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Zac Efron Lands in London

Zac Efron Lands in London

Zac Efron arrives at Heathrow Airport in London to promote his new movie 17 Again on Wednesday (March 25).

After passing up an opportunity to star in a remake of Footloose, the 21-year-old actor is currently negotiating to star in Ben Sherwood‘s The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Efron hopes to play a cemetery caretaker who communes with his dead father.

If things work out, then Efron would be working with director Burr Steers again, who also directed 17 Again.

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Credit: Goff; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jette

    hot. but i think he has a really huge ego of his self.

  • Emilie

    true true… but that was kinda redundant having an ego is yourself…but yeah i agree

    he’s not really that cute anyways

  • ok

    This film sounds better than Footloose. Face it: it would have been hard to top Kevin Bacon’s performance, that’s why I do not understand why Paramount still does the project. Without Efron, it might be a disaster. But it is their problem.

    I have found this excerpt from the book. I have never read it but am going to buy it tomorrow.

  • agathi

    enough of him already!@!!!!

    he is not even brad pitt!!

  • penny03

    Get real people. No Ego!! Career Move!!! He is absolutely adorable and HOT. He does look a bit tired in these pics though.

  • Hal

    He is cute but looks like a real life Ken doll… if I was ever to get intimate I would expect his ‘area’ to be smooth!

  • tiptoes

    he looks tired but hey, travelling is tiring. so far, the reviews for his movie is good.

    so excited to hear a possible project for him – no more musicals !

  • http://justjared shania

    Does’nt look too good in these pics.

  • athena

    This will be an interesting role for him. Good. I wish it a success. I wonder where will they film it.
    I can’t wait to see 17again..I’ve been seeing the commercials on tv promoting the movie…looks good.

  • Malia

    Here is a review of the book. But remember, the script can be “based” on the book and not follow the story line exactly. It’s Charlie’s younger brother Sam that dies and that’s why Charlie becomes a caretaker at the cemetery–so he can communicate with Sam.

  • Sam

    I like him but he needs to gain some weight. I’m getting concerned.

  • Malia

    I agree, Zac does look tired. Traveling is tiring, especially with the time difference. Your body gets jet lagged and makes it hard to sleep. I remember in one of his interviews in Japan, Zac said he woke up at 3:00 AM. By the time he gets back to LA, his body will have adjusted to European time. It takes about a week for your body to adjust.

  • athena

    I was reading the except from this book….I hope the movie will be more interesting…I guess when he actually begins to relate to his deceased brother, wherever. It reads quiet. Sounds like a ‘guy’ story.
    Yeah, he does look tired. There is never enough rest and sleep you can get on the plane, no matter if it’s first class or coach.

  • athena

    Okay Malia, I liked reading the review that you’ve sent. It makes sense that Zac would find it a challenge to do this role. It reads more adult than reading it at Also, being that Zac claimed to have been agnostic a while ago…it could be interesting what he would gather from this movie. Thanks for the Review link Malia.

  • ashlee

    he looks really sleepy. paris is 8 hrs ahead of california time and london is 7 hrs ahead.

  • WICked wench

    He does look tired. Shaggin’ all those London boys took it right out of him!

  • athena

    #4 Well, Brad Pitt didn’t start out a celebrity. He used to be on a Soap Opera…and Brad was in the spotlight early in his career too…so, no comparisons are needed…Brad Pitt worked up to his status, and Zac will do the same as well.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Is it a coicidence or WHAT?

  • Hayley

    Omg he is so hott <3
    I love him so much i would look tired to if i had been traveling all month lol.
    I love you zac
    17 again premiere can’t wait :)

  • Link

    Holy crap Jared. Enough of this guy already. Sh it. Man, talk about overkill.
    I agree, he is a narcissist. This dude swears all the women in the world are in love with him.

  • g!na

    He is not cute! He looks like a feminine girl! he looks so g*ay!

  • Karen

    Jared, your comments are wrong, I believe. I think the character in this rumored new movie talks to his younger brother who has died and he thinks he is the cause of that death.

  • a total fan

    As for photo # 2, I bet if he was working at a grocery store, no one would give him a second look.

  • Jenny

    But the young girls think he is hot!

