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Katie Holmes' Studio Singing Session

Katie Holmes' Studio Singing Session

Katie Holmes leaves a studio in on Thursday afternoon (March 27) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress has been in and out of the studio all week practicing her singing and dancing for possibly another Broadway run.

Earlier this month, Katie was on the set filming The Extra Man that co-stars Kevin Kline. The movie is about a man who escorts wealthy widows in New York’s Upper East Side and takes care of a young aspiring playwright on the way.

10+ pictures inside of Katie leaving the studio…

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katie holmes studio 01
katie holmes studio 02
katie holmes studio 03
katie holmes studio 04
katie holmes studio 05
katie holmes studio 06
katie holmes studio 07
katie holmes studio 08
katie holmes studio 09
katie holmes studio 10
katie holmes studio 11
katie holmes studio 12
katie holmes studio 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, GSI Media
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  • gerard Vandenberg

    Little tommy is thinking of EMIRATION, folks!!

  • cara

    Um, brown shoes with a black dress??? Then a purple plaid top with a white scarf??? Seperately the pieces are fine, together it’s awful, is she color blind or does she dress in the dark?? She has the worst fashion sense, anybody who says otherwise needs to check their own taste too! YUCK!

    And she always looks so miserable, she never looks happy, she has such a robotic look about her.

  • jenny

    Good gawd….cover those dang elephant legs up!!!

    She is so NASTY looking!!!

    Look at her toe gunj!! Does this idiot woman ever bathe?

  • kholmesis


  • mimi

    Hey guys….this is one messed up broad. She’s the perfect example of what happens to someone when money and fame is the only thing they care about in their lives.

    I wonder if Suri is still toting that 10 gallon diaper filled with poo cause lazy moma here would rather be taking dance lessons or trying to get the paps to notice her.

  • hippolegs

    heels just for singing session?
    gotta wear something that’ll make that hippo legs look thinner.

  • to #4

    She used to be “fugly”…Now she is “super fugly”.

    Super FUG, hOMELY!!

    Her fat sisters really need to sit her down and have a talk with her about how she’s making a fool of herself everytime she walks out the door.

    Homely is Fugly at the Point of No Return,

  • Oops

    Sorry..I didn’t mean to call her sisters fat, I guess that was a slip of the subconscious mind.

  • Sonia Wu

    Would you like to elaborate a bit more, huh?
    But I do congratulate Homely’s courage to show off shamelessly her thunder thighs and horrible fashion choices again.

    All we ordinary, non celeb women should from now on feel even more comfortable with our bodies and discounted ensemble.

    Other than being a dizzy beard, Homely is such a role model.

    Gotta work, Adieus for now….

  • thetruth

    katie holmes is just taking advantage of everything right now, her instant A-list status, the priveleges and VIP treatments that she gets from everybody and spending tommy girl’s money for shopping. without tom, she is nobody and that is a fact.

  • ummmm

    Horrible outfit and zombie face. Just proves that all the money in the world can’t make you look good.

  • maurice

    a man in a wig.

  • Mousse

    Never thought I would say it, but she looks rather healthy and good in those pictures.
    Not talking about her (lack of) style.

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Look at her LEGS!!!! OMG!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen big legs on any woman, maybe even man, in my life.

    Even the ladies on the Biggest Loser don’t have that much meat on their legs.

    What is this condition called?

  • gotitwrong

    maurice @ 03/27/2009 at 9:37 am a man in a wig.

    no honey, she’s a man in a dress! lmao!

  • is she bi?

    Is that her lover that she’s kissing on?

  • mju8

    Must admit I like her hair this length, so much better than the ugly pixie thing she had going before. But this outfit is horrible thanks to the godawful purple shirt and scarf.

  • is it true?

    Is it true she got her fug snaggle teeth fixed? I read that it cost a whoping $30K to get that mess in her mouth straightened up.

    She’s sooooooooooo GROSS!!

    Mrs. A-list Wannabe…..she’s such a disgrace to the word actress.

  • aimee

    what laughable fashion sense/taste.

    She can’t even dress normal without looking ridiculous!

    So tired of this pug nose face…don’t understand how she is getting these roles…..oh, wait…probably from hubby’s camp.

    yuck. It won’t last long…until producers or whoever….come to their senses or run out of hubby’s money.

  • ade

    She’s fugly. No style. No class.

  • Jinx

    Damn that girls ugly! Tom has her looking more like a boy everyday…..

