish-would love to chat with a SW fan.

    @25 conflicting reports about the hotel some say lunch with family, other’s that it was a meeting like you I am hoping that the get-together had something to do with flying out early in the week. Guess time will tell.

    @rick so nice to see you can make such an informed one sided opinion about Rachel while you have never met her. I hope you do understand that Hayden and Natalie never got it on, only ones that think that live in fantasy land. Show me one candid picture of them together and I’ll retract the thought. I’ll be waiting along time……

  • catherine

    she should be on every cover of every fashion magazine out there. girls like me look up to her

    psshh… zac efron on interview mag? zac is the future? lol future of what. failure… i want rachel on covers and tv shows…

  • Lynn

    pretty and healthy!

  • reedley

    Just another notch for being “absolutely & extremely insignificant”.

  • ashley

    she is so cute. i hope she can give us a new show like OC

  • gerard Vandenberg

    read: “DAMPY” too, folks!!

  • http://justjared awwwwwwwww

    I love her style she always looks so good

  • rick

    She is too short to be a model, too ditzy and talentless to be an actress, just an overdressed homemaker. I think Nat was Hayden’s true love he could not get, Sienna also dumped him, so he settled for the stupid ditz with no looks or brains, after Natalie according to him “beautiful and smart” and according to him “Rachel is very sweet” can you compare?

  • Nina

    Hayden wants a very sweet wife.

  • voice of reason

    @rick not really because Hayden and Natalie never dated. Most people “think” they had something going on because Hayden was a gentleman and offered his hand(the top part of it) in Cannes to help Natalie up stairs while her then boyfriend was watching. Still waiting for the photo that shows both of them together in a non SW moment.

  • rick

    Natalie and Hayden never dated, but Hayden was in love with her and still is, Natalie would not date him. And can anyone compare bilson to natalie in any respect, i think not. Hayden wants a sweet wife? He is 27 years old and rushed into this marriage bc he got rejected too many times before, he is afraid to be alone. if he loses Bilson, he may have no one.

  • leimore


    In her shallow and vapid mind; she thinks she is a Supermodel walking on a catwalk everytime she gets out of her house even though she barely reached 5 ft tall. So everytime she steps out of her front door, she struts and poses like she is at a runway show. “To live your life solely to be the centre of attention”. That’s what RB is thinking all the time. She thinks she is a fashionista but she is just a sheep, a fashion follower or more so a fashion copycat. She is just a fucking joke!
    Eventually & inevitably she will disappear from the radar as she got no means of relevance & longevity to stay put the biz and from then on, TMZ will feature her in their has-been section – Remember her?!

  • sterling

    @#14 – Together they are exploiting one another’s terrible reputations and making a long-running freak show…
    - A loser would most likely to beget another loser. That’s a fact-fart of their life.

    @#37 – even though she barely reached 5 ft tall…
    = Midge-t is at least 4′ 10” in bare feet.

  • lin

    Poor haters LOL

  • voice of reason

    @rick you don’t know what hayden thought you can only assume in your mind, you don’t know that Natalie rejected him either.

    Perhaps the question was never asked to see each other, or perhaps at the time it was just not right-point being you don’t know, neither do I but I think it’s safe to assume that after all these years nothing was there to start with. So forget the natden thing it ain’t going to happen especially since Hayden is engaged.

  • rick

    I don’t think Nayden thing is going to happen but I think that HC downgraded considerably after NP, and I think he never had a chance with her and was bitter and than sienna dumped him so he is now with RB, but after those girls how could he possible love RB?

  • celebhores

    wonder why hc hasnt been pictured leaving her house. probably doesnt even stay there.

    but they want you to think they do

  • celebhores

    wonder why hc hasnt been pictured leaving her house. probably doesnt even stay there.

    but they want you to think they do

  • voice of reason

    @rick perhaps the easy answer is that HC loves RB for whatever reason-she is the one wearing the ring.

    Hayden did not look bitter at Cannes toward Natalie I think what both have said is the truth “Just friends” unless you assume Natalie is lying.

  • rick

    There are pictures and videos of Natalie and Hayden where he looks more than like a friend to her. Lets put it this way, if my friend looked at me the way HC looked at NP, i would think he is seriously in love with me, even if he denied it. Just go to Cannes and see for yourself, plus many more others, it is np that looked disinterested.

  • rick

    Lets face it, RB does not measure up in acting and looks to SM and NP, I don’t think HC would pick RB if he had a choice.

  • Jen

    cute dress but i dont like her.. i think she thinks shes prettier than she truly is..and shes a very bad actress

  • sterling

    Her cute style and her engagement to Hayden Christensen are the ONLY reasons she’s ever in the news.

    So who dares says that only here in JJ that she got blasted up for being mere “disposable” tart huh! And about that so-called adequate performance in Jumper… are based by blinking a zillion times and looking retarded throughout the movie… so yeah that’s quite a lot of sufficiency in there lol!

  • rick

    I am a SW junky, so I only know RB bc she is dating HC and I love Natalie Portman, so I can’t help but think every time I see RB in a new outfit that Natalie would look so much better in it and N has so much more substance and attraction, that HC must have settled for RB bc of just settling down, period.

  • David

    I thought the blonde woman was Rachel’s mother! Who is she? That’s boring, it becomes increasingly hard to follow her life.

    @ rick
    Hayden was rejected? When? Where? Why?
    Perhaps a mysterious flaw, unknown in the general public?
    A small d*ck? (Just kidding, sorry Nina, I can’t stop myself from time to time). He never admit that he loved Natalie Portman but I’m pretty sure that ‘Anakin’ loved ‘Padme’ LOL. That’s incoherent, he can choose who he wants among his fangirls. In his place, I would change every week and would buy a new Ferrari (the F430 Spider, no pun, VOR). I don’t pity him.

    @ NY GAL
    I’ve answered on the old thread. But I think that nobody really knows what GL has in mind.