  • Cooh

    so jared leto

  • Katy

    welcome to London Zac

  • Sara

    LOL poor guy,only 2 directors can give him parts on their movies,he thinks that he is sooo cute but sorry,NO!!he looks like a girl with short hair and seriously,i’m tired of him(i’m 18).He will be always the HSM boy and nobody over 20 see him as a serious actor.

  • SL

    #24 Jenny

    Please do NOT speak for everybody. If that’s your opinion, so be it but to say ALL the young girl think he’s “hot” is farfetched and not true.
    I know a lot of young girl who don’t find him attractive at all and can’t stand him.

  • sheila

    wow zac is not faring too well on this post. lots of critical people today! get out and enjoy some fresh air people. seems like you all need a bit of a dose of oxygen and positivity.

  • susan

    well zac I hope you enjoy your two days stay here
    in london.
    All my friends excited to see you at the premiere 2
    morrow.See you there!!!

  • cutie

    he really!!! really!! hot.

  • Ashley

    What makes you think he thinks he’s cute? I think he’s just doing his job & I hope his next movie works out for him.

  • zac is a rat

    Seems like that rumour about Zac’s booty in Aussie just won’t go away and after reading the latest it’s getting harder to beleive that efron is’nt the big flirt and cheat everybody seems to think he is incapable of being according to one p[iece.

    Zac had a meet and greet with a fan in Melbourne and sources say that Zac was VERY fond of her. Strange how you can be fond of someone you supposedly just met let alone VERY.

    Sources say that they serioulsy beleived that Zac was ‘ this’ close to inviting Chiara back to the hotel for a extended meet and greet.

    Should Vanessa Hudgens be worried?

    I’d say so that boy just can’t keep it in his trousers and I’ve seen the photo that accompys the story and the looks he is giving her is not the looks of someone who has a gf back home and who he supposedly cares about, no as usual while Zac’s away he will play and leave Vanessa at home oblivious to his carryings on.

    If I was her I’d tell hi to get back in touch with Chiara and see if she wanted to go to the L.A premier with him since he was all for inviting her back to his hotel and I bet it was’nt the lobby he had in mind what a jerk.

  • athena

    WOW!!!! Why is everyone on this board wasting their time dissing Zac…you don’t like him, move on…he is hot, and if he did work at a grocery store, I’d still be looking at him. He’s a great actor and hopefully Hollywood will be a better chance for him to make it unlike the support of you naysayers…Every actor has done some crappy work or not up to par to particular peoples…but, jeesh…he is great and he pulls in quite a bit of money for the cinemas…and he has a great work ethic, so why shouldn’t he get the kudos to be photographed…now if there weren’t any pictures we’d all want to know why…..and as for you naysayers, just go away….

  • christine x3


  • Becky

    Zac looks amazing.

  • Hayley

    i totally agree with “athena”. If i saw im working in a grocery store i would still be like whoow hot.

    But i guess at the end of the day everyone is entitle to their own opinion.

    Can’t wait for the premiere tomorrow, so excited see all you fans there.


  • cutie

    #33 zac is a rat – hah-hah- hah I cannot stopl laughing at your idiotic

  • jasiin

    USA Today is reporting that Nolan Gerard Funk will replace Efron in the remake of “Footloose”. Gerard Funk starred in Nickelodeon’s “Spectacular”.

  • umm

    Zac is probably tired from f-cking his ‘booty call’ behind Vanessa’s back and of course being jet lagged.I don’t think he will have such a ego when he gets’s aids after fcking all those girls.#23 LMFAO that was so true and so funny.

  • Ms. Marple

    I applaud Zac Efron for singlehandedly carrying the weight of promoting this movie. He has attended photo calls, done countless interviews, TV shows, met with fans, and done red carpets (signings autographs and greeting frenzied fans) in Sydney, Melbourne, and Paris. He will repeat the same process in London.

    This kind of work is both mentally and physically draining. But when you’re doing such work out of your normal time zone, that adds more stress to the body. So, I hope he is not forgetting to eat balanced meals and get enough sleep.

