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Rihanna Celebrates Grandparents' Anniversary

Rihanna Celebrates Grandparents' Anniversary

Rihanna arrives home to her native Barbados on Friday afternoon (April 3) to celebrate her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

“She’s home,” Rihanna‘s father Ronald Fenty told People. “She is in good spirits. And she sounds great.”

“She just got in a couple hours ago. I will see her tomorrow,” Fenty told Us. “[We'll] probably do lunch. Of course, I’m happy to have her home. Things are good with her. She is doing really, really well. She’s back to herself again.”

Lookin’ fa-ierce as always!

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  • tulips

    The jacket is nice. Aside from that, she looks silly.

  • chameleon

    Don’t like the hair and the lipstick is too bright.

  • true blood

    It’s a style mismatch. From the neck down, she looks breezy and classy. From the neck up, not so good.

  • Jada

    Love the dress, not the hair…

  • karma

    What the heck has happened to this girl??? Chris Brown has had a bad effect on her.

  • pop86

    Love the outfit.

    congrats to her grandparents. 50yrs together, wow!

  • bmb

    Too much makeup!
    She looks like a tranny.

  • jess

    Is she TRYING to look like Michael Jackson?

  • marisa

    it’s weird how i don’t really care for her anymore ever since that incident with chris brown happened.

  • Alright

    This is a great idea. She should spend some time with her family and get her shit together. Get into counseling. The constant photo-ops were getting predictable and worrisome.

  • philly

    Something about her hair reminds me of My Little Pony.

  • groovalicious

    Hopefully she will not go back to those huge hoops and crazy Mr. T necklaces. Man, with this whole outfit she looks like a lady. Now if she would work on her hair and makeup.

  • dreamz

    Stay in Barbados, child. Heal your wounds.

  • indies

    What’s up with the crazy hair????????

  • Radiant

    She looks great!

  • Mariposa

    Can you believe she’s only 21? I think Rihanna looks older than she is and not in a sophisticated way, but in a rode hard and put away wet way.

  • Lachick25

    She looks great. I just hate the lipstick but it’s good that she is home to spend some time with her family.

  • G-UNIT


  • toots

    She is cute, I won’t dispute that, but it usually seems like she just walked off a p**no set. Very tacky make-up indeed.

  • Jayz

    Her hair looks like Michael Jackson’s circa Beat It.

  • MAC

    WTF is up with the hair?

  • Zoe

    Nice to see Rihanna in a dress where her va jay jay is not practically hanging out. She must have fired her stylist. Now she needs to hire a new hair dresser. Her hair looks dried out and damaged.

  • Taylor

    I think Rihanna’s going through a hair crisis. Her overall style has always been puzzling. She seems to be struggling to find her own unique look.

  • lmao

    Bitch stole Prince’s wig!

  • fleur

    the dress, i have to have it!! what designer is it..anyone?

  • Venus

    Love Rihanna’s sundress! Sometimes she does look like she goes to the Christina Aguilera school of makeup.

  • Venus

    Too bad, because she’s a really cute girl and doesn’t need all that crap on her face.

  • canuck

    She looks like the poor man’s Fefe Dobson.

  • green leaf

    I think she’s harsh and gross looking. Nothing appealing or attractive about her.

  • cute

    She’s cute, she just needs to take the makeup gun off the “spackle” setting.

  • Denise

    Does anyone who makes her handbag?

  • Denise

    Does anyone who makes her handbag?

  • Leah

    She looks like MIchael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EhhhhhhhEHHHHHH!!!!! LMAO!!!

  • Zara

    I love the outfit.

  • You/Me

    I’ve totally lost respect for this girl. She started the sh*t with Chris Brown, and even though he took it wayyyyy too far and should definitely face some kind of punishment (I think he should just get probation and anger management classes) the fact is his career is in the pits and hers is thriving. She could at least take some of the heat off of him for the part she played in the whole mess!! I hate that she is playing the innocent victim when she is just as much to blame for what happened as he is. And I know my opinion is unpopular but I don’t give a sh*t. Rihanna needs to take some responsibility.

  • grrrr

    actually I completly agree with #35 I hate her now she’s just taking advantage of Chris’s bad publicity! shes ALWAYS taking advantage of Chris!

  • Jim

    OMG, poor, poor people. I feel so sorry for some of you guys, you keep trash talking this girl. Is your one lives really that bad. I mean im not a huge fan of her new hair, but i just think its pathetic to talk shit about people you dont even know. And for the record, at least rihanna has her own style, and I bet half of you obnociious girls would look horrible rocking her outfits…. So please Im sorry that your lives suck so bad that you have a need of talking shit about girls that looks ten times better ten yourselves and that has the courage to have their one style. Get help!!!

  • mandy

    LOVE HER she’s fierce and hot !!!!!!!!

    im glad she’s spending time with her family !

  • coach


  • LĂ­via

    She looks a whore

  • Justice

    I see the fanatic is back making ad hominem attacks on people he/she doesn’t know and can’t even see. Doubtful it can see through computer screens.

    This girl does not have her own style. That’s why she loads up on every trend imaginable and overdoes the makeup.

  • Jen

    whats up with her hair?

  • shopaholic1

    Why the hell does she look like Michael Jackson in a dress?!

  • Sorella

    philly @ 04/03/2009 at 11:35 pm

    Something about her hair reminds me of My Little Pony.



  • rihanna gets her revenge…

    Make sure her new boyfriend shows up too. The guy in the background.
    At Chris’s trial.. we all know that she won’t be there. And her lawyer wants the trail to go fast …so he probably get probation.. No celebrity
    gets prison..!! She is showing the world that she is fine and that the
    abuse does not effect her at all.. Chris should get off scott free…

    And he should sue for associating him with any abuse case out there.

  • HornDawg

    He should have just beaten her to death that way she would be more popular than ever.

  • rihanna gets her revenge…

    HornDawg just because you are from the south no he should not of beaten her to death.. wow …first the Keira video and now this..Brandy
    is the murderer she murdered a mother but no one is charging her
    she got off scott free.. jail the bitch teach her a lesson.. Now that
    a motherless family has to suffer because she wasn’t paying attention
    to the road..


  • that’s hideous

    hope she combs her hair for the grandparents

  • jessay

    what is with her hair???

  • Get help

    Looks like somebody threw a dead wet possum on her head. WTF is going on with her hair. Her makeup is overly done and she has that look of wandering aimlessly around like Britney did a few years ago.