  • blind

    tom must luv those kankelettes!

    how do u downgrade to THIS i have no clue…..

  • Sal

    Katie’s confused. She can’t remember if Tom told her to dress like a dancer, a singer, or a tramp.

  • bint
  • chez schmay

    She put on the 4-inch heels cause she caught on to the paps stationed outside this theatre every day now? So obvious. LOL.

  • hmmm

    #25 She didn’t “catch on” that they were outside the dance studio…..she and Tom called the paps to let them KNOW she would be there.

    Remember…they are famehores!!!! Any publicity to them is better than no publicity.

  • cupcakes

    She’s leaving a dance studio, hence the weird pairing of the heels and casual shirt, but she also wears this type of shit in everyday life so it’s hard to cut her some slack.

  • eliza

    She looks healthier and a little more animated, but the outfit doesn’t work at all.

  • H

    now theirs a stepford wife when ya see one!
    katie has no career at all without tom
    if she didnt marry him she would still be known aas “that girl from dawson’s creek”
    what happened to batman beigns katie!
    i like that latie
    not stepford katie

  • SAUL


  • cheryl d

    And this is what 90 million dollars will buy you these days. It’s so unfortunate all tiny Tom’s money is wasted on the likes of Katie.
    I think Katie is pregnant with # 2. Poor babies.

  • cissy

    Who dresses this woman? This is what Katie thinks “high fashion” is? I just do not get Katie’s decision making processes, unless it’s true that Katie is brainwashed and is now just a robot. LOL Oh a robot that is taking singing lessons!!! LOL

  • sunnee

    I agree with above posters. Katie is indeed PREGNANT!!!!!
    This is so because she hasn’t done a very good job with Suri and now baby #2. Katie can’t even take care of herself properly.

  • brent wood

    Katie is around 31/2 months along with TWINS by in vitro. Relative who works at the clinic. This is why she has looked so haggard lately.

  • elliott

    It’s common knowledge here in LA that Tom and Katie, or their “people call the paps whenever the Tomkats step off their property. I’m sure Katie did the same thing in NYC. Tomkat loves the media attention!!!

  • sherry

    Way to multi-task Katie. Hope the singing lessons are paying off!
    You better take some ACTING LESSONS while your a it! LOL

  • T

    YEP, this is one Pretty Lady. NOT! What has happened to Katie. I don’t even like her, but look at her.Katie dresses like CRAP!!!

  • sniffles

    The outfit is horrible, but she does look healthier.

  • kid

    3 1/2 months pregnant with twins by invitro and wearing heels that she can barely walk in? Don’t think so.

  • zzzz

    If she is pregnant, she sure looks miserable, That plaid shirt is an eyesore.she like she got dressed with her eyes closed.

  • Queenoftrashin

    This picture is proof-positive that money cannot by class and style.

  • Sarah

    She has a slim body, yet her leges just are not shaped pretty. Now something that Katie can control is how she dresses. She gets a big Fat ZERO.

    Goodness she is already lacking in the looks dept. the last thing she should do is keep dressing like this if she wants to get the same press her off and on again BFF Victoria Beckham receives.

  • aimee


    victoria beckham is ridicilous as well!

    she actually makes more of a spectacle of herself LOL

  • ugh

    She needs to put her scarves away. I’ve yet to see her wear even one in the right manner.

    And don’t get me started on her shoes. She needs to wear boots if she wears a dress. She should always wear pants though…..

    I’m sorry. I know she can’t help it but she’s got the ugliest body of any female I’ve even seen……..

    She also looks like she has never used a bar of soap in her life. I would hate to stand too close to her because she probably smells like a dead fish.

  • dabu

    OMG she looks awful. What is with this woman–she has the worst fashion sense–and absolutely no sense of her body type. YUCK.

  • presh

    She use to be so cool before Tom.

  • Ed

    haters amazed me.

  • aimee

    oh ed-

    grow up.

    I don’t hate Katie at all. Why do people have to accuse people of hating a person?

    I, myself dislike her….big difference between hate and dislike you idiot.

    sorry you are “amaze” by people that don’t care for abnormal people especially how they treat their child, etc,…among many other things….

    next you are going to say….”Katie is magical” blah blah

    go grow up

  • hey ed

    Airmee is right, Ed!

    And while you’re at it (growing up, that is), take an English grammar course.

  • ugh

    Can anyone say “skank”?