  • zac is a rat

    The story was what I read on the net and it seems odd that everytime he goes to Aussie it always comes up about his booty call that he has stashed there for all anybody knows it could be true it’s just that some of his fans can’t and won’t see no wrong in him, sorry but he has guy parts that are quite capable of moving from one woman to another with little or no concern for their feelings only his own. Seems he selfish in and out of the bedroom.

    And why Vanessa contiunes to wear her ring is beyond

    me she is obvioulsy very committed to Zac but the same can’t be said for him he won’t even wear a simple piece of jewellery like a ring to return the same centiment becuase according to him it causes to much commotion with the press, what a load of bull. H e was’nt concerned about what the press said when he had a naked woman on top of him he loved it, and with the comment he had no choice please Zac how stupid do you think people are your 21 for heaven’s sake and in a public job you make it sound like you were forced to lie there admit it you loved every minute of it.

    No doubt come the LA. promo he’ll be all smiles and giving her loving look’s, sorry but Vanessa deserves better treatement than she gets from efron from all the crap that she puts up from him and his hoardes of women.

  • zac is a rat

    The first picture also has the dark haired woman behind Zac who just happened to be standing by him when he was leaving Paris no doubt another one to add to his long list of women to flirt with bet he did’nt get much sleep on the plane.

  • Zup!

    As much as I think the “Rat” is crazy I am starting to question a few
    things about Zac. First I love Zac , but lately he is doing some things
    are are very disappointing. I know you shouldn’t worship people
    cause they are human but I really believed he was a great guy. I
    as wavering with some of his choices. In the past some of the
    lnterviews from HSM3 were a little strange with him focusing on
    people other than his GF but I understood because of the scared
    relationship. Then the Pic came out-ok a big mistake but let’s
    move on all is forgiven. He turns around and backs out of Footloose
    and hopefully HS2 brilliant for his career. Now today in the LA Times he said he doesn’t mind Perez and that he’s glad he loves him. He said he gets calls every time he writes about him, then he must
    know what Perez says about Vanessa, Now even if Van is “Just his Friend” it doesn’t seem right that he doesn’t have her back. I know
    some people think he can do no wrong but I think sometimes he should just shut his mouth since he want to be so private, It just
    makes him look bad. As for all the rumours about him being faithful
    I know he’s growing up and I’m sure the temptations are everywhere
    but I hope he is that Guy that is knid enough to break up with Vanessa
    first and not hurt her in public.
    I don’t know why he would say he doesn’t mind him. I feel

  • tara

    Nolan Gerard Funk is replacing Zac in “Footloose”! He’s the guy from Nickelodeon’s Spectacular!

  • someone

    um rat 4 several months now i have despised u and now i ,kinda think you’re ritu come on 2 strong but the post disney zac u kinda get the image that he’s a player.
    i love zac but i hope if he does want another girl that he does not cheat on vanessa

  • janet

    I think it’s great that Nolan Gerard Funk is replacing Efron in Footloose. I watched “Spectacular”, and thought it was way better than HSM. And Gerard Funk seems more talented than Efron as well.

  • cutie

    #42 and 43 Zac is rat .What type person you are? Is somebody paying to do this making such stupid comment about zac?You always here saying the same thing on this thread almost everyday.
    No one believe you at all!!!

  • hm

    Don’t think he is a cheater at all, that doesn’t really seem likely. Plus the rumors about it are baseless, there’s no credibility. But yeah I can sort of see that he might just not as caring with his gf as people think. There hasn’t been one time Vanessa has not defended him over even small things yet Zac on the other hand…
    Perez just mentioned the latimes interview on his blog too. I mean this the asshole who has said basically every cruel thing there is about Vanessa short of wishing her to be brutally raped and Zac calls him nice? Yea he means Perez is nice to him but he would have to know how Perez is to Vanessa. There was no need for Zac to continue on and flatter him despite how nice Zac generally is.
    But who knows I don’t know their relationship, they wouldn’t have been together for this long if stuff like this mattered I guess. But it could be interesting to see what they’d say if someone was confront him about stuff like this or ask for her thoughts.

  • hm

    Nolan Gerard Funk is not confimed to be doing anything for Footloose. The kid has no talent whatsoever. Doesn’t matter though the movie will tank and even more so if that kid is the lead.